st. ferdinand church february 21, 2010 first sunday of lent

st. ferdinand church february 21, 2010 first sunday of lent


Page Two First Sunday of Lent February 21, 2010Mass IntentionsThe sanctuary lampsthis week are lit for:MONDAY, February 22 —Feast of the Chair ofSt. Peter6:30 AM – +Dabs Luayon rq. Pat O’Hara (in Latin)8:00 AM – +James Nibbe rq. wife Mary7:00 PM – Mass in Polish+ Rozalia Chrzastek+ Frank SanzoWe Welcome in BaptismTUESDAY, February 23, 20106:30 AM – +Susan Kowalczyk rq. Pat O’Hara8:00 AM – +Monica Flattery rq. Delia Coyne7:00 PM – Mass in PolishWEDNESDAY, February 24, 20106:30 AM – Mass in English8:00 AM – +Angelo Moscardini rq. Family7:00 PM – Mass in LatinTHURSDAY, February 25, 20106:30 AM – +June Hilton8:00 AM – Mass in English7:00 PM – Mass in PolishFRIDAY, February 26, 20106:30 AM – Mass in Latin8:00 AM –+Rosalia Fruscione rq. sister Grace & Family7:00 PM – Mass in PolishSATURDAY, February 27, 20107:00 AM – Mass in Polish8:00 AM – +Terry M. Thomas rq. FamilyVigil: Second Sunday of Lent5:00 PM – +Edward Cesaroni rq. daughter AmerigaSUNDAY — February 28, 20107:00 AM – +Edward Talaga8:30 AM – Karolina Horoszkiewicz rq. Szaban Family10:00 AM – +Members of the Memorial Mass Society10:15 AM – O zdrowie, Boże błogosławieństwo dlaczłonków Klubu Podhalan i Miłośników Tatr12:30 PM – +Stanley Molik rq. Family3:00 PM – Mass in Polish5:00 PM – +Wanda Rozkuszka rq. Family7:00 PM – Mass in PolishNatalia, daughter of Wojciech and Agnieszka(Stepniewska) HalerzNicholas, son of Dariusz and Katarzyna (Kowalik)KwiatkowskiDarek, son of Bryan and Violetta (Mieczkowski)MeyersAnna, daughter of Pawel and Dorota (Sledziewska)RydzewskiBAPTISM DURING LENTOne of the disciplines of Lent is fasting. AsCatholics, we fast on Ash Wednesday and GoodFriday. As individuals, we may “give up” a foodor an activity for Lent. TheChurch fasts even at liturgy: we omit the Gloriaand the singing of the “Alleluia”. In this spirit offasting, it is our custom at St. Ferdinand to sealthe baptismal font as a reminder of the simplificationcalled for during the season. It further pointsus to Easter, when we all renew our baptismalpromises and are sprinkled with “baptismal water”blessed a the most important liturgy of theChurch’s year, the Easter Vigil. We, therefore,encourage parents who seek the baptism of theirinfant in the upcoming months to plan for a celebrationafter Easter Sunday, rather than duringLent. There is no better time to celebrate Baptismthan within the Easter Season.Rest in PeacePlease remember to pray for the souls of allour faithful departed, especially:June M. HiltonWendy Sarria

February 21, 2010 First Sunday of Lent Page ThreeRemember in PrayerAs members of the parish faith community, it is ourresponsibility to remember both in concrete andspiritual ways those who cannot celebrate with useach week because they are ill. Those who are sick inturn, remember all of us daily in their prayers and in theirsufferings. We experience many blessings because oftheir remembering us. And so...please remember in yourprayers:Eleanor BucaroIrene RoweAgnes GroeperJames GruberEd ClearyJadwiga WojtasikStanislaw CwiekaBaby Abigail GerhardCarl VarsolonaMary DorganEleanor LoscuitoJulia WawrzyniakEdward PfeifferJean BiddlecomMary AyelloFlorence MagroSharon MoodyCharlotte CitkoGenevieve WagnerDorothy HagelinPeter GruberJoseph GruberRobert