Gavin Power (Tue) - UN CEO Water Mandate

Gavin Power (Tue) - UN CEO Water Mandate

The UN Global CompactCEO Water MandateSixth Working Conference16 November 2010 – Cape Town

Growing ConvergenceUnited NationsCivil SocietyBusiness• Environment• Human Rights• Labour• Anti-Corruption• MDGs

Result: Public-Private InitiativesUN Global CompactUNDP Sustainable BusinessUNEP Finance“CEO Water Mandate

CEO Water Mandate: Overview• Public-private initiative – launched by the UN Secretary-General• Multi-stakeholder: companies, civil society, UN, Governments• Strategic framework for Corporate Water Sustainability1. Direct Operations2. Supply Chain-Watershed Management3. Collective Action4. Public Policy5. Community Engagement6. Transparency• Call-to-Action by CEOs to Business Leaders Everywhere

Mission StatementTo make a positive impact with respect to theemerging global water crisis by mobilizing a criticalmass of business leaders to advance watersustainability solutions – in partnership with theUnited Nations, civil society organizations,governments, and other stakeholders.Endorsers of the CEO Water Mandaterecognize that through individual and collectiveaction they can contribute to the vision of the UNGlobal Compact and the realization of theMillennium Development Goals.

CEO Water Mandate: Growth & Key Milestones706050403020100DavosSpeechTotalNumber ofEndorsersInauguralConferenceStockholmConferenceInvestorActionConstitutionWaterDisclosure 2.0StockholmConferencePublicComment:Policy GuidePublic PolicyFrameworkS. AfricaConferenceJul AugSep Oct NovDec Jan Feb Mar Apr MayJunJul AugSepOct NovDec Jan Feb Mar Apr MayJunJul AugSepOct NovDec Jan Feb Mar Apr MayJun Jul AugSep Oct NovDecLaunchQ3 07EndorserSurveyQ4 07Letter tothe G8Q1 08Q2 08TransparencyFrameworkQ3 08Q4 08JoinsUN-WaterTransparencyPolicyQ1 09 Q2 09Q3 09 Q4 09IstanbulConferenceWhite Paper:Climate andWaterQ1 10Q2 10StockholmSeminarNew YorkConferenceQ3 10Q4 10Final PublicPolicy GuideHR White Paper

Sector RepresentationApparel Agri-Business BeverageChemicals Construction Consumer ProductsCosmetics Energy EngineeringFinance Food FootwearForest Products Pharma PublishingMining-Metals Water Services Water Utilities

Seeking: ‘Hyper-Transparency’1. Mandate as an Initiative:- Multi-stakeholder working forums and public sessions- Make public all reports and documents (website)- Publish notes of all Steering Committee meetings2. Endorsers- Commit to “Transparency Policy”- Publish annual public reports: Mandate implementation- Follow UNGC’s Communication on Progress- Delisting provision

Priority WorkstreamsAreas of Focus• Water Policy Engagement“Guide to Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy”- Germany Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development; GTZ• Water and Human RightsSurvey of issues and emerging corporate practice• Water DisclosureWater Disclosure 2.0; Review of COP-Water reports

Moving Forward…• Closer Collaboration- Civil Society- Specialized UN Agencies (eg, UN-Water)- Governments and Development Agencies- Other corporate water-sustainability groups• Link to Other UNGC Initiatives-Workstreams-Assets- “Caring for Climate”- Human Rights; Anti-Corruption- Country Networks (80+)• Invite Social Vetting-Analysis of COPs- Civil Society and Water Interests- Investors (UN PRI)- Others

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