Character Profiles for Full Cast Benjamin Crank (Danny ... - Reelfilms
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Character Profiles for Full Cast Benjamin Crank (Danny ... - Reelfilms

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type CharacterEnrico Perez (André)Sex MaleAge Range Mid-Life (36-50)Character Type SidekickStereotype Thug/SoftBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Liz’s derelict ex-husband (played by André) who visits the coffee shop tobeg for money from Liz.Page 3

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type FeaturedFred Williams (Mike)Sex MaleAge Range Senior (66-79)Character Type SidekickStereotype Loud/ObnoxiousBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Fred (played by Mike) is a regular at the coffee shop where he and hisgang of retirees spend a great deal of their time discussing the weather,politics, religion and the news.Page 4

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type SupportingHomer Johnson (Pierre)Sex MaleAge Range Mid-Life (36-50)Character Type AntagonistStereotype BullyBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Homer (played by Pierre) is Benjamin’s sidekick and bag man. WhereBenjamin goes, so does Homer.Page 6

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type LeadLiz Lancaster (Tracey)Sex FemaleAge Range Adult (26-35)Character Type SidekickStereotype Sweet Talker/CharmerBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Liz (played by Tracey) is Vivian’s daughter and Samantha’s sister. Shewas raised by nannies while her mother built her career.She followed her Mom to Saint Mary’s University but couldn’t live up thethe reputation that her mother had for being number one so she droppedout after the first semester.She has two children (played by Madison and David Daniel) and isseparated from her husband Enrico of 5 years.Father ProfessionMother ProfessionHer father was a lawyer who passed away several years ago. He too wasburied into his career.ProblemOverly self-confident and in control except when she is around hermother.Page 7

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameMitch Ryder (Ralph)Casting Type SupportingSex MaleAge Range Young Senior (51-65)Character Type SidekickStereotype Cute & HarmlessBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Mitch (played by Ralph) works at the coffee shop as the baker/bus boy.He used to be a stock broker but was charged with insider trading andserved 6 months at a minimum security prison. He proclaims hisinnocence to this day.Page 8

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type FeaturedPatsy Long (Debra)Sex FemaleAge Range Mid-Life (36-50)Character Type Man HunterStereotype Loud/ExtravertBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Patsy (played by Debra Steeves) is worried about her chances of landinga man and her eggs aren’t getting any fresher. She has decided that theCoffee shop offers her a home base from where she can hunt down hermen. She has a membership with every electronic dating service andhas no problem sharing her dating experiences with those in the coffeeshop.ProblemSingle, never married and getting older.Page 9

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type SupportingPierre Monet (Eugene)Sex MaleAge Range Senior (66-79)Character Type SidekickStereotype NerdBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Pierre (played by Eugene) is often referred to as “Crazy Pierre”. He isone of those artsy fartsy types and has even changed his last name tomatch that of the once great painter (Claude) Monet. Pierre’s paintingslook more like the throw cover that Monet would have used to protectthe furniture but Pierre is always hoping that some day a curator from agallery will recognize his talent.Page 10

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type FeaturedSamantha Lancaster (Joline)Sex FemaleAge Range Adult (26-35)Character Type SidekickStereotype Cute & HarmfulBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Samantha (played by Joline) is the youngest daughter of Vivian andsister to Liz. She is the favourite child. Followed her mother’s footstepsand is just as much a perfectionist as her mother. They even have thesame hair. Liz is extremely jealous and Samantha plays on this.Page 11

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameCasting Type LeadVivian Lancaster (Jan)Sex FemaleAge Range Young Senior (51-65)Character Type ProtaganistStereotype Obsessive CompulsiveBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblings3 brothers, all needyDescription Vivian (played by Jan) is a well education, sophisticated and confident woman. She isgood looking and poised exuding confidence. There is a place for everything andeverything has its place is her motto and she can be seen following others andstraightening things as she goes. Vivian is a widow and the mother of Liz (played byTracey) and Samantha (played by Joline). She bought the coffee shop so that she andher daughter could finally bond since she spent most of her daughter’s growing yearsburied in her work while her daughter was raised by multiple nannies.ChildhoodVivian was the favourite child in the family due to her obsessive cleaning and workethics.Colleges AttendedSaint Mary’s UniversityCollege/UniversityExperienceProfessionGraduated top in her classFormer 6 figure senior marketing executive who lost her job as a result of the economiccollapseProblemSolutionVivian did not spend as much attention on her children while they were growing up inorder to persue her career and now Liz the oldest and a bit of a problem child stillcarries some resentment. Samantha seems to be well adjusted and why not, she wasthe favourite and looks like her mother.Rebuilding a relationship is not done overnight and over the next 10 episodes we willwitness that firsthand. Although not completely resolved we will see someimprovement in the relationship between Vivian and Liz.Page 12

Character Profiles forFull CastCharacter NameWally Henkel (Jason)Casting Type SupportingSex MaleAge Range Adult (26-35)Character Type EmotionalStereotype Shy/IntrovertBirthdateBirthplaceParentsSiblingsDescription Wally (Jason) is the mechanic from next door who has a thing for Lizeven though they are second cousins, except Liz thinks he’s an idiot. Heis a regular at the coffee shop and drives Vivian crazy because he isalways covered in grease. He is shy and always in coveralls and dirty.Page 13

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