Enum with FRiTZ!Box 7270 - Cz.NIC

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Enum with FRiTZ!Box 7270 - Cz.NIC

Enum with FRiTZ!Box 7270Klaus von Kries

Name des VortragendenOverview•Founded in Berlin in 1986•Shareholders form themanagement•Fiscal 2008:- €220 million in sales- 460 employees- Over 4 million FRITZ!Boxes sold•Made in Germany

Name des VortragendenMarket Shares: ADSL Devices 2008AVM 68%Germany7 milliontotal unitsOthers 13%Netgear 2%Gigaset 2%Thomson 7%Zyxel 8%Others 24%Pirelli 7%Zyxel 12%AVM 21%Europe25 milliontotal unitsThomson 23%Sagem 13%Source: IDC, 2009, DSL CPE 2008

Name des VortragendenWhat makes AVM products unique?•All hardware and software componentsharmonise ideally for optimum utility•In-house development ensures rapid responseand innovation•Comprehensive user support; free updates andupgrades

FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270Name des Vortragenden

Name des VortragendenFRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270•Top model in the FRITZ!Boxfamily•Integrated DSL modem•WLAN N with 2.4 GHz and5 GHz•Telecommunications systemfor ISDN and analog•Integrated DECT base station•Integrated answering machine•Media streaming server•HD telephony

Name des VortragendenInnovation – more integrationDSLVoIPDECTWLANISDN / POTSUSB / UPnP

Name des VortragendenInternet – Telefonie – Without ENUMSIP ProxyGatewayPSTN

Internet – Telefonie – Without ENUMName des Vortragenden

Name des VortragendenEnumE164.arpaE164.orgopenenum.eu

Name des VortragendenFormat RFC3761+31 24 32497877. lookupSip:avm@xs4all.nlTwo mechanism for ENUM Lookup•From provider to E164.arpa•From SIP UA to E164.arpa

Name des VortragendenInternet – Telephony – with ENUMSIP ProxyENUMGateway

Internet – Telephony – with ENUMName des Vortragenden

FRITZ!: They all speak the same languageName des Vortragenden

New 2009: FRITZ!Fon MT-FName des Vortragenden

Name des VortragendenNew 2009: FRITZ!Fon MT-F•HD telephony, music andinformation from the Internet•E-Mails and RSS feedsdirectly via FRITZ!Box•Music playback, Internetradio and podcasts•FRITZ!Fon: secure, can beupdated, low radiation

Name des VortragendenObj103Obj104Obj105Central CommunicationObj102CallsAnswering machine,Call forwarding,Voice-to-MailFax-to-MailObj100FaxObj ’EmailPush Service,E-Mail-Forwarding

Name des VortragendenConverged HomeUSB

Name AVM Company des Vortragenden ProfileFireworks of Features

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