Fluvial inputs to the MEECE domains

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Fluvial inputs to the MEECE domains

WWW.BJERKNES.UIB.NOFluvial inputs to the MEECEdomainsRichard Bellerby & Benjamin Pfeil

Objective Compile a MEECE relevant database offluvial inputs of freshwater nutrients,alkalinity and organics European rivers fromexisting databases (from MEECE DOW)

Progress to meet objective Several data sources have been identified Data was requested Data was organized and reformatted

Global Nutrient Export fromWater(S)heds (GlobalNEWS)database Global River Nutrients Exports for the mid1990’s (reference year is 1995) Contains modeled nutrient exports at approx.6000 river mouths and internal drainage basins Modeled nutrients are DIN, DIP, DON, DOP,DOC, PN, PP, POC and TSS Also contains runoff, basin area, position, etcFurther information:http://marine.rutgers.edu/globalnews/index.htm

Overview of GlobalNEWS

Overview of GlobalNEWSContains information foraround 790 rivermouths and basinsfor Europe

FRIEND River Discharge Data FRIEND = Flow Regimes from InternationalExperimental and Network Data Data is extracted from the European WaterArchive (EWA) One of the most comprehensive hydrologicalarchived in Europe Contains long-term daily flow data Approx. 4000 river gauging stations in 29European countriesFurther information: http://ne-friend.bafg.de/

Overview of EWASource: http://www.bafg.de

GEMS/GLORI database by M.Meybeck and A. Ragu Consists of geochemistry data for > 550rivers on a global scale Contains dissolved, particulate, total nutrientsand major ions Various carbon parameters (DIC, DOC, TDC,TOC, POC, etc)

Sounds fantastic for MEECE, but It has never been formerly published Partly available just as a print version and datahas to be manually digitalized

Waterbase-River from EuropeanEnvironment Agency Contains the following variables: TOC, pH, O2,Chl a, O2, N, NO2, NO3, PO4, etc > 3500 stations are included

Overview of Waterbase-River

Presented databases Are available to MEECE partners Are sorted and available in various formats GEMS/GLORI is just available in an analogueway

Outlook GEMS/GLORI will be digitalized Data from all presented databases will availablein a single database Exchange format will be standardized (tab deltext file) More data sources will be identified and included

Outlook IIData can be made available in a data warehouse.This will enable queries via internet on the entireMEECE database as presented.Queries may include e.g. area, parameter, timeframe and requested data can be downloaded.

Issues (many for the workshop)Many databases exist but getting access can betime consuming or impossible since: data access is on demand (sometimes) data access just for projectmembers Many modelers use datasets but they haveoften never been published (and are notallowed to give data to others) data sources are unknown (lack of metadata;duplicate data sources) data is not available in a machine readableformat

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