2013 Brochure PDF - Buildbase Builders Merchants


2013 Brochure PDF - Buildbase Builders Merchants

SPRING 2013LANDSCAPINGwww.buildbase.co.uk

Welcome to BuildbaseGarden Landscaping 2013With over 130 branchesnationwide and productsfrom leading manufacturers,BUILDBASE can meet ALL ofyour landscaping and gardenconstruction requirements.Within this brochure there is a huge array ofproducts catering for all tastes and budgets. Manyof them respond to the growing trend to use thegarden as an extension of the home’s living space,enabling the creation of stylish patios and outsidedining areas.There are also more traditional products that lookperfect in cottage style gardens, providing atimeless feel for any project.Take time to browse through the following pagesthat will inspire you to make the most of yourgarden and turn it into a year round asset. Thencall into your local BUILDBASE and friendly andknowledgable staff will be very happy to assist andadvise you on the materials to get the job done.Alternatively you can buy online at:www.buildbase.co.ukAnd don’t forget that HIREBASE is now incorporated at over 60BUILDBASE branches, offering for hire the equipment and toolsto get your landscape project completed easily and quickly –see page 106-107 for more details.2BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Introduction 2-6Contemporary Paving 7-22Traditional Paving 23-42Walling & Edging 43-50Decorative Aggregates 51-53Weed Control Fabric & Geotextile 54Driveways 55-58Fencing, Posts and Trellis 59-71Arches, Gazebos and Pergolas 72-76Other Timber Products 77Metal Gates & Fixings 78-80Decking 81-87Cladding & Sheds 88-91Topsoil, Compost, Bark & Turf 92-94Go Green 95-97Tools & Equipment 98Fixing Products 99Preservatives & Cleaners 100Construction Information 101Laying Patterns 102-105General Information 105Hirebase 106-107www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 3

Yes we can...Meeting Your StandardsAll Buildbase branches are long established companies which have been serving localtradespeople and the public for many years, with knowledge and experience to match.We believe strongly in understanding the needs of the trade professional and ourbusiness is developed specifically to meet those demands - massive stocks, top qualityproducts, competitive pricing, reliable deliveries, specialist staff and exceptionalcustomer service.Working TogetherWhen you do business with Buildbase you will experience the friendly and efficientattitude of our staff. As part of our working philosophy we encourage a local branchapproach to business which has developed as part of our long association with buildingprofessionals. Our aim is to work closely with our customers.Easy CollectionBuildbase branches are easy to access, in convenient locations and have plenty ofparking and loading space. Our extensive sales counter facilities are supported by salesoffices staffed by helpful experienced staff. Transactions are handled using the latestcomputer technology ensuring that your waiting time is kept to a minimum.DeliveryBuildbase offer a range of delivery options from our same day service to direct deliveryfrom the manufacturer, providing you with an efficient and prompt delivery service, allaided by our fleet of crane unload delivery vehicles, reducing on-site time to a minimum.WebsiteWe continually update our userfriendly website. Check products,latest news, locate your localbranch and much more.BUY ONLINEwww.buildbase.co.uk4 BUILDBASE l Garden Landscaping

Buildbase is committed toresponsible sourcing of productsThis is highlighted by the following symbolsin the Bradstone pages of the brochure.The Responsible SourceAggregate Industries is the first company in theworld to achieve BES 6001 Responsible SourcingCertificate from BRE global. As such, you can haveabsolute confidence that Bradstone products havebeen responsibly sourced and are the industry’s mostsustainable and future proof solutions.Ethical trading policyWhen you see the ethical trading logo, it’s yourassurance that Bradstone is working harder thanever to ensure our imported natural stone productsmeet strict ethical criteria, such as providing a safeand healthy workplace and prohibiting child labour.Carbon labellingWorking with the Building Research Establishment(BRE), Bradstone has developed a system thatcalculates the carbon footprint for any Bradstonelandscaping product. Visitwww.bradstone.com/lifeBradstone Surface ProtectionWherever you see this logo, it means the producthas been pre-coated with Bradstone SurfaceProtection to make cleaning easier. The protectionwill last from 4-6 years.In the timber pages look for thefollowing symbols:GMGB Limited supports both FSC ® or PEFC andrecognises them as truly independent forestcertification systems. You can be sure that whenyou buy timber or timber based products labelledwith those all important letters (FSC or PEFC) youare saying:NO - to the destruction of the world's forestsand sayingYES - to responsibly and well managed forests ANDwoodlandsWhat are the benefits of the FSC or PEFC labels?They provide added value to your product, giving ita verifiable social and environmental quality.They demonstrate that you take the environmentalconcerns of your customers and staff seriously.And from a commercial point of view they assist withcontinued market access in an increasinglyenvironmentally aware sector.To find out more about any of the initiatives mentionedabove, please visit www.bradstone.comwww.buildbase.co.uk lBUILDBASE5

2011 Gold MedalImage courtesy of the garden designerSarah Eberle, and garden contractor Peter Dowle Plants and GardensA Monaco Garden supported by BuildbaseChelsea Flower Show 2011ChelseaFlower Show“A Winning Combination!”2010 Silver Gilt MedalChelsea Flower Show is the most famous flower show inthe world and is a showcase for the very best in gardendesign and construction. Over the past 8 yearsBuildbase has sponsored some of the most successfulshow gardens at Chelsea Flower Show, which clearlydemonstrate that we can supply ”Everything needed toconstruct the perfect garden, except the plants!” –Buildbase can do the same for your garden too.2009 Gold Medal6BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Contemporary Gardenwww.buildbase.co.uk lBUILDBASE7

IntroducingPatio Deck Instant. Innovative. Inspired.The inspired total paving solution from BradstoneNEW Patio Deck from Bradstone is an innovative completepaving system that is about to make laying paving easier than ithas ever been before. A system that contains everything you needto lay the perfect patio in hours not days.• Simple and effective• Enables paving to be laid quickly and easily• Allows you to carry on laying paving whatever the weather• No mortar, no mess butt jointed• Lay an 8m 2 patio in just a couple of hours• Order in branch - delivered direct to your houseThe Patio Deck kit includeseverything you need to lay an8m 2 patio:• Panache paving• Pads and feet• Frame and screws• Adhesive and adhesive gun• Skirts and corner piecesFor a larger patio, simply ordermore packs!To find out more about this innovativenew system, and see how easy it is,visit www.bradstone.com/patiodeckSee for yourself how easy it is to transform your garden.Watch our ‘how to’ video.Visit www.bradstone.comView and downloadprintable instructions atwww.bradstone.com8BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

1 2 3Clear the area, measure out where yourpatio is going to be laid and set the level.Dig holes for the pads and feet and putthe pads in place, ensuring they are level.Place the frames onto the feet.45 6Adjust the feet to ensure that the frame islevel and then fix the frames together.Now glue the frame to the feet and theskirt to the edge of the frame.Now glue your paving to the frames.7Patio Deck Changing the waywe lay pavingFinished in hours and ready for dressing!www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 9

ContemporaryPanacheThe perfect paving solution for the sleek and sophisticated look. Panache is available in twotonal colour ranges, grey and beige. Within each tonal range there are three shades and twosurface finishes: textured and ground. For even greater visual impact, try combining differentshades. Panache also has a complementary edging (see page 48) for those finishing touches.Panache has up to 83% non primary content, making it a truly sustainable paving solution.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Textured450 x 450 B/SG/Wh 40 0.88 8.10 4.90Cho/Cr/FuGround450 x 450 B/SG/Wh 40 0.88 8.10 4.90Cho/Cr/Fu83% non-primary materialsThickness: 40mm Joint width: 2mm *colours of block paving and flag pavingmay not be exactly the same.Panache TexturedBlack (B)Silver Grey (SG)White (Wh)Chocolate (Cho)Cream (Cr)Fudge (Fu)Panache GroundBlack (B)Silver Grey (SG)White (Wh)Chocolate (Cho)Cream (Cr)Fudge (Fu)10BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 11

ContemporarySmooth Natural SandstoneAvailable in five attractive colours and sizes, the uniquely smooth textureof Smooth Natural Sandstone provides a tasteful and refined backdrop forcontemporary styled gardens.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2900 x 150 Du/SG 40 0.35 5.80 6.9600 x 600 Du/I/M/R 30 0.53 11.20 2.715.3m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern A on page 1024.57m x 3.34m Du/I/M/R/SG 48 0.75 15.30 n/aThickness: 18-22mm Joint width: 2-5mmCountry of origin: IndiaSpinning circle - see laying pattern R on page 1042.46mø M 41 0.15 4.75 n/aSpinning circle squaring off kit - see laying pattern R on page 1042.72m M 12 0.28 2.65 n/aThickness: 18-22mm Joint width: 10-15mmCountry of origin: IndiaSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour, sealing and installation.Dune (DU)Rainbow (R)Ivory (I)Silver Grey (SG)Modac (M)12BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

ContemporaryModena SandstoneA smooth sandstone paving with a light sandblasted finish,that combines elegance and modern style with excellentdurability, making it the perfect choice for outdoor spacesdedicated to entertainment.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (m) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 211.4m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern H on page 1033.8m x 3.0m SB/Y 30 0.65 11.40 n/aThickness: 18-22mm Joint width: 5-10mmCountry of origin: IndiaSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Sunset Buff (SB)York (Y)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 13

ContemporaryTexturedTextured is available in a range of four colours, eachsoftened by fine white limestone chippings. A stylish solution,it’s also durable enough to withstand the rigours of frequentoutdoor use.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2600 x 600* BB/Bf/Gy/Rd 20 0.58 7.20 2.8450 x 450 BB/Bf/Gy/Rd 40 0.70 8.10 4.9600 x 300 Bf 21 0.30 3.80 5.6300 x 300 Bf 42 0.30 3.80 11.12 ring circle - see laying pattern V on page 1052.4m Bf 26 0.35 4.52 n/aThickness: 32mm *35mmJoint width: 2mmBlue-Black (BB)Buff (Bf)Grey (Gy)Red (Rd)14BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

54% non-primary materialsContemporaryStoneMasterStoneMaster is now going to even greater lengths to deliverthe ultimate in stylish paving solutions – with the introductionof a new size, long aspect, paver. With great aestheticappeal, the sleek looking contemporary StoneMaster createsthe illusion of more space and is the last word in ultra modernpatio solutions. StoneMaster is available in three buff shadesreplicating sandstone, and three grey shades to give a naturalgranite look.Light Buff Washed(LBW)Dark Buff Washed(DBW)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Sandstone800 x 200 DBC/DBW/LBW 56 1.01 8.96 7.25Granite800 x 200 DGW/LGW/MGW 56 1.01 8.96 7.25Dark Buff Cast(DBC)Light Grey Washed(LGW)Thickness: 50mm Joint width: 2mmPlease note: StoneMaster flag paving should not be used on driveways.Mid Grey Washed(MGW)Dark Grey Washed(DGW)16BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping† Represents non-primary material within the complete mix design. Content of 54% for thegrey shades and 47% for the buff shades. For more information visit www.bradstone.com/life

ContemporaryNatural LimestoneThe dramatic shades and distinctive natural veining ofLimestone together with the softer hand cut edges and subtlyriven finish, lend an exceptional quality appearance to anycontemporary garden design.Azure (Az)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2600 x 600 BB 40 0.95 14.90 2.7600 x 300 BB 85 0.95 16.10 5.3300 x 300 BB 85 0.45 8.15 10.415.3m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern A on page 1024.57m x 3.34m Az/BB 48 0.83/0.95 15.30 n/aBlue-Black (BB)Thickness: 18-22mm Joint width: 10-15mmSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Country of origin: IndiaPlease note - image shows sealed productwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 17

ContemporaryFinesse LimestoneAdd a warm modern feel to the garden with the visuallystunning natural limestone of Finesse. Each paver hasindividual character and a light textured feel.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (m) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 210.2m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern C on page 1023.69m x 2.76m F 45 0.58 10.20 n/aThickness: 16-20mm Joint width: 5-10mmSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Country of origin: IndiaFinesse18BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

ContemporaryNatural GraniteA dramatic visual effect is created by the silver grey colour,straight machine cut edges and textured top surface. Ideal forcontemporary garden settings and architectural type planting.Graphite (Gr)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2600 x 600 Gr/SG 40 0.96 14.40 2.8600 x 300 Gr/SG 80 0.96 14.40 5.6300 x 300 Gr/SG 80 0.50 7.20 11.1Silver Grey (SG)Thickness: 23-27mm Joint width: 2-4mmCountry of origin: ChinaSetts*100 x 100 x 50 B/DG/SG 720 1.00 9.06 83.0Joint width: up to 40mmCountry of origin: China/Portugal*Number per pack can vary by up to 30%See page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Black (B)Dark Grey (DG)Silver Grey (SG)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 19