AndrewsJohn DuffAnna HansenPeggy DinkelLuke MascardiniVita PratolaLuigi AveniaCarole VachulaAnthony R. CocoVeronica SignoIrene HeidelbauerTeodozja FeyBaby Gavin KolensA Prayer for the Armed ForcesAlmighty God, stretch forth Yourmighty arm to strengthen and protectthe men and women of our ArmedForces. As they face the myriad ofchallenges and decisions that each dayis destined to bring, may they be anchored by their faith, protectedby Your presence and comforted by the knowledgethat they are loved by You and by this community of faith.Grant that, meeting danger with courage, and all occasionswith discipline loyalty, they may truly serve the cause of justiceand peace to the honor of your holy name, through JesusChrist our Lord. Amen.Daniel GuziecSPC Jeffrey FoersterRobert PeregrinoS/SGT David A. Domel Jr.May God keep you safe!Our Stewardshipof TreasureSunday, February 14, 2010Envelopes: $ 6,974.00Loose: $ 2,792.00Total: $ 9,766.05Thank you to all who give their sharein supporting our parish!Bóg zapłać!Thank you!The smallest act of kindness is worthmore than the grandest intention.~ Oscar WildeWe express our deep gratitute and appreciation tothe following parishioners for their help with churchcleaning and parish grounds:Victoria PytkaDanuta BialasJoshua LillManette LillTadeusz KozakZofia NicponCarol MarinoBarbara JagielskaNorbert GarczynskiVigil Lights: Jadwiga WalowskiLENTEN SCHEDULEFridays2:00 p.m. – Stations of the Cross in English (withschool students)4:00 p.m. – Fish Fry6:00 p.m. – Stations of the Cross in English7:00 p.m. – Stations of the Cross in PolishSunday6:15 p.m. — Lenten Lamentations in Polish

Page Five First Sunday of Lent February 21, 2010Walking with Catholics who have“Come Home”In December and January there were 5 ½ weeks of televisionads that invited Catholics to come back to thepractice of the faith. That invitation has touched thehearts of hundreds of Catholics in the Archdiocese! AsCatholics return to the Church,hundreds have celebrated theSacrament of Reconciliation inthe last month, some at specialopportunities for Reconciliationwhile others have beenreturning to the Sacrament ofPenance in their home parish.The next phase of CatholicsCome Home Chicago includes a series of adult formationsessions held during the Season of Lent, called“Homecoming: Catholics Renewing Their Faith”. Parishesaround the Archdiocese will continue to invitethose Catholics who have drifted from the faith to comeback and learn about the teachings and traditions of theChurch. If you know someone who wants to learnabout the Catholic Church, you can be that warm, invitingvoice that says, “If you’ve been away from theChurch for whatever reason, we invite you to take anotherlook and come home.” To find all the parish locations,dates and time call 312-534-5100 or go to thewebsite at www.CatholicsComeHomeCHICAGO.orgMarch is a great month to place a Market Day® order.Receive a FREE 4-pack of All Natural Stain Eraserswith a minimum order of $40. It’s also a great time tostock up on desserts for spring celebrations! Orderforms can be found in the back of the chapel, church, orin your child's school folder. Order forms are due backinto the rectory, church or school by Monday, March1. Order online at until 11pmCST on Wednesday, March 3. March sale pick up forregular Market Day orders and Uno pizza orders is Saturday,March 6 from 10:00 to 11:00 am.Have you ever thought of priesthood?In today’s Gospel, Jesus makes a confessionabout how we are to live andwhom we are to worship and serve. Doyou have an inner conviction to serveGod through a vocation? For more informationabout the priesthood contactFr. Joe Noonan at 312-534-8298 or and visit ourwebsite at For more informationabout the religious life contact Sr. Elyse Ramirez,OP at 312-534-5240 or at

