ICT-MobileSummit 2009 Advance Programme - Future Network ...


ICT-MobileSummit 2009 Advance Programme - Future Network ...

ICTMobileSummitConference & ExhibitionICT-MobileSummit 2009Advance ProgrammeSantander - SpainPhotograph Copyright (c) Santander Convention Bureau10 - 12 June 2009Supported byICTMobileSummitDiamond SponsorTechnical Co-Sponsor

IntroductionICT-MobileSummit 2009 Conference & Exhibition takes place 10 - 12 June 2009 in Santander, Spain.This is the eighteenth in a series of Annual Conferences supported by the European Commission, whichregularly attracts over 600 delegates from industry and research to share experiences and research results,identify future trends, discuss business opportunities and identify opportunities for international researchcollaboration under the ICT Theme of Framework Programme 7 (FP7). It will thus contribute to showcasingEuropean research in the field, and position it within the multiplicity of related initiatives supported in otherregions of the world.ICT-MobileSummit 2009 will address all the challenges of building the Future Internet, which will bebased on mobile, wireless and fixed broadband communications infrastructures. The impact of such FutureNetworks on the underlying Internet infrastructure will continue to be emphasized in the 2009 Summit.Technology enabling services and applications for billions of users involving trillions of interconnectedpotentially mobile devices will be addressed at the event.The Scientific Programme incorporates all the key constituents of future communication networks including thethemes Radio Access and Spectrum, Converged and Optical Networks, and Future Internet Technologies.Supported by the European Commission and eMobility, the ICT-MobileSummit's reputation is based on highquality paper and panel sessions that showcase original results in all areas of wireless communications systems andnetworks, including Mobile and Fixed, Terrestrial and Satellite.The goals of the ICT-MobileSummit are Community Building to facilitate research cooperation andsuccessful exploitation of research results, to stimulate take-up of RTD results by industry, to promoteknowledge sharing between commercial and research organisations and to exchange experiences about thecurrent state of the art at a sectoral, national or regional level.Who will you meet?ICT-MobileSummit 2009 Conference &Exhibition attracts practitioners and researchersfrom leading commercial and research organisationsaround the world. Unlike many research conferences,ICT-MobileSummit 2009 provides an opportunityto meet with senior managers, practitioners, projectmanagers, software engineers and researchers.Delegates and speakers attend to share knowledge,experience and lessons learnt, and network with theirpeers from around the world.ICT-MobileSummit 2009 Conference &Exhibition also provides the unique opportunity toidentify partners and opportunities to co-operatein international research projects co-funded by theEuropean Commission under Framework Programme7 (FP7) and in particular, the FP7-ICT Theme.The VenueICT-MobileSummit 2009 Conference &Exhibition takes place in Palacio de La Magdalena,Santander.The ProgrammeThe 3-day programme features an invigorating mix ofcase studies and technical papers. As well as threeplenary sessions and panel sessions focused onFuture Internet and Spectrum Regulation, delegatesmay participate in 30 thematically focused parallelsessions featuring different aspects of Radio Accessand Spectrum, Converged and Optical Networks, andFuture Internet Technologies.The Conference Programme is complemented by ademonstration and technology exploitation focusedExhibition, a Welcome Networking Reception whichwill take place on Wednesday 10 June 2009 and aConference Dinner on Thursday 11 June 2009.The Conference Programme is subject to changeand the ICT-MobileSummit 2009 OrganisingCommittee reserves