ContemporaryOld Town ®Chelsea CobbleA superbly innovative and contemporary pavingdesign incorporating over 20 different sizes of cobble.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2450 x 450 WL 21 0.37 4.10 5.20Thickness: 40mmJoint width: 6-10mmWeathered Limestone (WL)20BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

ContemporaryVenturaA new design to give you a different look to your patio.Ventura uses 500 x 500mm sized paving with a grooveddesign to give an ultra modern feel to the garden.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2500 x 500 SG 40 0.54 10.00 4Thickness: 18-22mm Joint width: 2-5mmCountry of origin: IndiaSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Silver Grey (SG)ContemporaryWovenSuperbly distinctive patio design that combines a striking softbeige paving slab with a black infill to creative an attractive‘woven’ pattern. A perfect solution for smaller patio areas.Size (mm) Colour Units Pack m 2 Units/pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Mixed pack - see laying pattern L on page 103(50 = 455 x 235, 50 = 100 x 100)3.5m x 1.8m BB and SBg 100 0.54 6.30 n/aThickness: 40mmJoint width: 5-10mmBlue-Black (BB)This paving has been designedexclusively for Bradstone byTV gardening personality,David Domoney.Soft Beige (SBg)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 21

ContemporaryNatural SlateWith every individual pavior unique in appearance featuringits own distinctive colours and shades, slate offers outstandingnatural beauty. The fine grain, light riven surface addstimeless character.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 210.2m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern C on page 1023.69m x 2.76m BB/VG 45 0.63 10.20 n/aThickness: 18-23mm Joint width: 10-15mmCountry of origin: ChinaBlue-Black (BB)Vijaya Gold (VG)22BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Traditional Gardenwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 23

Which decorative stone products complement the Ancestry ® range?24BUILDBASE l Garden Landscaping

TraditionalAncestry PavingNew to the Bradstone paving range in 2013, Ancestry hasbeen moulded from original natural stone masters to captureall the period charm and authenticity of yesteryear. Ancestryis available as paving, walling and edging and comes inthree shades that can be mixed together to create a trulyindividual look.Abbey Brown (AbB)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2600 x 600 AbB/AbO/AbS 25 0.57 9.30 2.70600 x 450 AbB/AbO/AbS 25 0.45 7.02 3.60600 x 300 AbB/AbO/AbS 52 0.58 9.83 5.30450 x 450 AbB/AbO/AbS 58 0.78 12.27 4.70300 x 450 AbB/AbO/AbS 52 0.45 7.42 7.00300 x 300 AbB/AbO/AbS 52 0.29 5.00 10.40Abbey Original (AbO)6.4m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern B on page 1022800 x 2300 AbB/AbO/AbS 35 0.39 6.40 n/a2 ring circle - see laying pattern T on page 1042.4m AbB/AbO/AbS 36 0.28 4.52 n/aAccessory kit for a 2 ring circle - see laying pattern T on page 104n/a AbB/AbO/AbS 20 0.21 n/a n/aThickness: 35mmJoint width: 10-15mmAbbey Storm (AbS)26BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

TraditionalBamburgh MillAll the charm and character of yesteryear, for the gardens oftoday with it’s time worn looks and weathered appearanceBanburgh Mill looks like it has been in the making forcenturies. This vintage patio paving is the perfect choice for atraditional style garden.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (m) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 210.9m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern G on page 1033.81m x 2.85m OB 45 0.88 10.90 n/aOlde Blend (OB)(Three colours mixed in one pack)Thickness: 50mmJoint width: 10-15mmwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 27

TraditionalCloistersManufactured using moulds created from original, reclaimedstone from a 300 year old building, each containing plentyof character to add timeless style to your garden. Cloistersuses 30% recycled aggregates and each pack contains threedistinctive complementary shades designed to be laidtogether. Available in three patio pack options, two largerpacks, one with paver sizes up to 1000 x 800mm toreplicate traditional paving and the other incorporating along aspect slab design for a more modern look. The third isa smaller pack containing thinner pavers making it easier tohandle and install. Complementary edging is also available(see page 49).Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (m) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 211.56m 2 patio pack (22 large) - see laying pattern J on page 1033.4m x 3.4m n/a 22 1.30 11.56 n/a11.56m 2 patio pack (45 small) - see laying pattern I on page 1033.4m x 3.4m n/a 45 1.30 11.56 n/a5.76m 2 patio pack* - see laying pattern K on page 1033.2m x 1.8m n/a 41 0.47 5.76 n/aThickness: 50mm *35mm Joint width: 10mmNote: For larger pavers we recommend using appropriate lifting equipmentCloisters(blend of three colours)28BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

TraditionalOld Town ®A paving solution that looks to the past for inspiration,replicating the look and feel of old weathered Yorkflagstones. Available in three colour options and as a circle.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2900 x 600* GG/WL 10 0.55 5.60 1.8600 x 600 GG/WL 22 0.68 8.20 2.7600 x 450 GG/WL 48 1.18 13.50 3.6600 x 300 GG/WL 46 0.71 8.70 5.3450 x 450 GG/WL 48 0.85 10.20 4.7300 x 450 GG/WL 46 0.57 6.60 7.0300 x 300 GG/WL 48 0.40 4.60 10.46.4m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern B on page 1022.8m x 2.3m GG/WL/Gir 35 0.53 6.40 n/a2 ring circle - see laying pattern Q on page 1042.8m GG/WL 36 0.52 6.15 n/aCircle outer - see laying pattern M on page 1044.0m GG/WL 16 0.61 6.41 n/aSquaring off kit for 2.8m circle - see laying pattern Q on page 1042.8m GG/WL 12 0.13 1.69 n/aSquaring off kit for 4.0m circle - see laying pattern M on page 1044.0m GG/WL 20 0.28 3.44 n/aThickness: 40mm *44mm Joint width: 10-15mmSun Circle - see laying pattern U on page 1052.8m GG and MC 52 0.60 6.15 n/aThickness: 40mm Joint width: Butt MC = Mellow CotswoldGrey-Green(GG)Weathered Limestone(WL)Gironde (Gir)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 29

TraditionalRestoration SandstoneRestoration is a natural sandstone which has a chiselledprofile and craggy face to create the look and feel of aweathered patio instantly. Available as a patio pack featuringdifferent sized pavers.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (m) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 29.6m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern F on page 1033.2m x 3.0m Re 39 0.80 9.60 n/aThickness: 28-32mm Joint width: 10-15mmSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Country of origin: IndiaRestoration (Re)30BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

TraditionalHoneymede LimestoneA beautiful limestone paving solution characterised bydelightful detailing and natural veining, but offeringnoticeably warmer hues and lighter shades.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (m) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 210.2m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern C on page 1023.69m x 2.76m H 45 0.63 10.20 n/aThickness: 20-24mm Joint width: 10-15mmSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Country of origin: IndiaHoneymede (H)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 31

BuildbasePatio PackAvailable in four distinctive shades, the Buildbase Patio Packincorporates riven paving and fettled edges to provide a trulydistinctive, attractive and very cost effective solution.Size Colour Units Pack m 2 Units/pack weight (t) /pack /m 25.45m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern X on page 1052.75m x 1.98m MC/OS/OG 26 0.37 5.45 n/aMellow Cotswold (MC)Olde Stone (OS)Olde Gold (OG)Moonlight32BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

TraditionalOld RivenA paving solution that’s as cost effective as it is good looking.Available in four attractive shades and circle options, OldRiven offers a stylish solution for the traditional garden design.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2600 x 600 ABr/AC/AG/AS 29 0.73 10.79 2.7600 x 450 ABr/AC/AG/AS 58 1.14 16.30 3.6450 x 450 ABr/AC/AG/AS 58 0.83 12.30 4.7600 x 300 ABr/AC/AG/AS 87 1.07 16.45 5.3300 x 450 ABr/AC/AG/AS 87 0.84 12.40 7.0300 x 300 ABr/AC/AG/AS 87 0.52 8.36 10.42 ring circle - see laying pattern S on page 1042.4m ABr/AC/AG/AS 34 0.31 4.52 n/aSquaring off kit for a 2 ring circle - see laying pattern S on page 1042.4m ABr/AC/AG/AS 12 0.13 1.24 n/aThickness: 35mmJoint width: 10-15mmAutumn Bronze (ABr)Autumn Cotswold (AC)Autumn Gold (AG)Autumn Silver (AS)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 33

TraditionalTileA range of paving to evoke all the spirit, charm and warmthof the Mediterranean. Available in a variety of shapes andsizes and characterised by a worn, weathered appearancewith its terracotta shades.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2300 x 300 MT 96 0.61 9.20 10.4Diamond445 x 150 MT 105 0.38 n/a n/aThickness: 30mm Joint width: 10-15mm See page 102, laying pattern E for laying ideas.Diamond Mellow Terracotta34BUILDBASE lMellow Terracotta (MT)Garden Landscaping

TraditionalCarpet Stones www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 35A totally unique paving stone solution that makes it easy toachieve the rustic look and feel of individual cobbles. Thecobbles arrive pre-laid on a flexible mat that can be cut tosuit the shape of the garden.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Circle1200 x 600 Ch/RR 15 0.71 11.10 1.40Straight1200 x 400 Ch/RR 30 0.95 14.90 2.00Charcoal (Ch) circleThickness: 40mmJoint width: 10-15mmRustic Red (RR) circleCharcoal (Ch) straightRustic Red (RR) straight

16 36 BUILDBASE l Garden Landscaping

TraditionalAntique Natural SandstoneAutumn Green (AGr)All the wonderful tonal subtleties and variations of sandstone,but rumbled to create a softer, warmer more invitingappearance and add period charm.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (m) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 215.3m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern A on page 1024.57m x 3.34m AGr/Cra/FB 48 0.80 15.30 n/aSBCragside (Cra)Thickness: 20-24mm Joint width: 10-15mm Country of origin: IndiaSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Fossil Buff (FB)Sunset Buff (SB)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 37

16 38 BUILDBASE l Garden Landscaping

TraditionalNatural SandstoneWith its unique shape, colour and texture, Natural Sandstoneoffers a stunningly individual paving solution for traditionalgardens. Available in seven colours and various options,Natural Sandstone offers a wealth of design possibilities.Fossil Buff (FB)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2900 x 600 AGr/FB/M/SB 28 0.82 15.50 1.8600 x 600 AGr/FB/M/SB 40 0.78 14.90 2.7600 x 450 AGr/FB/M/SB 56 0.82 15.70 3.6600 x 300 AGr/FB/M/SB 85 0.80 16.10 5.3300 x 300 AGr/FB/M/SB 85 0.42 8.15 10.4Heather Ridge (HR)15.3m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern A on page 1024.57m x 3.34m AGr/Cra/FB 48 0.80 15.30 n/aHR/M/SG/SB2 ring circle - see laying pattern N on page 1042.46m AGr/FB/M/SB 25 0.28 4.75 n/aModac (M)Squaring off kit for 2 ring circle - see laying pattern N on page 1042.72m AGr/FB/M/SB 12 0.18 2.65 n/a3 ring circle - see laying pattern O on page 1043.3m FB/SB 41 0.50 8.56 n/aSquaring off kit for 3 ring circle - see laying pattern O on page 1043.65m FB/SB 20 0.28 4.74 n/aOctagon - see laying pattern P on page 1042.5m x 2.5m FB 33 0.3 6.25 n/aSilver Grey (SG)Setts100 x 100* AGr/FB/M/SB 750 0.77 8.80 85.0Thickness: 20-24mm *30-45mm Joint width: 10-15mm *15-20mm Country of origin: IndiaSee page 105 for additional information on natural stone colour.Sunset Buff (SB)Cragside (Cra)Autumn Green (AGr)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 39

TradesmanNatural SandstonePatio PackTradesman is our most economical natural stone paving.The production process gives greater variation of productthickness and colour shading at a very keen price. Availablein two colours and a single patio pack option. Please inspectactual product samples to confirm your choice.Size (mm) Colour Units Pack m 2 Units/pack weight (t) /pack /m 215.3m 2 patio pack - see laying pattern A on page 1024.57m x 3.34m BM/FB 48 0.80 15.30 n/aForest Blend(FB)Buff Multi(BM)40BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