February 21, 2010 First Sunday of Lent Page Six

Page Seven First Sunday of Lent February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010 First Sunday of Lent Page EightSt. Ferdinand School –2nd Quarter Honor RollFirst HonorsSecond Honors8th Grade Zachary Becker Joshua BanasMichael ChaoAmy CastilloTanairy Delgado Jackie CockrielDariusz Duplaga Savoy CoronaPiotr JelonekApril CyrwusVictor NajjarRachael Del BoccioJulie PinedaKristina GarciaSkowron Kornelia Joshua NiemiecFernando RoustanMarc Sanchez7th Grade Nora Cawley Alexander BrzostowskiMichael DuceMichelle GutierrezPaulina JezuitBrenda MungiaPeter ProctorFrancisco RiosRonald RodriquezCamille DenustaRocco DiCintioGabriela GonzalezEric KromidasMichelle LopezAlysha MedellinMelissa QuindangAleksander SamulakGabriella Vazquez6th Grade Amanda Cyrwus Filip BasajAlex Calderon Sarah BetzoltMario DiazPatrycja BradlinskiJustin HarrisLeslie CastilloAnna Kalinowski Theresa GarciaCressalynne Ligo Joshua GloriosoMaligsa Melissa Aileen MenaGerald PinedaVianka MorenoRiley Ramirez Matthew PikulAlexandra Rozhon Natalia SkoczenDavid Zak5th Grade Isaias Acevado Austin BehrendtAnna AlvarezChristopher KulpaElizabeth Cyrwus Joey OlmosErik DiazAshley SalameaMaja Dubanska Angelica HussarBryan GutierrezVictoria NajjarRose NowakAnaly OrtizJazmin Villanueva4th Grade Joseph DiCintio Yara AlmarazCrestelynne Ligo Alyssa ArzuagaVivian NajjarVictoria BrzostowskiJonathan PinaEmily CyrwusNicole Stepien Deanna HagbergEdmund LimMichal MuszynskiJoshua SalameaSamantha Salcedo3rd Grade Carina Barillas Adriana AzoAlexander BuenoBrendan HuertaKatherine LageyevskyKayla Paoli-SmithJakub SwederSamantha BanezIsabella Cabrera -ClarkNatalie HuffFilip MaldonadoPatricia PrzybylskiAshley ZarateTHE WEEK AT ST. FERDINAND PARISHFebruary 21, 2010MONDAY — February 22, 201010:00AM — Friendship Club (Convent #2)6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent 1/2/3)6:00PM — Troop 51 (McManus Hall)TUESDAY — February 23, 20105:00PM — Radosc (Chapel)6:00PM — Serduszka (Convent 1,2,3)5:00PM — Polish School Art Classes (McManus)7:00PM — Neocatechumenal Way (Convent 4)WEDNESDAY — February 24, 20102:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary (Convent # 2)5:00PM — Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena (Church)6:00PM — Zawaternik (McManus & Chapel)6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent 2/3)6:00PM — Kropeczki (Children’s Choir) - (Convent 1)6:30PM — Legion of Mary - Small ConventTHURSDAY — February 25, 20102:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary Adoration (Church)6:00PM — Girl Scouts (Convent 1/2/3)7:00PM — Filareci Choir (McManus Hall)7:00PM — Pack 3051 Committee (Convent 5)7:00PM — Beat 2514 Meeting (McManus Hall)FRIDAY — February 26, 20109:00AM — Legion of Mary (Convent 2)2:00PM — Stations of the Cross (Church)4:00PM — Fish Fry (All Halls)6:00PM — Stations of the Cross Engl (Church)6:30PM — Pilgrim Virgin (Convent 2)7:00PM — Stations of the Cross PL (Church)7:30PM — Youth Group (Convent 4)SATURDAY — February 27, 20108:00AM — Polish Saturday School5:30PM — Holy Spirit Missionary Assoc. (Convent 1/2)6:30PM — Adult Confirmation Classes in Polish (Chapel)SUNDAY — February 28, 20108:30AM — School of Religion (Chapel & School)9:00AM — Serduszka (Convent 1/2/3)10:00AM — Highlanders Club Meeting (McManus Hall)10:00AM — RCIA (School)11:00AM — Word of Life (Convent 2)6:00PM — TORCH (Gym & Cafeteria)

