2013 WBCA National Convention Invitation to Present


2013 WBCA National Convention Invitation to Present

2013 WBCA National Convention

Invitation to Present

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) would like to invite

industry professionals to share your knowledge and expertise through

informative classroom sessions at the 2013 WBCA National Convention,

which will take place April 5 — April 9, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Program content should relate to your area of expertise.

This application is not for coaches looking to speak at the roundtable

sessions nor for coaches interested in presenting on-court demonstrations.

Coaches who are have those interests should e-mail Stephanie Baron at


Benefits of Presenting:

� Position yourself as an industry expert

� Gain credibility and leadership stature in the women’s basketball


� Form valuable professional contacts

Application Evaluation:

Presentation submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

� Content appropriate to audience needs

� Content appropriate to convention program needs

� Organization of ideas

� Relevance of your topic

Presenter’s expertise on the topic presented

Presenter’s ability to effectively engage an audience

Presenter’s frequency of speaking appearances at the convention


An Invitation to Present at the

2013 WBCA National Convention


� Read and agree to all application requirements before submitting your application.

� Complete the application, form A, form B and prepare all additional required materials


� Submit final application and all required materials via e-mail to Stephanie Baron at

sbaron@wbca.org by August 31, 2012 at 5 p.m. ET. Incomplete applications will not be



Instructions: Please fill out this form in its entirety.

NAME: _________________________________________________________________

TITLE: _________________________________________________________________

COMPANY/INSTITUTION*: ______________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________

CITY:_____________________________ STATE: __________ ZIP: _______________

PHONE: _______________________________________________________________

FAX: ___________________________________________________________________

E-MAIL: ________________________________________________________________

TWITTER NAME: _______________________________________________________

FACEBOOK URL: _______________________________________________________

SPEAKER WEBSITE: _____________________________________________________



*This application is NOT for active coaches who are looking to speak at the roundtable sessions nor for

coaches interested in presenting on-court demonstrations. Coaches who are have those interests should e-mail

Stephanie Baron at sbaron@wbca.org.



If your session requires presenters other than yourself, please be aware that all presenters must

both hold a current WBCA member. Speakers are encouraged to register for the 2013 WBCA

National Convention at a speaker rate.

The person whose information appears in Part I will present:


With Others

Please list the names of all panelists/speakers who will present during your session.

Name:________________________________ Is s/he a current WBCA member? Y/N

Name:________________________________ Is s/he a current WBCA member? Y/N

Name:________________________________ Is s/he a current WBCA member? Y/N


Instructions: Please complete all sections.


Collegiate High School/AAU All Levels Other ______________________


If selected, this title will appear in the 2013 WBCA Convention Program, the WBCA website

wbca.org and other official convention materials. Any changes you wish to make can be done

so after the selection process and it will need to be approved by the WBCA.



3. REQUIRED WRITTEN MATERIALS (to be submitted with this form)

Please submit an electronic copy of the following materials in addition to your application.

All materials must be typed and must include name and contact information on each page.

� A session summary (50—150 words max) that will be used to promote the session in the

2013 WBCA Convention Program, on wbca.org and other official convention materials if

you are selected.

� An electronic, high resolution (300 dots per inch or greater) professional photo of each


� All presenters must have handouts for attendees. Please limit to no more than two pages

front and back.

� A speaker biography (50 words max)

� A synopsis of your presentation in paragraph format. This should also include a list of three

learning objectives for people attending the presentation.

� A paragraph listing when and where you have presented this topic along with a list of



Instructions: Please read and sign below to indicate you agree to these application requirements.

IMPORTANT—Your credit card will NOT be charged at this time. Please see the appropriate

form for more specific details.

� Have a current WBCA membership valid through 8/31/2013 — complete form A

� Register for the 2013 WBCA National Convention (OPTIONAL) — complete form A

� Provide credit card information to secure audio visual equipment — complete form A

� Sign and submit the speaker release form — complete form B

� Understand that the date and time for your session will be determined by the WBCA

based on convention programming needs

� Speaker will pay for all travel-related expenses

� Understand that the presentation will take place in a classroom environment

� Understand that the WBCA will not pay an honorarium of any kind for your session

SIGNATURE: ______________________________________ DATE: _______________

NAME: ________________________________________________________________


WBCA Membership, Convention Registration and

Audio Visual Details

Form A

WBCA MEMBERSHIP—If you are a current WBCA member, your membership will expire

on August 31. Your credit card will not charged until mid-September and that will be only if

you are accepted to speak. More details will also be provided to you about your membership if

you are selected.