TraditionalLog Sleepers andStepping StonesAntique Brown (AB)Stunningly realistic log sleepers and stepping stonesthat offer not only a visually arresting feature, but also awonderfully practical solution for the traditional garden setting.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Sleepers900 x 250 x 50 AB 23 0.69 5.18 4.40600 x 250 x 40 AB 29 0.36 3.63 6.70Corner sleeper250 x 250 x 40 AB 46 0.26 2.90 16.00Natural (N)Stepping stone320ø x 45 N 66 0.73 n/a n/awww.buildbase.co.uk lBUILDBASE41

UtilityPeakA hardworking, durable and cost effective paving solution.Available in two finishes, Riven and Smooth, it is ideal as abase for utility areas and sheds.Not recommended for feature patios.SmoothSmoothBuff (Bf)RivenNominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Riven600 x 600 Bf/Gy/Rd 20 0.51 7.44 2.7450 x 450* Bf/Gy/Rd 40 0.55 8.46 4.7Smooth600 x 600 Bf/Gy/Rd 20 0.58 7.20 2.8450 x 450* Bf/Gy/Rd 44 0.61 8.90 4.9400 x 400** Bf/Gy 52 0.54 8.30 6.3SmoothGrey (Gy)RivenThickness: 35mm *32mm **28mm Joint width: Riven = 10-15mm Smooth = 2mmSome surface scratching may occur in transit. This does not affect the performance of the product.Red (Rd)RivenTraditionalWeathered RivenA moulded paving solution that provides a convincing agedand worn stone appearance, thanks to fettled style edges.An authentic look at a great value price.Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2450 x 450 AC/WC 36 0.57 7.60 4.7Thickness: 35mmJoint width: 10-15mmAutumnCotswold (AC)WeatheredCotswold (WC)42BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Walling & Edgingwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 43

WallingA wall is not just a practical solution. Walling can play an absolutelypivotal role in your garden design, helping not only to shape your garden’slandscape but also to create important features such as raised beds and planters,screens, ponds and barbecues. Walling can add real visual interest and impactand even help bring your whole garden design together. Bradstone walls come inall sizes, shapes, colours and textures, a world of walling choice at your fingertips.44BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Ancestry ® Black (B) Silver Grey (SG) White (W)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2225 x 140 x 100 AbB/AbO/AbS 120 0.87 4.25 28.40300 x 65 x 100 AbB/AbO/AbS 180 0.87 4.20 43.00225 x 65 x 100 AbB/AbO/AbS 200 0.73 3.55 56.70Coping530 x 300 x 50 AbB/AbO/AbS 60 1.06 32.40 1.90530 x 150 x 50 AbB/AbO/AbS 60 0.53 32.40 1.90Joint width: 10mmPanacheAbbey Brown(AbB)Abbey Original Abbey Storm (AbS)(AbO)CopingAbbey Brown (AbB),Abbey Original (AbO) andAbbey Storm (AbS)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2440 x 100 x 140 B/SG/Wh 64 1.00 3.94 16.2Coping900 x 150 x 40 B/SG/Wh 40 0.66 36 1.1Joint width: ButtPredominantly double sidedNatural SandstoneNominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Mixed pack(60 = 325 x 100, 100 = 270 x 100, 125 = 215 x 100)- AGr/FB/M 285 1.15 5.70 n/aCoping450 x 160 x 35/40 AGr/FB/M 40 0.35 18.40 2.2Joint width: 10-15mm Double sided Country of origin: IndiaSee page 105 for additional information on colour.Applies to NaturalSandstoneAutumn Green (AGr) Fossil Buff (FB) Modac (M)Applies to Panache,Old Town, Milldale,Madoc andLandscapewww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 45

Old Town ®Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Full block450 x 140 x 145 GG/WL 80 1.44 5.70 14.00Coping460 x 195 x 45 GG/WL 44 0.35 20.70 2.10Joint width: 10mmDouble sidedFull BlockCopingGrey-Green (GG)WeatheredLimestone (WL)Grey-Green (GG)MadocWeatheredLimestone (WL)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Full block*580 x 140 x 100 WC 50 0.76 3.30 15.20Sneck*110 x 70 x 100 WC 50 0.08 n/a n/aCoping470 x 130 x 45 WC 60 0.36 28.80 2.10Joint width: 10mm *ButtCountrystoneFull blockWeathered Cotswold(WC)CopingWeathered Cotswold(WC)SneckWeatheredCotswold(WC)Nominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2290 x 136 x 90 Bf 57 0.46 2.50 22.8290 x 63 x 90 Bf 228 0.89 5.00 45.7215 x 63 x 90 Bf 288 0.92 4.70 60.9Textured coping580 x 275 x 50 Bf/Gy 20 0.37 11.80 1.7580 x 136 x 50 Bf/Gy 44 0.40 25.52 1.7Joint width: 10mmPredominantly double sidedBuff (Bf)Textured CopingGrey (Gy) and Buff (Bf)46BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

PitchedNominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2290 x 136 x 90 Bf/Gy 50 0.45 2.20 22.8290 x 63 x 90 Bf/Gy 216 0.86 4.70 45.7215 x 63 x 90 Bf/Gy 202 0.65 3.30 60.9Textured coping580 x 275 x 50 Bf/Gy 20 0.37 11.80 1.7580 x 136 x 50 Bf/Gy 44 0.40 25.52 1.7Joint width: 10mmPredominantly double sidedBuff (Bf)Grey (Gy)Textured copingGrey and BuffScreenwallNominal Colour Units Pack m 2 Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /m 2Screenwall leaf block290 x 290 x 90 OW 48 0.49 4.33 11.1Screenwall saddleback coping610 x 280 x 55 OW 40 0.60 24.80 1.6610 x 140 x 55 OW 80 0.60 49.60 1.6Screenwall pyramid pier cap**380 x 380 OW 24 0.36 n/a n/a305 x 305 OW 60 0.53 n/a n/aJoint width: 10mm **n/aOff-White(OW)Saddleback copingOff-WhitePyramid pier capOff-Whitewww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 47

EdgingWhat better or more attractive way to define your gardenborders or herbaceous beds than with stylish stone edging.Bradstone offers an extensive range of complementaryedging, broad enough to satisfy any design requirement.Whatever edging you’re looking for, Bradstone has thestylish solution to suit. From elegant and formal designededging, a real rustic flavour that’s weather-worn inappearance, to more modern designs.Ancestry ®Nominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m510 x 160 x 125 AbB/AbO 30 0.57 15.60 2.00AbSJoint width: 10-15mmAbbey Brown (AbB), Abbey Original (AbO)and Abbey Storm (AbS)Panache TexturedNominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m900 x 150 x 40 B/SG/Wh 40 0.66 36.00 1.1Joint width: ButtCan also be used as a pavingBlack (B), Silver Grey (SG) and White (Wh)48BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Old Town ®Nominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m450 x 200 x 50 GG/WL 36 0.36 16.60 2.20Joint width: 10-15mmIdeal for use with Old Town pavingWeathered Limestone (WL)and Grey-Green (GG)Rope TopNominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin mEdging450 x 160 x 50 BB/ACt/Tr/WT 44 0.33 19.80 2.20Corner dolly270 x 60 x 60 BB/ACt/Tr/WT 20 0.04 n/a n/aJoint width: ButtNatural SandstoneBlue-Black (BB), Autumn Cotswold (ACt)(GS),Terracotta (Tr) and Weathered Terracotta (WT)Nominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m450 x 160 x 35/40 AGr/FB/M 40 0.35 18.40 2.2Joint width: 10-15mmCountry of origin: IndiaNatural stone edging has subtle colour variations between individual stones.CloistersFossil Buff (FB), Autumn Green (AGr)and Modac (M)Nominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m800 x 200 x 50 MG 20 0.3 16.2 1.5Joint width: 10mmIdeal for use with Cloisters pavingMid Grey (MG)Applies to NaturalSandstone www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 49

Tile on EdgeNominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m450 x 225 x 40 MT 24 0.20 10.80 2.20Joint width: ButtMellow Terracotta (MT)ScallopedNominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m600 x 150 x 50 Bf/Gy/Rd 48 0.37 28.80 1.7Joint width: ButtRed (Rd), Buff (Bf), and Grey (Gy)DrivewayNominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m900 x 125 x 50 Gy 90 1.04 81.00 1.1Joint width: ButtGrey (Gy)Round TopNominal Colour Units Pack lin m Unitssize (mm) /pack weight (t) /pack /lin m600 x 150 x 50 Bf/Gy 48 0.37 28.80 1.7Joint width: ButtBuff (Bf) and Grey (Gy)50BUILDBASE lGarden LandscapingApplies to all excludingNatural Sandstone

Decorative Aggregateswww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 51

Decorative Stone Decorative AggregatesDecorative aggregates can add that all important finishing touch to any garden, adding a real wow factor. We have a vastrange of aggregates that are perfect around borders of paved areas and between paving stones. They are equally at homeon paths, patios or driveways. Decorative aggregate products are available in large poly bags and bulk bags (theequivalent of approximately 36 bags).10mm Golden Gravel 10-20mm Harvest Gold 14-20mm Mellow Cotswold10-20mm Canterbury Spar 14mm Trent Pink 14mm Weathered Red14mm Driveway Brindlek Bulk bag only8-11mm Nordic Spar14mm Forest Green14mm Derbyshire Grey 20mm Weathered Flint 8-11mm Multimix52BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Key to symbols:Fish friendlySuitable for driveways20-40mm Swithland Green14mm Silver GranitekOnly available asa bulk bag20-40mm Lakeland Blue20-40mm Celtic PlumDecorative StonePebbles and CobblesOur beautiful pebbles, cobbles and rockery stone can add that designerelement to your garden. Perfect as an integral part of a water feature,they also lend a point of visual interest in large paved areas and caneven work superbly as a decorative border.75-100mm Scottish Cobbles20-30mm Highland Pebbleswww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 53

PlantexWeed Control FabricUse Under: Paths • Patios • Decking • Block Paving • Bark• Soft LandscapingTDP115GeotextileBenefits: Controls Weeds • Aids Drainage • Allows Air & Water Through• Separation • Reduces MaintenanceSizes: 1 x 15m Roll2 x 25m RollUses: Patios • Drives • Roadways• DrainageBenefits: Stabilises and Strengthens• Helps Prevent Unevenness• Prevents Mixing Of Construction Layers• Filter Layer For DrainageSizes: 4.5 x 11.1m Handypack2 x 25m Roll2 x 50m Roll4 x 100m RollNOT TO BE USED AS A WEED CONTROL MEMBRANE54BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

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DrivewaysFirst impressions count. What better way to create theperfect outward impression than with a striking anddistinctive driveway at the front of your house. Block pavingnot only gives your driveway a touch of class and your housereal kerb appeal, but it also represents an extremely practicaland durable solution that will continue to look good throughthe years.Please enquire with you local branch about the productranges stocked or obtainable to order for your area.Separate literature and brochures are available for manyof the products.56BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

For more information on all theseproducts please enquire at yournearest branch.Products include:• Standard rectangular pavers 200x100mm.An economical choice. In various thicknesses and a verywide choice of colours• Tumbled or hammered pavers, normally mixing severalsizes to give an aged, random effect. Many multicolouredblends are available.www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 57

• Shaped blocks to produce a huge variety of patterns andgeometric designs in contrasting colours.• Circular kits to create a stunning centre piece or feature ina driveway or patio, in various finishes and colour choices• Permeable blocks to offer a solution to meet thelegislation regarding front of homes, allowing water todrain away through gaps between the blocks. A widerange of styles and colour choices are now available• Kerbs to form a practical and stylish boundary tothe paved area, defining the edges and preventingvehicle overrunFor more information on all these products pleaseenquire at your nearest branch.58BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

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Grange Lap PanelFencePanelsCare of your fencingIn order to protect your fence panels and add years to theirlife they should be isolated from the ground by either atimber or concrete gravel board (see page 66 and 67).CloseboardWe also offer a range of concrete slotted posts that will helpto isolate your panels from damp. (see page 67).Grange Lap Panel(Golden Brown)The Closeboard(Golden Brown)1.83m (w) x 1.8m (h) (GL6)1.83m (w) x 1.5m (h) (GL5)1.83m (w) x 1.2m (h) (GL4)1.83m (w) x 0.9m (h) (GL3)1.83m (w) x 0.6m (h) (GL2)1.83m (w) x 1.8m (h) (CB6)1.83m (w) x 1.5m (h) (CB5)1.83m (w) x 1.2m (h) (CB4)1.83m (w) x 0.9m (h) (CB3)1.8m 1.8m1.5m1.5m1.2m1.2m0.9m0.9m0.6m60BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

