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REACHING DEEPINTO THE FUTUREBacked by centuries of experience, the Europeanmining sector has a crucial role intoday’s economy – and will play an evenmore important role in the Europe of the future.Minerals excavated and refined form thefoundation of today’s society. These materialsare used in a vast array of products rangingfrom communication satellites to thesteel reinforcement bars in modern buildings.The European mining sector is a global leaderin its push for increased occupationalsafety and care for the environment. In additionto creating safer and more environmentallysensitive workplaces, the sector’sextensive R&D has resulted in new technologiesand automated equipment. Technologyand expertise are exported across theglobe, multiplying Europe’s contribution tosustainable development.While Europe is almost self-sufficient in manyindustrial minerals and aggregates, it is asignificant net-importer of most metals andmetal ores. To prevent this deficit of strategicmetals and ores from growing, the miningsector continues to look for new Europeansources and for ways to recycle and utilizeexisting materials more effectively.The European extractive sector works as acommunity. Not only do individual minescontribute to their local communities, thesector supplies needed materials for thewhole of the European economy and operateswithin the evolving European Communitywith its changing sets of guidelines andregulations. As a key component in Europe’spresent and future development, the miningsector has a lot to contribute. Euromines, asthe representative of the extractive sector inEurope, ensures that the sector has an activevoice within the European community.Be a part of it!YOUR REPRESENTATION,OUR COMMITMENTEuromines is the recognized representativeof the European metals and minerals miningindustry. The association’s main objective isto promote the industry and to maintain itsrelations with European institutions at all levels.Euromines provides services to its memberswith regard to EU policy and serves asa network for cooperation and exchanginginformation throughout the sector within Europe.The association also supports contactswith the mining community throughout theworld.Vision for European mining industryTo be a viable and responsible minerals andmetals industry which provides the essentialeconomic, social and environmental assetsfor society’s sustainable development.Euromines’ Mission▪▪Euromines’ mission is to promote sustainableand prosperous mining in Europethrough operational excellence;▪▪As the recognized representative of theEuropean extractive industry, serves as anetwork for cooperation and for the exchangeof information throughout thesector within Europe;▪▪Fosters contacts with the mining communitythroughout Europe and the world andwherever appropriate to achieve its objectives.

YOUR BUSINESS,OUR VOICEEuromines represents large and small companiesand their subsidiaries in Europe and inother parts of the world which provide jobsto more than 350,000 people. Their activitiesand operations produce more than 42 differentmetals and minerals.For some metals and minerals, Europe is theworld’s leading producer.Percentage shares of different mineralsrepresented in Euromines members:Lets join efforts!YOUR SOURCEOF INFORMATION,OUR SERVICESEuromines provides a formal platformwhere members can evaluate the impactof European and International policies andlegislation on the industry and define commonpositions and actions.Euromines Committees:▪▪Policy▪▪Environment▪▪Health & Safety▪▪ETS/Energy Committee▪▪Communication▪▪Gold Mining Assembly▪▪Magnesite Producers AssemblyEuromines activity towardsEU Institutions:▪▪Monitoring and evaluating EU policies andtheir impact on the sector;▪▪Providing inputs and comments to the EUCommission on issues related to the extractiveindustry;▪▪Preparing Euromines’ positions on EU documentsrelevant to the sector;▪▪Promoting the sector’s contribution to sustainabledevelopment to the EuropeanInstitutions;▪▪Cooperating with the EU Commission toorganize conferences on EU legislation.MetalsIndustrialmetalsConstructionmaterialsCoalDimensionstonesThe association is based in Brussels and holdsmembership meetings twice a year. Its workingcommittees and groups meet regularlythroughout the year. Euromines also followstrade and investment issues for the miningindustry both inside and outside of Europe.

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