February 2004 - Plumbing & HVAC

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February 2004 - Plumbing & HVAC

In This IssueFeatures:Ontario protests acrylic ban 7Building inspector implements littleknowncode requirementDepartmentsHot Seat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5Industry News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7Western Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10Atlantic Focus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33Coming Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34Literature Showcase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35People and Places . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36Shop Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38Products & TechnologiesPipes, Valves & Fittings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13Faucets & Fixtures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17Fire Prevention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18Heating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19Hot Water Heating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21Ventilation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22Refrigeration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25Compact. Quiet. Highest Efficiency.The intelligent way to heat your home.Carwash plumbing 12It looks complicated because it isName recognition 15Turn that truck into a rolling billboardA big new show 26Organizers optimistic as FOCUS-CIPHEX Ontario gears upSee us at the CIPHEX Ontario Show,booth 902Cover photo: Vito Cosentino, left, and GaryBelluz are enthusiastic about the carwashbusiness. (Photo by Simon Blake)The new Vitotec product line.Vitodens 200 gas-fired condensing boiler featured.Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc.www.viessmann.caViessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) Inc.www.viessmann-us.comCircle Number xxx for More InformationCircle Number 104 for More Information

IN LAS VEGAS, THE ONE THINGwe never doISgamble.THE SYSTEM IS THE SOLUTION ...at the homeDestinations Show Home in Las Vegas“With $7.5 million at stake, we couldn’t afford to take chances onblack iron pipe for gas distribution. This 10,000 square foot, ultraluxuryhome had to be built in just 8 months to be ready for the2003 Builders’ Show.”“We installed almost 2,000 linear feet of Gastite flexible gaspiping to supply 25 different appliances. We chose Gastite forthe labor savings, and cut our installation time bytwo thirds. But Gastite also helped us quicklyand easily accommodate numerous applianceupgrades and change orders.”“Gastite wasn’t just the best choice; it was theonly choice for making sure the house was readyon time. Because in Las Vegas, the one thing youcan bet on is the house always wins.”– Tim Conaway, Silver Star Plumbing, Inc.Call 1-800-662-0208for an appointment with aGastite representativeTiteflex Corporation603 Hendee Street, Springfield, MA 01104www.gastite.com© 2003, Titeflex CorporationCircle Number 105 for More Information

Hot SeatIncorporatingPlumbing Pipingand Heating magazineand HVAC/RefrigerationmagazineBe your customer’ssafety watchdogIam grateful to be here to write this. Justbefore Christmas my family and I wentthrough a frightening experience. Thegas supply line to our home broke off atthe meter in the middle of the night.We were sound asleep. Fortunately, aneighbor suddenly realized, half anhour after midnight, that she had forgottento put out her recycling bin. Sheheard and smelled the gas hissing – itactually sounded more like a small jetengine – from the broken pipe. Shedropped her recycling bin and ran.Luckily, she had the presence of mindto get us up and we hustled out onto thestreet. We tried to call the gas company(Enbridge), but couldn’t get through onthe emergency line – something I mentionedto both the technician thatarrived to fix the line the next day and toone of their company office staff when Ispoke to them on the phone later.So we called the fire department.They came and closed the gas valve –and all was well (except that we didn’thave heat or hot water until the nextday). The ten minutes – perhaps less –that we spent standing in the streetwaiting for the fire department seemedto take ages. We were standing outsidein the cold, listening to the gas escaping,waiting for the house to blow up. Ithought of the strip mall in Etobicoke,not far from our office, where sevenpeople died last year when it explodedas a result of a gas leak. I wondered if Ishould go knock on every door on thestreet to get everybody up. I worriedthat we were still too close to the house.We were lucky though, as one of thefiremen pointed out. There was a prettystiff breeze taking the gas vapour awayfrom the house. The fire departmentcalled in the gas company. The fellowthat came out didn’t have the right partswith him, so I stayed home the next dayand waited for another technician, whoshowed up late in the morning.So why did the meter feed line break?When the meter had been installed, probablyyears ago, the technician had failed toput a swing joint in the connection. Wehad weeping tile work done about a yearearlier and my guess is the ground wasstill settling. A swing joint should havetaken up any movement in the gas line.Now I debated long and hard aboutwriting anything about this. I don’t usuallywrite about personal events. Onecan’t dwell on what might have happened.We are just grateful that nothingdid. And I have no complaint with thegas company and I really don’t want toput their employees on the spot.But the reason I decided I had to saysomething, and what bothers me aboutthis particular incident, is the numberof people that had looked at our gasconnection in the five-plus years thatwe have lived in the house.Be the Best - Provide the bestEvery couple of months the gas companyrepresentative reads the meter.Enbridge has marked the gas line threetimes due to various construction/renovationprojects – once for a new waterline, once for the weeping tiles and oncewhen we installed new porch supportpilings. As well, three different HVACcontractors have worked on our heatingand air conditioning systems.Surely one of these ‘experts’ shouldhave spotted the lack of a swing joint inthe gas connection and raised thealarm. In this case, I was just anotherhomeowner with a potentially deadlyproblem that I didn’t have the knowledgeto recognize.I think it behooves every tradesmanin this industry, when they are in acustomer’s home or building, to justtake a quick look around for anypotential safety hazards related to themechanical/HVAC systems. It may besomeone else’s responsibility, but yourcustomer will be grateful if you raisethe alarm. They have no way of knowingotherwise.You are their safety watchdog.For over three decades Wirsbo has provided the systems and solutionsthat plumbing & heating professionals rely on to turn homeowner dreams into reality.AQUAPEX Clean & healthy plumbing systems.AQUASAFE Peace of mind with home fire protection.RADIANT FLOOR Comfortable & economical heating systems.Enhance the way you work & the way your customers live.www.wirsbo.ca1-888-994-7726January/February 2004Volume 14, Number 1ISSN 1499-5271EditorSimon Blake(416) 614-5820sblake@nytek.caExecutive Editor/PresidentRonald H. (Ron) Shuker(416) 614-5816rshuker@nytek.caContributorsRoy CollverJohn CarrRon ColemanWarren LawPublisherBill Begin(416) 614-5819bbegin@nytek.caNational Sales ManagerJim Gillen(416) 614-5817jgillen@nytek.caDesign and ProductionTim Nortonproduction@nytek.caCirculation ManagerPat GlionnaCorporate ServicesAnthony EvangelistaPLUMBING & HVAC PRODUCT NEWS Magazine ispublished six times annually by Nytek PublishingInc. and is written for individuals who purchase/specify/approvethe selection of plumbing, piping, hotwater heating, fire protection, warm air heating, airconditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, controls andrelated systems and products throughout Canada.Head OfficeNytek Publishing Inc.451 Attwell Drive, Toronto,Ontario, Canada M9W 5C4Tel: (416) 242-8088Fax (416) 242-8085POSTMASTER: Send all address changes and circulationinquiries to: Plumbing & HVAC Product Newsmagazine, 451 Attwell Drive, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaM9W 5C4. 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Quality Control Solutions for Today’sHydronic Heating ApplicationsUniversal Reset Control 374 - Two Mixing, Two Stage Boiler, DHW & SetpointThe 374 is capable of controlling two mixing reset loops (variable speed pump injection or mixing valves), a DHW load, a setpoint load and two boilerstages. This control also features a built in clock with a 7 day programmable setback schedule. The 374 is capable of operating either a single boilerstage or two boiler stages. It can also be set up to operate with a tekmar boiler staging control for systems that have more than two boiler stages.Features• Two Mixing Outputs with Outdoor Reset orSetpoint Operation• Variable Speed Injection or Floating Action• DHW Pump or Valve Operation• DHW Priority• One or Two Boiler Stages• Boiler Control with Outdoor Reset or Boiler Enablefor Connection to a Boiler Staging Control• Boiler Differential (Automatic)• Boiler Mass Setting• Equal Run-Time Rotation• Three Characterized Heating Curves(Two Mixing and One Boiler)• Setpoint Demand Input• Internal Clock with Four Hour Backup• 7 Day / 2 Events per Day ScheduleOutdoorSensor 070visit the tekmar web site at www.tekmarcontrols.comtekmar Control Systems Ltd., Canada, tekmar Control Systems, Inc., U.S.A.Head Office: 5100 Silver Star Road, Vernon, B.C. Canada, V1B 3K4 Tel. (250) 545-7749 Fax. (250) 545-0650Circle Number 107 for More Information

Industry NewsIn BriefCanadian Tire finedOn Dec. 12 the Ontario Court ofJustice in Brampton, Ont. finedCanadian Tire Corp. $25,000 onthree counts of importing ozonedepleting substances contrary to theCanadian Environmental ProtectionAct. Officials filed the charges afterfinding imported bar refrigeratorscontaining dichlorodifluoromethane,which is prohibited because itdepletes the earth’s ozone layer. Visitwww.ec.gc.ca/envlaw for more information.ISH goes biennialOrganizers have announced that theISH North America mechanical showwill go to an every-second-year formatafter next fall’s event in Boston,Mass., Oct. 14-16. A survey of exhibitorsfollowing the 2003 Las Vegasevent showed 63 per cent in favour ofthe change. In odd years, the organizerswill host a Combined IndustryConference where member associationswill hold their annual meetings.In 2006, ISH North America will takeplace in Chicago. Visit www.ish-na.comfor more information.A helping handClimateCARE, Burlington, Ont., a cooperativeof independent HVAC contractors,has joined the Share theWealth charity to launch an Ontariowideprogram to provide emergencyrepairs to gas and oil furnaces forlow income households. Climate-CARE members expect to donate$30,000 in cash and services overthe winter. They have also pledgedto service 100 homes across theprovince over the next year, reportstreasurer Roger Grochmal (Atlas AirClimateCARE, Burlington, Ont.).ClarificationA report in the November/Decemberissue of Plumbing and HVAC ProductNews (‘Illegal Piping’, Page 6)may have been misleading. Easy-Flex orange PVC-coated flexible copperpiping from Bomil Tubing Inc.,Montreal, Que. is manufactured toAmerican Society of Testing andMaterials (ASTM International) standardsand is acceptable for usewherever piping runs above-groundin oil heating applications. The issueinvolves buried installations. Section8. of the CSA B-139-00Installation Code for Oil-BurningEquipment states: ‘Materials usedfor underground piping or tubingshall be certified and suitable forthat application.’ Sect. that underground piping shallbe (a) installed with secondary containmentand (b) equipped with ameans of detecting a leak from theprimary pipe or tube. Plumbing &HVAC Product News sincerely regretsany confusion caused by our report.Acrylic tubs barredfrom Ont. high-risesIndustry seeks code changesBy Simon BlakeResidents of high-rise apartmentbuildings and condominiumsacross Ontario love their acrylicsoaker tubs. “Ninety per cent of the tubsgoing into high-rises are acrylic,”reported Constance Wrigley-Thomas,program manager for the CanadianInstitute of Plumbing and Heating.However, only steel tubs will beallowed in these buildings if a ruling bythe Ontario Building Code Commissionstands. It upheld a decision bya building inspector in Burlington,Ont. that is sending shockwavesthrough the province’s residential highriseindustry.The move effectively bans the installationof acrylic bathtubs, showers andtub enclosures in apartment buildingshigher than 18 metres or six storieswhere no fire sprinkler system is present.The acrylic tubs exceed maximumsmoke levels developed in the event of afire permitted under the OntarioBuilding Code.Builders in southern Ontario’s hotresidential market are in a difficult position.“As it stands right now, you can’tinstall these tubs. Builders are tearingtheir hair out,” noted Wrigley-Thomas.And while it is unlikely that ownersof existing buildings will be required toOil heat marketingfund approvedBy Ron Shukerwww.wattsdrainage.caFlow Rates from 4 to 75 GPMGrease Capacity from 8 to 150 LBSBolt-on Extensions available in twoconfigurations for flexibilityWATTS INDUSTRIES (CANADA) INC.TEL: 1-888-208-8927 FAX: 1-888-479-2887remove the tubs, there are liability concernsboth for the builders thatinstalled the tubs and the inspectors –and thus the government – thatallowed them.CIPH, along with the PlumbingIndustry Advisory Council, have raisedthe issue with the Ontario Ministry ofMunicipal Affairs.On Jan. 6 Wrigley-Thomas presentedseveral options to the Ontario BuildingCode Technical Committee. The mostlikely to be adopted would raise thesmoke-developed classification (smokedensity) for acrylic fixtures from 300 to500 under Section of theOntario Building Code – CombustiblePlumbing Fixtures.All other jurisdictions in NorthAmerica require fire sprinkler systemsin residential high-rises of sixstories or greater. She also noted thatthere have been no documented casesof fires resulting from acrylic fixturesin high-rise buildings. Research bythe Ontario Association of Architectsshowed that 56 per cent of high-risefires originate in the kitchen and 10per cent in the bedroom. No fireswere reported as originating in thebathroom.She also suggested the acrylic fixturesA $2.5 million annual oil heat marketingprogram will be implemented laterthis year by the Canadian Oil HeatAssociation (COHA).After several years of discussions andnegotiations with all stakeholders, thethree-year $7.5 million national fundwas approved by the major fuel oil producers,oil heat equipment manufacturersand fuel oil dealers last fall.The objective of the fund is to increasethe fuel oil heating market by two percent annually. The industry sells approximatelythree billion litres annually to1,375,000 homes across Canada, an estimated13 per cent heating market share.The key goals of the marketingprogram are to increase consumerawareness of oilheat as an attractiveway to heat their homes, stop the erosionof home oil heating and relatedequipment demand, and increasehome heat volumes and relatedequipment sales.The Atlantic, Quebec and Ontariomarkets will each receive 26.6% of theHigh-rise residents love their acrylicsoaker tubs. The Ontario Building CodeCommission has ruled them a hazardin the event of a fire. (Photo courtesyof Delta Faucet Canada)should be considered in the same categoryas furnishings rather than buildingmaterials, in which case there wouldn’tbe an issue.The Ministry is looking at a numberof options and working to get the issueresolved as quickly as possible, reportedDavid Brezer, manager of code interpretation,registration and training.The seven-story Burlington buildingat the heart of the controversy is justone-half metre higher than allowed.The owner had considered redoing thegrading, but that proved impractical. Asprinkler system is being consideredbut would be expensive and cause considerableinconvenience to the residentsin the completed and occupiedbuilding.total funding for regional promotionprograms. Twenty per cent will go tonational marketing.A Marketing Fund Team made upvoting members from the five major oilcompanies (Esso, Irving, Petro-Canada,Shell and Ultramar), three independentfuel oil dealers and two manufacturers,will run the project.The marketing team will also includeone COHA executive member and theregional chapter chairmen as non-votingmembers. COHA will provideadministrative services.The oil producers will provide 75 percent of the funding, the dealers 15 percent and equipment manufacturers 10per cent, all based on a percentage oftotal sales volume.INTRODUCING the NEW WD SERIES GREASE INTERCEPTORS...COMPETITIVE, COMPACT, AND UNPARALLELED FLEXIBILITYOther Commerical DrainageProducts Available. Contact Us Today.Floor Drains Parking Area Drains Trench Drains Roof Drains Special Purpose Drains Drain ProFloor Sinks Grease Interceptors Oil Interceptors Solids Interceptors Hydrants Fixture Carriers CleanoutsCircle Number 108 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 7MADE INCANADA