The SupafenceThe Supafence(Golden Brown)1.83m (w) x 1.8m (h) (SF6)1.83m (w) x 1.5m (h) (SF5)1.83m (w) x 1.2m (h) (SF4)1.83m (w) x 0.9m (h) (SF3)1.8m1.5m1.2m0.9m1.83mA sturdy double framed lap panel with 75mm deep counter rail and gravel board and made fromdouble waney edged slats. The Supafence is dipped Golden Brown.Dome Feather Edge PanelStandard Feather Edge Panelwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 61

TraditionalFencingStandard Feather Edgepanels - dipped golden brown(Available in 4 sizes)Dome FeatherEdge Panel (Green)1.83m (w) x 1.7m (h) (DFE6)1.7mWillow PanelNon FSC1.83m (w) x 1.8m (h) (WILL6)1.8m1.83mProfessionalFeather EdgePanel (Green)A really robust, fully framed panel.The horizontal and vertical framingis half-lap jointed.1.83m (w) x 1.8m (h) (FEP6)1.83m (w) x 1.5m (h) (FEP5)1.83m (w) x 1.2m (h) (FEP4)1.83m (w) x 0.9m (h) (FEP3)Use Capping Rail to suit. (CAPNGFE)1.8m1.5m1.2m0.9m1.83mStandardFeather EdgePanel(Golden Brown)With fitted Capping Rail.1.83m (w) x 1.815m (h) (SFEP6)1.83m (w) x 1.515m (h) (SFEP5)1.83m (w) x 1.215m (h) (SFEP4)1.83m (w) x 0.915m (h) (SFEP3)1.815m1.515m1.215m0.915m(Above): Professional Feather Edge Panel- Pressure treated green (Available in 4 sizes)16 62BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Elite St. Servan PanelsElite FencingMade from specially selected softwoods, planed, pressuretreated for a longer life, FSC certified and finished in a palegreen, the Elite is a premium range. The natural beauty of thewood shows through.Elite PostsTimber H Post2.4m x 90mm x 90mm (POH84)1.8m x 90mm x 90mm (POH64)EliteEyecatcher1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (EEYE)1.8mElite PostsWith Curved Top2.4m x 70mm x 70mm (EPO8)1.8m x 70mm x 70mm (EPO6)Elite St. Servan1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ELITEPS)1.8m (w) x 1.2m (h) (ELITEPS12)1.8m1.2mElite PostWith Curved TopElite ‘H’ PostELITE PRODUCT RANGEAll Elite Fencing has a pressuretreated green (PTG) finish.liteElite St. EspritSquare Panels(1.2m)Elite EyecatcherAll products are measured to the highest and widest point and all sizes are approximatewww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 63

EliteSt. Carne DomeElite St. Lunairs1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h)(ESMDOME)1.8m1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ELITEPL)1.8m (w) x 1.2m (h) (ELITEPL12)1.8m1.2m1.8mElitePalisade Fence1.8m (w) x 900mm (h)(ELITEP91)0.9mElite St Lunairs Panel1.8mEliteSt. Cyprien1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ELITEPC)ElitePalisadePost1.5mElite St. Cyprien Panel (1.8m x 1.8m)1.8m1.5m (height) x 70mm x 70mm(EPP)1.8mElite St. Meloir1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ELTMLPAN18)1.8m (w) x 1.05m (h) (ELTMLPAN11)1.8m1.05mELITEPRODUCTRANGElite1.8mAll Elite Fencinghas a pressuretreated green(PTG) finish.All products are measured to thehighest and widest point and allsizes are approximateElite St. Esprit1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ESMSQ18)1.8m (w) x 1.2m (h) (ESMSQ12)1.8m1.2m1.8mElite St. Esprit (1.8m) PanelElite St. Meloir64BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Open FencingA very popular style of panel designed to create a sturdy andattractive garden border - most with matching gates.ElitePalisade Fence1.8m (w) x 900mm (h) (ELITEP91)1.8m0.9mHalf RoundPost & RailHalf Round Rail - LONG(1.8m x 85mm x 42mm)(HFRDRL18)Half Round Post(1.8m x 100mm x 50mm)(HRNDPT18)ElitePalisadePost70mm x 70mm1.5m (height)(EPP)75mm x 47mmHeight - 1.5m(PALEPTUL5)1.5mTulipPalisade FenceWidth - 1.828m / Height - 0.9m (PALTUL3)Tulip PalisadeMorticed End Post 0.9m1.5m1.828m1.8mcut post torequiredheightGawsworthPanelWidth - 1.8m Height - 0.9m(GAWS18)0.9mliteElite Palisade Fence1.8mAll products are measured to thehighest and widest point and allsizes are approximateTulip Palisade Fencewww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 65

Posts, Gravel Boardsand Post CapsBall Finial (Green)Post CapsFlat Post Caps100mm x 100mm - BROWNProduct Code (PC22)100mm x 100mm - GREENProduct Code (PC22G)Flat HeavyDuty Cap120mm x 120mm - BROWNProduct Code (PCHD55)120mm x 120mm - GREENProduct Code (PCHD55G)Acorn Finial(Brown)Product Code (ACORNPC)Ball Finial(Golden Brown)Product Code (BALLPC)Ball Finial(Green)Product Code (EBALLPCG)Flat Post Cap (Brown)FENCE BOARDSDESCRIPTION WIDTHS 38 75 100 125 150 LENGTHSFencing boards 16 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 1.8, 2.4, 3.019 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 1.8, 2.4, 3.022 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 1.8, 2.4, 3.0Feather edge boards 2x22 ✔ ✔ ✔ 1.8Gravel Boards 22 ✔ 3.6FENCE RAILSDESCRIPTION WIDTHS 75 88 100 125 175 LENGTHSRails 38 ✔ ✔ ✔ 3.0, 3.6Arris Rails 2 ex 75 ✔ 2.4, 3.0, 3.6Canted Rails 2 ex 47 ✔ ✔ 2.4, 3.0, 4.8FENCE POSTSDESCRIPTION WIDTHS 75 100 125 150 175 LENGTHSPosts 75 ✔ 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 3.0Posts 100 ✔ 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 3.0• 15 Year Warranty• Available in a range of sizes• FSC ® certified66BUILDBASE lGarden LandscapingAll products are measured to the highest and widest point and all sizes are approximate

Slotted PostsSupremeLite is a new innovative concrete mix design developedby Supreme Concrete to produce lightweight concrete products.The resultant products are up to 45% lighter and providesignificant advantages in manual handling and transport.Concrete slotted posts comply with BS.EN 12839 Class ‘A’wind loading and can be used either way up. The new gravelboards have been redesigned to provide easy handling andvery low weight. The same gravel board is suitable for use withboth metric 1800mm fence panels, and imperial 6’ panels.The lighter colour of SupremeLite also makes it very suitablefor colour treatment for those who choose to paint thecomplete fence.Designed to take standard domestic fencing panels. Slots runfull length for stepping on sloping ground.POST LENGTH1370 4’-6” intermediate end corner1750 5’-9” intermediate end corner2050 6’-9” intermediate end corner2360 7’-9” intermediate end corner2660 8’-9” intermediate end cornerGravel BoardsThe new style gravel boards are the lightest available!SUPREMELITE RECESSED (NEW STYLE)1830/1800 x 145 x 50 2” x 6”1830/1800 x 295 x 50 2” x 12”These gravel boards are suitable for 6’ panels, or 1800 metricpanels by the removal of “nibs”.Repair SpursPOST LENGTH POST SIZE1000 3’-3’ 75 x 751050 3’-6” 100 x 1001200 4’-0” 100 x 1001350 4’-6” 100 x 1001200 4’-0” 100 x 75In exposed windy situations or for highfences 100 x 100 spur posts should be used.The Gravel Board BracketMetclipsThese clips offer alternative methods of fixingpanels, trellis or gravel boards to yourtimber posts.Metclip - ‘U’ Shaped Clip46mm (1109)41mm (1108)32mm (1114)Metclip - ‘L’ Shaped Clipcode (1111)An easy way to secure timber gravel boards toyour fence posts.Gravel Board Bracket50mm (1113)25mm (1112)Arris Rail BracketsAn essential tool when constructing yourfeather edge fencing.Arris Rail Bracketsize: 220mm (11131)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 67

GatesGawsworth GateAll gates listed on this pageare pressure treated green(PTG).GawsworthPath GateDome Ledged& BracedPath Gate0.9m (w) x 0.9m (h) (GAWSGT)0.9m (w) x 1.05m (h) (DOMLBGT)0.9m1.05m0.9m0.9mElite StMeloir Gate0.9m (w) x 1.8m (h)1.8mInset Left:Gawsworth FencingElite St. Meloir GateThe Pale Gate0.915m (w) x 1.8m (h) (PALEG1891)0.915m (w) x 0.9m (h) (PALEG0991)1.8mPaleGate0.915m0.9m0.9mThe Pale InfillPath Gate0.9m (w) x 0.9m (h) (PALINFGT)0.9m0.915mArch FeatherEdge Gate0.9m (w) x 1.85m (h) (AFG6)1.85mDomed LedgedAnd BracedPath Gate0.9mEliteChevron GateTongue & GrooveLedged & BracedGate0.9m (w) x 1.8m (h) (TGLBG)1.8m0.9mThe EliteChevron Gate0.9m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ECHEVG6)1.8m0.9m0.9mPale Infill Path Gate68BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

The Lap Gate(Golden Brown)0.9m (w) x 1.82m (h) (SEL6)0.9m (w) x 1.52m (h) (SEL5)0.9m (w) x 1.22m (h) (SEL4)0.9m (w) x 0.91m (h) (SEL3)Elite PalisadePath Gate(Green)0.87m (w) x 0.9m (h) (EPG3)0.9m1.82m1.52m1.22m0.87m0.91mElite Palisade GateInset Left:Elite Palisade Fencing0.9mThe Closeboard(Golden Brown)0.9m (w) x 1.81m (h) (SEC6)1.81mThe TulipPalisade Gate(Golden Brown)0.87m (w) x 0.9m (h) (PALGT3)0.9m0.9mThe Arch Gate(Golden Brown)0.87m0.9m (w) x 1.85m (h) (SEAR6)1.85mCloseboard GateInset Right:Tulip PalisadeFencingTulip Palisade Gate0.9mTIMBER GATESIRONMONGERY SETAll ironmongery fortimber gates mustbe purchasedseparately.GALVANISEDAND POWDERCOATED BLACKTongue And GrooveLedged And Braced GateLap GateArch FeatherEdge Gatewww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 69

TrellisHeavy DutyTrellis1.83m (w) x 1.81m (h) (HDT6)1.83m (w) x 1.51m (h) (HDT5)1.83m (w) x 1.20m (h) (HDT4)1.83m (w) x 0.90m (h) (HDT3)1.83m (w) x 0.61m (h) (HDT2)1.83m (w) x 0.32m (h) (HDT1)Heavy Duty TrellisTriple Dome Trellis1.83m (w) x 0.56m (h) (TRIPDT110)1.81m1.51m1.20m0.90m0.61m0.32mBow TrellisTriple Dome Trellis1.83mBow Trellis1.83m (w) x 0.57m (h) (BTT110)0.57mDome TrellisDome Trellis1.83m (w) x 1.78m (h) (DTT510)1.83m (w) x 0.87m (h) (DTT210)1.83m (w) x 0.57m (h) (DTT110)1.78mDiamond Trellis1.83m (w) x 0.32m (h) (DT1)Diamond Trellis0.87m0.57mLarge Fan(Heavy Duty)0.9m (w) x 1.8m (h) (HDFAN)Small FanTrellis(Heavy Duty)0.61m (w) x 1.097m (h)(HDFANM4)0.32m0.9m1.8m1.097mAlderley Trellis1.83mAlderley Trellis is part of the Elite range madefrom specially selected softwoods.All Alderley Trellis has a pressure treatedgreen finish.Square Trellis0.3m (w) x 1.83m (h) (ALDSQ1)0.6m (w) x 1.83m (h) (ALDSQ2)0.9m (w) x 1.83m (h) (ALDSQ3)1.2m (w) x 1.83m (h) (ALDSQ4)1.2m0.9m0.6m0.3mBow & Dome1.83m (w) x 0.49.5m (h)(ALDDOME)1.83m (w) x 0.3m (h)(ALDBOW)0.47m0.3mAlderley SquareTrellisHeavy DutyFan Trellis0.61m1.83m1.83mHighgrove TrellisThe Highgrove is designed to suit ourgolden brown traditional fence panels.Square Trellis0.32m (w) x 1.83m (h) (HSQ1)0.61m (w) x 1.83m (h) (HSQ2)0.61mBadminton TrellisSquare(Golden Brown)1.2m (w) x 1.83m (h) (BADSQU)0.63m (w) x 1.83m (h) (BADSQ61)1.2m0.63m1.83m0.32mHighgrove Square Trellis1.83mBadminton SquareTrellis (Golden Brown)70BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Elite Lattice TrellisELITEPRODUCTRANGEAll Elite Trellishas a pressuretreated green(PTG) finish.liteElite Square Trellis1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ELITES6)1.8m1.8mEliteLattice Trellis1.8m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ELATT6)1.8m (w) x 1.2m (h) (ELATT4)1.8m (w) x 0.9m (h) (ELATT3)1.8m (w) x 0.6m (h) (ELATT2)1.8m (w) x 0.3m (h) (ELATT1)1.8m1.8m1.2m0.9m0.6m0.3mElite LightweightSquare Wall Trellis1.83m (w) x 0.32m (h) (ESWT1)0.32m1.83mElite Lattice TrellisWillow TrellisWillow Trellis(Non FSC)1.83m (w) x 0.61m (h) (WILLT2)1.83m (w) x 0.32m (h) (WILLT1)0.61m0.32m1.83mwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 71

