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3 YEAR RULE~ Policy of S.D. No 23 ~A student has 3 years to achievegraduation starting at grade 10. Ifstudents do not achieve graduation by theend of the grade 12 year, further courseswill be available at Central Schools inKelowna, NOT at GESS.

Overview Future Planning Graduation Requirements Academic Program Options Elective Program Options Course Policies Things to Consider Questions


PLANNING for the FUTURE~ University Entrance ~ENGLISH 12(70% ↑)+3 Grade 12 courses[approved by the schoolyou choose to attend]Some programs also requireGr. 11 courses• English Lit 12• French 12• History 12• Geography 12• Law 12• Pre-Cal 12• Calculus 12• Physics 12• Chemistry 12• Biology 12RESEARCH & Keep your options open ...

PLANNING for the FUTURE~ College to University Transfer ~ASSOCIATE OFARTSTake 1 or 2 years at college& transfer to university tocomplete Arts degree.ASSOCIATE OFSCIENCESTake 1 or 2 years at college& transfer to university tocomplete Science degree.ENG 12 60% ↑College transcript then usedfor university transferENG 12 60% ↑P.Calc 12 50% ↑College transcript then usedfor university transferRESEARCH & Keep your options open ...

PLANNING for the FUTURE~ Trades Programs ~Career & Life Programs Coordinator: MR. DOUG MERAW•Secondary School Apprenticeship•Dual credit PROGRAM• Hairdressing• Collision Repair• Joinery• Sheet Metal• Carpentry• Plumbing• R.V. Technician• Welding• Culinary Arts• Electrician• Electronics Common Core• Emergency Medical Responder• Home Support/Resident Care Attendant• Automotive Service Technician Program• Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Mechanic/ Structures• Heavy Duty/ Commercial TransportMechanics• Residential Construction• Diesel Engine Mechanic• Power Sport Mechanic• Forestry• Computer System Service Technician

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTSGr 10 + Gr. 11 + Gr. 12 = 80 credits minimumGRADE 10• English 10• Social Studies 10• Science 10• a Mathematics 10GRADE 11• an English 11• a S.S. 11• a Mathematics 11• a Science 11GRADE 12• an English 12• ________ 12• ________ 12• ________ 12•a PE 10• Planning 10 • Grad TransitionsPLUS additional courses (electives) at Gr 10, 11, &/or 12

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTSGRADUATION TRANSITIONS• REQUIRED 4 cr for Graduation!• outside of timetable via website• plans for after high school graduation• M.A.P. (My Action Plan project) *due November• Exit InterviewPlan to be finished in January of gr.12 year

EnglishENGLISH 10/ 11 / 12These are academic English courses, required for university entrance and forsome technical programs. Focus on literature and writing.COMMUNICATIONS 11 / 12These are modified or easier English courses. They willprepare you for most Trades Programs at the college level.Advanced Placement English 12Linear (2 blocks) = Eng 12 + Eng Lit 12 + AP Lang (12 cr)In-depth study of English: writing, literature, languageExcellent prep for post-secondary – possible university credit or placement

Social StudiesSocial Studies 10 / 11First Nations 12 *may be used to fulfill the requirement of Socials 11History 12Law 12Geography 12 **Comparative Civilizations 12 **** Geography 12 & Comp Civ 12will be offered alternating years.Geography 12 is 2013-14.Com Civ 12 is 2014-15.

SCIENCE 10SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 11A non-academic science. Does not meet universityentrance requirements but is fine for graduation.EARTH SCIENCE 11Only in Points by special permission.BIOLOGY 11/12An academic science!CHEMISTRY 11/12Strong math background needed! Foundations Math 10 minimum!PHYSICS 11/12Strong math background needed! Foundations Math 10 minimum!Recommended take Ma 11 before or concurrently with Physics 11.Sciences

MathA & W Math 10 COMMON MATH 10Foundations/Pre-Calculus 10A & W Math 11GraduationUniversity Transfer ARTS(OC) & ARTS @ UBC-OMany tradesFoundations 11GraduationUniversity Transfer ARTS(OC)ARTS @ UBC-O, SFU, &UVIC *** see belowPre-Calculus 11GraduationUniversity Transfer ARTS(OC)ARTS @ UBC-O, UBC-V,UVIC, & SFUA & W Math 12Foundations 12Business Degree (OC)ARTS @ UBC-O, SFU,UVIC (strongly recommendedfor course pre-requisites)Pre-Calculus 12SCIENCES & BUSINESSDEGREES @ UBC-V, UBC-O, UVIC, & SFU, OC