New design gives youeasier handling.Toughness begins with our exclusive Flexicore ® wire rope centercables. They handle all the torque that the 1/2 hp motor can deliver,a great combination for ripping out roots. And the reinforced framewon’t ever sag or twist.To make the Speedrooter 91even more user-friendly, we’vemade it easier for you to loadthe machine onto a truck. Asyou lift, it slides smoothly fromloading wheel to handle to stair climbers and finally to the wheels.Then you can secure it with the wheel brake.We’ve also given the Speedrooter 91 an adjustable heighthandle. It can be three inches longer or more compact,depending on your preference. The auto-adjust cablefeed drives 3/4", 5/8" or 1/2" cables, the machine rollson big 10" roller bearing wheels, and V-belt stairclimbers help youon steps. More jobhelpers include asee-through drumcage and a handy toolbox mounted on the frame.For more information, ask yourwholesaler or call the Drain Brains ®at 412-771-6300. Prepare to payhundreds of dollars less than youwould expect.For a wholesaler in your area, contact:Alberta – Tom Donaldson Co.,Calgary 403-287-7933, Edmonton 780-486-2288British Columbia – West-Am, 877-600-0210Manitoba – Quadra Sales, 204-832-2354Ontario – G.F. Thompson, 800-499-3673Quebec & Atlantic Canada –Rafales-LawAgency, 514-731-3212Saskatchewan – Asta Sales, 306-933-4125www.drainbrain.com/speedrooter© General Wire Spring 2003Circle Number 109 for More Information

Industry NewsHVAC, plumbing splitunder Master FormatBy Simon BlakeAn 11th-hour reversal by the taskforce charged with developing the2004 Master Format might causeconfusion in tendering and construction,reports the Mechanical ContractorsAssociation of Canada (MCAC).MCAC, along with the CanadianConstruction Association (CCA), theMechanical Contractors Association ofAmerica (MCAA), the Plumbing, Heatingand Cooling Contractors of America(PHCC) and other organizationslobbied long and hard to keep plumbingand HVAC together under one divisionof the Construction SpecificationsInstitute (CSI) Master Format. Itdescribes how work is divided up in theconstruction industry and influenceshow construction projects are tendered.As reported in the last issue ofP&HVAC, MCAC members believedthe issue had been settled. Three previousmeetings produced a vote that keptplumbing and HVAC together.That all changed during the final voteof the 17-member Master FormatExpansion Task Team Nov. 16. Plumbingand HVAC were split. Plumbing isnow Division 22. Heating, ventilationand air conditioning is Div. 23. Fire suppression,separated from the mechanicaldivision in 1995, is Div. 21.Integrated automation, or buildingcontrols, is Div. 25.Only 12 members were present forthe vote, including all four Canadianrepresentatives. The Canadian votewent 3-1 in favour of keeping plumbingand HVAC under one division, reportedRichard McKeagan, MCAC president.One thing that may have affected thevote on the first three drafts was thatanyone present could vote. Only taskteam members were allowed to participatein the final tally, noted task forcechairman Dennis Hall, Hall ArchitectsInc., Charlotte, North Carolina.Design community supportThe design/engineering community overwhelminglysupported the change,reported Hall. Contractors were divided,he added. The Sheet Metal and AirConditioning Contractors National Association(SMACNA) and one or twoother contractor groups supported thechange.“I think the task team looked at thatand said, ‘Since the contracting groupsare very vocal but very mixed on theirdirection and the design groups seem tobe very firm on their direction …’ itswung the vote over to splitting (plumbingfrom HVAC),” he explained.And in a letter responding to MCACconcerns, Hall noted “… that the vastmajority of the design professionalsbelieve that plumbing is a separatedesign discipline from HVAC, with thiswork often prepared by different professionalsaccording to differentstandards, and should thus beaddressed in a separate division …”Practical implicationsMCAC members are concerned abouthow the split will work in practice. “Itall depends on how the design communityreacts to this in putting togethertheir tender documents,” remarkedMcKeagan. They could ask for separateprices on the plumbing, HVAC, controlsand fire suppression. This could resultin a number of contractors on a job sitewithout a specific contractor in chargeof the total mechanical project.He expects that some engineers andgeneral contractors will adopt the newMaster Format while others won’t.“There were changes to 1995 MasterFormat that were never adopted (by theentire design community),” notedMcKeagan. He anticipates that federalgovernment projects will, however, followthe new protocol.MCAC contractors are worriedthat all this could result in a mishmashof tender procedures that differfrom project to project. On the otherhand, Hall believes contractors willsee little change. “The constructionspecifications have nothing to dowith trade jurisdiction … the generalLess moisture in the air means a betterenvironment for people and equipment.contractor will divide the work as heor she chooses.”Tendering strategyMCAC is reviewing the changes anddeveloping a strategy. “We are going torecommend (to the design community)that when you go to tender, you ask forone mechanical contractor to do allfour divisions,” said McKeagan.Canadian contractors will have anopportunity to discuss the issue withHall personally. He will conduct a seminar– How Changes to the MasterFormat Affect You – on Saturday, March6, at the Canadian MechanicalContractors Education Foundation atthe Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto.Call (613) 232-0492 or go towww.cmcef.org for more information.Wipe out IAQ problems by removingup to 800% MORE moistureThe Lennox’ Humiditrol dehumidificationsystem is the energy-efficient humidity controlsystem that removes up to eight times moremoisture than other systems do.Available on ENERGY STAR high efficiencyL Series ® rooftop units, the Humiditrol* At 65ºF, Lennox’ Humiditrol system removes more than 1.44 gallons of water per hour,compared to just .18 gallons for a competing product.Partner of the Yearwith Lennox’ Humiditrol ® .*2003ENERGY STARPartner ofthe Year!system uses a patented hot gas reheatdesign along with the IMC to control energyuse, temperature and humidity. That means ithelps save money while improving the comfortof your indoor environment.www.plumbingandhvac.ca©Lennox Industries, Inc. 2003Lennox Dealers include independently owned and operated businesses.Circle Number 110 for More Information

Western UpdateAlberta could openaccess to gas billBy Ron ShukerThe Alberta HVAC Coalition andother intervenors may haveachieved a break-through in gainingaccess to the monopoly gas bill forretailers other than just the primarygas utility.The Alberta Energy and UtilitiesBoard stated in its decisions followinghearings on the sale by ATCO to DirectEnergy of some retail divisions last fall:“…the Board agrees with (the City of)Calgary that it would be appropriatefor Direct Energy Retail Services todevelop a clear policy to be appliedequally by DERS to all parties wishingto gain access to the billing envelope…“Therefore, the Board directs DERSto prepare a policy on how it will assesswho has access to the billing envelopefor the provision of natural gas serviceand the price that it will charge for thisaccess. “DERS must provide this policyto the Board and registered intervenorswithin 30 days of the close of the transactionwith ATCO.”However, Direct Energy has appealedthis decision to the Court of Appealof Alberta. Such appeals can only bebased on a legal basis such as that theBoard erred in law or jurisdiction.That is just one of the highlights in a70-page series of decisions that theBoard issued Dec. 4. The full DecisionSomeone Put a Cap on R-22?Beginning January 2004, Environment Canada will implement a “cap” on the amount of HCFCthat can be either manufactured or imported in Canada. Yet the demand for R-22 could continueto increase due to higher residential SEER requirements.If you service, manage, or specify air-conditioning systems we invite you to learn more about thequiet operation and outstanding reliability of systems charged with R-410A... because you can teachan old dog a new trick.St. Lawrence ChemicalExclusive distributor of Genetron refrigerants in CanadaOntario and Western Canada Tel: (416) 243-9615 Fax: (416) 243-9731Quebec and the Maritime Provinces Tel: (514) 457-3628 Fax: (514) 457-9773Find us at genetron.com2003-098 can be accessed on theBoard’s website: www.eub.gov.ab.ca.In its submissions as an intervenorin the hearings, “HVAC (Coalition)disagreed with DEML that section 17of the (Alberta) Gas Code Regulationgrants it exclusive and absolute controlover the billing envelope. … HVACsubmitted that it is the Board, not thedefault supply provider, who ultimatelyhas control over ensuring the contentof the bill and access to the envelopedoes not impede competition anddetrimentally affect customer service,”the Board reported in its decision.The hearings, held late in 2003, wereto review the application by ATCO Ltd.(ATCO) for the approval of the saleand transfer of its retail operating divisions(ATCO Electric Ltd., ATCO GasNorth and ATCO Gas South) to DirectEnergy Marketing Ltd. (DEML), a subsidiaryof Centrica plc of the UnitedKingdom for $130 million. These threeentities will remain regulated utilities.Prevent an unregulated monopolyMuch of the concern of the HVACCoalition, the City of Calgary’s ConsumerAdvocate Office, the ConsumerGroup and other intervenors was that amonopoly situation not be approvedin the unregulated sector of Alberta’sretail energy markets.For example, DEML in Alberta willhave exclusive access to the ATCOtrademarks (logos, co-branding, etc.)and the goodwill normally associatedwith a utility brand name under thesale by ATCO to DEML.The sale will also give DEML accessto ATCO’s over one million distributioncustomer base, which representsan 80% share of the electrical and gasmarkets. DEML’s goal is to attract thesecustomers to its unregulated HVACretail and other services, includingelectricity and gas contracts.A competitive market is also theobjective of Alberta laws and regulationsenacted in 2001 as part of its deregulationof the energy markets. TheBoard was given the authority toensure a competitive retail energy marketplaceemerges in Alberta whenassessing utility policies and practicesunder the various regulations.“In the end, most of the issues raisedby the Coalition were acknowledgedand understood by the Board. But theBoard was not persuaded that theissues were enough of a threat to thepublic interest to deny or significantlyamend the proposed deal (sale),”reported Martin Luymes, a spokespersonfor the Coalition.Direct Energy’s proposed CompliancePlan to adhere to the Code ofConduct Regulation will be dealt withas a separate application.The City of Calgary has also filed anappeal of several other Board decisions,reports Karen Sharp, head of the city’sConsumer Advocate Office. Such appealshad to be filed by December 31,whether the issue might be resolved insome other way, such as a re-hearing.The appeal is expected to be heard inlate March or April, she reported.Circle Number 111 for More Information

Industry NewsOnt. plumbing inspectorsraise red flag over rulesNew rules that establish qualificationsfor building inspectors inOntario may fall short, says theassociation that represents plumbinginspectors.The Ontario Ministry of MunicipalAffairs will allow individuals that havecompleted certain ministry-approvedcourses with exams to become qualifiedinspectors under the ‘AlternativeStanding’ provision, while inspectorswho are journeyman plumbers mustwrite an exam under new rules that takeeffect July 1, 2005 (Bill 124, Part 7).Members of the Ontario PlumbingInspectors Association (OPIA) areangry. “Five days training will allow youto inspect a plumbing system withinany building in Ontario when a journeymancertificate issued by theprovince does not qualify you to inspectanything and you have to go write athree-hour exam,” said Steve Gould,OPIA secretary/past president and chiefplumbing inspector for the City ofPeterborough. “My five years as anapprentice and 25-plus years working inthe field means nothing.”The OPIA has written a letter toMinister of Municipal Affairs JohnGerretsen urging the recognition of aCertificate of Qualification – Plumbingfor advanced standing.The ministry is exploring the issue,reported David Brezer, manager of codeinterpretation, training and registration.However, the requirements for agood plumber are not necessarily thesame as those for a good inspector. “Thekey for us is the level of building codeknowledge.”The new rules are a step up, headded. Currently, each municipality setsits own qualifications – or lack of them– for building inspectors. “We’re movingforward and raising the bar fromnothing. When you raise the bar youhave to pick a level. We consulted widelyover the past three-and-a-half yearsto (determine) where that level muststart. Over time the bar may change...”The OPIA, along with many municipalities,recognized the need for qualifiedplumbing inspectors and launchedthe OPIA Certified PlumbingSystems Inspector (CPSI) program in1996. The exam is tough and typicallyabout 50 per cent of candidates pass,reported Gould. However, CPSI certificationis also not recognized foradvanced standing.Ministry trainingThere are two levels of qualificationunder the new system. An inspector canqualify to inspect homes or to inspectall buildings.The ‘advanced standing’ provisionallows any person that has completedMinistry-approved basic BuildingPlumbing Inspection and Water Supplyand Waste Disposal courses, with relatedexams, to qualify to inspect plumbingsystems in homes. Those who havealso completed the five-dayIntermediate Plumbing course canqualify to inspect all buildings.OPIA members say the courses areprovide inadequate training. The intermediatecourse “does not even dealwith issues like cross connection,advanced venting and that type ofthing …,” notes Gould, who instructsMinistry courses.The issue is not just a problem forinspectors, he added. All aspects ofconstruction are affected. Buildinginspectors, engineers, designers, etc.will have to go through the re-qualificationprocess.Brezer noted that the second reasonthe Ministry is looking at recognizinga journeyman certificate is to accommodateplumbers who design plumbingsystems.www.astravan.com info@astravan.comCircle Number 112 for More InfoCircle Number 113 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 11