ArchesA garden arch can enhance or change the mood of a garden,give cover, add height and provide a focal point. Or simply useit as an attractive plant climbing frame.Bow Top ArchliteElite Arch Elite Portico ArchBow Top Arch1.6m x 0.75m / Height - 2.5mwill fit paths up to 0.94m wide.(BTA)Elite Portico Arch2.1m x 1.126m / Height - 2.2m will fit paths up to:1.3m - 1.9m wide(ELITEPORTE)Elite Granville Arch1.27m x 0.55m / Height - 2.7m will fit paths up to:1.05m wide(EGA)Elite Arch0.9m x 0.45m / Height - 2.1mwill fit paths up to 795mm wide(ELITEARCH)liteKyre Arch2m x 0.56m / Height - 2.2mwill fit paths up to 1.49m wide(KYRA)The Kyre Arch is constructedof machined round timbersdesigned to bring a traditionalrustic touch to your garden.liteElite Granville Arch72BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

ArboursCarra ArbourWe now offer a wide range of garden arbours that will affordyou a place of shelter and comfort from which to enjoy your garden.CarraraArbourHeight - 2.1mWidth - 1.74mDepth - 0.63m(CARRARB)RomanaArbourHeight - 1.92mWidth - 1.8mDepth - 0.87m(ROMANA)MontebelloArbourHeight - 2.1mWidth - 1.44mDepth - 0.63m(MONTARB)Romana ArbourArezzoArbourHeight - 2.1mWidth - 1.74mDepth - 0.63m(AREZARB)Arezzo ArbourLivornoArbourHeight - 2.2mWidth - 1.43mDepth - 0.64m(LIVARB)Montebello ArbourToscanaCornerArbourHeight - 2.1mWidth - 1.8mDepth - 1.8m(TOSCARB)Toscana ArbourLivorno Arbourwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 73

Seaton Model CGazebosThere are two sizes of Gazebo, each sizeoffering three different pack options. However,each one is also available as a frame only kit soyou can design your own gazebo by selectingany of the panels (sold separately).Regis FrameRegis Model A(REGAZDRSA)4.02mRegis Model B(REGAZDRSB)Regis Model C(REGAZDRSC)Regis Frame(REGAZ)3.41m3.41mRegis Model ABudleighModel A(BUGAZDRSA)BudleighModel B(BUGAZDRSB)3.19mBudleighModel C(BUGAZDRSC)BudleighFrame(BUGAZ)2.46mBudleigh Model CBudleigh Model B2.85mBudleigh Model CDesign Your Own GazeboEach Gazebo frame in our range has a standard width between the posts so thatyou can choose any combination of these five panels to design your own gazebo.Glass PanelNote: windows made with safety acrylic.1.2m (w) x 1.8m (h) (EGGP)Trellis Panel1.2m (w) x 1.8m (h) (ELATT4)Balustrade Panel1.2m (w) x 0.95m (h) (GAZBP)GAZBPELATT4EGGP74BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

PergolasPergola PacksOption 1 Pack AWith longer 2.7m posts – put posts directly into earthOption 2 Pack B2.1m posts – with bolt down anchors for sitting your pergola on deck or patioOption 3 Pack C2.1m posts – with pergola spikes if you wish to avoid digging holesJac FlowerDomed Pergola(JFDPG)Jac FlowerDomed PergolaNo Base(JFDPNBG)Jac FlowerDomed PergolaThe Jac FlowerRope Walk Pergola(JFRW3G)Jac FlowerRope PergolaTraditional PatioPergolaPatio Pergola kit can also beused as an extender kit with theTraditional Pergola.PACK A (PKTPPA)PACK B (PKTPPB)PACK C (PKTPPC)TraditionalPatio PergolaTraditional PergolaPACK A (PKTRADA)PACK B (PKTRADB)PACK C (PKTRADC)Dragon PergolaPACK A (PKITDRGNA)PACK B (PKITDRGNB)PACK C (PKITDRGNC)Extended DragonPergolaPACK A (PKITDRGNAE)PACK B (PKITDRGNBE)PACK C (PKITDRGNCE)Dragon PergolaPortico PergolaThe Flower WalkThe Flower WalkPACK A (FLWCCL)PACK B (FLWCCLB)PACK C (FLWCCLC)Apollo Pergola(APOLPERG)Apollo PergolaPorticoPACK A – 1.8m x 1.37m x 2.795m(PKITPRTAG)PACK B – 1.8m x 1.37m x 2.195m(PKITPRTBG)PACK C – 1.8m x 1.37m x 2.195m(PKITPRTCG)www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 75

ContemporaryPatio PergolaPergolasContemporaryPatio PergolaPACK A (PKCPPA)PACK B (PKCPPB)PACK C (PKCPPC)ContemporaryPergolaPACK A (PKCPERGA)PACK B (PKCPERGB)PACK C (PKCPERGC)Carousel PergolaCarousel PergolaPACK A (PKITCRAG)PACK B (PKITCRBG)PACK C (PKITCRCG)1. Pergola Posts2.7m x 95mm x 95mm (ATPOST9)2.1m x 95mm x 95mm (ATPOST7)2. Curved Pergola Beams1.83m x 95mm x 44mm (ATCBM6)1.2m x 95mm x 44mm (ATCBM4)3. Bowed Pergola Rafter1.9m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATBOWED6)4. Pergola RafterProfiled both ends3.6m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATRAFT12)2.7m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATRAFT9)1.8m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATRAFT6)5. Pergola RafterProfiled and slotted both ends1.37m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATRAFT46)6. Pergola RafterProfiled both ends slotted in middle0.6m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATRAFT2)7. Pergola RafterNo profile on ends1.88m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATRAFT6FE)8. Pergola RafterProfile one end2.4m (h) x 95mm x 44mm (ATRAFT8)76BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

GardenEssentialsThose finishing touches to complete your perfect garden: attractiveplanters, a range of composters (three sizes) or an ornamental bridge.Elite PlantersLog Edging Roll(1.8 metres long)Log Edging Roll450mm (h) (GLE450P)300mm (h) (GLE300P)225mm (h) (GLE225P)150mm (h) (GLE150P)Log EdgingFixing SpikeBella Rosa Planter(BELPLANT)Rosa Planter(ROSPLANT)Large Composter With CoverBella Rosa Planter450mm x 32mm x 32mm (FIX32G)TimberLandscape Poles1.60m x 80mm dia. (LP56G)1.20m x 80mm dia. (LP4G)0.75m x 80mm dia. (LP26G)TimberGarden Stakes1.8m x 25mm (GS6G)1.2m x 25mm (GS4G)1.8m x 31mm (GS631G)1.5m x 31mm (GS531G)Ornamental BridgeTwo Handrails1.85m x 700mm x 265mm(OB2HG)Ornamental BridgeComposter CoverFits all three composters.1.22m x 1.22m (COMPCOV)Composters1.13m sq. x 0.7m (h)Large (CM1130)0.93m sq. x 0.7m (h)Medium (CM930)0.73m sq. x 0.7m (h)Small (CM730)Elite Square Planter500mm sq. x 410mm (h) (ESQP)Elite Hexagon Planter620mm x 410mm (h)Large (EHEXL)450mm x 365mm (h)Medium (EHEXM)Round GardenTable(SEATS 8)2m x 2m x 810mm (h)(ROUNGT)Round Garden TableElite Trough Planter1m x 500mm x 410mm (h)(ETP)Trellis ObeliskOblong GardenTable(SEATS 8)1.53m x 2m x 810mm (h)(OBLONGT)Metpost CubeUsed in landscaping to createraised terraces and supporting walls450 x 450 x 600mm (6703)450 x 450 x 450mm (6702)300 x 300 x 600mm (6701)300 x 300 x 300mm (6700)Oblong Garden Tablewww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 77

Metal Gates, Fencing and RailingsLudlow GatesPOSTS FOR GATESUNIVERSAL POSTFOR SMALLMETAL GATESGalvanised andpowder coated.The Ironbridge RangeIRONGTSW LUDGTTWLUDGTSWIRONGTTWLUDLOW BOW TOPTALL SCROLL GATECan be left or right opening.LUDLOW TALL SCROLL GATEAvailable in two sizes:0.84m (w) x 1.840m (h) (LUDGTTW)0.77m (w) x 1.8m (h) (LUDGTTN)LUDLOW SMALL SCROLL GATECan be left or right opening.LUDLOW SMALL GATEAvailable in two sizes:0.84m (w) x 0.93m (h) (LUDGTSW)0.77m (w) x 0.93m (h) (LUDGTSN)IRONFENCE IRONRAILUNIVERSAL POST50mm x 50mm x 1.375m(UNIPOST)TALL GATE POST50mm x 50mm x 2.4m(UNIPOSTH)GATE AND FENCEBOLT DOWN POST50mm x 50mm x 0.952m(UNIPOSTH)RAILSBOLT DOWN POST50mm x 50mm x 0.504m(UNIPOSTH)IRONBRIDGE TALL GATESIRONBRIDGE TALL GATES0.81m (w) x 1.8m (h) (IRONGTTW)0.77m (w) x 1.8m (h) (IRONGTTN)IRONBRIDGE SMALL GATESIRONBRIDGE SMALL GATES0.81m (w) x 0.85m (h) (IRONGTSW)0.77m (w) x 0.85m (h) (IRONGTSN)All gates can be left or right opening.IRONBRIDGE FENCEStandard fence will fit a gap of 1.83mIRONBRIDGE FENCE1.81m (w) x 0.93m (h) (IRONFENCE)POSTMIXPOSTCRETE/POSTMIXBed in your gate postssecurely with our easyto use fast set formula.IRONBRIDGE RAILStandard rail will fit a gap of 1.83mIRONBRIDGE RAIL1.81m (w) x 0.48m (h) (IRONRAIL)78BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping


Metal Post FixingsEverything you need to put up a fence or pergola or help landscape your garden.Metpost is the market leader in the supply of metal post fixings.The Wedge GripHolds each post in a vice like gripwithout the need for nails or screws,and is the idea solution for erectingwooden fences of all types. It willsupport timber widths varying by asmuch as 4mm.The Wedge Grip – Red100mm x 750mm (11032)75mm x 750mm (1107)75mm x 600mm (1106)The Wedge Grip – Galvanised75mm x 750mm (1107G)75mm x 600mm (1106G)The Wedge Grip – H Post Box93mm x 750mm (4200)The Driving ToolFacilitates driving post supports into theground – shown with Repair Spur.Driving Tool –For 75mm Box58mm x 180mm (332)Driving Tool –For 100mm Box78mm x 190mm (442)The Concrete in AnchorPlan the position of your posts whenlaying concrete and bed in theConcrete in Anchor before it sets.Concrete in Wedge100mm (1124)75mm (1123)Concrete in System 2100mm (2124)75mm (2123)System 2A twin bolt, heavy duty system allowing even easier postinstallation and replacement. The twin bolt grip ensures a secureand long lasting fix for the varying widths of timber uprights ofgazebos, pergolas, decking and other garden structures.System 2 – Red100mm x 750mm (10032)75mm x 750mm (1007)75mm x 600mm (1006)The Bolt Down AnchorEnables you to easily site fence or pergolaposts on surfaces such as concrete slabs ortimber decking.Bolt Down –Plain Box50mm (1142)Bolt DownWedge Grip100mm (1141)75mm (1140)Bolt Down System 2100mm (1041)75mm (1040)Bolt Down - GalvanisedH Post Wedge Grip93mm (4210)Metpost Repair SpurAllows you to repair a post that may beconcreted into the ground.Repair Spur - Red100mm x 103mm (1154)75mm x 78mm (1153)The Galvanised PergolaBolt Down AnchorSpecifically designed for use with Pergola postsand large structures.Pergola Bolt Down Anchor(Galvanised)95mm x 95mm x 150mm (BDAP95G)Wall AnchorA simple way to addheight to a wall.Wall Anchor75mm x 75mm x 320mm(5110)The Flush FitBolt Down AnchorEnables you to site a post next to a wall orother inaccessible position.Flush Fit Bolt Down Wedge - Red100mm (4111)75mm (3111)Flush Fit Bolt DownSystem 2 - Red100mm (4110)75mm (3110)80BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Deckingwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 81

