tender notice for supply & installation of intercom system


tender notice for supply & installation of intercom system

N O T I C E I N V I T I N G T E N D E R( Along with tender terms & conditions )Name of Work :-INSTALLATION OF DIGITAL EPABX (INTERCOM SYSTEMS) ATBARODA UTTAR PRADESH GRAMIN BANK, REGIONAL OFFICE,RAE BARELI (UTTAR PRADESH).Sealed tenders are invited for and on behalf of the Regional Manager Baroda UttarPradesh Gramin Bank, Regional Office, Rae Bareli for Installation of Digital Intercomsystems having minimum capacity of 2 P&T Lines & 12 Extensions with expandablecapacity upto 4 P&T Lines and 16 Hybrid extensions, compatible with BRI/PRI, Caller IDon P&T lines and Extensions, from well experienced Vendors of same trade.1.Nature of work : INSTALLATION OF DIGITAL INTERCOMWITH 2 P&T LINES & 12 EXTENSIONSWITH EXPANDABLE CAPACITY.2.Completion Time : Two Week3.Tender issuing date : 26.07.20134. Last date of submission of tender : 12.08.2013 at 3.00 PM.5.Date of Opening of tender : 12.08.2013 at 4.30 PM6.Terms & Conditions : Please refer to tender documents.7.Tender to be Addressed to……… : The Regional Manager,Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank,Regional Office, 151, KarorimalComplex,Beli Ganj, District-Rae Bareli-Uttar Pradesh.

-: 2 :-TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TENDER:1. Tenderers are advised to inspect and examine (if required) the site ofinstallation i.e. Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank, Regional Office, 151,Karorimal Complex, Beli Ganj Rae Bareli and its location to satisfythemselves for ascertaining the cabling/wiring etc.. before submitting theirtenders. They should also acquaint themselves from the nature of works,required means of access to the work site and the informations they maycollect according to their working requirements.2. Vendors in general are advised to obtain requisite information’s in respectof risks and other contingencies circumstances of which they feel to effecttheir tender. No claim of any consequent or a misunderstanding from Bankside shall be payable.3. Tenderes are advised to submit their tenders for items specified seperately in“PRICE QUOTATION”4. Submission of Tenders in sealed envelope superscribing “TENDER FORINSTALLATION OF INTERCOM SYSTEMS“ addressed to The RegionalManager, Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank, Regional Office, Beli Ganj,Rae Bareli.5. The tenderers are requested to tender their rates for items mentioned inPRICE QUOTATION itemwise only in figures and words with other relevantrequired details. all complete The tenderers are advised to go through thedetails of the specification carefully of the items quoted in PRICEQUOTATION, before quoting their rates. No cuttings or over writing in rates( figure or words) or interpolations shall be permitted at any cost. Allcorrections and overwriting shall have validity only with full signature of theVendors.6. Submission of the tender by the Vendors implies that they have gone throughthe tender notice, its annexures, terms & conditions and after satisfyingthemselves in respect of scope of the specification of work to be taken upand the rates incorporated in the tender at which the execution of the work isto be carried out.

PRICE QUOTATIONNAME OF THE BIDDERADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCETELEPHONE & MOBILE NOS.PAN NUMBERTAN NO.FAX NO.E-MAIL ADDRESSCERTIFICATE OF DEALERSHIP IF ANYBRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PASTEXPERIENCENAME & ADDRESS WITH PHONE NOS.WHERE DIGITAL INTERCOMINSTALLED IN LAST ONE YEARANY OTHER INFORMATIONSBRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEMSPRICE PER UNITDigital EPABX (Intercom) System with cardsfor 2 P&Tlines and 12 Extensions (Currentrequirement) having total expandablecapacity of 4 P&T Lines and 16 Hybridextensions.MDF pairs/as per requirementKey TelephoneBasic Telephone with Caller IDBasic Telephone with out displayF C T (For attaching SIM CARD with EPABXPolycab/Finolex two pair cable in Heavy DutyPVC Pipe/Channel (Supplying & Fixing)Installation ChargesMention applicable taxes itemwiseValidity of ratesAny other charges, please specify.

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