Pipes, Valves & FittingsHigh PressureSelf-serve car wash plumbing offers unique challengesBy Simon BlakeA‘do-it-yourself’ carwash plumbingsystem can be anything butstraightforward. Ever-higher customerexpectations, increasingly stringentenvironmental regulations and abusy period that coincides with theharshest weather of the year add up to areal challenge. And there’s not muchinformation out there.“A lot of this is seat of your pants,”remarked contractor Gary Belluz,owner of Ultimate Touch MechanicalInc. in Mississauga, Ont. He has beendoing car washes since 1981.Cookie-cutter carwash installationsdon’t cut it anymore (try saying thatwith a mouth full), added buildingowner Vito Cosentino, P.Eng., presidentof Wash ‘N’ Go in Etobicoke, Ont. Asewer contractor by profession, he builtthe eight-bay carwash in Toronto’s busywest end in 2000. When P&HVAC visitedin November, he was adding fournew bays and a dog-washing facility.Any car wash involves multiplemechanical systems: plumbing forwater and chemicals, compressed airand radiant floor heating.The plumbingLarge volumes of water are required. Ifwe start at the water main, the waterenters Cosentino’s building through atwo-inch copper line – pretty standardfor the industry – but 12 bays stretchflow capacity to the limit.A backflow preventer protects thewater supply from cleaning chemicals,wax, etc. A pressure-reducing valveevens out fluctuations in municipalwater pressure, which in Toronto is typicallyabout 65 psi, explains Belluz.From there the water goes through areverse osmosis water purifier and thena softener (USF Watergroup Model9500). Treated water makes car washchemicals function better and results ina spot-free rinse.A 1,000,000 Btuh Lochinvar boilerworking with an A.O. Smith 250-gallonindirect DHW tank provides DHW at140°F (to prevent condensation). Amixing valve at the tank outlet reducesthe water temperature to 120°F.The next stage is the heart of any selfservecarwash. The self-contained powerA new boiler room was still underconstruction.unit (or pumping unit) is a specializedpiece of equipment that performsall mixing of hot and cold water andthe addition of chemicals. There areonly a few manufacturers of thisequipment.Each bay in Cosentino’s carwash isequipped with a W-5000 power unitfrom Pressure Equipment Ltd. inLondon, Ont.A built-in CAT 310 pump boosts the65 psi municipal water pressure to 1000psi for the pressure wash, explains ChrisRowlands, company president. Thenozzles on the cleaning guns restrictflow to four gpm or less. There is also alow pressure system that pumps 80 to180 psi for pre-soak, engine cleaner, etc.The chemical mixing station.Tied into this is a chemical pumpingstation. Small air pumps distribute thechemicals. A 575-volt 7.5 hp compressorproduces 70 psi air pressure.Compressed air also creates foam forthe washing brush, notes Rowlands.The chemicals are controlled by awall-mounted coin-operated control ineach bay through as many as 12 24-voltsolenoid valves.There is a separate system for theunder-car bottom washers (blasters).Because of the high volume of waterrequired, a 2,000 gallon undergroundstorage tank feeds a separate CAT pumpthat moves water to the bottom blastersat 800 psi. Rust inhibitor is injected intothe water from a separate chemicalpumping station.With all the various lines – and wehaven’t got into the floor heating yet – itcan be difficult for a service contractorto keep track. Therefore, Belluz colorcodeseach line with a dab of paint. Allpiping is rubber mounted in Uni-strutsto absorb any vibration.Belluz prefers copper in this application.He believes it requires less supportthan any plastic piping system – alabour/cost issue given the amount ofpiping – and also found the copper fittingsheld up better. However, as withany plumbing system, there is debate.Contractor Gary Belluz, right, and owner Vito Cosentino examine one of 12pumping stations.“We usually use more plastic,”reports Rowlands. Based on experienceat his own car wash in London,Rowlands recommends copper for thehot and cold water lines, galvanizediron for the air lines and Schedule 40PVC for the chemical lines.Weep/radiant controlA DIXMOR D/X 1000 Weep Mizermicro-processor control allows water todrip into the pipes, through the distributioncentre and through the guns,brushes, etc. in the bay during the winterto prevent freezing. An outdoor temperaturesensor activates the unit at32°F. It pulses a small amount of waterinto the lines. As the temperature dropsthe water volume increases until, at 0°F,it drips continuously.The Weep Mizer also controls theradiant floor heating, which is thereboth for customer comfort and safety,notes Cosentino. Without it, the floorswould become slick in the winter.Three Weil-McLain 210,000 Btuhboilers operate through heat exchangers.In-floor PEX tubing is charged witha 50/50 glycol/water mix. The supplytemperature is 130°F with 100°F return.The Weep-Mizer operates through arelay, calling for heat at the same time asit opens the weep system. Each bay is ona separate zone so that more heat can bedirected to a bay where there is an icebuildup.Down the drainCosentino and Belluz have developedsome innovative methods for dealingwith wastewater, not the least of which isthe use of coffin boxes for sediment traps.This graveyard refugee, a strong concretebox used as the outer casing when a coffinis buried, proved just the right size forthe job and, at about $220 each, was significantlycheaper than building in placeor using a pre-cast sediment trap.From each pit the water flowsthrough a four-inch pipe to a threestagegrease interceptor and then intoan eight-inch drain. The grease interceptoris required by environmentalregulations “just in case someonedecides to do an oil change at the carwash,” laughs Belluz.A common mistake in car wash draindesign is to have one sediment trapThe Weep Mizer controls both theweep system and the hydronic in-floorheating.drain into the next, which in turndrains into the next, he added. Whenone gets plugged, the whole system canback up.One thing to keep in mind in any carwash is that all mechanical equipmenthas to be easily accessible for maintenance.Downtime at a crucial time canwipe out the year’s profit, so preventivemaintenance is the rule, says Cosentino.Manufacturers of carwash equipmentgenerally supply a site-specificplumbing layout. These are complexplumbing systems that have to bedone right.12 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

Pipes, Valves & FittingsThe CanadiancarwashThe old adage that ‘necessity isthe mother of invention’ can easilybe applied to the Canadian carwash industry. The first self-servefacilities were built in the U.S. inthe late 1950s.A distinctly Canadian car wash,this modern facility features drivein/back out bays.Jack Rowlands (Chris’ father)visited one in Texas before buildinga Canadian version in 1960.However, the realities of Canadianwinters made attempts to bring thetechnology north trying.“There was no such thing as awinter weep system … it used tofreeze up every night,” reportedRowlands. The operator had tothaw the pipes every morning.As well, “up here the drive-onthroughsystem became a wind tunnel.Also we found, as car washesbecame bigger, with all the equipmentin a central room, the customerthree or four bays away hadto wait a long time until (the waterand chemicals reached the bay).”Car wash owners ended up lockingback doors in the winter toreduce the breeze. It was a naturalstep from there to put a wall at theback with the equipment in a corridorbehind the wall. That alloweda pumping station for each baywhich made the pressures and thewash quality the same across thesystem, reported Rowlands.Frost-free hydrantThe new Boshartfrost-free yard hydrantis manufactured toprovide easy installationanywhere withpressurized water supply.The durable constructionand doubleO-ring sealing systemwill provide years oftrouble-free service. Itis available in 3/4 and1-inch FPT inlet connections.Boshart Industries Circle no. 301Portable transfer pumpThe 331 is a high-powered portablepump for general water-transfer andboosting water pressure by 40 lbs. Thepump features a 1/2 hp. 115 volt motor,cast aluminum housing, large primeplug, 20-ft. power cord, on/off switch,two 3/4-inch brass connectors and asuction screen. Maximum pumpinghead is 105 feet and suction lift is 15 feet.Liberty Pumps Circle no. 302Pipe hangers, fastenersThe Speed Linkuniversal supportsystem reducesinstallation time,utilizes 2 mm or 3mm cable with ahook crimped onone end to attach to standard CADDYfasteners, beam clamp or HangerMatebolt, plus a unique locking device tohold the cable’s other end to easily hangobjects. The Caddy Vaft tool allowsinstallation from the floor.Erico, Inc. Circle no. 303Trap valve stationThe ‘Big Block’ steam trap valve stationintegrates blowout-proof isolation valves,test ports,strainer andblowdown valve.It fits thetwo-bolt universalswivelmount connectionpattern,is of stainless steel construction,includes adjustable Grafoil packing andis designed for pressures to 1,500 psigand temperatures to 950°F in 1/2 or 3/4-inch NPT or socketweld connections.Nicholson Div. Spence Eng. Circle no. 304Water filtersThese automatic self-cleaning water filtersremove micron-size suspendedsolids, independent of specific gravity,from water in once-through and recirculatingsystems. Single filters handleflow rates to 10,000 GPM; units can bebanked. The self-cleaning cycle is linepressure powered, does not interruptsystem flow and installation can be vertical,horizontal or diagonal.Orival Water Filters Circle no. 305Pump check valve bodyThe Model 100XLE Enviro submersiblepump check valve with an unleadedbronze cast body features extra longthreaded connections for use withSchwank invented theinfra-red heater and we remainthe leader over 50 years later.With our unmatched selection ofpressure or vacuum type tubeheaters there are no forced fits.No compromises.Bernd Schwank, ChairmanSchwank InternationalGroup of Companiesspecial PVC drop pipe and other applications.It features a Danfoss Flow Finpoppet assembly. Sizes up to 10 inchesare available with a maximum waterpressure rating of 400 psi.Danfoss Flomatic Corp. Circle no. 306Pressure reducing valveThe DR20 compact, lightweight pressurereducing valve is designed for small-tomediumsteamapplications. Itfeatures a flow-upand a flat valveand plug designfor secondary pressurestability, aturnover ratio of30:1, built-in screen,packless andstainless steel constructionand a bellows diaphragm.TLV Corp. Circle no. 307Most of the mechanical, a smallportion of which is shown, is locatedin the back corridor.Authorized Schwank Stocking DistributorsBOUTETTE & BARNETTS. ONTARIO WOLSELEY MECHANICAL GROUP W CANADANIAGARA PLUMBING SUPPLY S. ONTARIO B.A.ROBINSON COMANITOBAMARKS SUPPLYS ONTARIO G.MITCHELLQUEBECSINCLAIR SUPPLYW CANADA MACLEOD & GRANTMARITIMESECCO HEATING PRODUCTS W CANADA LENNOXNATIONALYORKONTARIOSchwank Ltd. • Tel.: (905) 712-4766 • Fax: (905) 712-8336 • www.schwankheaters.comCircle Number 114 for More InformationCircle Number 115 for More Infowww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 13

Professional, responsive customer serviceFaster installation, adaptable connections and easier maintenanceMost complete package of pipe connectors and hangersFor the most painless pipe installation and greatest cost savings, choose theGruvlok ® system. The advantages of grooved-end couplings, flanges and fittingsthat install quickly means you can significantly reducelabor time and cost. Later on, maintenance, retrofit andexpansion can be accomplished more easily and inmuch less time than withconventional flanged orthreaded systems. Plus,working with Mueller FlowControl means you will have solid product supportwhen and where you need it from the manufacturerwith unmatchable experience in piping systems.Experience the Gruvlok ® difference and save more thanjust the headaches – save time and expense.Tel: 877-GRUVLOK(877-478-8565)www.gruvlok.caSee us at Focus Ciphex 2004 Booth #308Check Out New Website at www.gruvlok.caIt’s All About Balance…Many systems tend to be overdesigned, causing some circuits to have too much flow, while others have toolittle depending upon their proximity to the flow source. A balanced circuit saves energy and keeps temperaturesmore uniform, making occupied spaces more comfortable. Proper balance also ensures that pumps operateagainst the lowest possible pressure, reduces capital and maintenance costs, and ensures that the systemoperates according to the intent of the design.Balancing ValvesGBV-G and GBV-AFeatures and Benefits:• Pressure differential ports on both sides of the valve• Convertible design, straight to 90˚ angle by removing and replacing four set screws• Positive shutoff for equipment servicing• Multi-turn adjustment• Micrometer type adjustment scale• Tamper-proof hidden memory stop• Model GBV-G and GBV-A available in sizes 2 1 ⁄2" to 12"• Suitable for maximum working pressure to 375 psi (2575 kPa) and temperatures to 230˚F (110˚C)Globe Valves GBV-S and GBV-T(Sweat Soldered and Threaded - Cast Bronze)Features and Benefits:• Tamper-proof memory stop• Easiest & fastest field balancing• Multi-turn, micrometer typehandwheel (four turn)Tri-Service ValvesModel FTV-S, FTV-AFeatures and Benefits:• Designed for installation in pump discharge piping• Functions as a spring-loaded silent check valve, flow controlvalve and shutoff valve• Available in sizes 2 1 ⁄2" to 12", straight and angle configuration• Suitable for maximum working pressure to 375 psi (2575 kPa)and temperatures to 230˚F(110˚C)• Low pressure drop due to "Y" pattern valve designTel: 877-GRUVLOK(877-478-8565)www.gruvlok.caSee us at Focus Ciphex 2004 – Booth #308Check Out New Website at www.gruvlok.caCircle Number 117 for More Information

