Download Final Presentation - CSEP Center for Science and ...

Download Final Presentation - CSEP Center for Science and ...

Cosmic Microwave Background• CMB is the radiation occupying the observable universe almost uniformly• Seen here is the panoramic view of the sky using a radio telescope

Amplifier Noise At Cryogenic Temp

The 15GHz Detector Array• Stable electronics are requiredto provide the voltage to theamplifiers• The amplifiers must be kept atcryogenic temperatures insidea vacuum• There is voltage drop across thecryo-wires

Power Supply Card• The cards have a minimum drain limit of 0.7 volts• Some of the amplifiers require lower voltage• A resistor is needed to drop the voltage

My Experiment• A resistor is used in the amplifier’s place• We use liquid nitrogen to test theresistance at low temperatures

The Results

Cryogenic TestingHeat sensor calibrated using liquid nitrogenHeat exchanger mounted on a leak checker



AcknowledgementsThanks To: Lubi Lenaburg, Chris Hammetter, Julia Callender, Alison Butler,Professor Phil Lubin, The Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility, The CaliforniaNanosystems Institute, LEAPS, Elisabeth Gwinn, The Center for Science andEngineering Partnerships, NASA, The 2011 AR Interns, Dr. Paul Swanson, andmy mentor - Hugh O’Neill.

Characterization and Optimization ofMicrowave Detectors for Astrophysics.David BarronApprentice ResearcherPhil LubinFaculty AdviserHugh O NeillGraduate Student Mentor

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