Q-DeckTimberDeck Boards33x120 Q-Deck multi-purpose boardAll products below are manufactured from slow grown and carefully selected softwood and preservativepre-treated with Tanalith ® E Extra providing added water repellency.Cambridge20.5mm x 95mm (Finished size after machining).This deck board can be used smooth or reeded profile uppermost.Being the thinnest in the range it is the most economical per squaremetre but please note you need to use more supporting joists.Winchester27mm x 144mm (Finished size after machining).This deck board can be used grooved or ribbed side uppermost.Having a proud profile can marginally improve grip characteristics.York33mm x 120mm (Finished size after machining).This deck board can be used grooved or smooth side uppermost.As with the 33 x 120mm Multi-purpose board you can use less supporting joists.NB: All five grooves accept Q-Grip Strips – see page 83.Canterbury27 x 144mm (Finished size after machining).This deck board can be used smooth or grooved side uppermost. Beingone of the 2 wider profiles means using fewer deck screws per area.NB: Two of the seven grooves accept Q-Grip Strips – see page 83.Long lasting, good looking decking gets laid easier witheasi-deck. The deck boards are machined to a groovedgrip profile from quality Whitewood. It’s pressuretreated with Tanalith® E to cope with theclimate for years to come. 3600 x 28 x95mm (finished)82BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Slip ResistantDeck BoardsThese deckboards have enhanced grip properties and are ideal forslip sensitive areas on domestic decks such as steps and high footfallareas and decks in a commercial/public access type situation such asschools, hotels, pubs, restaurants, outdoor smoking areas and otherpublic places.Q-Grip Slip ResistantYork Decking33mm x 120mm(Finished Size)Q-Grip Slip ResistantCanterbury Decking27mm x 144mm(Finished Size)Q-Grip Slip Resistant YorkWhen used inconjunction with newQ-Grip ® strip, Q-Deck ®York or Canterburydecking allows deckbuilders to strategicallyincorporate slip resistantareas within a traditionaldeck scheme with ease.Areas of decks that tendto require enhanced gripare walkways orboardwalks, borders oredges and steps or stairs.Q-Grip ® Strip5 x 8 x 1195mm (Finished size after machining).No. 0325(+)®Q-Grip ® Strip allows deck builders to strategically incorporateslip resistant areas within a traditional deck scheme with ease.Fitting Q-Grip stripQ-Grip strip in Q-DeckYork used as stepswww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 83

MillboardDeckingMillboard - the new generation of non-timber decking.Millboards are wood-free, yet they capture the naturalbeauty and charm of natural timber. Millboard decks arevirtually maintenance free as they do not host algae growthand little upkeep is required other than an occasional wash.They are resistant to food and drink stains. Millboards arerenowned for their excellent anti-slip properties and areeco-friendly as they are made using reclaimed materials.Millboards will not rot, splinter or warp, and are UV stable,but they can be sawn and fitted like wood.DriftwoodGolden OakMillboard Enhanced Grain boards create a classicdecking area that will complement both traditional andcontemporary settings. Available in four attractive colours.Limed OakVintageDriftwood Limed Oak Coppered Oak Golden OakSize 176 x 3600 x 32mmMillboard Weathered boards create decking areasof timeless beauty as they have been moulded fromhand-picked antique oak boards of over 100 years old.Coppered OakDriftwood84Available in two attractive coloursVintage Driftwood Size 200 x 3600 x 32mmBUILDBASE lGarden LandscapingPlease request a separate brochure for the fullMillboard range, including technical informationand installation guidelines.

Hardwood DeckingQ-Deck Lyptus hardwood decking is made from cultivatedeucalyptus hardwood trees harvested in less than twentyyears offering unrivalled sustainability.• Cherry wood appearance• A mix of light and dark shades and appealingvariable grain• Darker coloured boards darkens to rich walnut-likeshades when oiled or wet• Durable• Strong• Tough• Kiln dried• Sustainable PEFC certified hardwood20 x 90mmPlease Note:Q-Deck Lyptus is highly susceptibleto staining in contact with iron(goes black) as oak is, so only usestainless steel fixings to secure it.Like all hardwoods it weathers togrey after exposure to U.V. light.BMT-PEFC/16-37-56Weathered Q-Deck Lyptuswww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 85

Spindles, Columns and BalustradesColonial Spindle41 x 41 x 900mmClassic Spindle41 x 41 x 900mmContemporarySpindle41 x 41 x 900mmStop ChamferedSpindle41 x 41 x 900mmGrecian Column85 x 85 x 500mmReady Made BalustradesAt 1800mm wide, they are designed to suit most applications but of course they canalso be cut to fit narrower gaps between newel posts.Flat ChamferedSpindle27 x 69 x 970mmMulti-PurposeBaluster33 x 33 x random lengthsColonial Balustrade(ready-made) 1800 x 985mmContemporary Balustrade(ready-made) 1800 x 985mmDeckorators AluminiumPowder Coated BalustersDeckorators BaroqueBaluster 32” (approx810mm) Black86Classic Balustrade(ready-made) 1800 x 985mmBUILDBASE lGarden LandscapingStop Chamfered Ready Made(ready-made) 1800 x 985mm

HandrailsGrand stop chamferednewel and spindlesMulti-purpose componentsMulti-purposecomponents44 x 144mm33 x 120mm27 x 95mm44 x 95mmHandrail/Bottom rail44 x 70mmHandrail infill20 x 39.5mmDeck Posts and NewelsAll Q-Deck ® Plus newel posts have 4 eased edges fora better look and a safer finish.Multi-purposePost85 x 85 x 2400mm85 x 85 x 3000mmGrandMulti-purposePost*117 x 117 x 1500mm117 x 117 x 3000mm* Also availablestop chamferedColonial Newel85 x 85 x 1500mmStopChamferedNewel85 x 85 x 1500mmClassic Newel85 x 85 x 1500mmLong ClassicNewel85 x 85 x 3000mmContemporaryNewel85 x 85 x 1500mmLong ContemporaryNewel85 x 85 x 3000mmPost CapsBall & capwith connectorGrand Post Capwith rebate44 x 170mm x 170mmfor use with Grand PostsSquare Post Capwith rebate120 x 120mm x 27mm for use with85mm x 85mm Multi-purpose Posts.www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 87

CLADPre-PaintedExterior CladdingPre-painted Black Cladding (one coat)(also known as Essex black barn featheredge)24mm thick edge x 7mm thin edge(these dimensions can vary by +/-2.0mm).Fine sawn finish with one coat of black paint.Lengths 3.6m & longer. Supplied withoutprotective packaging.QUALITY TIMBER CLADDINGTMPre-painted Black Cladding Rebated (2 coats)(also known as pre-painted weatherboarding)23mm thick edge x 6mm thin edge(these dimensions can vary by +/-0.5mm).Fine sawn finish with one primer and one topcoat of black paint. Sharp edges removed.Lengths 3.6m & longer. Supplied bundled in 4’swith protective packaging.Pre-painted White Cladding Rebated (2 coats)(also known as pre-painted weatherboarding)23mm thick edge x 6mm thin edge(these dimensions can vary by +/-0.5mm).Fine sawn finish with one stain inhibiting primercoat and one top coat of white paint. Sharpedges removed. Lengths 3.6m & longer.Supplied bundled in 4’s with protective packaging.Garden CladdingPlease Note:For best results, it is highly advisable to fit Q-Clad & Q-Gardencladding with stainless steel annular ring shank nails or screws.Use Q-Garden® claddings to construct your own sheds, cabins,buildings and screens. Special order products. Please checkavailability with your local Buildbase branch.12mm x 120mm (covers 110mm)x random lengthsShiplap20.5mm x 95mm (covers 85mm)x random lengthsLoglap14.5mm x 120mm (covers 110mm)x random lengthsShiplap44mm x 144mm (covers 132mm)x random lengthsLoglap88BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

LandscapingSleeperseasi-sleeper is a range of sleepers that have endlessgarden or leisure applications. From boundaries, edgingsand planters to distinctive raised beds and borders, decks,terraces and walkways. The easi-sleeper range is pressurepreservative treated in either a brown or green finish whichprotects them from rot and decay.2400 x 125 x 250mm (finished)Q-Garden sleeperS L E E P E R STimeless Sleepers are a natural choicefor any landscaping project. The rusticappeal of the British Grown sleepersis as endless as the applicationsthey can be used in.Their distressed charactergives a driftwoodappearance and theyare pressure browntreated ensuringlongevity as well as style.2400 x 125 x 250mm (finished)Q-Garden® planed smooth landscapingsleeper (with 4 chamfered edges)115mm x 240mm x 2400mmNote: Q-Garden sleepers come with a 15 yearwarranty in ground contact.www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 89

Albany ShedsAlbany Norfolk• Best selling apex roof shed• Tongue & groove shiplap inc floor & roof• Fully framed and braced door with three hinges• Window section can be fitted on either sideCLADDING12mmFRAMING45 x 34mmEAVES HT1.68mDOORSee tableLOCKLock & KeyRef Sizes (L x W x H) Windows Door604 1.8 x 1.2 x 2.0m 2 670 x 1650mm705 2.1 x 1.5 x 2.1m 2 790 x 1750mm806 2.4 x 1.8 x 2.1m 2 790 x 1750mm1006 3.0 x 1.8 x 2.1m 3 790 x 1750mm1008 3.0 x 2.4 x 2.2m 3 790 x 1750mmAlbany Suffolk• Popular pent roof shed with a choice of door positions• Tongue & groove shiplap inc floor & roof• Fully framed and braced door with three hinges• Please specify door position on orderCLADDING12mmFRAMING45 x 34mmINT HT1.8 - 1.98mDOOR790 x 1750mmLOCKLock & KeyRef Sizes (FW x D x H) Windows604 1.8 x 1.2 x 2.06m 1705 2.1 x 1.5 x 2.06m 1/2806 2.4 x 1.8 x 2.06m 21006 3.0 x 1.8 x 2.06m 2/31008 3.0 x 2.4 x 2.11m 2/3Albany Warwick Double Door• Adaptable apex roof shed• Thicker than average tongue & groove shiplap inc floor & roof• Wide range of sizes and options• Fully framed and braced doors• Galvanised tee hinges• Window section can be fitted to either side• Options include: Opening window, safety glass,security windowsCLADDING15mmFRAMING45 x 34mmINT HT1.68mLOCKLock & KeyRef Sizes (L x W x H) Windows806 2.4 x 1.8 x 2.1m 21006 3.0 x 1.8 x 2.1m 3808 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.25m 21008 3.0 x 2.4 x 2.25 m 390BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Albany Wallshed• Free standing lean-to type building• Ideal for placing against wall or fence• Framed & braced single or double doors in the front• Also available with a single door in the end• Tongue and grooved shiplap throughoutCLADDING12mmFRAMING45 x 34mmRef Sizes (FW x D x H)326 0.90 x 0.76 x 1.9mINT HT1.7 - 1.8mDOOR600 x 1625mm1200 x 1625mmLOCKSide BoltRef Sizes (FW x D x H)626 1.8 x 0.76 x 1.9mAlbany Major Apex• Extra heavy duty adaptable apex• 300mm extra eaves height compared to standard• Taller door with two heavy duty galvanised hinges• Heavy duty sawn framework and roof purlins• Flexible door and window positioning• Heavy duty felt• Options include an extra door, wider door, double doors,stable style door, extra windows, opening windows, safety glass,security windowsCLADDING15mmFRAMING60 x 50mmINT HT1.98mDOOR790 x 1850mmLOCKRim LockRef Sizes (L x W x H) Windows806 2.4 x 1.8 x 2.5m 21006 3.0 x 1.8 x 2.5m 31206 3.6 x 1.8 x 2.5m 4808 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.6m 21008 3.0 x 2.4 x 2.6m 31208 3.6 x 2.4 x 2.6m 41408 4.2 x 2.4 x 2.6m 4Ref Sizes (L x W x H) Windows1608 4.8 x 2.4 x 2.6m 41808 5.4 x 2.4 x 2.6m 42008 6.0 x 2.4 x 2.6m 61010 3.0 x 3.0 x 2.7m 31210 3.6 x 3.0 x 2.7m 41410 4.2 x 3.0 x 2.7m 41610 4.8 x 3.0 x 2.7m 4Ref Sizes (L x W x H) Windows1810 5.4 x 3.0 x 2.7m 42010 6.0 x 3.0 x 2.7m 61212 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.6m 41412 4.2 x 3.6 x 2.6m 41612 4.8 x 3.6 x 2.6m 41812 5.4 x 3.6 x 2.6m 42012 6.0 x 3.6 x 2.6m 6Please note:A very wide range ofmade to measure andpurpose made shedsare also available tospecial order.Albany Lincoln• Five sided corner summerhouse• Small pane doors and windows• Thicker than average tongue and grooved shiplap• Joinery made double doors with fitted mortice lock• Decorative hinges and handle• Two opening windows, two window boxesCLADDING15mmFRAMING45 x 34mmINT HT1.8 - 2.0mDOOR1200 x 1800mmLOCKMortice LockRef Sizes (L x W x H)606 1.8 x 1.8 x 2.1m707 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.1m808 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.1m909 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.1mwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 91