the right to alter the contents,venue and/or speakers. The Final Programme will bepublished in April. Please view the Online Programmefor the most up-to-date information.Networking[ 2 - 3 ] A d v a n c eNetworking is a key feature of the ICT-MobileSummit Conference Series. Papersessions are designed to maximise knowledgesharing by providing time for interactive discussionsduring the conference programme itself. Coffeebreaks will take place in the Exhibition area tomaximise exposure for technology demonstrationsand posters and to facilitate informal one-on-one andsmall group discussions following paper or postersessions. Social events are designed to facilitateinformal discussion.There are a number of dedicated networking areasaround the venue with tables and chairs to facilitiateshort informal meetings.The Delegate Showcase on the Conference Portalallows registered delegates, speakers and exhibitorsto publish their own short profile and researchinterests to facilitate networking before, during andafter the conference. Leverage this functionality tocontact potential partners in advance and arrange to

Conference & ExhibitionWednesday,June 10, 200908:00 Registration09:00 Plenary 1a Welcome AddressChair: Joao da Silva, European Commission, BelgiumWelcomePaul Cunningham, IIMC Ltd, Ireland & Prof. Luis Muñoz, University ofCantabria, SpainMr Miguel Ángel Revilla Roiz, President of CantabriaMr Iñigo de la Serna Hernáiz, Mayor of SantanderKeynote PresentationMr Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director-General, DG Information Societyand Media, European Commission10:00 Plenary 2a Mobile Future Internet - Where will we be 10 years from now?Mobile Internet - A European PerspectiveJoão da Silva, European Commission, BelgiumThe Future of Telco. Where will the Customer Take Us?Ms. Cristina Álvarez, Director of Technology and Services Development,Telefónica Spain11:00 Coffee Break Exhibition & Networking11:30 Session 3a Management of Cognitive SystemsChair: Jiangzhou Wang, University of Kent, United KingdomA Case for Generic Interfaces in Cognitive Radio NetworksVinay Kolar, Department of Wireless Networks, RWTH AachenUniversity, GermanyCognitive Resource Management for Wireless LAN within theHomeTimothy Farnham, Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, United KingdomDynamic Spectrum Access and Management for Wireless HomeNetworksZhou Wang, European Microsoft Innovation Center, GermanyCognitive Pilot Channel: A Radio Enabler for Spectrum Awarenessand Optimized Radio Resource ManagementJordi Perez-Romero, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, SpainRuled-based Algorithms for Self-x Functionalities in Radio AccessNetworksManfred Rosenberger, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany11:30 Session 3b Advanced Physical Layer TechniquesChair: Jossy Sayir, FTW Austria, AustriaAdvanced Technologies for Next-Generation WiMAX Systems:WiMAGIC ContributionsGuillaume Vivier, Sequans Communications, FranceUse of Histograms at Decoder Outputs to Evaluate Performanceof Turbo CodesShigeo Nakajima, Niigata Institute of Technology, JapanFirst and Second Order Statistics of Synthetic Rain AttenuationTime SeriesLászló Csurgai-Horváth, Budapest University of Technology andEconomics, HungaryPerformance Evaluation of Non-Binary LDPC DAVINCI CodesStephan Pfletschinger, CTTC, SpainDVB-C2 – a New Transmission System for Hybrid Fibre CoaxNetworksDirk Jaeger, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany11:30 Special Session 3c 4WARDChair: Luis Muñoz, University of Cantabria, SpainTowards A Future Internet ArchitectureNorbert Niebert, Ericsson, GermanyTowards Interoperability among Virtual Networks in the FutureInternetLiang Zhao, TZI ComNets, University of Bremen, GermanyNetwork Management Architecture in the Future InternetMajid Ghader, University of Surrey, United KingdomPaths to Mobility Support in the Future