MathImportant notes:A & W Ma 12Foundations 12Business Degree (OC)ARTS @ UBC-V, & SFU& UVICPre-Calculus 12SCIENCES & BUSINESS @OC, UBC-V, UBC-O, UVIC, & SFUFoundations 12 isNOT an approvedgrade 12 course forcalculation ofuniversity entrance atUBC.Calculus 12Strongly recommended forscience or math programs in postsecondaryPre-Calculus pathway =Maximum options forPost-Secondary!Course offerings dependent upon # of participants.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTSGr. 11 PLANNINGGr. 12 PLANNING an English 11 a math 11 a science 11 a S.S. 11 Planning 10 Course #6 Course #7 Course #8Elective studiesgrade 10,11, or 12 an English 12 _______ 12 _______ 12 _______ 12 Course #5 Course #6 (Course #7) (Course #8) TRANSITIONS

What about a LANGUAGE?~ great idea!BUT is a 2 nd language required ??For graduation? NOFor trades or vocational programs? NOFor university entrance? … maybeIt depends on if you go straight to university fromhigh school, the program you choose,& the university/college you attend.It’s a good idea to keep your options open!

LanguagesFrench 8-12Spanish 11-12(BEGINNERS 11 – REGULAR 11 – 12)ASL 11French 8 through 12Can enter Beginner’s Spanish11 in grade 10Beginner’s Spanish 11 leadsto Regular Spanish 112 nd Language to gr 11 levelneeded to go straight touniversity in some casesLanguage to gr 12 levelneeded for graduation fromsome university programs(particularly ARTS based)Course offerings dependent upon # of participants.

~ BANDART METAL ~~ JAZZ BANDPHOTOGRAPHY ~ART ~Fine Arts~ ACTING~ THEATREPRODUCTION~ DANCECourse offerings dependent upon # of participants.

Rec Leadership, PE Team,Soccer, HockeyFoodsMarketingAppliedSkillsConstruction, Metal,Auto TechnologyAnimation,VideoProduction,DraftingCourse offerings dependent upon # of participants.

Work Experience 12SEE MR. MERAW FOR ENTRY!• Outside of timetable!• present job, not PAST employmentRequirements:• Register work placement with Career Centre• Accumulate 100 hours of work experience (paid or unpaid)• Complete a post-work experience report

New &DifferentGeography 12 & Comp Civ 12will be offered alternating years.Geography 12 = 2013-14Comp Civ 12 = 2014-15* Only need SS 10 as pre-requisiteRecLeadership10-12APPLICATIONCan select oncomputer but needto do form as well.Forms availablefrom Mr. Frechetteand Mr. WardmanCourse offerings dependent upon # of participants.

External CreditsA student can earn school credits for some specific programs:• Driver Training Course• Girl Guides / Cadets• Provincial & National level sport teams• NLS & Bronze Cross (swimming)• Royal Conservatory Music levels* Credits are given for SPECIFIC levels of participation asdetermined by the Ministry of Education.Check with a counsellor!

Get more information:• Watch the TVs in hallways!• Check out the Powerpoint on theGES website!• Talk to teachers!• Math = Mr. Beck• Science = Mr. Penner / Mrs. Birkeland• English = Mr. Wardman / Mrs. Brown• SS = Ms. Millott• PE = Mr. Frehlick• Language = Mrs. Davidson• Applied Skills = Mr. Larson• Fine Arts = Mrs. Hansen

GES Course PolicyGrade 10:Grade11:Grade 12:8 courses inside timetableNO SPARES8 courses inside timetableNO SPARES6 courses inside timetable*does not include Transitions , outside of TTcourses counted separately88 cr. before Spares granted**Online courses are ‘extra’ & not part of timetable course count.

Distance EducationBe careful ~this is NOT the‘easier’ way totake a course!Gr 12: online courses required forgraduation must be complete by middle ofMay 2014

Please ConsiderBalance your life!Consider what is best for you and your own path.All courseofferingsdepend uponhaving enoughstudents tomake themviable.Post-SecondaryProgram Catalogues areavailable in the CareerCentre & online.www.educationplanner.bc.caRESEARCH YOUR CHOICESCAREFULY!Make sure you are COMMITTED before you sign up for acourse, particularly outside of timetable courses!What are you REALLY prepared to do?

Plan Carefully!Changing courses will NOT besimple and extra space inany course is not guaranteed.Consider your future plans& be realistic!


Course Selection Dates:GRADE 10Day 2period 1-2GRADE 11Day 2period 3-4Tues., Feb 12Thurs., Feb 14Tues., Feb 19See you next week!

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