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Claire's Consistent ConstellationsGalaxyGazetteAchieving Consistent Star StatusJuly 2012 Recognition & ResultsCongratulations On-Target Stars:Here’s how much you need to finish your next Star By 9/15/12CatherineBarryQueen ofWholesaleKimberlyClarkQueen ofSharingSherriJoslinTop LoveCheckWelcome New ConsultantsName:Shawna BiggsWendy MillerDonna MatteSponsored By:Kimberly ClarkClaire OlivierClaire OlivierCelebrating 50years: Mary Kay Ashtaught us how– golive your dream!One Woman Can!

Powered by TCPDF ( Constellations,I begin today contemplating the many choiceswe have in our lives. We’ve often been told tostart each day fresh. If you messed up on yourdiet or workout routine, begin again. If youstruggled and didn’t do any work yesterday,book a class today. If a big bill came in andyou freaked out – make that first call to sellproduct. We choose each day to begin or staystuck. We choose to make one call or thirty.We choose to ask for the follow up facial, to askfor the interview, or to approach the prospect.We’re a month into this new seminar year.What choices are you making? I hope you’llchoose, along with me, to build your businessto new heights this year. Success is yours forthe taking. Sometimes it’s as simple aspicking up the phone or walking out the frontdoor. Mary Kay has done all of the legwork forus – all we have to do is use their scripts andtry their products. Once you do, it’s an easysale, because they are so incredible.Our new lash products are amazing. The testpanel idea is an easy quick sale. Add in thenew skin care that’s coming next month, andit’s easy to book appointments right now.Make the call. Begin your success journey.You’ll be driving a free Pink Caddy in ourfabulous 50th anniversary suit in no time!Love and Belief, Claire

Our Top 5 Wholesale Orders for JulyCatherineBarryWendyMillerConnieRougeauDonnaMatteKathyRichardYear To Date Court of Personal Sales1 Catherine Barry $5,194.502 Wendy Miller $4,553.503 Donna Matte $1,488.504 Connie Rougeau $1,322.005 Kathy Richard $1,057.506 Theresa Stelly $719.007 P. Prudhomme-Rogers $556.008 Brenda Delmas $540.009 Stephanie Johnson $496.0010 Susan Guidry $458.0011 Belinda Daigle $450.0012 Kathleen Vodicka $449.0013 Bonnie Rosinski $444.0014 Julee Reed $439.0015 Debra Gonzales $435.0016 Mechella Harrison $415.5017 Sherri Joslin $412.0018 Charity Lanclos $407.5019 Polly Bellard $407.0020 Sherry Smith $406.00Top 20 Consultants Who Investedin Their Business in JulyCatherine Barry $2,517.25Wendy Miller $2,005.75Connie Rougeau $651.00Donna Matte $614.25Kathy Richard $528.75Theresa Stelly $359.50P. Prudhomme-Rogers $278.00Brenda Delmas $270.00Stephanie Johnson $248.00Susan Guidry $229.00Belinda Daigle $225.00Kathleen Vodicka $224.50Bonnie Rosinski $222.00Julee Reed $219.50Debra Gonzales $217.50Mechella Harrison $207.75Sherri Joslin $206.00Charity Lanclos $203.75Polly Bellard $203.50Sherry Smith $203.00Welcome Back ConsultantsMany times the things we fear most happenbecause we expect them to happen.Fortunately the opposite also is true. When weexpect great things, great things will happen!We are surrounded by abundance, and we candraw it to us by expecting it.

