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2Carlo always wanted to go with hissister Dora when she took care of the thechildren in the neighborhood. If Dora wastaking care of the Franklins’ kids, Carlo swamin the Franklins’ pool. If Dora was takingcare of the Wongs’ kids, Carlo climbed in theWongs’ tree fort. Watching the children wasfun for Carlo!There was only one place Carlo didn’twant to go with Dora. That place was theTiptons’ house. The Tiptons had three boyswho were three years old. The boys’ nameswere Ricky, Randy, and Rob. And those threeboys made more trouble than any other kidsCarlo knew.One Saturday morning, Carlo heard Doratalking on the phone. “Sure, I can do that,”Dora said. Then Dora hung up the phone.“I told the Tiptons I will take care of theirboys for them today. Do you want to comewith me?” Dora asked.“Umm, no. I’m busy!” Carlo said.

phoneCarloDoraDora told Carlo she was going to take care of theTiptons’ boys.“If you come to the Tiptons’ house, you canwatch TV the whole time!” Dora said.At home, Carlo’s parents only let him watchTV for one hour each day. At the Tiptons’ house,he could watch all the shows his friends watched.Carlo thought about what to do. Finally he said,“Yes, I’ll come with you!”3

RickyRandyMrs. TiptonRobCarlo and Dora went to the Tiptons’ house to takecare of the boys.4Carlo and Dora went to the Tiptons’ house.Dora knocked on the door. Mrs. Tipton openedthe door. One of the Tipton boys held her leg.The other two boys were spilling ingredients forpancakes all over the kitchen. Flour, milk, andeggs were everywhere.

Mrs. Tipton smiled at Carlo and Dora.“Thanks for coming!” Mrs. Tipton said. “I’mmaking a special quilt for a contest. I need tomeet the people who are having the contest.”Then Mrs. Tipton looked into the kitchen.“Ricky! Randy!” Mrs. Tipton cried. “Don’t makea mess!”“Too late!” thought Carlo.Ricky and Randy spilled the ingredients in the kitchen.ingredients for pancakes5

Mrs. Tipton picked up her purse.“Oh, I forgot to tell you about the TV,” shesaid. “The boys broke it. Maybe you can think ofa project to do with the boys.”“Don’t worry,” Dora said. “Carlo and I willwatch the boys!”After Mrs. Tipton left, Carlo remarked, “Iguess I won’t be relaxing, then.”Then Dora’s best friend, Samantha, called onDora’s cell phone.“Carlo, can you watch the boys for a fewminutes while I talk to Samantha?” Dora asked.Carlo said, “Okay.” Then he saw Ricky runout the back door.

garageCarlo called the boys, but they did not answer.Carlo followed Ricky outside.“Ricky! Randy! Rob!” called Carlo.But Carlo didn’t see the boys anywhere inthe yard. He didn’t hear them either. That wasstrange. Then Carlo looked in the Tiptons’ garage.7

Carlo was worried. He anxiously steppedinto the garage. Mrs. Tipton made quilts in thatgarage. She kept all her cloth and supplies inthat garage.The garage looked festive. It looked as if ahuge, wild party just ended. Colorful pieces ofquilt cloth were all over the floor and walls.A quilt hung on one wall. It was the quiltMrs. Tipton was making for the contest. BeforeMrs. Tipton left, the quilt looked like a pictureof mountains and beaches. Now the quilt justlooked like a mess. Most of the cloth thatMrs. Tipton had used to make the quilt wasnow on the floor.Ricky sat on the floor of the garage. Heheld a bottle of glue. Pieces of the cloth stuckto Ricky’s hair, shirt, and arms.Pieces of the cloth stuckto Ricky.cloth8

quiltbottle of glue9

Carlo was mad. He gave Ricky a cross look.But he didn’t have time to say anything. Justthen, Ricky’s brother Rob dumped a basket ofcloth on Ricky’s head.Then Randy ran toward his brothers. Randyfell in a basket of cotton balls. He looked like asheep in a yellow shirt.Suddenly, Dora walked into the garage.“What happened?” she cried.Dora’s voice sounded tense and nervous.And her face was bright red, as if thetemperature was 200 degrees.When Dora saw what had happened inthe garage, she was NOT happy.10

asketcotton balls11

But then Carlo had an idea.“We can use all this cloth to make a newquilt,” Carlo said. “We can tell Mrs. Tipton wedid a project. That’s what she told us to do!”“Good idea!” said Dora. Then Dora, Carlo,and the three little boys picked up the cloth andstarted making a new quilt.Everyone worked together to make a new quilt.12

the new quiltMrs. Tipton liked the new quilt!When Mrs. Tipton came home, Dora andCarlo took her into the garage. Mrs. Tipton wasVERY surprised. “What happened to my quilt?”she cried.“I can explain,” Dora said. “Ricky, Rob,and Randy got excited about your quilt. Theywanted to make one, too!”Mrs. Tipton wasn’t angry. “I never wouldhave recommended letting the boys in thegarage,” Mrs. Tipton said. “That was not a greatidea. But this new quilt gives ME a great idea.”13

Two weeks later, Mrs. Tipton called Dora.“Look in the newspaper!” Mrs. Tipton said.Dora saw that Mrs. Tipton’s quilt had wonfirst prize in the contest! It was called a CrazyQuilt. It looked like the one the boys made!Mrs. Tipton asked Dora, “Can you and Carlotake care of the boys this weekend?”Dora asked Carlo. “We can share the moneyMrs. Tipton will pay,” Dora said. “Plus, I knowthe TV is fixed!”Carlo thought for a second. Then he said,“Sorry. No more Tipton trouble for me!”Mrs. Tipton’s quilt won first prize in the contest!newspaper14

RespondingTARGET SKILL UnderstandingCharacters Carlo has good ideas. But youneed to use story details as clues to figurethat out. Copy the chart below. Then fill instory details that tell you what Carlo is like.Detail Detail Detail? ? ?CarloCarlo has good ideas.Write About ItText to Self Carlo, his sister, and the boysmake a new quilt. What is a job or hobbyyou can do? Write a set of instructions thattell someone how to do this job or hobby.15

TARGET VOCABULARYanxiouslycrossdegreesfestiveingredientsrecommendedremarkedtenseTARGET SKILL Understanding CharactersTell why characters act as they do.TARGET STRATEGY Infer/Predict Use clues tofigure out more about the selection.GENRE Humorous fiction is a story that iswritten to entertain the reader.16

Level: MDRA: 28Genre:Humorous FictionStrategy:Infer/PredictSkill:Understanding CharactersWord Count: 1,0023.3.15HOUGHTON MIFFLINOnline Leveled BooksISBN-13: 978-0-547-01941-3ISBN-10: 0-547-01941-61031792

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