InternetPhilippe Bertin, Orange Labs, FranceAnalysis of Path Splitting and Migration in the Virtualisation ofMobile SubstratesGorka Hernando, ROBOTIKER-Tecnalia, Spain11:30 Session 3d Gigabit Home and In-Building NetworksChair: Mikhail Popov, Acreo AB, SwedenConvergence at Inter-MAC Layer: First Implementation AnalysisVincenzo Suraci, University of Rome "Sapienza", ItalyGigabit Home Networking with Large-core Polymer OpticalFibersSilvio Abrate, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, ItalyGuidelines to Building Future-proof Home NetworksClaus Popp Larsen, Acreo, SwedenPerformance Analysis of OFDM Modulation Formats forMultimode Direct Detection Optical LinksRoberto Gaudino, Politecnico di Torino, ItalyPLC Channel Transfer Function Models for the OMEGA ICTProjectPascal Pagani, France Telecom Orange Labs, France11:30 Poster Session 3e Advanced Radio TechnologiesChair: Ralf Eickhoff, Dresden University of Technology, GermanyPerformance of Short Polar Codes under ML DecodingErdal Arikan, Bilkent University, TurkeySimplified RF Architectures for Analogue Antenna CombiningIgnacio Santamaria, University of Cantabria, SpainLow Complexity Maximum Likelihood Detection in Zero-IFOFDM-based TransceiversEduardo Lopez Estraviz, IMEC, BelgiumMultihop Relay Stations: An MRBS-RS Link-Level PerformanceKonstantinos Voudouris, Technological Educational Institution (TEI)of Athens, GreeceImproving Downlink Performance by Reusing the Subcarrierswithin the CellMuhammad Ali Imran, University of Surrey, United Kingdom24 GHz UWB-over-Fiber system for Simultaneous Vehicular Radarand CommunicationsMarta Beltran, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, SpainSimulation Framework for Performance Evaluation of RF AntennaCombining SystemsMichael Wickert, Dresden University of Technology, GermanyCOST IC0603 ASSIST: Coordinating the Antenna Research for NextGeneration Radio SystemMarta Martinez-Vazquez, IMST GmbH, GermanyComplexity Comparison of Non-Binary LDPC DecodersEmmanuel Boutillon, UBS, France3D Duo Binary Turbo Decoder Hardware ImplementationTimo Lehnigk-Emden, University of Kaiserslautern, GermanyMultilayer Spatial Multiplexing in Next-generation WiMAXAlberto Tarable, Politecnico di Torino, Italy13:15 Lunch Exhibition & Networking14:30 Special Panel Session 4a Towards a Mobile-Friendly InternetChair: Paulo de Sousa, European Commmission, BelgiumNot-Mobile-IP: How to Change the Internet Protocol to Support MobilityDr. Krishan Sabnani, Senior Vice President Alcatel-Lucent BellLaboratories, United StatesIt is Moving, Sensing, and Communicating: A View to Future MobileInternetProf. Petri Mahonen, RWTH Aachen University, GermanyP r o g r a m m e10 - 12 June 2009

Experimental Analysis of WiMedia-defined UWB and WiMAX 802.16eCoexistence in Personal Area NetworksMaria Morant, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, SpainMobile Mediator Control Function: An IEEE 802.21-based MobilityManagement and Access Network Selection ModelKarl Andersson, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden14:30 Session 8c Future Internet ArchitectureChair: Rainer Zimmermann, European Commission, BelgiumThe EIFFEL Approach Towards Visions for a Future NetworkedSocietyGeorge Polyzos, Athens University of Economics and Business,GreeceTowards an Architecture for the Real World InternetMartin Bauer, NEC Europe Ltd., GermanyDemanding Applications on Resource Constrained MobileDevices through Thin Client ComputingBert Vankeirsbilck, Ghent University, BelgiumEconomic Traffic Management for Overlay NetworksMaria Angeles Callejo Rodriguez, TID, SpainEnhanced Key Management Scheme for Securing Intra DomainHandovers in the Next Generation Mobile IP NetworksKlaus Moessner, University of Surrey, United Kingdom14:30 Session 8d Privacy and Security in the Future InternetChair: Bart Van Caenegem, European Commission, BelgiumA Semantic Framework to Anonymize Network