Trucks for the TradeTruck Graphics, Part 1Instant impactTurn your truck into a mobile billboardBy Simon BlakeThere are few methods of advertisingthat provide as much value as thegraphics on a service truck. For aone-time-cost, the contractor can turnhis truck into a rolling billboard thatpromotes his business throughout thecommunity for as long as he owns thetruck.Even simple graphics work – a nameand a phone number on a white van.However, many of today’s contractorsare going for elaborate truck graphicsthat create an instantly recognizableidentity for their company.“Ninety-nine per cent of the time, ifyou ask someone to name a plumber,they mention us,” reports Peter Archdekin,who heads up (along with partnerAndrew Prince) Pete the Plumber inCalgary, Alta. The company has grownfrom one truck seven years ago to 20today. Super hero graphics – a differentone on every truck – have played amajor role.Thos. R. Birnie and Sons Ltd., aplumbing company in Hamilton, Ont.,has long been known for the creativegraphics on its trucks.However, in 2000 getting the messageout through the company’s on-truck‘billboards’ became a must when it wasinadvertently left out of the YellowPages. The daily number of service callsdropped by 50 per cent, reported RoyBirnie. They needed help fast and theydidn’t have time to experiment, headded. “All too often (contractors) areafraid to ask for marketing assistance.”This truck from Comfortech, Strathmore,Alta., illustrates how choosing a uniquecolour can make a van stand out.But Roy and his brother Bob aren’tshy. They turned to Gordon McCallum,creative director for McCallum Graphicsin Mississauga, Ont.“We took a purely marketing approachto their situation … they knewwhat they were looking for but weren’tsure how to go about it …,” reportedMcCallum.And that’s key. A graphics companyor artist should ask much more than,‘What do you want on your truck?’Setting goalsThe initial interview will tell the contractorwhat is possible. And becausegraphic designers can create almostanything in vinyl these days, the contractorcan often get considerably morethan what he had in mind for a reasonablecost, noted graphic designer JulianSarboiu of AXXENT Signs Inc. inMississauga, Ont.In the case of the Birnie truck design,the process started with demographicquestions like “who are your customers,where are they located, what incomegroup …?” said McCallum.The end result was a full marketingcampaign that included a new phonenumber that people could remember(905/877) 5-STINKY, a related web site(www.5stinky.com) and a new slogan(‘It’s a stinky business but we love it.’)McCallum took a good look at thecompany’s existing trucks, noting thatmost of the elements were already there“but they weren’t configured properly.”For example, the large graphic onthe side of the truck was a photographof Roy, Bob and their father, all intheir Sunday best, with clothespins ontheir noses. It illustrates the longevityof the business and the type of business– with a little humour to make itmemorable.But the look was wrong, notedMcCallum. “We don’t want to look likepeople who are living high on the hog aswe go around and do service work forpeople … When you go (to the shop),you don’t see the Birnies in suits. WePete the Plumber trucks are familiar to everyone in Calgary because of their super hero graphics.The latest Thos. R. Birnie and Sons truck is an eye-catcher. In fact, it was namedBest-Looking Panel Van by U.S.-based Plumbing & Mechanical magazine for 2003.The graphics on an earlier version didn’t work quite as well.took the suits off and put them in redshirts, which is what their guys wear.That puts them on the same level astheir employees and, as far as the customersare concerned, they are dealingwith real people.”The name of the company was addedat the top with a description of whatthey do – ‘The sewer and plumbing professionals’– at the bottom. That informationhad been placed elsewhere onthe vehicle in previous versions.Making the pointIt’s important to remember that thetypical viewer will see a truck in trafficfor about three-and-a-half seconds,added McCallum. “If you can’t givethem a message that is, first, going to gettheir attention, secondly, be readableand understood and, thirdly, be rememberedin three-and-a-half seconds, youare taking a risk that the message maynot reach its objective,” he added.The new marketing strategy includeda new style of van with a new colourscheme. At their late father’s urging, theBirnies settled on the Unicell Aerocelltruck body as a ‘better billboard’. Thecompany now owns 15 of them. Thewhite and red color scheme makes thevehicle instantly recognizable, evenfrom a distance.Archdekin cautions that elaborategraphics can only do so much: “At theend of the day, they can get you in thedoor – once.” Good service, professionalworkmanship, quality products andreasonable pricing are still essential tomaintain customer loyalty and ensurerepeat business.Truck graphics should be carriedbeyond the truck itself, addedMcCallum.“How does it relate to everythingelse you do in your business?”Logos, slogans, etc. must be tied toYellow Pages advertising, radio commercials,business cards and stationary– everything the company does topromote itself.And the message should have stayingpower, he adds. It should be as relevantin 10 years as it is today.(Editor’s note: Part II of this article, inthe next issue, will cover the ‘nuts andbolts’ of having graphics applied to aservice truck.)www.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 15

Got time to spare?You will.Make time for the better things in life withQuickSnap ® quick connect widespread hosesand self-locating handles. Only from Delta,QuickSnap ® technology gives you the instantadvantage of maximum efficiency with nocompromise in quality.Speed up your next faucet installation timewith the help of Delta. We’ve got everythingyou need to get into the swing.By the way, have you spotted Luke the Worm yet?Education•Technology•Design•Support•EfficiencyFor more information contact Delta Faucet Canada at 1-800-345-DELTA,395 Matheson Blvd. East, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2H2Circle Number 118 For More Information

Faucets & FixturesHigh arc pulldownThe Aberdeen Collection features ahigh arc pulldown spout design, a single-buttonactivation spray for rinsing,a one-of-a-kindpause button tointerrupt theflow to put wateronly where it iswanted, and theHydrolock installationsystemwhich snaps togetherwith a‘click’. View the Aberdeen in single andtwo-handle styles with an optionalsoap-lotion dispenser and a variety offinishes at CIPHEX Ontario. (Details onpage 26)Moen Inc. Circle no. 308Shower systemsOndine will feature the RIVA family ofwall and deck mounted handheld showersystems, bar systemswith bodysprays and showerheadsand electronicshower systemsat CIPHEXOntario. The linealso includes asteam shower system,a floor-mount tub filler, a range ofvolume controls, thermostatic mixingvalves and accessories.Ondine Canada Circle no. 309Ballcock changerThe Plug-A-Tank enables plumbers tochange ballcocks in six easy steps whileholding watersecure in thetank with thePlug-A-Tankstopper pushedinto the bottomshank (after removingshanknut) of the ballcockstem duringa change-over while the new ballcockis being assembled. (See it atCIPHEX Ontario!)Mag Tool Inc. Circle no. 310Country styling faucetsThe Castleby Collection from Moenbrings a country styling to the bathroomcentreset lavatory faucet or thewidespread and mini widespread lavmodels. Featuresincludemetal wastevalve, handshower on theRoman tubdesign and achoice of singleor two-ha-front and standardheight models willbe displayed atCIPHEX 2004.They feature theflapper-free, gravity-fedsix-litre SupremeFlush whichdelivers 40% moreflushing power in 0.75 seconds into aredesigned bowl with a larger 2-3/8-inch siphon trapway, from a 50% largerthree-inch flush valve, plus a worry-free10-year warranty.American Standard Canada Circle no. 312Shower controlThe HydroGuard Series e700 pressuretemperatureshower valves providemixed outlet temperature water within5°F of the hot water supply temperaturewhere lowhot watertemperaturesexist.Other featu r e sinclude aself-containedcartridge and back-to-backinstallation by rotating stem 180° andre-labelling ports. (See it at CIPHEX!)Powers Div. Watts Ind. Circle no. 313Acrylic bathwareFiat will display its acrylic modularbathware at CIPHEXOntario, includingthe Allura MTS-6035shower stall featuringa 35-inch depth,a 16-inch bathingwell, textured sump,integral seat andgrab bar, shelf, ceilinglight, and optionssuch as a steam package.Fiat Products Ltd. Circle no. 314Regency suiteThorndale will present its Victorianstyle Regency Suite at CIPHEX Ontariowith an elongated two-piece six-litreflush toilet shown, featuring high glosschina finish,side-mountedflush lever,and a pedestallavatory withhidden frontoverflow; andits Viennaround fronttoilet with a Dual Flush choice of 4 or 6litre flush options.Thorndale International Circle no. 315IR sensor faucetsZurn will display its E-Z sensor faucetsat CIPHEX Ontario featuring a choicepower, and a power supply unit for upto eight sensor faucets. E-Z models offerbattery backup and five polishedchrome designs.Zurn Industries Ltd. Circle no. 316Flapperless toiletThe Model N2226 6L toilet with elongatedbowl and N2216 round bowlmodels feature Niagara’s unique tipbucketflapperless flush technology thatoffers truenon-adjustablesix litreflush. This unitfits both 10and 12-inchrough-ins,never needs replacement and can’t leakand covers old toilet footprint.Niagara Flapperless Inc. Circle no. 317Water leak detectionFloodStopper prevents flooding fromplumbing failures and overflows bydetecting leaks and shutting off aHoneywell supply valve (3/4 to 2-inch).Featured are a controller to monitor upto 250 sensors in single or four-zonemodels, 24 volt transformer, pushbuttonreset, wireless option, and interfaceswith a phone dialer, security alarm orbuilding automation system.First Smart Sensor. Circle no. 318Electronic shower systemA working ESS electronic shower systemwith keypad programming will bedemonstrated atCIPHEX Ontario,providing 14 options,including automatictub fill at apre-set temperature,LED temperaturedisplay, two refilloptions to boosttemperature, shower choices, pre-setsplus other accessories.Ondine Canada Circle no. 319Whirlpool a deuxRavenna drop-in acrylic bath, whirlpoolor therapeutic models come in a72 x 44-inch size, with dual lumbar supports,eight multi-directional jets,colour coordinated adjustable flow jetsand air volume controls and deck-mountedonoffcontrolair switch.Collectionincludesthe rightheight toilet,a pedestal and semi-pedestal basin.(See it at CIPHEX 2004)American Standard Circle no. 320Water coolerThe SwirlFlo re-designed barrier-freecooler features a new tubular armdesign, a light-touch pushbutton disc, asplashminimizingrefrigerated and non-refrigerated models,finished in satin stainless steel. Theyreceived the top New Product ShowcaseAward in the plumbing category at ISH-NA in Las Vegas.Elkay Canada Circle no. 321Corner showerFiat will also display at CIPHEX 2004 itsNeo-Angle corner shower with integralseat, nine-inch deepbasin, open top oroptional crystal dome,made as a one-piecefrom cross-linkedacrylic sheet, with achoice of clear, obscureor patternedglass in chrome orgold finish. Other features include optionalfoot massage with 10 bubblersand variable speed heated blower.Fiat Products Ltd Circle no. 322Turn ThisInto ThisThe Above FloorToilet System• You decide where to put a toilet or bathroom,it is not dictated by the drainage situation.• Many models can be hidden behind walls.• Floors stay intact. No breaking, no mess.• Can be installed up to 12’ below the sewerlevel and/or 150’ away from a soil stack.• You only need small diameter 3/4” pipe,which can be run virtually anywhere.• Over three million sold worldwide• Clean, reliable, and virtually maintenance free.• More options - choose from pump onlyto complete toilet systems.The proven alternativeto traditional gravityflow plumbing.ndle designs of plug-in. batteryin five finishes.or hard-Also includes a complete suite of wired installations.kitchen and shower models and accessories.The hard-(Another CIPHEX Ont. product!) wired model hasFor a FREE brochure please call:Moen Inc. Circle no. 311 a power converter,contoured 1•800•36•FLUSH/1•800•363•5874Champion flushing system junctionbasin, inTo see the entire family of Saniflo products visit:box, 7-ft. cablessingle-level, www.saniflo.comThe Champion toilet with new round for 6 volt DCtwo-level,Circle Number 119 for More Infowww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 17