Page Nine First Sunday of Lent February 21, 2010Z biurka Księdza Proboszcza ...Drodzy Parafianie,Uczestniczeniem w liturgii Środy Popielcowej rozpoczęliśmy w Kościele przeżywanie świętego czasu WielkiegoPostu. Na znak naszego nawrócenia i pokuty przyjęliśmy popiół na nasze głowy. Jest to gest naszej pokory, bowiemjesteśmy słabymi ludźmi, a grzechy tak często oddalają nas od Boga. Dlatego skorzystajmy w tym czasie z SakramentuPokuty i Pojednania – Spowiedzi Świętej, który to sakrament został ustanowiony przez Chrystusa dla nas,dla naszej pomocy i naszego dobra duchowego. Do sakramentu Spowiedzi św. można przystąpić w naszym kościelew każdym dniu od poniedziałku do soboty od godz. 6:30 do 7:00 wieczorem oraz także w każdą sobotę od godz.8:30 do 9:00 rano. Dodatkowo w każdy pierwszy piatek miesiąca, rano od godz. 7:30 do 8:00 rano i wieczorem odgodz. 6:00 do 8:00. Korzystanie z tego sakramentu to także znak naszej wiary, bo chociaż jesteśmy słabi i grzeszni,to jednak Chrystus swoją mocą, nas ludzi, wynosi do godności dzieci Bożych. Dzięki pokucie i miłosierdziu Bogamożemy wrócić do Niego, bo tylko dzięki Niemu stajemy się mocni i święci, bo On jedynie nadaje sens naszej ludzkiejegzystencji.Okres Wielkiego Postu to czas szczególnego dawania świadectwa wiary przez umartwienie, wyrzeczenie i zwielokrotnionąmodlitwę. Zapraszam wszystkich do odnowienia swojej wiary poprzez te wielkopostne praktyki zwanetradycyjnie: postem, modlitwą i jałmużną. Wielkopostna pobożność wyraża się zwłaszcza w rozpamiętywaniu DrogiKrzyżowej Chrystusa, która jest odprawiana w naszym kościele w każdy piątek o godz. 2:00 po południu z dziećmiz naszej szkoły oraz wieczorem o godz. 6:00 w jęz. angielskim i 7:00 w jez. polskim.Polska pobożność wykształciła szczególną formę medytacji męki i śmierci Jezusa Chrystusa – Gorzkie Żale. Nabożeństwoto jest źródłem głębokich przeżyć, zadumień i wewnętrznych skupień związanych z dziełem zbawczymChrystusa. Nie zapominajmy o Gorzkich Żalach, które są odprawiane w naszym kościele w każdą niedzielę o godz.6:15 wieczorem.Zechciejmy częściej przyjść na Mszę św. nie tylko w niedzielę, ale także w dni powszednie. Przypominam, że Msześw. są odprawiane od poniedziałku do piątku o godz. 6:30 i 8:00 rano w jęz. angielskim oraz wieczorem o godz.7:00 w jęz. polskim, w sobotę o godz. 7:00 rano w jęz. polskim i 8:00 rano w jęz. angielskim. Aby umożliwić wamuczestniczenie we Mszy św. rano lub wieczorem bez względu na język, to Msze św. w poniedziałek i piątek o godz.6:30 rano i w środę o godz. 7:00 wieczorem będą odprawiane w języku łacińskim.Skorzystajmy w tym czasie Wielkiego Postu z tej odnowy duchowej jaką będą Rekolekcje Wielkopostne, które rozpocznąsię w naszej parafii w jęz. angielskim 21 marca (V Niedziela Wielkiego Postu) i będą trwały do 24 marca.Rekolekcje poprowadzą Missionaries of the Poor z Jamaica. Natomiast