Data and DefineTheir Acceptable UseGiuseppe Tropea, CNIT, ItalyPrivacy-Aware Future Internet ArchitectureSophia Khavtasi, Telscom AG, Switzerland14:30 Special Poster Session 8e OMEGAChair: Jean-Philippe Javaudin, Orange Labs, France Telecom, FranceArchitecture Reference Model for Next Generation HomeNetworksJean-Philippe Javaudin, Orange Labs, France Telecom, FranceCriteria and Factors Affecting Home Networks Deployment:Evidence from the ICT-OMEGA projectDimitris Varoutas, University of Athens, GreeceFunctional Analysis for Next Generation Home NetworksMarco Castrucci, University of Rome "Sapienza", ItalyLoad Balancing Strategy in Heterogeneous Meshed Home AccessNetworkVincenzo Suraci, University of Rome "Sapienza", Italy16:15 Coffee Break Exhibition & Networking16:45 Special Panel Session 9a Spectrum without BoundariesChair: Peter Stuckmann, European Commission, BelgiumRegulator PerspectiveKlaus-Udo Marwinski, BNetzA, GermanyOperator PerspectiveStefan Mangold, Swisscom, SwitzerlandInnovator PerspectiveAndrew Stirling, Microsoft, United KingdomManufacturer PerspectiveKlaus Kohrt, Independent Consultant and Former Chairman UMTSForum, GermanyFemtocells: Concept, Market Progress and Future ChallengesSimon Saunders, Chairman Femto Forum, United Kingdom18:30 End of Conference Day20:00 Conference Dinner - Hotel Real09:00 Plenary 10a Sustainable CommunicationsChair: Mario Pickavet, Ghent University – IBBT, Belgium and Mikhail Popov,Acreo AB, SwedenPriorities for Sustainability in Telecommunications NetworksDave Faulkner, BT, United KingdomPresentation title to be confirmedLaurent Herault, CEA, FrancePresentation title to be confirmedPhilippe Martineau, Prologue, FranceSustainable Mobile Communication – Challenges & PotentialKatalin Szomolányi, Magyar Telekom, HungaryPanel Discussion11:00 Coffee Break Exhibition & Networking11:30 Session 11a Hardware Implementation of Wireless TechnologiesChair: Konstantinos Voudouris, Technological Educational Institution (TEI)of Athens, GreeceSDR Based Methodology for On-Board Communications SystemsDesignAsier Alonso Muñoz, Tecnalia - Telecom, SpainA Soft-Output Near-ML MIMO Baseband Receiver For 75Mbps+ SDRFilip Louagie, IMEC, BelgiumArchitecture of an Analog Combining MIMO System Compliant toIEEE802.11aZoran Stamenkovic, IHP, GermanyMIFA: Modified IFA Radiating Element for Small Handheld DevicesOscar Gago, TTI Telecommunication and Information Technologies,SpainTaking Advantage of the Envelope Statistics on a Polar TransmitterDesignLorena Cabria, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain11:30 Session 11b Signal Processing in Wireless CommunicationsChair: Marco Luise, University of Pisa, ItalyAnt Colony Optimization for Subcarrier Allocation in OFDMA-basedWireless SystemsKostas Tsagkaris, University of Piraeus Research Center, GreecePerformance Evaluation of Wireless MIMO RadiosRalf Eickhoff, Dresden University of Technology, GermanyOptimization and Parallelization of 40 MHz MIMO SDM-OFDMBaseband Processing to Achieve Real-Time Throughput BehaviorLiesbet Van der Perre, IMEC, BelgiumQO-STBC MIMO Wireless System with Bayes Decision AlgorithmJohn An, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan11:30 Session 11c Future Internet Self-ManagementChair: Henrik Abramowicz, Ericsson, SwedenFriday,June 12, 2009Architectural Principles for Synergy of Self-management andFuture Internet EvolutionAndrej Mihailovic, King's College London, United KingdomSelf Configuration Architecture for Carrier Grade Mesh Network(CARMEN)Burak Simsek, Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, GermanyInstant Knowledge: a Secure Mobile Context-Aware DistributedRecommender SystemMartin Helmhout, University of Southampton, United KingdomDemystifying Self-awareness of Autonomic SystemsMikhail Smirnov, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany[ 8 - 9 ] A d v a n c e