TopsoilCompost, Bark and TurfRTF Turf and Buildbase Topsoil used onChris Beardshaws medal winninggarden, supported by Buildbase 2007.Buildbase Go Green Topsoil Bulk BagA new top soil product, specially developed for multi use applications andfor better general plant health. A blend of high quality sandy top soils and100% recycled green composts.Buildbase Go Green Compost Bulk BagAll Purpose Compost is a 100% peat-free general-purpose growing mediumsuitable for a wide range of uses including potting, container growing, treeand shrub planting and seed sowing. Ideal as a soil improver or for anytype of planting.Buildbase Blended Premium Top Soil Bulk BagA high performance manufactured rootzone/topsoil which conforms toBS 3882.Buildbase High Quality General Purpose Bark Mulch35-60mm Bulk BagA very functional but attractive mixed conifer bark. Nominal particle size of35 - 60mm. A great all round bark product and good for ground coverand/or mulching.Buildbase Premium Quality Ornamental/PlayGrade Mulch 18-35mm Bulk BagA deluxe pure pine bark certificated to BS EN 1177 1998. Has a particlesize of 18-35mm. An extremely long lasting product. Will not leaveunsightly residues on children’s clothing.Inturf RTF Turf – Pallet of 70 Sq MetresRhizomatous Tall Fescue (or Really Tough Turf as it has been described)performs well in drought, doesn’t mind being waterlogged in flooding, isshade tolerant, salt tolerant and is incredibly hard wearing. Great fordifficult lawn areas.92BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Inturf Classic Turf – Pallet of 70 Sq MetresHigh quality turfgrass mixture designed to provide the basis for hardwearing lawns, golf courses and formal gardens with an ornamentalappearance. The grasses contained within the sward are selected from thehighest rated seed in Europe and produce the best results for the British Islesclimate. Grown on the best sandy loam soils in the country for turf production.Q Lawns Turf - pallet of 70 metresGrown on lightweight, nutrient rich soils and usually available for next daydelivery, Q Lawns turf is a cost-effective and attractive way to put thosefinishing touches to a project. Suitable for most landscaping applications,Q Lawns turf creates a hardwearing, weed-free lawn in next to no time.Meadowmat wild flower mattingA great way to create wildlife habitat34 species of native grasses and flowering plants that can be installed justlike turf; Takes the stress out of trying to establish wild flowers from seedand gives instant ground coverage. Once established, Meadowmat isrelatively low maintenance.3 day lead-time on orders, minimum order is 1m2Please Note:As turf is a perishable product special terms and conditionsapply. Please read the Inturf guide to laying a lawn and lawnaftercare BEFORE ordering turf, or visit www.inturf.com orwww.qlawns.co.ukEnviromat sedum mattingIdeal for small green roofing projects or for groundcoverSeven species of sedum plant grown on to a patented matting system tomake up one of the most lightweight green roof build-ups available in theUK. Use on garden buildings, extensions or garages up to 50m2 in areato insulate against heat, cold or noise, create wildlife habitat and helpwith rainwater management. Drainage mat and water retention mattingalso available.Ask in branch for advice on creating green roofs.www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 93

Artificial GrassLandscaping • Lawns • LeisureVerdelawnA luxurious luscious lawn with a soft bouncy feel. Thisquality green grass has a brown thatched base providing arealistic looking low-maintenance lawn. Ideal for gardens,playgrounds, schools, commercial areas and landscapeapplications.Groovy GrassIs supplied in an eye-catching range of vibrant colours, offering a whole new dimension to indoor/outdoor living.A creative, funky option for a modern unique design. Super soft, dense & durable.A RANGE OF ARTIFICIAL GRASSES TO SUIT EVERYONE’S BUDGETVerdegrass • Super Verdegrass • Verdeturf • Super VerdeturfVerdeluxe • Super Verdeluxe • Verdelawn • Groovy Grass25 YEARS OF QUALITY BRITISH MANUFACTURING94BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

GO GREEN ATAco Raindrain andGalvanised SteelGrating A151 MtrHexDrainManufactured from recycled polypropylene, ACOHexDrain® is suitable for a range of domestic applicationsand its range of innovative features makes installingdrainage channels easier than ever.The high quality, high strength channel system is available inlight weight 1 metre units, and a choice of three gratingscompletes the system; black plastic, metallic effect plasticand galvanised steel, providing a range of application finishes.Aco HexDrainChannel and BlackPlastic GratingAssembly 1 MtrGroundGuardACO GroundGuard is a lightweight ground reinforcementsystem ideal for grass or gravel stabilisation. This type ofsurface helps to reduce the risks of potholes, rutting orgrass damage.Aco GroundGuard585 x 385 x 38mmManufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, the systemis exceptionally lightweight and strong, making installationquick and easy. ACO GroundGuard is suitable for a widerange of applications including paths, drives, parking areasand access routes. Correctly fitted, ACO GroundGuard hasbeen certified to 250 tonnes per square metre, more thanenough for almost any application.In addition, ACO GroundGuard is over 90% porous,reducing the rate of surface water run-off and saving coston unnecessary drainage installation.www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 95

Go Green2800 Litre UndergroundStorage TankWhen planning a landscaping project it is well worthconsidering what sustainable products can be incorporatedat the same time. For instance, rainwater harvesting systemscan allow you to continue watering the garden or washingthe car in time of drought.For more information visit www.gogreenatbuildbase.co.ukor pick up a copy of our Go Green brochure from yourlocal branch.280 Litre DomesticStorage Tank2800 ltr Underground RainStore SystemThe RainStore is a new, underground rainwater storage anddelivery system from Titan Environmental. It will collectrainwater from the roof via the existing guttering anddownpipe system on the property. The integral leaf filter willremove unwanted debris washed down from the roof, thusensuring good quality stored water.The system is supplied with a 30 metre hose fitting,connected to the integral water pump. A simple on/offswitch will operate the pump, allowing it to deliver the storedwater under pressure to where it is needed.The system can be used all year round to water the garden,operate a sprinkler or wash the car.280 ltr RainStore –280 ltr domestic rainwater storage tankThe 280 ltr RainStore is a smart and practical solution forany property which has garden watering requirements. Theclassic barrel style product also offers a child safe lockablelid. It fits on a convenient RainStore stand which can beordered separately.Waterbuttwith Standand DiverterKit 210 Litre16 96 BUILDBASE l Garden Landscaping

Aboveground Rainwater HarvestingHalsted Rain produce a super slim urban rainwater harvesting systemwhich is ideal as a simple retrofit solution, especially where space isrestricted. Several tanks (each storing 220 litres) can be linked together ina modular design. The stored water can then be used externally in thegarden or pumped back into the home to provide water saving solutions fordomestic functions such as toilet flushes and for use in washing machines.The Halsted system is installed into an existing downpipe and a frogmouthdiverter filters the water before it enters the storage tank. The tanks alsoincorporate overflow sensors and backflow prevention features tosafeguard the quality of the stored water.The Halsted rain water harvesting system is simple to install and maintaindue to its above ground location and modular quality components. When aservice requires water then a pump automatically draws it from the tankand pumps it into the home. In the event that domestic water demandexceeds the availability of stored rainwater then a mains water valve opensto ensure that the tank remains partly filled.Key benefits:Affordable• Low capital cost• Easy to install• Low maintenanceUltra Slim Profile• Narrow tank minimises any obstruction• Integrates into existing rainwater systems• Visually discreetProven Performance• Made from durable high density UV protected plastics• Incorporates a quality pump and mains water top up valve• Compiles with UK standards and regulationsEasy to Install• Modularity allows flexibility in configuring the design layout• Permanent installation using steel support frame and simple fixings• ‘Plug & Play’ pump and mains valve optionsGO GREENGO GREENHELPING YOUDELIVER SUSTAINABLEBUILDING SOLUTIONSHELPING YOUDELIVER SUSTAINABLEBUILDING SOLUTIONSHELPING YOUGO GREENDELIVER SUSTAINABLEBUILDING SOLUTIONSwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 97

Tools and EquipmentHaving the right equipment will make it so much easier and safer to carry outyour landscaping project. Every Buildbase branch stocks a complete range ofprofessional hand and power tools, safety equipment and protective clothing.4lb Club2.5lb Club10lb Sledge7lb SledgeFolding SquareFaithfull Tarmac RakeWooden Handle7lb PickAluminiumLandscape RakeStanley FatmaxXtreme Level 72”Draining ShovelGrafting ShovelForkSquare Mouth ShovelTaper Mouth ShovelHeavy DutySack TruckStandard Safety KitSafety Kit PlusSafety Boots98BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

Fixing productsSands and gravelWhatever your garden requirements, however ambitious yourgarden design project, trust Buildbase to have the solution tohelp you achieve the garden of your dreams. You’ll find wehave an exhaustive range of fixing products to help you getthe job done.Joint FillersReady to use jointing compound for patios and path. Easy to use.Various types available.Belle Concrete Mixer110v/240vIDEAL FOR PATIOSAND PATHSBuildbase RedWheelbarrowPneumatic Tyre 85 Litrewww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 99

Preservatives and CleanersProductsSealocrete Patio CleanerEasy to use acid based cleaner for:• Concrete• Stone• Brick• Will remove Grease, Moss, Lichen and GrimeAvailable in 5 LitresNatural Stone SealerWater based natural stone sealer• Improves stain resistance• Does not affect the colour of the stone• Suitable for most types of natural stone• Suitable for interior and exteriorAvailable in 5 LitresWood Preserver (BP)A general purpose preserver for theprotection of sound wood against rot.Deep penetrating. Can be varnished orpolished when dry. Harmless to plantswhen dry. Suitable for interior andexterior use.Available in 5 LitresResin For Blocks (Matt or Wet Look)• PU Block Sealer and sand binder• Eliminates grass and weed growth in joints• Can jet wash with no loss of sand• Prevents re-occurrence of efflorescence• Suitable for concrete and clay blocksAvailable in 5 Litres & 25 LitresOne Coat TimbercareCuprinol Timbercare has been speciallyformulated to colour and protect roughsawn timber. Its special pigments ensurerich colour and even coverage in justone coat. Cuprinol Timbercare is quickdrying, low odour and safe to usearound plants and pets.Available in 9 Litres100BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

