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modern electronics teaching resources - Terco

modern electronics teaching resources - Terco


Electronic WorkstationWhat does it do?The Electronic Workstation is a multifunctionelectronics workbench for electronic engineers.It combines a number of instruments that makedevelopment and learning of electronics systemseasier.BenefitsMultiple instrumentsSmall desk top spaceE-blocks compatibleFeaturesHP673HP839Power supply+12V(1A), -12V(1A), 5V(1A)Digital multimeter P P2 channel oscilloscopeBandwidth 5MHz 50MHzOne channel sampling rate 40MS/s 50MS/sScope resolution 8 bit 8 bitSignal generator P PArbitrary waveform generator P PSpectrum analyserBandwidth 5MHz 25MHzLogic analyserChannels 8 8Sample rate 24MHz 24MHzDigital signal generator P PBus decoderI2C, USB, SPI, CAN, I2S, 1 wirePC interfacePIncludes full software for oscilloscope, spectrumanalyser and signal generatorDescriptionThe Electronic Workstation consists of a number of virtual instrumentshoused in a rigid plastic case. The front panel of the ElectronicWorkstation has two analogue oscilloscope inputs, a signal generatoroutput, 8 channel logic analyser / digital signal generator connectors,PC interface connector, and power supply outputs. The angled topof the unit is fabricated from strong anodised black aluminium, witha grid of holes that makes it suitable for E-blocks use. This lifts up toreveal a storage area for leads and accessories. The oscilloscope inputsand signal generator output are presented on standard 50ohm BNCconnectors. The logic analyser inputs / digital signal generator I/O arepresented on a 9 way D-type connector and 2mm connectors. A digitalmultimeter with leads is included.A range of leads is supplied with the Electronic Workstation:1 x USB lead1 x 9 way D-type lead (male to male)2 x 50ohm scope probes4 x digital probes.2 models are currently available with 5MHz and 50MHzscope/spectrum analyser bandwidths. A full specification isavailable on request. The advanced model includes an 8 channel PCinterface for use with Lab View, Visual Basic, C# etc.Logic analyser softwareOrdering informationElectronic Workstation 5MHz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HP673Electronic Workstation 50MHz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HP839

E-blocks ®Starter packsPurchasing options for E-blocks are flexible- you can buy just one E-blocks board, buy aready made solution for teaching a particularsubject, or you can buy one of our starterpacks as shown on the following pages.With some starter packs youneed to make some choices: forexample which microcontrolleryou want to use, whichprogramming language youwant to teach, etc.With our starter packs youget everything you need:E-blocks programmerboards and applicationboards, cables, mountingpanels, quick snap mountingpillars, nuts and bolts, storagetrays, and download utilities.For some packs compilers,assemblers and high quality screenbased tutorials with tests exercisesand worksheets are ordered separately.If you prefer to make up your own starterpacks you can select individual items from therange - see page 28.Starter packs include everything you need includingrugged plastic trays for storage and transport.Further informationDetails on all hardware and software are givenbelow. Technical datasheets are available onour web site.

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