Fire ProtectionHome sprinkler systemThe AquaSafe residential fire sprinklersystem will be featured at CIPHEXOntario. The system includes theReliablesprinkler line,includingconcealedmodels. Thesystem usesAquaPex 1/2-inch tubingand an innovativemultiportsprinklerfitting. Sprinklers are activated only byheat at 68°C, not by smoke. The systemmeets NFPA requirements and comeswith a 25-year warranty.Wirsbo Circle no. 323Deluge valveThe new Model DV-5 deluge valve featuresone moving piece, a reinforcednatural rubber diaphragm in a ductileiron body that enables external resetand eliminates rust. This unit can alsobe used in preaction and special-typesystems, for 1 to 8-inch vertical andhorizontal applications.Tyco Circle no. 324Fire controllerThe Silent Knight Model 5104 six-zonefire control communicator providesdigital fire and reporting over telephonelines. It can stand-alone to monitor firesprinkler systems for water flow, supervisoryand gate valve tamper conditionsor in an existing system as a SlaveDACT. It monitors dry contact alarms,trouble andsupervisory outputsand transmitsa separatecode for each andprovides 60 hoursof standby power.It is listed toNFPA 72 and FM approved.Honeywell Circle no. 325Tub/shower firestopThis Model 680 cast-in firestop for aeratorinstallationfeaturesflexible sealingmembrane.The adapterattachesto the formworkand allows space for the aerator tobe installed without hanging too low.Model CP 681 Tub Box Kit provides arecessed area in the concrete slab andeliminates drilling core holes in theconcrete.Hilti Inc. Circle no. 326Intumescent firestopsRoyal Quickstrap is a one-piece flexibleintumescent strap encapsulated in foilwhich is easilyinstalledaround a combustiblepipe penetratingthefire-ratedwall or floor. Royal QuickRoll is a ‘cutto-desired-length’roll of intumescentfirestop which allows flexibility of installationposition to the fire separation.Royal Quickstop Circle no. 327Globe valvesAn external lever activates the Fire-Cideglobe valve by manual lifting to the pistonthrough a rotary shaft seal forstronger return spring action. It is resetmanually, held open by a fusible linkand closedwhen the linkmelts, forheat-actuatedvalves onwithdrawallines of indoortankswith combustiblefluids, FM approved for emergencyshut-off, in 1/2 to 4-in. withthreaded or flanged end connections.Leslie Controls Inc. Circle no. 328Fire damper controlThe LloydStat reusable and resettablethermal disk link for smoke/fire damperequipment isdesigned toreact fasterthan fusiblelinks. An electricbi-metaldisc sensorthermostatinterruptspower to the actuator spring, closes andlocks the damper under smoke, fire orpower failure, releases faster and slowlycloses in 10-15 seconds.Lloyd Industries Inc. Circle no. 329Wrap strips, sleevesFlameSafe firestops include a preassembled,highly intumescent wrapstripand restraining collar for suchcombustible penetrantsas PVC,CPVC, FRPP andABS pipe. Theline includes anintumescent sleeve, an intumescenthighly flexiblewrap strip andintumescentelastomeric sealantwhich meetASTM and CAN/ULC codes.Grace Const. Products Circle no. 330Circle Number 120 for More Information18 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

HeatingCompact unit heaterAdvanced Distributor Products (ADP),the first compact unit heater manufacturer,has expanded its line with theCAYENNE separated combustion unitheater. With sizes 45,000 through125,000 Btuh in a low profile cabinetdesign, it is designed for residentialgarages and workshops and for installationsthat may be dusty, slightlycorrosive, humid, or in buildings thathave a slight negative pressure.AMTS Ltd. Circle no. 331Gas furnaceThe Elite Series G50i gas furnace fromLennox features an ultra-low fan speedfor continuous fan operation, Duralokheat exchangermadefrom Armor-Tuf aluminizedsteel andSureLight siliconnitrideigniter andcontrol board.It controlshumiditywith a SignatureStatthermostat.This unit hasa five-year warranty with 20 years on theheat exchanger.Lennox Circle no. 332PTAC zone controlThe Dynaline 3 Packaged Terminal AirConditioner with a 10 SEER rating featureshermetic rotary compressors, tangentialblower wheel, gas heat exchanger,individual digital controller, washableelectrostatic air filter, copper andaluminum coils, heating inputs of12,000 and 18,000 Btu/hr, 11,700 and8,950 Btuh electric cooling, and a steadystate efficiency of 81-82%.Suburban Mfg. Circle no. 333Gas ignition controlThe Fenwal Series 35 80 integrates multiplefunctions onto a single PC board,including combustion fans, indoorblower motors, humidifiers, thermallimit, flame rollout, combustion airflowmonitoring, in direct spark heat-cool,heat-only models, optional LED diagnostics,field-select fan timings and customalgorithms, CSA approved.Fenwal Circle no. 334Inverter heat pumpsMXZ ‘Mighty Multi’ outdoor heatpumps and air conditioners featureinverter technology (variable frequencydrive) to control compressor speed,raise capacity by 50% and reduce electricityuse by 33%. Control is through afive-step auto vane unit. Rated at 11.0SEER and 7.5 HSPF, they heat or coolup to three zones. Seven indoor unitcombinations are available.Mitsubishi Electric Circle no. 335Multi-position furnaceThe G51 gas furnace features an AFUErating of 92.5%, for up-flow, horizontalleft or rightand downflowpositionswithdirect ornon-directv e n t s .Other featuresincludeleftor right gasand electricaloutlets,easy coilmatch-ups,exhaust connectionson both sides, a continuous low-speedfan setting, and a SureLight silicon -nitride igniter.Lennox Circle no. 336Energy Star furnaceThe Model G41 90% efficient gas furnacefeatures a DuralokPlus heatexchangermade of ArmorTufaluminizedsteel, whichcarries a 20-year warranty.Otherfeatures includeSure-Light controlboard,an ignitermade of siliconnitride,has fewerparts, easycoil matchupsand is Energy Star qualified.Lennox Circle no. 337Fuel oil tubingPro-Tec Plus fuel oil tubing providesextra protection with its black polyethylenesleeve on Oil Pro-Tec 3/8 and1/2-inch O.D. copper tubing. This protectsthe environment from oilcontaminants, protects the copper tubingfrom corrosion and meets the ‘secondarycontainment’ requirements of theB-139 code. It is also inner-grooved toassist in containment and leak detection.Kamco Products Circle no. 338A full range of infrared space heating equipmentModel RE (for workshops, residential garages)• rates from 30 and 45 MBTUH• balanced flue construction• 85% thermal efficiency• fully assembled for installation easeModel UA (workhorse of the line up)• rates from 40 to 220 MBTUH• jet stream burner design maximizesradiant output• deep dish reflectors are 100% efficient• warranty: 3 yr. on parts, 5 yr. on heat exchanger.Model Premier VS (engineered performance)• a vacuum operated burner-in-series system that isengineered for the customer’s specific requirements• burner rates 60 to 250 MBTUHwith multiple branch capability• system outputs to one million BTUH• state of the art electronic control panelSUPERIOR RADIANT PRODUCTS23 - 428 Millen Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 3N9Phone: (905) 664-8274 • Toll Free: 1-800-527-HEAT (4328) • Fax: (905) 664-8846www.superiorradiant.com sales@superiorradiant.comModel UX (more features, moreperformance)• fully enclosed construction• operating status lights• standard 24v thermostat• post purge function• 10 yr. heat exchangerwarranty optionCircle Number 121 for More InformationCircle Number 122 for More Infowww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 19

Hot Water HeatingMultiple boiler controlThe tekmar Universal Reset Control 374can control two mixing reset loops(variable speed pump injection or mixingvalves), DHWand setpoint loadsand two boilerstages. Features includea built-inclock with a sevenday programmablesetback schedule.The 374 canalso operate with a tekmar boiler stagingcontrol for systems with more thantwo boiler stages. See it at CIPHEXOntario.tekmar Control Systems Circle no. 339Hydronic heatingViessmann will display and demonstrateits Vitodens 200 wall-mounted condensingboiler, Vitola 200 oil-gas-fired boilerwithout low limit,Vitotronic 200 &300 boiler heatingsystem controls,Vitocell 300 stainlesssteel indirectfiredDHW tanks,and the Vitosol solarsystem at CIPHEXOntario.Viessmann Mfg Co. Circle no. 340Condensing boilerWeil-McLain will featureits new Ultra condensingboiler atCIPHEX Ontario. Itfeatures the company’sPrecision HydronicData electronic controllerwhich, amongother things, modulatesthe burner fromI N T R O D U C I N G20 to 100%. The heat exchanger(shown) is a low-mass mono-block aluminumunit. Rated at 92%+ AFUE, theUltra is available in two sizes: 155,000and 230,000 Btuh, and 190 lbs.Weil-McLain Canada Circle no. 341Radiant heating controlsPro Series RFH controllers from Wirsbofeature a variable speed injection pumpor a floating action mixing valve, outdoorreset, DHW priority, and automaticpro-The Cost-Effective Hydronic SystemWith the Time-Efficient Solutiontectionfrom condensingfluegases. TheProMIX101 and 201units offerone-temperature reset control. TheProMIX 212 unit offers two separatewater temperatures for two RFH installationmethods or a Snow Melt EnableKit.Wirsbo/Uponor Canada Circle no. 342Outdoor reset/DHW controlThe tekmar 265 boiler control providesoutdoor reset and setpoint or DHWcontrol for up to three modulating boilers.It provides a0-20 mA or 4-20mA signal to eachboiler, and canoperate the primarysystem pumpand individualboiler pumps. Theboilers can bemodulated sequentially or in parallel. A0-10 V (dc) input signal integrates with abuilding automation or energy managementsystems. See it at CIPHEX Ontario.tekmar Control Systems Circle no. 343Tankless water heaterRTG Series tankless water heaters featurean oxygen depletion sensor to shutoff gas supply and asafety film wrap toshut down the heaterwhen exceeding safeoperation. Flow ratesare from 1 to 8.5 gal/hrat a temperature risefrom 45-100°F, inputrange from 31,500 to199,000 Btu/hr, 10-yr warranty.Rheem Canada Circle no. 344Indirect water heatersSuperstor Ultra indirect DHW heatersfrom Gas Solutions feature an extralarge high outputcupro-nickel heatexchanger with asurface area of 15 to34-sq.ft. They producefrom 121 to 423gal. of 140°F water inthe first hour from180°F boiler water.These stainless steel units are availablein seven capacities from 20 to 119 gal.Gas Solutions Inc. Circle no. 345Taco’s cost-effective LoadMatch ® Single Pipe Hydronic System replacesexpensive control valves with small, low kW circulators to deliver water whereit needs to go, instead of forcing it through the system’s piping loop.Simple, less expensive and far easier to install too.Plus, Taco’s Hydronic Systems Solutions ® software (HS 2 ) allows engineers to cutsystem design time in half, eliminate calculation errors and make changes inminutes. So intuitive, it works the way an engineer thinks.LoadMatch and HS 2 . Together, a system that’s unbeatable.You can’t beat the SYSTEM.RFH tubing systemJoistTrak will speed RFH 3/8 and 1/2-inch tubing installations with 4-ft. x 4-inch extruded aluminum heat transferplates that arefastened tothe subfloorto providehigher heatoutput than conventional systems.Wirsbo PEX tubing is then snappedinto the JoistTrak channels withoutextra fasteners. It may also be installedfrom below the subfloor with no alterationto floor construction.Wirsbo/Uponor Canada Circle no. 346One Source. Twice the Experience.Taco Canada Ltd. 6180 Ordan Drive, Mississauga, ON L5T 2B3 Tel. 905 564-9422 Fax. 905 564-9436 www.taco-hvac.comHigh efficiency DHWBradford White’s eF Series DHW heaterline now includes seven models with theaddition of one 100-gallon and three60-gallon units. All eF Series modelsachieve a remarkable efficiency rating ofup to 99.1 per cent. They can be ventedunbalanced the equivalent of up to 120Circle Number 123 for More Information20 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

Hot Water Heatingfeet utilizing threeinchor 170 ft. withfour-inch ABS,PVC or CPVC piping.The company’sHydrojetSediment ReductionSystem extendsthe lifespanof the tank.Bradford White Circle no. 347Two-stage boilerRaypak Hi Delta two-stage outdoorindoorresidential and commercial boilersfeature low NOx (less than 30 ppm),84% efficiency to ANSI Z21.13, fault indicatorLED, vertical or horizontalTruSeal venting (to 60-ft.), installed bypassand pumpand remotesensing.They areavailable infive capacitiesfrom 120 to 320 MBtu/hr. and featurea 20-yr warranty against thermal shock.Raypak Canada Ltd. Circle no. 348Boiler controlThe RTC Return Temperature Controlfrom Burnham protects boilers fromthermal shock and condensing operation,monitors return water temperature,operates a threewaydivertingvalve and boilercirculator tomaintain temperatureat 135°For greater. Featuresinclude set-point, outdoor reset, anLCD display, boiler run time and cyclecounters. It includes a built-in off-seasonpump and valve exerciser.Burnham Corp. Circle no. 349High efficiency circulatorARMflo E Series hydronic circulatorsare up to 74% more energy efficientthan wet rotor pumps of similar power,according to the manufacturer. Sevenmodels offer flow rates to 68 gpm andhead to 42 ft. This durable close-coupleddesign features compact, high efficiencymotors, stainlesssteelpermanentlylubricatedbearingsand a silicon carbide mechanical seal.See them at CIPHEX Ontario.S. A. Armstrong Circle no. 350RFH PEX productsBow will show its corrosion-resistantPEX piping products at CIPHEX Ontario.Super Pex features an inner liner toprotect against disinfectants such aschlorine/ORP exposure, a middle layerfor enhanced ultraviolet resistance, andan exterior layer that is also with chlorine/ORPresistance. It is colour-codedfor various plumbing applications.Bow Plastics Circle no. 351Tempering valveThe Powers HydroGuard T/P e480 lavatorytempering valve provides temperatureand pressure protection to the entirebathroom at point-of-use. It holds flowsdown to 0.5gpm, with3/8-inchcompressionand 1/2-inchNPT connections, paraffin actual technology,integral checks with filters,adjustable temperature from 80 to 120°For 27 to 49°C, with a locking feature,corrosion-resistant thermal actuatorand valve internals.Powers Div., Watts Ind. Circle no. 352Quick TipLiquid goldBy Jerry BoulangerAfter water has been in a closed hydronic system forawhile, it gives up all its nastiness.The oxygen in the entrained air oxidizes with theferrous components. Any other contaminants get usedup as they form scale or otherwise react with thesystem. The water becomes ‘dead’ and, in manyinstances, will also have been chemically treated. Itmay look bad when it’s drained out, but as far as the system isconcerned, that ‘dead’ water is liquid gold.If it’s not contaminated in some way, any of this fluid that is drainedfor service reasons should be put back into the system instead of beingdumped and replaced with ‘live’ untreated raw water. This is particularlyimportant if the system fluid is an anti-freeze solution, or if treatmentchemicals in the fluid represent an environmental hazard.Installing a packaged system feeder for system pressurization willmake re-injecting this liquid gold easy – just pour it back into thefeeder tank.Jerry Boulanger is marketing manager for Axiom Industries Ltd. inSaskatoon, Sask. He can be reached at jboulanger@axiomind.com.Individually, our brands have beenwell known in the HVAC communityfor many years.Together, theycomprise the ECR Internationalfamily of quality products, providingyou with a seamless, integratedsource for all your heating andcooling project requirements. ECRmakes specifying easier while givingyou more cross-selling flexibility.With extensive training programs,marketing & technical support, pluson-going research and development,ECR International offers all theadvantages of a solid partnership.Tel: 888-259-7253Fax: 519-627-4719www.ecrltd.comGas & Oil-Fired Furnaces / Residential Split Air-Conditioning Systems / Gas & Oil-Fired HotWater Boilers / Hydronic Controls / Baseboard Radiation / Indirect-Fired Water HeatersDuctless Mini-Split Air-Conditioning Systems / Hydronic Air Handlers / Heat Pump Water HeatersCircle Number 124 for More InformationCircle Number 125 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 21