Conference & ExhibitionMulti-Criteria Decision Making Enabling Self-Management andMigration to Future Internet SystemsEleni Patouni, University of Athens, Greece11:30 Session 11d Service Adaptation & Service PlatformsChair: Klaus Moessner, University of Surrey, United KingdomFederated Service DiscoveryVincenzo Suraci, University of Rome "Sapienza", ItalyQuantifying System and Business Dynamics in Services andService PlatformsJosip Zoric, Telenor R&I, NorwayServery: Web Telco MarketplaceDavid Moro, Téléfonica I+D, SpainGuidelines for Mobile Web Content Adaptation by Third-party ProxiesFrancois Daoust, W3C, FranceSMEPP: A Secure Middleware for Embedded P2PJose L. Serrano, Tecnatom, S.A., Spain11:30 Poster Session 11e Wireless NetworksChair: tbcHomogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Through SENSEI’sResource ConceptNicola Bui, Consorzio Ferrara Ricerche, ItalyImplementation and Testing of Co-Operative Schemes on a Real-Time DSP-Based TestbedPer Zetterberg, Royal Institute of Technology, SwedenPacket Scheduling for Carrier Aggregation based LTE-AdvancedSystemYajuan Li, Hisilicon Technologies, ChinaUnified Approach for Topology Control in IEEE 802.15.4 - basedWSNPetia Todorova, Fraunhofer FOKUS, GermanyCell-ID Positioning in WiMAX Networks Analysis of the ClearwireNetwork in BelgiumMussa Bshara, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BelgiumTracking a Large Number of Tokens: A Customised PrioritisedMedium-access Protocol for Target ResponsesTobias Renk, Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH), GermanyQoS and Mobility in IEEE 802.16 networks in HeterogeneousScenariosSusana Sargento, Universidade de Aveiro, PortugalEnhancing TCP Fairness and Stability in Multihop Ad hocNetworksEhsan Hamadani, University of Surrey, United KingdomControlling the Handover Mechanism in Wireless Mobile NodesUsing Game TheoryOmar Raoof, Brunel University, United KingdomCommunication for Air Traffic Management (ATM) in NorthernRegionsJan Erik Håkegård, SINTEF, NorwayOpportunistic Networking for Sensor Data Collection in UrbanEnvironmentFlavio Fabbri, University of Bologna, ItalyAdvanced Radio Resource Management for IMT-Advanced in theFramework of WINNER+ ProjectJose F. Monserrat, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, SpainiTETRIS: a Framework for Large-Scale Research on the Impactof Cooperative Wireless Vehicular Communications Systems inTraffic EfficiencyJavier Gozalvez, University Miguel Hernández, SpainIub/Iur HSDPA Congestion ControlZoltán Nagy, Nokia Siemens Networks, Hungary14:30 Session 12b Application & Service EnablersChair: Riccardo Pascotto, Deutsche Telekom, GermanyDesign and Implementation of Mobile Electronic Memos: a Toolto Capture and Share Information in Mobile EnvironmentsNicola Blefari Melazzi, University of Rome Tor Vergata, ItalyRapidly Deployable Satellite Communications for EmergencySituations: the WISECOM TrialsJavier Mulero Chaves, German Aerospace Center (DLR), GermanyEvaluation and Choice of Adaptation Mechanisms in the ContentAdaptorMerat Shahidi, Kings College London, United KingdomModular and Extendible Context Provisioning for EvolvingMobile Applications and ServicesMichael Knappmeyer, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck,GermanyPlug & Play Multiradio Home BoxMonica Fernandez, Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo, Spain14:30 Session 12c Business Case StudiesChair: tbcBusiness Cases and Deployment Scenarios for Future CollaborativeWireless NetworksLambros Sarakis, National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos",GreeceValue Propositions for Self-x Functionalities in Future WirelessNetworksVânia Gonçalves, IBBT-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BelgiumA General Architecture for Enabling and End User services in IMSRobert Mullins, TSSG, IrelandBusiness Modelling in Home Networks: the OMEGA caseDimitris Varoutas, University of Athens, Greece14:30 Session 