Recruiters and Their TeamsQualified Year to Date Sharing CourtTeam LeadersKathy RichardIndia AndrepontJacque FolseLinda SwinkeyMary Anne ChadderdonSusan Guidry* Dawn Blumrich* Kathryn Cosgrove* Nicole Dimonde* Theresa Darbonne* Victoria LacombePhyllis FaulConnie LejeuneJennifer SonnierJulie GuidryLana CormierWanda Schmitz* Beth Mouton* Elizabeth Daigle* Jeanette Kibodeaux* Karen Matte* Kim Higginbotham* Melinda Arabie* Mona Daigle* S. Olivier BegnaudStar Team BuildersSherri JoslinCathy BurleighCindy NoelStephanie JohnsonTheresa Stelly* Caroline Young* Debbie Guillory* Lisa Breaux* Mary Richard* Regina Garcia* Rosemary Tweedel* Sherri Landry* Sonia BennettSenior ConsultantsConnie RougeauMona Bertrand* Antoinette Thomas* Selena BronsonElizabeth DaigleKristy Bernard* Leslie L VankerkhoveJulee ReedMonica RougeauSherry Smith* Auburn Brown* Lisa Gautreaux* Lori Brown* Robbie DaileyKristy BernardCatherine BarryJamie LandreneauLinda SwinkeyKimberly ClarkMary Anne ChadderdonBrandy Broussard* Debbi MillerSharan BellardDebra GonzalesHelen DelcambreSherry SmithCarol BroussardTonia YoungMechella HarrisonWanda SchmitzClaudia Schmitz* Marshail S Wildridge* Michelle KidderLove Checks: Sharing the Opportunity9% Recruiter CommissionKathy Richard $29.39Phyllis Faul $11.274% Recruiter CommissionSherri Joslin $117.54Kristy Bernard $100.69Sharan Bellard $9.52Tonia Young $8.31Julee Reed $8.12Linda Swinkey $3.56Wanda Schmitz $2.67September BirthdaysAnnette Bartig 12Melinda Arabie 14Dorothy Bourgeois 21Selena Bronson 25Jacque Folse 26Gwen Stanford 28September AnniversariesDianne Guidry 14Kathy Richard 9Amanda Keyser 8Annette Bartig 8Linda Swinkey 8Dorothy Bourgeois 5LaTrelle B Boudreaux 4Lana Cormier 3Robbie Dailey 1* Means Inactive. A $200+ wholesale order will reinstate your 50% discount & your Active Team Member status.

Our Top Sellers This Month:4. Mary Anne Chadderdon - $2365. Claudia Schmitz - $2136. Wanda Schmitz - $367. Kristy Bernard - $308. Brandy Broussard - $241. Connie Rougeau$1,3002. Kimberly Clark$4343. Mechelle Harrison$277Please turn in yourWeekly Accomplishment Sheetsto receive recognition on your monthly sales!!$100+ DaysConnie Rougeau - 5Kimberly Clark - 3Mechelle Harrison - 1Monthly Spotlight ConsultantConnie is from Oakdale, LA but currentlyresides in Eunice. She is married to Darren andthey have been married for 13 years thismonth. Connie has three beautiful daughters,Emayla, Marissa, & Alexas. She is also a proudgrandmother. One of Connie and Darren’sfavorite hobbies is motorcycle riding.“I believe everyperson has theability to achievesomethingimportant, andwith that in mindI regard everyoneas special.”~Mary Kay AshConnie is a Senior Consultant with 3 memberson her team, Mona Bertrand (active), SelenaBronson, and Antoinette Thomas. Her goals forthe Seminar 2012-2013 year is to be onQueen’s Court of Sales & Sharing, to be aDirector by December 31, 2012, and to endthe year a 4-Quarter Star. For the 2011-2012 Seminar year, Connie was number 4 inCourt of Sales. She was a Star 3 times, had 9months of consistent ordering in the ConsistencyClub for 2011-2012 and was in theInner Circle (ordering $600 or more in a month) 2 times!!Connie’s highest sales in one day was over $3,000. YES! You read right, over$3,000 in one day! On a bus to Mexico!!! Connie you are awesome!! We are sohappy to have you as a member of the Consistent Constellations! We know youcan reach your Mary Kay dreams in the 2012-2013 Seminar Year!Congratulations Connie for beingAugust’s Spotlight Consultant!

Join your Acadiana Area Directors for a MERRY day of Holiday Makeovers,Recognition, & Training on Holiday and Christmas Sales & Team Building!Saturday, September 29thRegistration: 9:45 amMakeovers: 10:00 - 11 amMovers & Shakers: 11 - 1 pmWorking LunchCamp Holiday: 1 - 3:30 pmHoliday Inn Express Hotel736 I-10 S Frontage Rd., Scott, LA 70583All 1st QuarterRuby Stars and abovewill get treatedto lunch bytheir Director!!Your guests are invited toa morning of pampering & glamour!They’ll get a sneak peek atMary Kay’s hottest Holiday Looks &a jumpstart on their Christmas shopping!$100 FREE Mary Kay product for 1 lucky guest!Coffee & Refreshments Provided!Time to Recognize YOU!The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!Join us for CAMP HOLIDAY 2012& learn how to totally maximizeyour holiday selling & teambuilding efforts this upcomingholiday season from Acadiana’sTOP SALES DIRECTORS!!!with special guestTina Hebertowner ofSunflowers Floraldemonstrating economicalholiday gift sets & marketingproducts for the holidayJune 16 - September 15Quarterly Recognition for:- Perfect Start -- Power Start -- Power Start Plus -- Moving Up the Career Path -- Total Wholesale Ordered -- Total Retail Sold -- Team Building -- Star Consultants -- All Stars -Deadline to turn in W.A.S. & TOQ Tracking Sheetsto your Director is Monday, September 24th!!

