Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack Brochure

Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack Brochure

Amdocs CES

Multi-Play Smart Pack

A customer care and billing solution

for multi-play service providers




2 amdocs cEs mULTI-PLaY smaRT PacK

If you are a service provider in the modern era, it means

that consumers are looking to you for personalized

products, services and content. As purveyors of the digital

lifestyle, you and your competitors stand at the customers’

doorstep asking for their business. In order to gain and

retain customer loyalty you must differentiate your brand by

offering revelant services more quickly and by providing a

better customer experience than your competition.

The Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack Solution gives

service providers the foundation they need to create a superior

customer experience. AmdocsCES Multi-Play Smart Pack

provides operators with the tools necessary to manage

their subscribers and their business effectively, meeting

the challenges of increased competition for customers,

while keeping the costs of ownership under control.

With more than 30 years of experience as a billing and

customer care provider in the broadband, cable, satellite

and communications marketplace, Amdocs, the leader in

customer experience systems (ces) innovation, brings deep

industry and business knowledge to the DNA of our CES

Multi-Play Smart Pack Solution.

Revenue Management


FINaNcIaL daTa

amdocs cEs multi-Play smart Pack provides pre-integrated

customer centric care and billing for all of your service offerings.

• Video: multi-channel video (digital and analog), PPV, IPPV, VOD

and IPTV

• HSD: DOCSIS-compliant

• Telephony: residential & business, VoIP, wireline, wireless mVNo

Charging and Billing

Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack’s charging and billing

functionality includes usage-based and recurring-charge

billing supported by a wide-range of options that allow you

to emphasize the outside-in customer experience. These

features include: service bundling; integrated rating engine;

multiple billing cycles; flexible statement design and messaging;

pro-rating; hierarchical account billing; promotional and

volume-based discounting; and Master and Tenant MDU

billing. Smart Pack utilizes a “predictive billing” scheme,

in which customers are continuously being evaluated, and

their next statements predicted, providing accurate and upto-the-minute

financial forecasting throughout the bill cycle.

Payments and Collections

Customers need a wide variety of payment options. Amdocs

CES Multi-Play Smart Pack supports walk-in payment centers

as well as the electronic payment types your customers expect.

And when customers fail to make timely payments, you have

the ability to structure collections treatment paths to include

everything from multiple statement messages to workflows for

disconnection of service, and more.


amdocs cEs multi-Play smart Pack includes inventory and

maintenance capabilities that allow you to maintain a current and

efficient view of both customer and company owned equipment.

conditional access system provisioning interfaces make orderto-activation

a seamless activity, which increases efficiencies

and reduces revenue leakage.

Financial Reporting:

Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack supports the enterprise with

a wide range of standard reports and user-defined customizable

reporting capabilities. Out-of-the-box management reports are

provided to address everything from subscriber status and

churn metrics to compliance. Smart Pack’s predictive billing

feature means that financial reports are being created throughout

the billing cycle and can be printed/reviewed at any time. This

supports operators’ requirements for real-time financial planning

and adjustment of business processes, such as collections

activities, on a timely and proactive basis.

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4 amdocs cEs mULTI-PLaY smaRT PacK

Customer Management

Retain customers, minimize churn

The Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack Call Center user interface

provides a single view of all services and information relevant to

an account. The National Language Support (NLS) capability

allows your call agents to run the system in their preferred language,

and enables your customers to choose a preferred language for

their bills and other correspondence. The user-interface (UI) is

browser independent and utilizes a secure, web based lightweight

Java client for fast account retrieval and business logic execution.

CES Multi-Play Smart Pack supports a 24x7 operation, remaining

available to all users even while an accounting period is closed.

Call center agents are able to offer contracts which may include

commitment-enforced periods; view serviceability; create and

modify work orders across all services; view and apply payments

and adjustments; and numerous other customer relationship

management functions. Our optional Computer Telephone

Interface (CTI) allows you to establish workflow across your

customer care processes that will maximize the efficiency of

your operation.

Managing your customers’ expectations and meeting your

service commitments are two challenges addressed by our

integrated Service Fulfillment capabilities. In addition to standard

field support capabilities – work order management; workload

management; progress reporting; outage management; online

scheduling – we offer an API suite to support the integration of

other work force management (WFM) products.

We provide order-to-activation provisioning interfaces and an

integrated subscriber self-service capability that enables your

customers to manage their account(s) online. Customer web

self care features allow customers to view their account, order

new services or upgrade existing services, make a payment,

and much more. All of AmdocsCES Mutli-Play Smart Pack

APIs are Java/XML based, allowing you complete control of the

transaction. Using the API suite, all Order Processing functionality

can be extended to further support your customer self-service

and third party integration requirements. Moreover, the Amdocs

cEs multi-Play smart Pack aPIs support multiple calling

methods such as Web Services for SOAP/XML over HTTP

applications or service Façade for Java applications.

Growing the business Integration and operability

Product Catalog—creating new products, managing campaigns

Product life cycle management centralizes product information to empower an agile

product strategy. CES Multi-Play Smart Pack’s Product Catalog allows you to quickly

define the services and products you provide. The set-up of these services controls order

taking, charging and automated provisioning. Adding new services, making changes to

existing ones, assigning new promotions to recurring charges in the Product Catalog, and

more, are all in your control. The set-up rules drive pricing automation throughout order

management (e.g., automatic bundling, unbundling, promotional pricing). Furthermore,

cEs multi-Play smart Pack’s Product catalog functions are administered by you as

needed, and do not require Amdocs intervention.

As you strive to meet the appetite of your customers for new services and service

combinations, Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack enables you to track customer

interests on screens you define and insert into the order and customer management

flow. Segment your target customers using user-defined reporting criteria, including

demographic and geographic information. Analyze the buying trends of these targeted

segments as each promotion is executed, and further refine your promotion targets using

this data. Combining churn analysis with promotion targets and call center feedback

will allow you to alter your business processes, products, and practices to create an

intentional and positive customer experience.

For more information on Amdocs CES Multi-Play Smart Pack, please visit

Foundation tools

Support fast growth of your customer base with proven scalability, predefined interfaces

and business functionality. Amdocs provides flexible options for delivery,

including implementation and knowledge transfer so you can configure the

software to customize your experience without Amdocs intervention. Amdocs

CES Multi-Play Smart Pack offers proven usability and performance for highvolume,

multi-functional contact centers for leading service providers worldwide.

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About Amdocs

For 30 years, Amdocs has ensured service providers’ success and embraced their biggest challenges. To win in the connected world, service

providers rely on Amdocs to simplify the customer experience, harness the data explosion, stay ahead with new services and improve operational

efficiency. The global company uniquely combines a market-leading BSS, OSS and network control product portfolio with value-driven professional

services and managed services operations. With revenue of $3.2 billion in fiscal 2011, Amdocs and its over 19,000 employees serve customers

in more than 60 countries. Amdocs: Embrace Challenge, Experience Success. For more information, visit Amdocs at

Amdocs has offices, development and support centers worldwide, including sites in:












For the most up-to-date contact information for all Amdocs offices worldwide, please visit our website at

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