rekolekcje w jęz. polskim będą trwały od 28marca (Niedziela Palmowa) do 31 marca, które poprowadzi ks. Prałat Krzysztof Nykiel, który pracuje w KongregacjiDoktryny Wiary w Watykanie.Zechciejmy już na początku Wielkiego Postu zrobić sobie postanowienia i tak ustawmy, zaplanujmy swoje zajęcia,żeby nie upłyną ten święty czas bez uczestniczenia w tych nabożeństwach i praktykach wielkopostnych. Byśmy niemusieli potem usprawiedliwiać się przed własnym sumieniem, tak lapidarnym stwierdzeniem, że “brakło mi czasu”.Niech okres Wielkiego Postu będzie dla każdego z nas okazją do wyjścia z poplątanych swoich dróg życiowych poprzezwielkopostne umartwienia, wyrzeczenia i wchodzeniem na Drogę Krzyżową Chrystusa, bo tylko ta droga prowadzido Miasta Bożego, do Jeruzalem Niebieskiego, do pełni życia.Ks. Zdzisław Torba

February 21, 2010 First Sunday of Lent Page ThirteenON TEMPTATION, AND WICKED JOHN & THE DEVILCopyright 2010 by John B. Reynolds ( Emerson, “We gain the strength of the temptation we resist,”and per Penn, “’Tis no sin to be tempted, but to be overcome.”Depending on our individual vulnerabilities--or our individualstrengths--temptation is on all sides. Sometimes it comes to usunexpectedly, but perhaps more times we seek it out (or, as JosephHumpert once put it, “The older you get, the easier it is toresist temptation, but the harder it is to find”). Which is not tosay that Christ went looking for the devil in the desert in today’sGospel, but it almost sounds like it. Per Luke’s account of thestory: “Filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus returned from the Jordanand was led by the Spirit into the desert for forty days, to betempted by the devil.” …To be tempted by the devil.” A plan,perhaps. And if it was, surely God allowed it to show us how todeal with the devil: as Christ did--harshly and authoritatively--not as a blacksmith did long ago.I came upon the story “Wicked John and the Devil” years back,as written by the late storyteller Jackie Torrence, who purportedlygot it from her grade school librarian, Corrine Thomas. Inthe Torrence version, Wicked John lived in the mountains ofNorth Carolina, where he was known not only for his smithyskills but also for his ill-favored temperament. An angel appearedone day to grant John three wishes. John refused thembut relinquished when the angel said that John must take thewishes because of his meanness or he wouldn’t get to heaven.Just wanting to get the angel out of his shop, John asked 1) thatwhoever touched his hammer be stuck to it until John releasedhim; 2) that whoever sat in his rocker be stuck to it until Johnreleased him; and 3) that “any money I put in my pocketbookwon’t be able to come out less I say so or until I’m dead.” Theangel granted the mean-spirited requests, which John used to hisadvantage when the devil came for his soul several years later.First John bought time by tricking the devil into pickingup his hammer. He bought more time by tricking the devil intositting in his rocker. Finally, after tricking Satan into changinghimself into a quarter--which John put promptly into his pocketbook--theblacksmith died, and “everything would have beenfine,” wrote Torrence, but “…one of the neighbors opened upJohn’s pocketbook and out flew the devil. They tell me he’sbeen flying around ever since.” He’s flying around in 2010, forsure, just as he