Models of evaluation systems in Romania

Models of evaluation systems in Romania

Models of evaluation systems in Romania

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Who?This evaluation is made by theNational Council for Certificationand Accreditation for Research.The Council has specializedcommissions for each field.

Certification criteriaThe evaluation criteria for thecertification process are:the personnel’s structure;the R&D personnel’s competencies;the specificity and the quality level ofthe endowment.

StepsThe evaluation process comprises thefollowings steps:• auto- evaluation;• evaluation;• the Council elaborates the final report ofthe evaluation, and proposes thecertification / re- certification and / oraccreditation / re- accreditation.

CategoriesMinistry of Education and Researchfinances the research projects underthe competitional system, by one ofthe followings categories of selectionprocedures:A. call for tenderB. call for proposals

A. Call for tender (1)- An announcement is published in nationalnewspapers and on the Internet- The potential contractors may expresstheir interest to participate in maximum tendays.- These expressions of interest areanalysed on the basis of the eligibilitycriteria.- The potential contractors are selected andthey shall receive an invitation to

A. Call for tender (2)- The MER or the contracting authority (CA)establishes a Panel of experts for theevaluation.- The CA sets the planning and theoperational handbook:- evaluation criteria and their weight,- the algorithm for the establishment of the rankinglist of offers- On the basis of the ranking list, thecontracting authority decides thecompetition’s results.

Eligibility criteria (1)The Romanian natural person and legal entity,legally constitute as potential contractors, mustfulfil the following eligibility criteria:- not have been declared, according to the law,incapable to pay;- the accounts/ payments must not have beenblocked by a ruling;- there must be no inaccurate declaration,following the contracting authority’sverifications, with respect to the requestedinformation by this to the natural person or thelegal entity’s representative, in order to select

Eligibility criteria (2)- not having encroach another financialcontract’s prescriptions signed previously witha contracting authority.With respect to the R&D project proposals, asupplementary eligibility condition, for thepotential contractors, is:(1) for legal entities, R&D activities must beincluded in the activities specified in theirstatute, and the legal entity must have beencertificated;(2) natural person must have been authorisedto develop R&D activities.

B. Call for proposals (1)The public announcement:- the name and the acronym of theprogramme, for which projects proposalssubmitted;- programme description, which consists ofthe programme’s aim and objectives,- duration and public budget allocated,- eligibility criteria for participants,- projects categories which could be financed,- deadline for proposals and contestations.

B. Call for proposals (2)After the proposals deadline, the contractingauthority establishes the Panel of experts foreach field, the list is endorsed by the AdvisoryCollege Specialized Commission and approvedby the Ministry of Education and Research.The Advisory College is the specialisedadvisory body which assists the Ministry in itspolicies and strategies elaboration,programmes evaluation and monitoring.

B. Call for proposals (3)The experts sign an impartiality,confidentiality and competency declarationaccordingly to the field for which experts havebeen selected.During the evaluation, every expert maydecline in writing he’s declaration.For monitoring the Panel work, the contractingauthority may nominate a representative foreach Panel, which is invited as an observer.

B. Call for proposals (4)The projects proposals evaluation attends:(b) evaluation of the scientific and technicalaspects;(c) quality of management, potential impact ofthe proposal and the financial aspects.Each step has two stages:(1) individual assessment(2) panel assessment.If consensus is not reached, the proposal isforward to another panel .

Online evaluation (1)For the current year, the evaluation processfor the project proposals has a newapproach:- online evaluation.The methodology proposed is similar to theEuropean Commission’ assessment for the6 th Framework Programme proposals.

Online evaluation (2)The major steps have been:- date base setting up with Romanianassessment experts from inside and outsidethe country;- documents elaboration and infrastructureenhancement, with emphasis on onlineevaluation application,- elaborating a new contract with specialemphasis on confidentiality for each partyinvolved in the evaluation process.

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