uhren - Auktionen Dr. Crott


uhren - Auktionen Dr. Crott

Patek Philippe & Cie à Genève

No. 863194, Ref. 1518

Selling at Auctions – why?

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To sell collectable pieces at an auction has many

advantages. Objects achieve their real value during

75. Auktion

an auction, a fact Pierre-Auguste Renoir Hotel Sheraton, (1841–1919)

Frankfurt Airport

Freitag, 23. November 2007

already realized in the nineteenth century: “You must

be aware of the fact that there is only one place

where the value of the paintings is recognized, and

that place is the auction hall”.

Just as true for timepieces as it is for paintings,

during an auction the market mechanism ensures

a transparent determination of a fair market price

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much easier than anywhere else – here is where

supply and demand truly meet.

And a competent and experienced auctioneer

plays a decisive role in the achievement of the

highest prices by encouraging and controlling

the dynamics of the bidding.

Auktionen Dr. H. Crott attracted a great deal of

attention in this respect during its 69th auction in

November 2004, where a rare Patek Philippe steel

chronograph (ref. 1518) was presented. Reaching

a bidding price of almost 1.3 mill. Euros, this is

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a German record for a wristwatch at auction that

auctioneer Stefan Muser still holds to this day!

The determination of the limits is done during the

run-up to the auction by our competent and

experienced team under the guidance of Stefan Muser;

the exact expertise of the objects in combination with

the analysis of the market situation ensures on the

one hand that none of the watches and clocks are

sold under value, and on the other also offers accurate

guidelines to the collectors wanting to purchase.

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77. Auktion • DR. H. CROTT • 2008

78. Auktion • DR. H. CROTT • 2008

75. Auktion • DR. H. CROTT • 2007

Sammlung Gerd Ahrens · Luzern

76. Auktion • DR. H. CROTT • 2007

400 Jahre Entwicklung

der Uhrenhemmung

77. Auktion

Samstag, 17. Mai 2008 • Hotel Sheraton, Frankfurt Airport

78. Auktion

Samstag, 15. November 2008 • Hotel Sheraton, Frankfurt Airport

76. Auktion

Samstag, 24. November 2007 • Hotel Sheraton, Frankfurt Airport

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