is flying around the desert with Jesus in today’sGospel. Our Lord rebukes Satan three times. How are we at rebukinghim? The way I see it, every time we turn away fromGod, we turn toward the devil, striking a bargain of sorts withhim. I don’t know about you, but I’ve struck my share. Yes,Wicked John escaped the devil’s clutches by tricking him in theend. Such is the way of fables. We have begun another Lentenjourney in the very real world, however, and the devil is stillseeking souls. Let’s not go looking for temptation, but recallingEmerson, let’s turn in Christ’s direction when we find ourselvesconfronted by it.Support StaffMrs. Dorota Gołda, Parish SecretarySr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Administrative AssistantMs. Elizabeth Ceisel-Mikowska, Bulletin EditorLiturgicalMrs. Betty Hotcaveg, Lector CoordinatorDeacon Irv Hotcaveg, Coordinator of Eucharistic Ministers & Ministersof CareMs. Jane Lohrmann, Scheduler of Ministers of Care to the HomeboundParish CouncilMr. Gilbert DeJesus -President, Mrs. Sophie Kass—Vice President,Mrs. Mary Bucaro, Mr. Stan Mastalerz, Mr. Antonio Supan, VioletDel Vacchio. ExOfficio Members: Dr. Lucine Mastalerz , Sr. AnnaStrycharzParish Finance CommitteeMr. Tom Bucaro, Fr. Jason Torba, Mrs. Mary Ann Barnhart,Mr. Gene Szaben, ExOfficio Members: Mr. Martin Wojtulewicz-Parish Accountant, Sr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Dr. Lucine MastalerzParish Organizations and Prayer GroupsBoy Scout: Mr. Vince Clemente, CoordinatorFish Fry: Mr. & Mrs. Rich (Pat) Wenzl, CoordinatorsFriendship Club: Mrs. Patricia Flynn, PresidentGirl Scout: Mrs. Joyce McGinniss, CoordinatorKnights of Columbus—Mater Christi Council:Mr. Camilo Trujillo, Grand KnightKnights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary: Carmen RizzoLadies of St. Anne: Mrs. Violet DelVecchio, PresidentLegion of Mary: Mr. Thomas Sobczak &Miss Aurora Almeida, Co-PresidentsSt. Ferdinand ParishLegion of Mary, Juniors: Mrs. Emma Camara, PresidentIrving Park Catholic Woman’s Club: Mrs. Dolores SchoeweMarket Day: Mrs. Connie Glorioso, CoordinatorPol. & Eng. Altar Servers: Fr. Robert Pajor, ModeratorPolish Club of the Good Shepherd: Mr. Andrzej Parada, PresidentPolish Rosary Group: Mrs. Helena Lesak, PresidentPolish Saturday School: Sr. Genowefa Potaczała, DirectorPolish School Parents’ Assn.: Mrs. Władysława Mitoraj, Pres.Serduszka: Ms. Iwona Raszyk, Music TeacherRadość: Miss Marzena Kulesza, Music TeacherKropeczki: Sr. Anna StrycharzZawaternik: Bernadetta i Jan BobekSt. Ferdinand Athletic Boosters: Mrs. Ann Liedke &Mrs. Tammy Sammarco, Co-chairpersonsSt. Ferdinand Family & School Assn., Mrs. Marta RobakSt. Ferdinand Polish Highlanders Club:Mr. Tadeusz Kulasik, PresidentSt. Ferdinand School Board:Mrs. Mary Ann Barnhart, ChairpersonSt. Vincent DePaul Society: Mr. Stanley Mastalerz, PresidentTeens of Our Church (TORCH):Mr. & Mrs. Rob (Irene) Heidelbauer, Youth MinistersThe “Faustinum” Association of Apostles of the Divine Mercy:Fr. Jason Torba, ModeratorThe Home Church Movement: Fr. Tomasz Sztandera, ModeratorUshers Club: Mr. Peter Holod, PresidentPro-Life Coordinators: Tony Mangiaracina, Helena LasakChapel Choir – Conductor Julie Kania 773-742-2611Word of Life — Dito CamaraHoly Spirit Missionary Sisters Association: Sr. Elwira Dziuk

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