12d Putting Context in its PlaceChair: Ralf Tönjes, University Applied Sciences Osnabrück, GermanyContext Management Architecture for Future Internet ServicesMadiha Zafar, Univeristy of The West of England, United KingdomContext-Aware Multiparty NetworkingJose Simoes, Fraunhofer FOKUS, GermanyEfficient Employment of Service Location Protocol in MulticlusterNetworksMajid Ghader, University of Surrey, United KingdomContext-Aware Media Delivery ArchitectureVasos Vassiliou, University of Cyprus, CyprusSense and Sens’ability: Semantic Data Modelling for SensorNetworksPayam Barnaghi, University of Surrey, United Kingdom16:15 End of Parallel Sessions16:30 Closing Plenary 13a ICT-Call 5Chair: tbc17:15 End of Conference13:15 Lunch Exhibition & Networking14:30 Session 12a Protocols for Mobile and Wireless NetworksChair: Riccardo Pascotto, Deutsche Telekom, GermanyQoS Guarantee over DQCA for Wireless LANs with HeterogeneousTrafficElli Kartsakli, Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), SpainQoS in 4G Scenarios in Mobile Environments: ExperimentalValidationVitor Jesus, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, PortugalInitialization of Handover Procedure in WiMAX NetworksZdenek Becvar, Technical University in Prague, Czech RepublicAdaptive Soft Handover Forwarding in Evolved HSPA SystemsCsaba Vulkán, Nokia Siemens Networks, HungaryP r o g r a m m e10 - 12 June 2009

Registration InformationIt is necessary for all ICT-MobileSummit 2009delegates to register online. Each delegate should beregistered separately.Conference FeesAuthors Fees (Due by 06 April)• Authors €550Please note that the author fee is only available toaccepted presenters in the Programme (only onepresenter per paper/poster). Each presenter in theProgramme should be unique. Co-authors who wish toparticipate should register as Delegates.Delegates’ Fees - Early Bird (Due by 06 April)• Early Bird €600Delegates’ Fees - Full Fee from 07 April• Delegate Full Price €700The Conference Fee includes:• Entrance to all Plenary and Parallel Sessions• Entrance to Exhibition• Documentation with Proceedings on CD-Rom• Three luncheons and refreshments at morning andafternoon breaks• Welcome Networking Reception - Wednesday 10 June• Cyber Café facilitiesTerms & Conditions1. All authors who are presenting a paper atICT-MobileSummit 2009 must complete theirpayment registration and ensure payment is receivedby 06 April at the latest, prior to publication of the FinalProgramme.2. In the case where a paper is jointly authored, thepresenter of the paper is considered to be the author/presenter from a payment registration point of view. Allco-authors are considered to be delegates.3. All paper presenters in the Programme should beunique. Additional accepted papers must be reassignedto a presenter not already in the Programme.4. Accepted Exhibitors (other than accepted presenters)must complete payment registration by 06 April.5. Delegates' fees must be paid before admission tothe Conference and Exhibition.6. IEEE Members are entitled to apply for a 10%discount on the appropriate fee. Please provideMembership No. as part of online registration and faxa copy of valid Membership card to +353-1-8170606.7. There are no refunds for cancellations butsubstitutions may be made at any time prior to theevent by contacting the Conference Secretariat.8. The Conference Organisers reserve the right notto accept any conference registration either online oronsite without providing a reason.9. Each individual must be registered separately onthe ICT-MobileSummit Conference portal.10. Payment may be made by bank transfer or creditcard (with some restrictions). Payments made bybank transfer must be net of any bank chargesand the payment instruction should refer to "ICT-MobileSummit 2009 Conference", your name,organisation and invoice number (if relevant).11. Receipts are automatically issued electronicallyupon