ConstructionInformationHow to...How to lay paving productsSpecific laying instructions will vary according to the type of paving product youare putting down. Advice and guidance is available at the independent website:www.pavingexpert.comFor more information on designing and constructing a timber deck simply visit:www.qualitydecking.co.ukLegislation affecting drivewaysIf you are looking to pave your driveway, you need to take into account recentlegislation affecting the hard surfacing of driveways. Put simply, if the area at thefront of your property to be covered is more than five square metres, you will needplanning permission. This planning consent is not required, however, if you opt fora porous or permeable paving solution.Buildbase is at the forefront of permeable solutions for driveways and can alsooffer innovative Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) and Rainwater HarvestingSystems (RWH). See page 96.To find out more, please visit our website.www.gogreenatbuildbase.co.ukIf you are not intending to install the products yourself then allBuildbase branches will know of contractors in your area that canhelp. Buildbase is also an Affiliate Member of BALI (BritishAssociation of Landscape Industries), which represents landscapecontractors throughout the UK and promotes high qualitystandards in workmanship and service. To find BALI members inyour area visit:www.bali.org.ukAlternatively why not let one of the Bradstone Assured installers do the hard workfor you. It's simple to find an installer in your area and all Bradstone Assuredinstallers have been carefully selected by us to ensure you get an expert andprofessional job every time.The approved patio and drivewayinstaller scheme from BradstoneFor more information visit:www.bradstone.com/assuredwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 101

300mmLaying Patterns4.57m2.3m3.34mAvailable in:• Smooth Natural Sandstone (pgs.12)• Antique Natural Sandstone (pgs.37)• Natural Limestone (pg.17)• Natural Sandstone (pgs.39)• Tradesman Patio Kit (pgs.40)Kit consists of:• 13 = 900 x 600mm• 13 = 600 x 600mm• 13 = 600 x 300mm• 9 = 300 x 300mmB6.4m 2 patio pack2.8mAvailable in:• Ancestry (pg.26)• Old Town (pg.29)Kit consists of:• 3 = 600 x 600mm• 3 = 600 x 450mm• 2 = 450 x 450mm• 9 = 600 x 300mm• 12 = 450 x 300mm• 6 = 300 x 300mmA15.3m 2 patio pack3.69mAvailable in:• Honeymede Limestone (pg.31)• Finesse Limestone (pg.18)• Natural Slate (pg.22)300mmC10.2m 2 patio pack2.76mKit consists of:• 6 = 600 x 600mm• 10 = 600 x 450mm• 10 = 600 x 300mm• 10 = 450 x 450mm• 5 = 450 x 300mm• 4 = 300 x 300mmSimple square pattern445mm300mm300mm445mm150mm3.7mAvailable in:• Tuscany (pg.15)DiamondELaying patterns for Tile paving (pg. 34)2.9mKit consists of:• 22 = 600 x 400mm• 15 = 400 x 400mm• 19 = 400 x 200mm• 22 = 200 x 200mmD10.73m 2 patio packAll sizes are nominal and include joints.102BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

3.0mAvailable in:• Restoration Sandstone (pg.30)3.81mAvailable in:• Bamburgh Mill(pg.27)3.2mKit consists of:• 13 = 800 x 400mm• 16 = 600 x 400mm• 10 = 400 x 400mm2.85mKit consists of:• 6 = 620 x 620mm• 10 = 620 x 465mm• 10 = 620 x 310mm• 10 = 465 x 465mm• 5 = 465 x 310mm• 4 = 310 x 310mmF9.6m 2 patio packG10.9m 2 patio pack3.8m3.4mAvailable in:• ModenaSandstone (pg.13)Available in:• Cloisters (pg.28)Small sized pavers3.0mKit consists of:• 10 = 1000 x 500mm• 10 = 750 x 500mm• 10 = 500 x 500mm3.4mKit consists of:• 5 = 800 x 600mm• 5 = 600 x 600mm• 12 = 600 x 400mm• 5 = 800 x 400mm• 18 = 800 x 200mmH11.4m 2 patio packI11.56m 2 patio pack (1)3.4mAvailable in:J11.56m 2 patio pack (2)3.4m• Cloisters (pg. 28)Large sized paversKit consists of:• 2 = 1000 x 800mm• 5 = 1000 x 600mm• 5 = 1000 x 400mm• 3 = 800 x 800mm• 2 = 800 x 400mm• 5 = 800 x 600mmK3.2m5.76m 2 patio pack1.8mAvailable in:• Cloisters (pg.28)Small patio kitKit consists of:• 3 = 800 x 400mm• 3 = 800 x 200mm• 9 = 600 x 400mm• 6 = 400 x 400mm• 10 = 400 x 200mm• 10 = 200 x 200mm3.5mAvailable in:• Woven (pg.21)1.8mKit consists of:• 50 = weave• 50 = infillLLaying pattern for Woven paving6.3m 2 patio pack approx.www.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 103

approx 4.0mapprox 4.0mapprox 2.8mAvailable in:• Old Town (pg.29)2 ring circle kit consists of:• 4 = centre• 16 = middle• 16 = outerOuter circle kit consists of:• 16 = paversapprox 2.72mapprox 2.72mapprox 2.46mAvailable in:• Natural Sandstone(pg.39)Circle kit consists of:• 1 = centre• 8 = inner• 16 = outerSquaring off kit consists of:• 12 = squaring off paversSquaring off kit consists of:• 20 = squaring off paversN2.46mø circle with 2.72m 2squaring off kitM4mø circle with 4m 2 squaring off kitapprox 3.65mapprox 3.65mapprox 3.3mAvailable in:• Natural Sandstone(pg.39)Circle kit consists of:• 1 = centre• 8 = inner• 16 = middle• 16 = outerSquaring off kit consists of:• 20 = squaring off paversPapprox 2.5m6.25m 2 octagonapprox 2.5mAvailable in:• Natural Sandstone(pg.39)Circle kit consists of:• 1 = centre• 8 = inner• 16 = outer• 8 = squaring off kitO3.3mø circle with 3.65m 2 squaring off kitapprox 2.8mAvailable in:• Old Town (pg.29)approx 2.8mCircle kit consists of:• 4 = centre• 16 = middle• 16 = outer middleSquaring off kit consists of:• 12 = squaring off paversRapprox 2.72mapprox 2.46mapprox 2.72m2.46mø spinning circle and2.72m 2 squaring off kitAvailable in:• Smooth Natural Sandstone(pg.12)Circle kit consists of:• 1 = centre• 8 = inner• 16 =middle• 16 = outerSquaring off kit consists of:• 12 = squaring off paversQ2.8mø circle with 2.8m 2 squaring off kitapprox 2.46mAvailable in:• Old Riven (pg.33)approx 2.46mCircle kit consists of:• 2 = centre• 16 = inner• 16 = outerSquaring off kit consists of:• 12 = squaring off paversapprox 2.4mapprox 3.3mAvailable in:• Ancestry (pg.26)Circle kit consists of:• 4 = centre• 16 = inner middle• 16 = outer middleAccessories kit consists of:• 20 = accessoriesS2.46mø circle with 2.46m squaring off kitT2.4mø circle with accessories104BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

approx 2.8mAvailable in:• Old Town (pg. 29)approx 2.4mAvailable in:• Textured (pg.14)Kit consists of:• 4 = centre• 16 = inner sun• 16 = outer sun• 16 = outerapprox 2.4mKit consists of:• 2 = centre• 8 = inner• 16 = outerU2.8mø sun circleNatural Stone Mini Patio PackThe units 3 sizesV2.4mø circleBuildbase 3 Size Patio PacksThe units 3 sizes8600x600600x4502.13m600x30071.98m10450x450W2.45mPatio pack made as a 5.22m 2 size.Available in Fossil Buff, Autumn Green and Sunset Buff300x300X2.75mPatio pack utilises 3 sizes in 5.45m 2 . Available inMellow Cotswold, Olde Stone and Olde Gold300x450General InformationAll sizes and dimensions quoted within this brochure are nominaland subject to manufacturing tolerances. All information andimages are considered to be correct at the time of going topress, but Buildbase cannot be held responsible for any errors oromissions and reserves the right to make alterations at any time.Colours shown in this brochure are as accurate as reprographicprocesses allow, but it is essential that you see actual productsamples before choosing. Availability of all products will varyfrom branch to branch, and inclusion in this brochure does notguarantee availability. All products should be carefully inspectedbefore installation because Buildbase cannot be heldresponsible for costs incurred if defective products are installed.Paving Walling & Edging Sizes & Joint Widths• Size dimensions quoted within this brochure are nominal andfor guidance only.• Actual sizes will vary, particularly where riven profiles andfettled edges are a feature of the product.• Always dry lay the product to check area required (especiallycircles and patio kits).• See joint widths recommend for products on the productpage.• The quoted sizes and coverage of paving ranges, includingPatio packs, are for the overall area including appropriatejoints, making it easier to plan a project and order the correctquantitiesHealth and Safety• Minor scuffing can occur due to movement in transit and willgenerally disappear in time.• Due to the nature of our products we always recommend youinvestigate suitable lifting equipment be used.• Always wear gloves and safety footwear when handlingthe product.• Always wear safety goggles and appropriate respiratoryprotection when cutting is required.• If using a high speed cutter wear suitable respiratoryprotection.• Ensure the products are on level ground and retained in someway before removing any packaging.• Always handle with care as breakages and chipping mayresult from mishandling.• If in doubt do not lay and consult your stockist.Application/suitability• Decorative paving is not recommended for use ondriveways.• All products must be checked on arrival and in the unlikelyevent of products reaching you in a less than satisfactorycondition, please refer to your Buildbase branchimmediately, allowing time for the rejected product to bereplaced.• De-icing salts should not be used on the Buildbase range ofdecorative paving.• Buildbase does not recommend the regular use of jet/powerwashers on the decorative range of paving and walling, asthis may affect the surface of the product over time. Foradvice on cleaning and general maintenance of your patioplease contact the Bradstone customer care team or visitwww.bradstone.comNatural stone colour and patio maintenance• Natural stone is low maintenance and hardwearing paving.• May contain minor imperfections.• Natural products will vary in colour due to naturalpigmentation.• Always lay Natural Sandstone on a full mortar bed.• We recommend Polished Natural Sandstone be sealed toassist with maintenance and care of your patio. For furtherinformation visit: www.bradstone.comReconstituted stone colour• Colours may vary subtly, especially in weathered shades.• Colours will appear different during varying weatherconditions such as, sunlight and rain. Please check coloursamples on dry daylight conditions.• Where possible, products should be selected from the sameproduct batch.• Decorative products will weather over time.EfflorescenceEfflorescence appears on concrete paving products as whitepatches or a lightening of the surface colour, but seems todisappear when wet. It is formed by a normal chemicalreaction between cement and water which causes calciumhydroxide (lime) to migrate through damp concrete to thepaving surface and then react with carbon dioxide in theatmosphere resulting in a deposit of calcium carbonate crystals.Efflorescence is very unpredictable in its occurrence but is moreprevalent in winter when concrete becomes wet and dries moreslowly. Although there are cleaners available, efflorescence is anatural phenomenon and will generally disappear with thenatural weathering process and the passage of time.Buildbase cannot accept responsibility for the effect ofefflorescence which can be a characteristic of all good qualityproducts with a high cement content. For more information visitwww.bradstone.comTimber ProductsIt must be remembered that timber is a natural product and willbe subject to movement and weathering as it seasons. It is notuncommon for small splits to occur (called shakes) in timberwhen drying, and for warping when timber is allowed to drytoo rapidly. These will normally go back when humidity rises.This is nature at work and should not be considered a fault.All Grange and Q-Deck pressure impregnated products (suchas posts or deck boards) are guaranteed for a minimum periodof 15 years against rot so long as all cut ends are treated withan appropriate end grain preservative. (Please visitwww.grangefencing.co.uk and www.qualitydecking.co.uk forfull terms and conditions of these manufacturers’ warranties. Forwarranties relating to Q-garden and Q-Clad products please visitwww.qualitydecking.co.ukTimber products that are not pressure treated (such as panelsand trellis) should be isolated from the ground with a pressuretreated timber or concrete gravel board.TurfAs turf is a perishable product special terms and conditionsapply. Please ask for a copy of the Inturf guide to laying a lawnand lawn aftercare BEFORE ordering turf, or visit www.inturf.comwww.buildbase.co.uk l BUILDBASE 105

HIRE ONLINEHire all of your Plant, Tools and Equipmentonline at www.hirebase.co.uk106BUILDBASE lGarden Landscaping

HirebaseQuality Equipment and Customer CareOver 60 Buildbase branches now incorporate HIREBASE, and can offer a widerange of landscaping plant and equipment for hire at very competitive rates.Visit www.hirebase.co.uk to find your nearest branch.• Micro-Excavators• Excavators• Tracked Barrows and Skip Loaders• Plate Compactors• Brush Cutters• Turf Cutters• Rotavators• Hedge Trimmers• Stump Grinders• Chipper/Shredders• Post Hole BorersAnd Much Much More.......www.hirebase.co.uk l HIREBASE 107

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