VentilationAir purifierSharp Electronics’ Plasmacluster technologydisperses ions throughout aroom to deactivateairborne viruseswith hydroxyl, robbingthem ofhydrogen necessaryto survive. TheFPN60CX unitprovides coveragefor 330 sq.ft. andthe 40CX for 253 sq.ft. Features includeautomatic ion balance control, ApatiteHEPA filter, activated carbon filter, dualsensors and inverter operation. The FU-800 commercial model is also available.Gordon R. Williams Circle no. 353Heat recovery ventilatorFantech offers nine HRV’s with a polypropylenecore and automatic defrost at23°F/-5°C, with/without recirculation.Nine energy recovery ventilatorsinclude an enthalpic core to pre-heat(or cool) incoming air. ERVs also removemoisture. Seven-year EBM motorwarranty, 5-yrs on other components.Fantech Inc. Circle no. 354We KNOWBasementsTop-quality Weil-McLain boilers havebeen at centre ice in Canada fordecades. Today they’re available fromWeil-McLain Canada, a CanadianAll-Star team used to going intoovertime to give our customers theassist they’re looking for.Innovative products. Dependable service.Get the home team advantage.After all, we’ re Canadian, eh!Tel: 905-456-8300Fax: 905-456-8582E-mail: info@weil-mclain.caExhaust fansThese aluminum centrifugal roof exhaustersfeature internal aerodynamicsthat allow exhaust air to be guidedthrough theinternal fanstructure withminimal turbulence.Featuresincludebackward straightbladeimpellers, airflow volumes from 481 to 17,235 cfm,with a maximum pressure of 1.25 incheswg, for roof mounting in commercialapplications.Soler & Palau Canada Circle no. 355Grease exhausterCoolair Model UCBA spun aluminumexhausters provide power roof ventilationfrom restaurant range hoods andother applications. An overlapping deepspunventuri minimizes air turbulence.The centrifugal wheel is a non-overloadingbackward-inclined type for low noiselevels. Available sizes are from 12 to 44-in. They are AMCA/UL certified.American Coolair Corp. Circle no. 356Motorized damperIRIS-M dampers by Continental Fanmeasure minimum-maximum airflowswithin +/- 5% by using pressure portsand actuator adjustment screws. Air-Product ProfileNatural ductdisinfectantBy Ron ShukerMother Nature has been keeping bacteria, fungi, moulds and other deadlygerms at bay for thousands of years.Oils found in cloves, thyme and lemongrass have long been used in dentalantiseptics, mouthwash, drink flavourings and cough lozenges. Now they havebeen combined into a duct disinfectant. Benefect® simulates a plant’s immunesystem, effectively killing germs, but remaining less toxic than vinegar.“These extracts are like our antibodies, which attack and destroy germs,”states Mark Robertson, vice president/corporate relations for the manufacturer,Sensible Life Products of Flamborough, Ont.Benefect has a pH of 7.0 (the same as water), is almost colourless, with alight clove fragrance, yet kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria & fungi under federaltest codes.A number of duct cleaning companies are using the product, reportedMurray Rideout, general manager for the distributor, Evolution Air,Mississauga, Ont.Application is straightforward, commented Rick Ayotte, Sears North York(Toronto) dealer. “Our installers spray it with a fogger, as a spray gun, to circulateit evenly through the duct while the fan is running and all the vents aresealed.” Low toxicity means it doesn’t require a rinse or a wipe to removeresidue.“It ensures the customer that possibly harmful organisms that may be leftin the duct after the cleaning, such as fungal spores or moulds, are treated,”comments Robert Bertrand, trainer for the Excell group of duct cleaners,Burlington, Ont.“Installers could also use it to clean and disinfect air conditioning or airhandler coils when servicing those units,” Rideout suggested.“It has a nice natural smell,” added Ayotte. “Our group did a thorough studyinto the options and this was the only product we felt safe in using for our customers.Applying it adds to the quality of service we provide.”Another application is in building restoration following fires, flooding, sewerbackups, and related types of damage. Health Canada has registered Benefectfor spray application to hard surfaces including sheet metal. It has CanadianFood Inspection Agency approval for registered food establishments andEnvironment Canada approval for the Ecologo under its Environmental ChoiceProgram as a hospital-grade disinfectant.Benefect is also approved for use in air ducts by the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA).Now in its seventh generation, the product is constantly being upgraded toimprove and increase it’s broad spectrum effectiveness against more types ofgerms, bacteria, fungi and their spores, Robertson reported.Evolution Air Circle no. 357flow varies inresponse to a 0-10 volts DC or4-20 mA signalto control temperature,humidityor ventilationrate. Sixsizes fit ductsfrom 4 to 12-in.in diameter for15 to 4,000 cfm.Aeroflo Inc. Circle no. 358Mini-duct finishesUnico has added chrome and brass finishesto its mini-duct central heatingand air conditioningsystems forrange from 5-inch round, 1/2 x 8-inchslotted outlets for sidewall applications,plus 15 and 25-degree angled outlets forsloped ceilings.Unico, Inc. Circle no. 359Electronic air cleanerThe Airscreen 5700 is a commercialelectronic air cleaner which operatesthrough bipolarization, by which astrong charge on the special media padsinside the unitattract andhold harmfulcontaminants.It can be effectivein pollutantsdown to.01-1 micronsfor smoke and larger for dust, dander,bacteria, plant spores and pollen.Cimatec Inc. Circle no. 360a total of 15walls, inplastic andwood for Make-up dehumidifierhardwood The Dry-O-Tron DKV series of verticalfloors. Sizes make-up air dehumidifiers offer a rela-Circle Number 126 for More Information22 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

Ventilationtively smallfootprint.Models areavailable forright or leftcorner installations.Availablein sizesfrom 470 to8,000 cfm, featuresincludeside drain, airor water cooled capabilities, and a heatpump option on water-cooled units.Dectron Internationale Circle no. 361Gaseous absorberCitySorb CH is an absorber in a varietyof media blends for removing ozone,water panelto eliminatea reservoirwhile needingonly 8-oz. of waterto operate.The panelallows for100% of thewater to be used in evaporation. Theseunits do not require a motor, pump orfan.Research Products Corp. Circle no. 365Liquid-to-steam humidifierLTS model humidifiers feature Vapor-Logic control for PID control, adjustableRH control, a temperature sensorto hold water at a pre-set point, datareports, intuitive menus, backlit display,real-time clock for time-stamped trackingand to program draining.Dri-Steem Humidifier Co. Circle no. 366Filtration mediaIntrepid filters are made of thermallybonded,continuous hydrophobic polyolefinfibers, with no chemical binders,that will not shed or absorb moisture.This media has an electret (electricpolarization) charge for high initial andsustained efficiency and a structureddensity for high dust-holding capacityand minimal pressure drop.Kimberly-Clark Circle no. 367T H E P O S S I B I L I T I E S A R E I N F I N I T Estandard odours, VOCs, up to the controlof corrosive gases, ammonia/amines or oxidizable gases in industrialsettings. It is designed for installation inside-access filter housings or built-upbanks, offers low resistance to airflow.Camfil Farr Circle no. 362HEPA filterThis Whole House HEPA Air Cleanerfeatures a carbon VOC pre-filter andafter filterand providesairflow from245 cfm to540 cfm inthe fourmodels. Atrue high efficiencyparticulateairfilter, it captures99.97%of pollutants of 0.3 microns and larger.Nine optional inner VOC after filtersare also offered.Coleman/York Int’l. Circle no. 363Germicidal UVModels UV 100 and 200 Comfort PlusGermicidal Ultra-violet lights offer singleand dual UV lamps, suitable for slabcoil applications of three tons and 1,200cfm or less and also in A-coil and returnair ducts. The lamps can be angled to fitvarious duct sizes with the Tilt-Bracket.White-Rodgers Circle no. 364Reservoir-free humidifierThe Model 400 automatic humidifierfeatures a small float chamber, electronicwater level sensors and a wicking• Installation problemssolved with less time,lower cost andmore profit• No ducts mean nodamage and highercustomer satisfaction• Less than 5% coolingloss in refrigerantlines vs. up to 25%with ductwork• Ultra quiet operation• Sell only the coolingrequired and closemore sales• Digital programmableremote control• Dry mode humiditycontrolLess Time, More MoneyWe have the answersto higher profits.Fujitsu innovation has positioned Halcyon ductlessmini-split air conditioners and heat pumps as one ofthe top three manufacturers in North America.With more than thirty years of experience, Fujitsuprides itself on producing over two million qualityHVAC systems annually.INSTALLATIONDUCTWORKUPSTAIRSDOWNSTAIRSYou do the math.CENTRAL A/C48 Man hours;2-Men, 3-DaysFlex duct installation1.5 TonUnit and air handler1.5 TonUnit and air handlerRetail: $7,800Profit: $2,350$2,350/48 = $48.963-bedroom colonial home without air conditioning or ducts.Downstairs1.5 TonDual ZoneFujitsu Mini-splitFUJITSU MINI-SPLITS16 Man hours;2-Men, 1-DayNo ducts to install1 TonMini-split system1.5 TonDual zone mini-splitRetail: $5,000Profit: $1,600$1,600/16 = $100.00Upstairs1 TonSingle ZoneFujitsu Mini-splitVisit Halcyon products at fujitsugeneral.comCircle Number 127 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 23TOTAL