receipt of payment. If your organisation requiresan invoice to process payment registration by banktransfer, please contact the Conference Secretariat.12. Conference registration or hotel accommodation isnot confirmed until full payment is received.13. Online registration facilities conference registration,participation in pre-conference event, booking of hotelaccommodation, attendance at Welcome NetworkingReception and Conference Dinner, and booking ofsocial tours. It is possible to go back through onlineregistration at any stage, book items not previouslyconfirmed and make payment.14. The registration desk will open on Tuesday 09June from 14:00 to 17:00 and will remain open duringnormal conference hours from 08:00 on Wednesday.SantanderSantander, the capital of Cantabria, is a pretty andhistorical city, with good infrastructure and publictransport. There is a good range of hotels andrestaurants with different price points, nice sea frontand easy access to other parts of Cantabria fortours.Apart from visiting the historical parts of Santander,delegates should also visit nearby attractions inCantabria including Santillana del Mar and Caves ofAltamira, Cabárceno Park and Caves of El Soplao.It is possible to fly directly to Santander with Ryanairand Iberia. The airport is 7 km from the city centre.Ryanair has direct flights to Santander from Dublin,Frankfurt, London, Milan, and Rome, while Iberia hasdirect flights to Santander from Amsterdam, Paris,Madrid, Barcelona and other national airports.Bilbao airport is 89 km from Santander with very goodconnections to other European cities. It takes 1 - 1.5hrs to drive from Bilbao depending on traffic and timeof day. All major car hire agencies have an office atBilbao airport.Partners & Post Conference SocialProgrammeDuring the three days of the Conference, partners willbe able to choose from a selection of tours. If yourpartner would like to attend the Welcome Receptionand Conference Dinner, it will be possible to bookadditional tickets for these evening social events.Details of tours available during and after theConference are available onwww.ICT-MobileSummit.euSponsors[ 1 0 ] A d v a n c eThe ICT-MobileSummit 2009 DiamondSponsors confirmed to date include SODERCANGroup. The City of Santander is kindly hosting theNetworking Reception on Wednesday 10 June in theExhibition. Bronze Sponsors include TTI.Technical Co-Sponsors include IEEE Region 8(Europe, Middle East, Africa), IEEE UKRI ComputerChapter, IEEE Turkey Section and IEEE TurkeyCommunications Chapter and IEEE Spain ComputerChapter.

ExhibitionICT-MobileSummit 2009 Exhibition showcases applied ICT research results and applications through technologydemonstrations and posters, whether funded commercially, or at a national, regional or European level.Demonstration StandsStand Name Organisation CountryDG Information Society & Media European Commission Belgium4WARD: Architecture and Design of the Future Internet University of Bremen GermanyContext Casting (C-CAST) Portugal Telecom Inovação S.A PortugalEmerging Wireless Transmitter Characterization Platform University of Cantabria SpaineMobility Ericsson GermanyEnd-to-End Efficiency (E3) Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland GermanyEUWB - Towards Advanced UWB Applications GWT-TUD GmbH GermanyICT ALPHA - Architectures for fLexible Photonic Home and Access networks Acreo AB SwedenICT-eMuCo - Embedded Multi-core Processing for Mobile Communication Ruhr-University Bochum GermanyIMS ARCS TSSG, WIT IrelandNEWCOM++: The Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications CNIT ItalySENSEI - Real World Internet University Politehnica of Bucharest RomaniaWALTER inno group FranceWHERE project DLR e.V. GermanyWiMAGIC RINICOM United KingdomSODERCAN Groupo SODERCAN SpainConference Portal & Delegate Showcasewww.ICT-MobileSummit.eu

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