Win this…Metal Drop Earrings ORMetal Bangle Bracelets!You’ll be the mostfashionable at all yourSummer parties when youplace a $600+wholesale order in August.Earn the one you didn’tearn last month!!Metal Drop Earrings!!Beautiful metal drop earringswith a 1 3/4 inch drop!Will look fabulous with the Director’s Suit!While supplies last.Join theInner CircleBig GirlsClub!ORTotal orders in themonth may beaccumulated!Metal Bangle Bracelets!!A beautiful bangle set that will look greatwith all the colors of the Summer!!while supplies lastWhen you order $1,500+ in August you earn all 4 prizes!First initial orders do not apply!Order $1,000+ in wholesale in the month of July and earn thegorgeous Silver necklace & earring set ORthe Brown , Turquoise, & Gold Beaded earring & necklace set!Earn the one you didn’t earn last month!!Join theELITE Inner CircleBig Girls Club!Silver Necklace & Earring Set!!Gorgeous silver half circle earring & necklace set!The perfect accessory for a Red Jacket!While supplies lastORCome to our Unitmeeting and checkout these prizes!!These picturesdon’t do themjustice!!Brown, Turquoise, & GoldEarring & Necklace Set!!Perfect trendy summer colors!The perfect accessory for any outfit!While supplies last.Olivier Unit...Earn these fabulous prizes just for workingyour MK business!Olivier Unit

2012 Consistency ClubCreated by Claire OlivierJuly, August, & SeptemberThe bee is the key! Jump start your new Seminar & our company’s50th Anniversary by BEE-ing consistent! Choose the prizes you’dlike to earn, and work accordingly! I BEE-lieve in YOU!!$250 wholesale inJuly, August, & SeptemberOR $750 accumulative for the 3 monthsmustorder each month!$450 wholesale inJuly, August, & SeptemberOR $1,350 accumulative for the 3 monthsmustorder each month!$650 wholesale inJuly, August, & SeptemberOR $1,950 accumulative for the 3 monthsmustorder each month!$850 wholesale inJuly, August, & SeptemberOR $2,550 accumulative for the 3 monthsmustorder each month!$1000 wholesale in July, August, and SeptemberOR $3,000 accumulative for the 3 months-must order each month!* All prizes are subject to availability after earned and may be substituted with an equivalent prize of equal or greater value!

“50” has always been a special number inMary Kay – but never more special thanthis year – Mary Kay’s 50th anniversary!To celebrate theimpact of oneinnovative woman& the launch of atruly innovativeproduct, TimeWiseRepair, we’ve got achallenge for you! Share Mary Kay’s amazing skincare lines with 50 women in 50 days and earn aspecial certificate of achievement.The launch of these new skin care products is an excellent time to encourage yourcustomers to reevaluate their current skin care needs. And who wouldn’t want to try thisinnovative new regimen or other great skin care choices like Botanical Effects or theTimeWise Miracle Set?We know that women love choices, and the launch of new skin care products is anexcellent time to encourage your customers to reevaluate their current skin care needs.Take the challenge. Introduce or reintroduce great skin care products to 50 women today!Sell 5TimeWiseRepair Volu-Firm Sets bySept. 13 andearn a goldmoney bag.*You also willbe enteredinto adrawing fora chance towin one offive $1000checks!**There will beone luckywinner perSeminarArea.*Limit one bag perConsultant**One entry per Consultant

The Challenge to Grow Our Unit Is On!By increasing our unit's size by 10 new qualified*members from July 1 - November 30, we’llreceive great rewards: Each contributingmember will receive a bangle bracelet for everynew qualified team member personally addedduring the contest period once the unit goalof 10 new qualified members is reached.For example, if a unit member adds three newqualified* team members from July 1 - Nov. 30,and the unit has reached a total of 10 newqualified team members, she'll receive all threebracelets. Add more team members and receivemore bracelets! The bracelets come in threecoordinating designs that can be worn alone ortogether for maximum impact.Note: Bracelets will be earned and received in this order:1) dark champagne and gold, 2) black gemstones andgold, 3) light champagne and gold.*For contest purposes, a qualified new team member is one whose initial order with theCompany is $600 or more in wholesale Section 1 products and is received and accepted bythe Company in the same or following calendar month that her Independent BeautyConsultant Agreement is received and accepted by the Company.Will you acceptthe OlympicChallenge andgold medal thismonth?