RefrigerationFixing a 1970’s problemwith 2004 technologyBy John Carr, C.E.T.We arrived at the old grocery storelate in the afternoon. The walkincooler/freezer unit was obviouslynot working. Our noses led theway to the third walk-in on the left. Theevaporator fans were running, but thetemperature was over 22°C (71.6°F). Wefound the condensing unit in the damp,cool basement. It was not running.The old reciprocating compressorhad failed. On inspection it was evidentthat the problem was oil dilution by liquidrefrigerant. The compressor had tobe replaced.The refrigeration wholesaler lookedup the old model number and foundthe compressor to be obsolete. We hadto make a quick decision, but we wantedit to be the right decision. We knewour choices were limited so we weighedout our options so we could present agood case to the store owner.Our options included:a) Replace the compressor with similarbut ‘older-style’ technology.b) Replace the whole sealed-system or …c) Upgrade the compressor with newertechnology.We decided to write down the goodand bad points of each idea and cameup with the following.a) Replace the old compressor with anew, but old-style, compressorPros:■ Similar compressor size meanteasier installation.■ The refrigerant could be reused.■ A semi-hermetic compressor isrepairable.Cons:■ The oil had to be replaced anyway.■ The old style reciprocating compressoris not as energy efficient asmodern compressors. Improvementshave been made, for example,Copeland’s Discus compressor, but there-expansion of refrigerant gases duringthe piston down stroke still exists.The next two options gave us severalchoices to consider. We could upgradethe compressor technology, but staywith the reciprocating style, or moveinto the newer technologies that includedscroll and screw.The idea of using a new reciprocatingcompressor was quickly droppedbecause it lacked the efficiencies gainedin the newer technologies. We werefearful of the screw technology for severalreasons, not the least of which wasthe price. We settled on the scroll compressoras the best upgrade for the situation.That brought us to the last twochoices.b) Replace the whole system:Pros:■ New refrigerant in the system. Theneed for a drop-in refrigerant is eliminated.■ The ability to choose a non-ozonedepleting refrigerant.■ New oil. No need to flush out the oldoil.■ A very efficient system could beinstalled.Cons:■ Significantly higher equipmentcost.■ Labour cost higher than justFig. 1: Comparing a scroll compressor to a reciprocating compressor.(Graphic by John Carr)Comparing compressorsFigure 1 illustrates the difference in relative size and moving parts betweenscroll and reciprocating compressors. Both are of equal refrigeration tonnagecapacity and operate at the same saturated suction and discharge pressures.The moving parts are shown in red.The parts are as follows:A Discharge line G Motor statorB Stationary scroll H CrankshaftC Oscillating scroll J Suction and discharge valvesD Suction line K Pistons (attached to connecting rods)E Drive shaft L Oil pumpF Motor rotor M Check valvechanging the compressor.The scroll compressor will be cheaperc) Replace the old reciprocating compressorto replace in years to come, should it fail.with a scroll compressor:The new refrigerant will be non-Pros:ozone depleting. It will be easier to topup■ The scroll compressors have:or replace while the old refrigerant is■ Few moving parts (see Figure 1) already obsolete and very expensive■ Relatively constant torque applied when available.resulting in lower operating noiseThe new compressor, along with aMore Heat for Less Money.■ High efficiency ratingsnew condenser, evaporator and connectingtubing, will provide greater effi-With InfraSave, the name says it all.■ A smaller physical size per tonOur heaters provide the superior performance of Infra-red radiant heating,that result in energy Save-ings of up to 50% for you.compared to reciprocating compressors.ciencies and energy savings, and it willIt can be as much as a 1 to 4 ratio be built to today’s higher standard.depending on the manufacturer.Finally, money will be saved in the■ Less weight per ton than reciprocatinglong run. It is hard to tell how much butcompressors. Scrolls are anywhere it is significant. (My partner and I choseProducts for all Applications. Our products are anchoredInfraSave provides a wide range by more than 50 years of engineeringfrom 1/4 to 1/3 the weight of a recipro-not to charge the lady for removing theof products for any application:and manufacturing experiencecating unit.old refrigerant since we could recycle it.)commercial, industrial, retail; ensuring industry leading technology.■ New refrigerant used. The new She decided to replace the whole system.The replacement went smoothlyhigh or low ceilings; normal or And we back them up with industry non-ozone depleting oils are not compatiblewith old system components, so and the system operates very effectively.abnormal air conditions. leading warranties.a drop-in refrigerant would be used. The store owner is so happy with thepatio heater■ New oil used.energy savings she is planning to replaceCons:her other two systems.double and single tube heaters■ Old oil must be flushed from the system.education co-ordinator, Engineered AirJohn Carr, C.E.T., is trades continuing■ Lines to and from the compressor Centre, Southern Alberta Institute ofconstruction heatermust be altered to connect to the new, Technology, Calgary, Alta. (403) 284-smaller compressor.8272, john.carr@sait.ab.ca.We presented our case to the store Readers, please note: A reader questionedowner. It was believed the best optionthe refrigeration article in thewas to replace the whole system. We September/October 2003 Plumbing andoffered the following reasons…HVAC News. He noted that the thermostaticThe compressor is located in a coolexpansion valve was drawn incor-basement. Liquid migration to the compressorrectly. He was right. It was actually anluminous (high intensity) heaterduring off cycles leads to oil automatic expansion valve. I was tryingAuthorized InfraSave Stocking Distributorsdilution, the main reason for the originalto keep the complex drawing as simpleproblem. Using a scroll compressor, as possible. The good eye belongs to aREFRIGERATIVE SUPPLY W.CANADAWWG/TOTALINE CANADAUNITED REFRIGERATION GTA Distributorwhich can handle some liquid, means former student of mine. He cameInfraSave Inc. • Telephone: 1-866-INFRASV (463-7278) • Fax: 1-866-724-9265 • www.infrasave.comthat an energy inefficient crankcase through as I would have expected himheater is not necessary.to do.John CarrCircle Number 128 for More Information24 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

Tools & InstrumentsStop heat spreadReusable Plumbers’ Hot Dam is a speciallyformulated clay-like compoundthat molds aroundsections of pipe tostop heat transferdown the pipe orinto walls. It alsoworks with pipefreezingequipmentto protect iceplugs, jackets andrubber plugs. Moldsto any shape, removes quickly andcleanly with no drip, mess or residue.Mag Tool Inc. Circle no. 368Locator transmitterRidgid has introduced a new transmitterfor its NaviTrack locator. It featuresthree trace frequencies for added versatilityin linetracing,push-buttonoperationand six-antennatechnologypluslarge, realtime,liquid-crystal mapping displayand more data feedback. It locates alltypes of wiring and metallic piping witha lightweight design and rugged construction.Ridge Tool Co. Circle no. 369Estimating programsVersion 6 of Accubid estimating softwaresolutions: Accubid Pro, BidWinnerand BidWinner Plus, feature suchupgrades as power substitution, temporaryassemblies, print preview, schedulescreen sorting and filtering, and a new‘Job Info’ screen. Each program alsoworks with Accubid’s Pocket Bid, thehandheld estimating package for thePocket PC, providing a complete estimatefrom takeoff to extension to finalpricing on the job site.Accubid Systems Circle no. 370Pipe inspection DVDPlumber’s Elite DVD-R, a lightweightportable pipe and drain inspection systemfor DVD recordings, will be shownat CIPHEX Ontario. It features a Ratechcamera and plays six hours of inspectionson one DVD. Features include acamera control unit, 15-inch flat screenLCD monitor, on-screen display overlayproviding electronic counter, time, dateand eight pages of memory, AC/DCswitch, colour camera, condensermicrophone and 200-ft. of Gel-Rodcable.Ratech Electronics Circle no. 371Video inspection-locatorThe GEN-EYE 3 now offers a dual frequency(512 /875 Hz) transmitter, threetimes greatertransmitterwattage, fourdifferent cameraoptions,easy-to-usedigital locator,new commandmoduleon wheelswith slide-out handle and built-inAC/DC converter. Designed for use in1-1/2 to 12-inch lines, this unit also featuresbuilt-in on-screen distance counter,picture inverter, built-in voice-overand on-screen titler. See it at CIPHEXOntario.General Pipe Cleaners Circle no. 372Torch innovationInnovative features on Irwin professionalswivel torches include a burn tube thatswivels 360 degrees and targeted swirlflame. Pro units feature brass or stainlesssteel construction and are available inregular or self-ignitor models. Regularhand torches feature a quick-responsetrigger, removable brass tips, and swirl,ultra swirl and heat shrink flame types, incast aluminum. Air-fuel torches foracetylene or air propane/MAPP fuel rigshave removable tips and orifices and kits,all designed with input from professionalplumbers and HVAC technicians, themanufactur reports.Irwin Industrial Tools Circle no. 373Multi-function levelThe Redline 5 Model provides five levellingfunctions in one instrument:horizontal and vocal slope, at 1 andProduct ProfileLeak diagnosisLike a doctor’s stethoscope for the ground, aunique tool from General Pipe Cleaners allowsthe contractor to pinpoint a leak quickly withoutsetting up a camera and transmitter.The GEN-EAR integrates the latest in filter,headphone and sensor technology to quicklyand accurately locate leaks in PVC, cast iron,copper and steel lines, and pinpoint problemsin many other work, soil and surface conditions.Ground and probe sensors detect the‘gurgling’ or ‘hammering’ caused by a crackedpipe.However, a problem with sound-based technologyis that background/ambient noises canobscure the signal. The Gen-Ear overcomesthis with its built-in Digital Spectrum Analyzerthat provides 16 selectable audio filter combinationsto remove unwanted noises. Anoptional sound amplification manifold addsair to the line, thereby increasing pressure and amplifying sounds to speeddetection.A quick-release safety switch in the handle protects the hearing of theuser by muting sudden loud noises when released.Six AA batteries provide power. A power light blinks when batteries arelow. When power drops below a point where the unit will operate properly, itautomatically shuts down. (Of course, this will happen at the worst possiblemoment, so carrying a spare set of batteries is a always a good idea.)See the Gen-Ear at Booth 402 during CIPHEX Ontario.General Pipe Cleaners Circle no. 3762%, plus a 45 degree level on a 45-degree angle for quick identification,1/4-inch ruler on one side and 1/8-inch on the other side, patented redline for easy assessment and side magnet.Calibrated lifts show codesrequired slopes.Mag Tool Inc. Circle no. 374Flexible wrenchThe Irwin Vise-Grip Quick AdjustingPipe Wrench has features for onehandadjustment and use, including aforged steel upper jaw with broachedteeth, a 2-1/4-inch jaw capacity, and alightweight, compact cast aluminumbody for tight spaces (without needingtwo hands).Irwin Industrial Tools Circle no. 375Presenting Watts Full Line of CSA B125-01,ASSE 1016 and 1017 Listed Thermostatic Mixing ValvesThe Gen-Ear allows the contractorto ‘hear’ the leak.Germicidal radiometerThe X-1-1 mobile or fixed multi-channelradiometer provides ultravioletmeasurement forHVAC germ, bacteria,mold andfungus killing applications.Featuresinclude a highcontrastfour-lineLCD with detectorID enabling simultaneousoperationand display of up to four UV detectorinputs, on-off back-lighting, run-stopdose function, auto-ranging, selectableintegration time, optional Windowssoftware.Gigahertz-Optik, Inc. Circle no. 377Watts Has the Right MixNext time you specify a thermostatic mixing valve, play it safewith Watts. Our full line of valves provide precise temperaturecontrol and high reliability. Our CSA B125-01/ASSE 1016 listedpoint of use mixing valves are ideal for single fixtureapplications, with the capacity to service multiple fixtures. Theycan be preset to any temperature between 80˚F and 120˚F. OurCSA B125-01/ASSE 1017 listed source of supply mixing valvesare ideal for use at the hot water source to maintain and limit thetemperature in domestic and radiant systems.They can be preset to any temperature between100˚F and 180˚F. For literature on Watts fullline of thermostatic mixing valves, call1-888-208-8927 or visit our website atwww.wattscanada.ca.ISO 9001:2000 REGISTEREDwww.wattscanada.caCircle Number 129 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 25

CIPHEXNew Toronto mechanical show creates a buzzMajor plumbing manufacturers, A-list speakers at CIPHEX OntarioThe exhibitor’s list reads like a who’swhoof major plumbing and mechanicalmanufacturers – with a strongSeminarsThursday, March 49:30-11:30 a.m. – Piping options forpanel radiators John Siegenthaler,P.Eng.10:30-11-30 a.m. – Sell the Sizzle,not the Steak Linda Hanson12-12:45 p.m. – Commercial HeatingSystem Designs to Meet the KyotoProtocol Harald Prell, Viessmann Mfg.12-1 p.m. – Water… it’s what wemake it Melissa Lubitz (R-CanEnvironmental), Claude Gauthier(Purolite), Scott McDonald(Enviroguard), Lorne Jackson(Jackson Water Conditioning)1:15-2 p.m. – Air Quality andVentilation for Hot Water HeatedHomes Gord Cooke, Air Solutions1:30-2:00 p.m. Building the CustomerService Minded Organization LindaHanson2:30-3:15 – Radiant Heating andCooling – A Solution for LEED(Leadership in Energy and EnvironmentalDesign) Buildings StephenCarpenter, Enermodal Engineering3:15-4 p.m. – Reverse Osmosis –Technical Session Gordon Leggett,USF WaterGroupFriday, March 59:30-11:30 a.m. – How Length affectsRadiant Floor Heating CircuitsJohn Siegenthaler, P.Eng.10:30-11:15 a.m. – UV: WaterDisinfection Technology of the FutureMelissa Lubitz, R-Can Environmental12-12:45 p.m. – Air ConditioningOptions for Hot Water Heated HomesDavid Gallagher, E.S. GallagherSales12-12:45 p.m. – Water Efficiency andthe City of Toronto Six-Litre ToiletRebate Program Roman Kaszczij,P. Eng., City of Toronto1:15-2 p.m. – Industrial Pipe, Valve& Fitting Council PresentationCIPH panel discussion1:30-2:15 p.m. – Selling to Women –Building Relationships Linda Hanson2:45-3:45 – Water Heaters, How hotis too hot? Richard Proulx, Cash Acme3:00-3:45 – Heat up your HydronicSales Roy Collver, P&HVAC/Mech.Systems 2000Saturday, March 610:30-11:30 a.m. – KitchenRenovation Trends Kimberly Seldon,Design for Living10:30-11:30 a.m. – Never ShovelSnow Again! Roy Collver, P&HVAC11:45-12:45 a.m. – Comfort Heatingfor your Home Richard Trethewey,This Old House1-2 p.m. – Transforming yourBathroom Kimberly Seldon3-4 p.m. – Water Treatment SystemsMelissa Lubitz (R-Can Environmental),Claude Gauthier (Purolite), ScottMcDonald (Enviroguard), Lorne Jackson(Jackson Water Conditioning)hydronic heating contingent thrown in.Many of the seminar speakers are wellknown across North America. SouthernOntario’s newest plumbing and mechanicalshow is quickly shaping up as mustattendevent.Organizers expect about 300 exhibitbooths displaying the latest design andtechnology in kitchen and bath, plumbing,fire sprinkler, water quality, hydronicheating, and other mechanicalindustry products. (Please see exhibitorlist on page 27.)Organized by the Canadian Instituteof Plumbing and Heating (CIPH),FOCUS-CIPHEX Ontario 2004 willtake place at the National Trade Centreat the Toronto Exhibition GroundsMarch 4-6.SpeakersA diverse lineup of industry speakershas been announced:Sales and marketing expert LindaHanson will present sessions on salestactics, customer service and – yikes! –selling to women.A comprehensive hydronic heatingprogram includes Plumbing & HVACProduct News’ own Roy Collver on sellinghydronics and snow melting. Hydronicheating author and engineerJohn Siegenthaler will talk about panelradiator piping and floor heat circuitlength.Richard Trethewey, the plumber andhydronic heating advocate from the televisionshow This Old House, willheadline Saturday’s Home RenovationDay events, which are open to the public.In fact, that might be a good day tobring the wife with presentations onkitchen and bathroom renovation bywell-known interior designer, writerand television (Design for Living) hostKimberly Seldon. (Please see a full list ofseminar topics on this page.)CIPH will also hold its gala eveningand auction to raise money for Habitatfor Humanity in conjunction withCIPHEX Ontario beginning at 6:30p.m. March 5 at the Fairmont RoyalYork Hotel in downtown Toronto. Thisyear’s entertainer is Quartetto Gelato,noted for musical finesse and humour.Best and worstBut back to CIPHEX: not only willCIPH repeat its Best Bathroom contestwhere the public is invited to nominatethe best bathroom in Toronto, buthomeowners are asked to submit photographsof their pre-renovation bathroomsfor a ‘Worst Bathroom’ prize. It’sall part of a move to get end users moreinvolved, something the manufacturermembers of CIPH have requested,reported show manager ElizabethMcCullough.Another new feature will beWholesaler Showroom Design Roomsin which wholesalers highlight theirshowrooms through unique displays.Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to learn about new products andcorner the manufacturer with questions about existing products. Marty Silverman,left, of General Pipe Cleaners, explains the Gen-Eye drain camera system.For more information, contact CIPH at(416) 695-0450 or go to www.Focus2004.ca.8' DRAPE22922522322121921320920720520120'20'214210202LOUNGE230 329 330 429226224222325323321220 319WATER QUALITY20'20'313309326324322320314310308306302425423421419413409407405401426420414410408406402525513509507505501520514510508506502613609607605601626620614610602725713709Admission is free for those who pre-registerprior to March 1, or $10 at the door.S9S8 S10 S11S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S1210'20' 20'REVISED: JULY 31, 2003CIPHEX ONTARIO 200470'20'20'20'30'438434432430428537533531529527GALLERY OFNEW PRODUCTS63863463263062873773373172972720' 20' 20'PLUMBING AND KITCHEN & BATH20'15' 15'20'20'20' 20'20'20'80'20'CIPHEXTHEATRETHEATRESEATING20' 20' 20'20'20'73873473273072872672472071470683783383182982782582320'83883483283082882682482230'820 919 92081493793393192992792592392120'930926924914910802 902LOUNGE1029 1030 1129 113010251023102120' 20' 20'HYDRONICS1019 102020' 20' 20'20'20' 20'20' 20'81320' 20'20' 20' 20'4081091390920'20'1013100920'20'70'102610241022101410101008100610021125112311211119HVAC/R1113110911071105110120'20'20'30'1126112411221120111411101108110611028' DRAPE26 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