Speaker membership, if you are not an active coach: $85

WBCA CONVENTION REGISTRATION (optional) —If you are selected to speak, you

will be eligible to receive a speaker rate of $150 provided you are not a active WBCA coach. If

you are an active coach then you will need to register at the coaches’ rate on November 1.

Registration fee: $150

Again, your credit card will not be charged now. The timeline for processing registrations for

speakers is mid-October. More details will also be provided to you if you are selected.

AUDIO VISUAL—The room set up will be a theatre set. The WBCA pays for one podium

with microphone. If you require any additional AV please list below (i.e. projector, screen, wireless

or lapel microphone).



� Please provide your credit card information below to ensure the payment of any additional audio

visual support you will need beyond the podium and microphone that is provided by the WBCA. A

SAMPLE order form is included for you to see the anticipated pricing.

� Your card will not be charged until we have discussed and confirmed your AV needs closer to the

date of the convention (one week before convention).

� When your card is charged you will receive a receipt following the completion of the National


Instructions: The billing information below is for your WBCA membership, convention

registration and, if applicable, audio visual needs. Your card will not be charged without your

prior knowledge.

NAME (as it appears on card): _______________________________________________

BILLING ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________

CITY:_____________________________ STATE: __________ ZIP: _______________

CARD TYPE:____________________________________________________________

CARD NUMBER:_________________________________________________________

SECURITY CODE (3 digit # located on back of card): ____________________________

EXPERATION DATE:____________________________________________________

SIGNATURE:_____________________________ DATE:________________________


WBCA Speaker Release—Form B

Your scheduled presentation at the 2013 WBCA National Convention may be selected for

special emphasis among convention participants. If so, your session will be recorded for

distribution to convention attendees, membership and/or prospective members. WBCA members

or prospective members will also be able to benefit from your remarks by viewing online

videos, videotapes or DVDs and listening to audio file formats or compact disks whether or

not they were in attendance. Proceeds, if any, will aid the continuing educational programs of

the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA). The audio file formats, compact disks,

videos, DVDs will be copyrighted, and marketing of the tapes will be done exclusively through

the WBCA under Title 17 of the U.S. Code or other laws that may be enacted. All claims for

royalties in conjunction with audio file formats, compact disk, DVD, or video sales are waived.

Distribution of the audio file formats, compact disks, DVDs or videos outside of the WBCA

will not be permitted without your specifically written prior permission. Due to the

Association's non-profit status, the WBCA does not provide honorariums, monetary or otherwise,

to convention program presenters.

This agreement does not preclude the publication by you of your presentation information at

any time.

Please cooperate with our staff to obtain the best possible recordings by using the microphone

at all times and by repeating all questions asked by persons not near a microphone.

I, ________________________________________, hereby give my permission to the

(please print your name)

Women's Basketball Coaches Association to record and distribute audio file formats, compact

disks, DVDs and/or videos containing my presentation as outlined above.

_______________________________________ _________________________

Signature Date


EQUIPMENT Show Rate Qty Total


LCD Projector $250.00 = $0.00



with Auto

Repeat $40.00 = $0.00

DVD Player with Auto Repeat $50.00 = $0.00

DVCAM or MiniDV Player call =


100 Watt


Speaker $50.00 = $0.00


Lavaliere or


Mic* $95.00 = $0.00


with Floor

Stand * $25.00 = $0.00

CD Player * $25.00 = $0.00



Mixer $35.00 = $0.00

*speaker required for

this item.



A-Frame Easel $15.00 = $0.00

Tripod Screen - 70" to 8' wide $35.00 = $0.00

48" Skirted Monitor Cart $10.00 = $0.00

25' AC Cord $5.00 = $0.00

Multiple Outlet Power Strip $5.00 = $0.00

25' Computer Extension Cord $10.00 = $0.00

IMP Mic Splitter $20.00 = $0.00


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