Mary Kay Dates to Remember: September 3: Labor Day. All Company and branch offices closed. Postal holiday. September 5: 2012 Mary Kay Makeover Contest: Hollywood Dreams! begins. September 8: Online DIQ Commitment Form available beginning 6 a.m. Central timeuntil midnight on the 10th. September 9: Grandparents Day September 10: Early ordering of the new Fall/Holiday 2012 items begins for StarConsultants who qualified during March 16 – June 15, or enrolled in PCP’s The Lookfor Fall/Holiday September 13: Mary Kay Inc. 49th Anniversary. September 15: LAST DAY OF STAR QUARTER 1! Postmark deadline for Summer2012 promotion. Early ordering of the new Fall/Holiday 2012 promotional itemsavailable for all Consultants. Last day for your customers to take advantage of theSummer 2012 gift-with-purchase offer. Last day to enroll online for the Fall/Holiday2012 PCP Month 2 mailer. September 16: Quarter 2 Star Consultant quarterly contest begins. Fall/Holiday 2012promotion begins. September 20: PCP Fall/Holiday 2012 customer mailing of The Look begins. (Allow7-10 business days for delivery.) September 21: International Day of Peace September 22: First Day of Autumn September 27: Last day of the month for Consultants to place telephone orders (until10 p.m. Central time). September 28: Last business day of the month. Orders and Agreements submitted bymail or dropped off at the branches must be received by 7 p.m. local time to counttoward this month’s production. September 30: Last day of the month for Consultants to place online orders (until 9p.m. Central time). Online Agreements accepted until midnight Central time.Make all of your plans and decisions with the greater good in mind. When youchoose to change your life for the greater good, what’s in the best interest ofyourself and others, your life takes on greater meaning and the achievement ofyour life become more worthwhile. As you strive to achieve the greater good inyour life, realize that the logical mind will seldom alter an emotion or feeling. Theonly ways to alter emotions are with other emotions, and the more emotionallyexcited and passionate you are about your limitless potential, the farther you willgo toward your dreams. If you can think it and see it in your mind’s eye, you canhave it, as long as you are willing to pay the price of attainment.Remember, there is a very big difference between motivation and will power.Motivation tends to come from an outside source and is very often short induration. I have never seen a person who relied on motivation accomplish longtermsuccess in his or her life. However, the people I know who have the internaldrive created by sheer willpower seem to be able to work miracles. They functionwith great clarity about their goals, certain about achieving those goals, and theycontinually move in the direction of their desires. Willpower comes from passion,and when you are passionate about something, you will be inspired to greatness.Letting Go of Your Bananas By: Dr. Daniel T. Drubin

Return Service RequestedClaire OlivierIndependent Sales Director ofClaire's Consistent Constellations1651 Deanne HwyChurch Point, LA 70525Phone: (337) 344-8248claireolivier@centurytel.netWords of WisdomFrom Mary Kay AshWomen are natural salespeople. Oncethey believe in a product, they sell it toeveryone they meet. They have spenttheir lives selling their husbands,children, neighbors and friends onwhatever they believe in. Selling aproduct they are sold on themselves issecond nature. I am amazed by theingenuity, creativity and ability to seethat women possess.BE A STAR, ADD A STAR (TO YOUR TEAM)“I want you to aim for the moon and to remember that even if youmiss, you will land among the beautiful stars.” – Mary Kay AshThe beginning of a new year is a great time to renew your commitment to Mary Kay’smission of enriching women’s lives and to set new and exciting goals for your Mary Kaybusiness! Did you know that almost every Company-sponsored selling and team-buildingchallenge available to you throughout each Seminar year leads to one goal? They eachincorporate activities to help you achieve Star Consultant status. Mary Kay Ash herselfbelieved that once you become a Star Consultant, you have what it takes to earn aCareer Car, become an Independent Sales Director, and achieve a spot in the Queens’Courts at Seminar. That’s why she created the original Star Consultant program in 1975.The Formula to BE A STAR:Your weekly activity adds up! It takes just one class a week to be a consistent star! Quarterly Activity: 36 customers at $100 each per quarter = $3600 Retail or$1800 wholesale, which makes you a Sapphire Star! Monthly Activity: 12 customers at $100 each = $1200 Retail ($600wholesale). When using the 60/40 split (60% reinvest/40% profit), you’ll earn $480profit /month! Weekly Activity: 4 classes/month(3 at each class) equals just 1 class/week! Another Option: Hold 2 classes/month with 6 faces per class! (or use theextra profits to line your pockets and increase your star level)

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