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Germanium oxide Used in

Germanium oxide Used in High-frequency technology Detector technology Wafers Infra-red technology Fibre optics Glass fibre technology Reserves & investment opportunities* Global production would have to increase by 687% to come even close to covering expected demand for germanium over the next 20 years. Molybdenum Used in Thin-layer transistors Catalysts Aviation and aerospace technology Medical technology Reserves & investment opportunities* At this time (2010/2011), demand is growing considerably at around 10% per annum. Mining production, on the other hand, is only increasing by 3.9%. Rare earth metals at TerraMetal Investment GmbH What are rare earth metals, and why are they so important to the global industry? The term rare earth metals refers to a group of 17 elements that are made up of the third group of the periodic system (with the exception of actinium) and the lanthanide series. The term rare earth metals is a bit misleading since these elements are not as rare as the name would suggest. There are enough global reserves for another 800 years. However, supplies for the next two to five years are very tight, creating investment opportunities for investors willing to take risks. For example, thulium, one of the rarest elements in the rare earth group, occurs more frequently than gold or platinum. The difficulty with rare earth Rhenium Used in Jet engines Turbines Lead-free petrol Thermocouples Reserves & investment opportunities* Rhenium is currently in short supply. Demand is growing, with no substitutes in sight. These aspects are promising in terms of value growth. Based on the current state of knowledge, reserves will be depleted in approximately 50 years (assuming demand remains unchanged). Niobium Used in Superconductors Aerospace technology Medical technology Steel industry Superalloys Reserves & investment opportunities* If demand remains stable, known reserves will be depleted in about 46 years. However, experts are expecting demand to triple by 2030. metals, which is also the reason behind the shortages, lies in the mining of these metals, as well as in the separation and preparation of the elements. Rare earth metals have similar chemical properties, so it is difficult to separate them from each other. They generally only occur in very small quantities in widely dispersed rare minerals, so that the mining of this metal is rarely feasible outside of China. It also means that most of the industrial extraction of rare earth metals occurs as a byproduct from the chemical preparation of other metals and ores. Therefore we are only actively offering two rare earth metals. Of course you can also order most other metals from us by using the contact form.

Hafnium Used in Military industry Flash technology Reactor safety New semiconductor technology Computer chips Turbine and aviation technology Reserves & investment opportunities* Annual global production is estimated at 50-70 tonnes. Based on the quickly growing semiconductor technology alone, it is expected that demand will see significant growth over the next years. Antimony Used in Semiconductor industry Alloy component Medicine Pigments Micro-capacitors Flame proofing agents Reserves & investment opportunities* Global deposits are expected to be depleted in approximately 16 years. Benefits of investing in metals with TerraMetal Investment GmbH Yttrium An investment in precious metals, strategic metals and rare earth metals offers excellent future prospects, which are listed below: Used in Permanent magnets for wind turbines Shielding material for reactors Microwave technology Memory chips Reserves & investment opportunities* In the future, mined volumes of this rare earth metal will not be sufficient to cover actual demand. The wind turbine building industry is booming. Neodymium Used in Permanent magnets Electric motors Hybrid technology Reserves & investment opportunities* In the future, mined volumes of this rare earth metal will not be sufficient to cover actual demand as a result of growing demand from the hybrid vehicle technology industry (and electric motors). * Purely mathematical information regarding the duration of recoverable raw material reserves based on current mining speed. In fact, raw materials may become available for longer time periods through recycling, the development of other resources and more. Source: Fraunhofer Institut System- und Innovationsforschung 2009 • High potential for value growth • Protection against inflation, currency reforms etc. • Metals can be freely selected (possibility to invest in only one single metal) • Verifiable high degree of purity of elements (usually 99.99%) • Security through purely physical purchases • Exempt from VAT as products are stored at a high-security and duty-free warehouse in Switzerland • Exempt from the flat rate tax after a one-year holding period • Low administration costs (insurance, storage etc.) of only 1.4% of investment sum • Special asset; no risk of insolvency risk if TMI fails • No purchase of company or limited partnership shares • Ensure that German industry and medium-sized businesses have access to important raw materials in the future • Storage at high-security and duty-free warehouse starting at EUR 3,000 • Comprehensive insurance cover for stocks in storage • High degree of flexibility due to a variety of selling options

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