Freight Corridors
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Freight Corridors

Freight Development in Missouriis…. Marine Highways - Mississippi River M55, MissouriRiver Re-Development; Midwest China Hub; Freight RailDevelopments, DTL

Why a Focus on Freight ??‣STIP returns –3.31:1‣Port investments‣KCI and China hub‣Third largest inlandport‣Second and Thirdlargest rail hubs‣7 th largest highwaysystem

~Focus on the Missouri River~‣ 8 years of drought‣ 23 + years of political instability‣ ------------------------------------ OR‣ Long Haul commercial up over 20%‣ A Renaissance on the River

Missouri River Freight CorridorDevelopment ProjectNavigator’s meeting in early 2009December 2009 at RocheportOne of three R&D projects – this is the“D”

Basic Assumptions…. River is part of transportation system Environmental benefits Economic development Environment, political climate are not show stoppers

What the Industry says -• Reliability/use-ability• “Boutique” river• Critical mass is gone• Markets can drive this• Need GreaterAwareness• “The Missouri hasnever been an easyriver”

Growth? - Concepts ofOperation?‣MarketDevelopment‣Equipment andInfrastructure‣River Managementand Policy‣Advocacy

So what are we going to doabout it?‣Back toRocheport‣Industry willprioritize‣We willpartner to getit done

Development and Implementation‣The Waterways andFreight Industry‣MoDOT

Thank You!Contact: Ernie PerryMoDOT Freight

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