The SCHARP CRF Tracking System
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The SCHARP CRF Tracking System

So you just completed a visit,and you are ready to fax inthose forms…•You fax the forms…How do you know if SCHARPactually received them??You can use SCHARP’sCRF Tracking System 2!2

What is the CRF TrackingSystem 2 (CTS2)?• A tool used by the site to confirm thereceipt of faxed Case Report Forms(CRFs) at SCHARP.• This is an optional tool for sites, but ishighly recommended3

How CTS2 Works• DataFax CRFs are faxed to SCHARP inbatches (groups) of multiple pages.• Sites are notified that a fax was receivedvia the Fax-reception Report• Sites are notified which CRFs werereceived and validated via theCRF-validation report4

Fax-reception ReportUniqueTrackingID Numberand # ofpagesreceivedDate,timereceived• displays faxes received during specified dates• generated nightly and sent by e-mail5

CRF-validation ReportProtocolParticipantIDCRFs received,visit, fax ID,fax page #• displays CRFs validated during specified dates• generated at the frequency of your choosing(nightly, weekly, etc.) and sent by e-mail6

How to Use CTS27• After receiving the Fax-reception Report,compare the number of pages received atSCHARP to the number faxed in the batch• If the number of pages received does not matchthe number of pages faxed, possible causes are:– the number of pages in the batch weremiscounted– two or more pages in a batch stuck togetherduring faxing• When the numbers don’t match, wait for theCRF-validation Report for information aboutwhich CRF page(s) were received. Refax thoseCRF pages not listed.


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