Arrangement of cooling system for TOTEMJ.H Wu B.Kouti J. Moulevre F. . Haug25/05/05Accelerator Technology DepartmentCryogenics for Experiments

Arrangement of cooling systemSome questions:• Mounting/demounting•Exit direction• Space requirementThermal model:• Operating temperature and dissipated power of the detectors• Four short and four long heats pipe for the model• Thermal block•Detector model

Thermal modelsThermal performanceTemperature distribution along the detectorsWhether the short heat pipes are necessary

Arrangement of cooling system inside RomanPot

Layout with outside heat pipes and pulse tube refrigerator (PTR)Pulse Tube RefrigeratorHeat PipesLong heat pipe should be needed(>2.5m)

Alternative layouts to avoid long heat transferMicro-PTRPTRHeat pipeThe feasibility of these ideas will be demonstrated in a short time

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