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The idea of tangible

The idea of tangible values The TMI team would like to introduce you to the world of precious metals, strategic metals and rare earth metals and win you over as an investor in tangible values. It is generally said that capital investments should only be entered into with the required amount of trust. You require this type of trust for all types of paper-based promises, but not when you invest in physical, hence tangible, values. Here, all that matters is common sense and the logic of things. Hence we are not courting your trust but are promoting the idea of intelligent action - according to rules that you know well. We all know that the price of a product is determined by demand and supply. All investors are asked to search for things that are becoming rarer or will be more difficult to obtain in the Decision tool We have prepared a listing of metals that we offer and for which the European Commission has forecast supply risks in the coming years. In particular, we recommend an investment in Supply risks and economic importance of potentially „rare metals“ Supply risk 5,0 4,5 4,0 3,5 3,0 2,5 Rare earth metals 2,0 Indium Wolfram 1,5 Baryt Beryllium Fluorite Graphite Cobalt Tantalum 1,0 0,5 0,0 Diatomite Tale Pearlite Loam Lithium Borat Gypsum Bentonite Silver Chalk Quartz Copper Feldspar Titan Rhenium Tellurium Chromate Magnesite Vanadium Molybdenum Ferreous Manganese Nickel Aluminium Zinc 3,0 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0 8,0 9,0 Economic importance future, or for which demand is steadily growing. When these aspects come together, prices will increase and generate profits for investors - which is exactly what TerraMetal Investment GmbH is about, as we focus on strategic metals. Of course we also cover the demand for precious metals such as gold and silver, and examine return on investment opportunities for rare earth metals. At the same time, we also examine special risks and advise of the special features of each offering. Transparency, responsibility and honesty are the values that we have committed to. Together with you, we aim to achieve real value growth for your investment. Follow us into the world of real values ... ...into the world of TerraMetal Investment GmbH. silver, gallium and indium. If you are interested in another metal that is not a part of our primary offering, please feel free to use the contact form, and we would be pleased to assist you. Palladium Germanium oxide Magnesium Antimony Gallium Critical metals Niobium Source: European Union

Strategic metals: Foundation for stable pension provisions Our current financial and currency system is in the process of undergoing a fundamental change, which also affects society‘s value system. The instability of established structures in the banking and investment segment also requires us to prepare ourselves for these changes at a financial level. It is important to address the changes that are taking place. Investments in tangible values offer extensive protection against inflation. Limited supplies and consistent advances in technology (smartphones, iPads, flat screen monitors etc.) around the world create continuously growing demand - even during cyclically weaker periods of global economic growth. What will be much more expensive in ten years? Stocks? Real estate? Quite possible, but we can only be virtually certain with respect to commodities such as oil and strategic metals as well as food, due to the steady growth of the global population. The 7 billion mark was exceeded in 2011, and the global population is forecast to reach nine billion people by 2050 - people who wish to be mobile, consume energy, communicate and stay informed. Commodities are indispensable ingredients for these developments, including modern wind power and Supply rate and demand of selected high tech metals Metal solar heat systems, flat screens, smartphones and touch pads. Metals that are in limited supply are used in all applications. This knowledge cannot only be used to generate measurable returns for you, but can also secure the future supply of raw materials for the German industry, because it will be industry that will demand these metals and buy them from you. The facts bear out this view! Experts estimate that the world has 11,000 tonnes of recoverable indium deposits. Current mining and consumption volumes are already at 500 tonnes per year, resulting in the foreseeable end of natural reserves. One hundred tonnes of gallium are produced worldwide. Demand is already forecast to reach 2,000 tonnes per year by 2030. It will be very difficult to adjust production capacities to increasing demand during the next 20 years. In the case of tellurium, global production volumes are only 5% of gold production (currently: 130 tonnes/year). In addition, tellurium is rarer than gold and, in contrast to gold, is also used by industry - especially in the rapidly growing solar power plant industry. Developments in the price of gold provide indicators with regard to the expected price increases for tellurium. Antimony Strategic metals 16 years low 134.000 t (2006) Gallium Germanium Indium Neodym Niobium Tantalum Yttrium Silver Category Strategic metals Strategic metals Strategic metals Rare earth metals Strategic metals Strategic metals Strategic metals Precious metals Estimated time of availability 2006 not specified not specified 19 years (2007) not specified 60 years >90 years 61 years 13 years Demand factor for elected future technologies 2006 - 2030 21,75 103 t (2007) 7,87 8,23 6,95 3 3,37 1 3 Average supply rate per year 100 t (2007) 510 t (2007) 19.555 t (2005) 63.000 t (2010) 665 t (2010) 8.900 t (2007) 20.200 t (2006) Source: Frauenhofer ISI and IZT GmbH final report 2009

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