ExhibitorsCompany Name ............booth numberA.M.T.S. Limited ............................1008A.O. Smith ........................................320Accubid Systems ..............................733Acudor Acorn Ltd. ............................428Alberta Custom Tee Ltd. ................1105Allpriser Ltd. ..................................1022Amati Bath Centre & Wholesaler ....628American-Standard ..........................520Amtrol Canada..................................925Armstrong Pumps ..........................1013Avenir Software Inc. ........................901Bardon Supplies Limited..................514Belanger UPT....................................508Bemis Manufacturing ......................505Bibby-Ste-Croix ................................713Blanco Canada ..................................626Boshart Industries Inc. ....................421Bow Plastics Ltd. ..............................405Brass Craft Cda / Master Plumber ..727Cdn Automatic Sprinkler Assn. ......324Canadian Homes and Cottages........828Canadian Hydronics Council ..........919Canadian Institute ofPlumbing & Heating ......................820Canadian Water Quality Assn. ........209Caroma Canada ................................830Canvil ................................................328CCTF ................................................827Central Water Conditioning ............325CFM Greenway Home Products......214Conbraco Industries, Inc. ................921Contour Industries Inc.....................406Contracting Canada..........................432Crane Plumbing Corp. ....................614CSA International ............................306Dahl Brothers Canada Ltd. ..............822Datacom Wireless Corporation ......609Delta Faucet Canada ........................620Don Park Inc.....................................927Ecoflex Systems ..............................1021ECR International Ltd. ..................1020Emco Corporation............................714Envirogard/Rainfresh ......................319Erico, Inc. ..........................................729Expert Estimator ..............................330F.E. Myers Co. ..................................221Faucet Fix Franchise Inc...................510Fiat Products ....................................414Fibrobec ............................................537General Pipe Cleaners, Div. OfGeneral Wire Spring Company........402Giant Factories Inc. ..........................506Globe Union Cda. Inc.......................709Grundfos Canada Inc. ......................930GSW Water Heating ........................527GTA Construction Report................731Habitat for Humanity Canada ........825Hanna Instruments ..........................321Heat-Line, A Div. Of CML /Hanflo Corporation........................832HeatLink Canada(div. Of Polytech Products Inc.......638HG/Zoeller/Cash Acme ....................531Hilti Canada Corporation................824HPAC Magazine................................602Hydromatic Pump Co. ....................634Hydronics Marketing Group............929Hydronics Pump Challenge ..........1130Imperial Manufacturing Group ....1107Info-Link Magazine ..........................407In-Sink-Erator ..................................601Integra Environmental Inc...............205IPEX Inc. ..........................................837IVAR N.A. Ltd. ..................................924Jay R. Smith ......................................312Jenkins - NH Valves ..........................409John L. Schultz Ltd. ..........................823Kamco..............................................1026Kindred Industries Ltd. ....................706Kohler Canada ..................................230Lenox®/American Saw......................509Leonard Valve....................................829Les Tuyaux Logard Inc. ....................826Liberty Pumps ..................................507LiquiPlus Solutions ............................22Lyncar Products Ltd. ........................525M.A. Stewart......................................434Maax ..................................................802Mag Tool Inc. ....................................914Mansfield Plumbing Products............501MCA Toronto....................................423Mifab ................................................814Milwaukee Valve Canada..................726Mirolin ..............................................720Mits Airconditioning ........................923Moen Inc. ..........................................810Mueller Flow Control ......................308NAIT................................................1106NCI Marketing Inc. ..........................613Noble Trade Plumbing andHeating Supplies ..............................737NSF International ..........................1006N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise ..........632Oakville Stamping & Bending ........605Oatey Canada SCS Co. ....................610Ondine Canada ................................725OPIA ....................................................323Plumbing & HVAC Prod. News ......1002Price Pfister ..........................................730ProSet Systems ..................................728Quickpen International..................1101R.G. Dobbin Sales Ltd. ....................420Ratech Electronics Ltd. ....................724Raypak Canada Ltd...........................910R-Can Environmental Inc. ..............309Reed Manufacturing Co. Inc. ..........410Rheem Canada Ltd / Ltée ................909Ridge Tool Company ........................732Roth Canada ..................................1120Sanitary for All Ltd. ..........................413SMS: Smillie McAdamsSummerlin Ltd. ................................426Streamline Information Systems....1023Taco Canada Ltd. ............................1009Takagi Canada Inc. ..........................813Tamas Hydronic Systems..................929tekmar Control System Ltd. ............920Thorndale / LT Copper ....................529CIPHEXTVM Building Products ................1025Uponor ..............................................933USF WaterGroup ..............................202UV Pure Technologies ......................207Vandem Industries Inc. ....................408Victaulic Co. of Canada..................1125Viessmann Manufacturing Co. ........902Water Treatment Dealer ..................313Water Line Products ........................801Wattco Electric Canada Ltd. ............513Watts Industries (Canada) Inc.........425WEDECO UV Technologies ............326Weil McLain Canada Sales ..............931Wessan Plumbing Products Ltd.......502Wheeler Rex ......................................401Wicor Industries ............................1019Wolseley Mechanical Group ............438Wyctomar Inc. ..................................225Zurn Industries Limited ..................607Editor’s note: This list may not becomplete as additional exhibitors wereexpected to be added after press time.The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating / L’Institut canadien de plomberie et de chauffageInvites you to theCIPH GALA EVENINGin support of Habitat for Humanity CanadaFriday, March 5, 2004 Fairmont Royal York Hotel TorontoFeaturing Quartetto GelatoQuartetto Gelato has won the hearts of audiences worldwide withtheir unique blend of sparkling technique, musical finesse and humor.Silent Auction & Live AuctionDress: Semi Formal, Black-Tie OptionalReception & Auction Preview Begins at 6:30 pmTickets on sales now. Visit www.ciph.com or call 1-888-ASK-CIPH for details.The Gala takes place in conjunction with theCIPHEX Ontario 2004 Trade Show & Conference www.focus2004.caThe 6th Gala Evening is produced by The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH).CIPH is the Canadian association of manufacturers and wholesaler distributors of plumbing and hydronic heating products.Since 1994, CIPH members have contributed more than $1.7 million in cash and products to Habitat for Humanity Canada.Through these donations, CIPH members have helped over 500 Canadian families move into simple, decent homes.Moving into a home is a life-changing experience for Habitat families.To learn how you can help eliminate poverty housing in Canada, visit www.ciph.com/Habitat for Humanity or call 1-888-ASK-CIPH (275-2474)Circle Number 130 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 27

ADVERTISING FEATUREProven condensing boiler technologyWith more than six years in theNorth American climate, andmore than 20,000 installedunits - including over 1,000 installedacross Canada - the Munchkin boilerhas proven its European boiler technologyin these markets.Over the past five years, Munchkinboilers have been successfully installedfor a variety of customers, reportsSteve Cambria, of Gas Solutions Inc. ofKitchener, Ontario, the Canadian distributor.Installations include these populartypes of facilities:■ Car washes: Installations using theMunchkin have been proven for bothslab heating, back room heat, andDHW heating for washing the vehicles,with installations from Grande Prairie,Alberta, to Kingston, Ontario.■ Apartments, 6-8 units: One of Ontario’slargest development companies hasinstalled Munchkin units in over 30buildings, replacing their existing boilerssystems to help control unit costs.■ Schools: Munchkin boiler systemsA modular system for smallerapartment buildings.have been installed in several schoolregions replacing older boilers withresults of saving energy by 22% to 30%over the last three years.■ Other Apartments: These boilers havealso been installed in apartments up toseven storeys and 84 units providingeither heating or domestic hot water.■ Residential homes: Munchkin boilersThis is one of the most compact and efficient boilers available on the market today. Each Munchkin Boiler willmodulate its firing rate to match the actual energy requirements. This feature provides additional savingsversus traditional single firing boilers. With stainless steel construction, you can be assured that you arebuying the highest quality appliance. Proven European technology, manufactured in North America.Quiet operation is just another benefit that comes with the Munchkin boiler.have been installed in different residentialapplications from a renovatedcoach house using a T-50 to large customhomes. These units provide themain heat source and DHW using anUltra indirect-fired heater, as well as forsnow melting and heating the indoorpool. The main heat source is radiantin-floor with or without air handlers asback-up for the heat pump systems.The Munchkin boiler comes in 50,80, 140, 199 and 399,000 Btu/hr capacities.These boilers have UL/ULC andCSA approvals and ASME listings whererequired.These units modulate at the rate of25% to 100% or 33% to 100%, dependingon the size of the units installed.They operate at an AFUE of 92% efficiency.The boilers are made of highgrade stainless steel.The manufacturer of the Munchkinhas also developed different controlpackages to make it easier for the contractorto install that are sold thruVision dealers.Vision I: A two-temperature controlsystem using outdoor reset and indirectpriority control.Vision 2: A four-temperature panel,also with outdoor reset. Up to eightpanels can be added to this system.Vision 3: A lead-lag controller thatcontrols the modulations of the boilerand has other features for domestic hotwater control and 0-10 volt control foran energy management system. TheVision 3 comes in two sizes, one tocontrol up to four boilers and the secondup to eight units.A DVD disc for training is also providedas part of an ongoing trainingprogram. A service program disc is alsoavailable for all the Vision controllersthat can be plugged into the Munchkincontrol system to assist in servicingand troubleshooting the boilers.The manufacturer of the Munchkinboiler also provides a line of stainlesssteel DHW heaters called the Ultra,with models from 20 gallons with a firstdraw rating of 121 gallons up to 119gallons with a first draw rating of 423gallons.A commercial link with two coils forhigher outputs, and a double wallmodel can also be provided whererequired by code. The Ultra comes witha lifetime warranty.Gas Solutions Inc. (519) 579-7124e-mail: scambria@rogers.comSee us at CIPHEX Ontario 2004 withNoble Trade Plumbing Supplies Inc.Booth #737Hydronic components lineupGas Solutions also distributes theCaleffi North America line of hydroniccomponents. A global leader in manufacturingthese products, Caleffi,based in Lewiston, Maine, producesair vents, air separators, hydronic separators,manifold components, variousaccessories, a ball valve set, flow indicator,and a series of hydronic valves.In closing Cambria notes that GasSolutions Inc. is presently looking todevelop dealers and to set up and providetraining as part of the ongoingeducation required in the growingHydronic marketplace.Circle Number 131 for More Information28 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

ADVERTISING FEATUREFlame Guard ensures DHW safetyThe hot water heater industry hassolved a potential safety hazardcaused when homeowners,unaware of the danger, store or spillflammable fluids near a gas-firedDHW heater with a pilot light. Thepilot light or burner could easily ignitethese vapours.This new DHW heater design providescontractors with the opportunity toupgrade their customer’s existing DHWheaters to the new Flammable VapourIgnition Resistant technology (FVIR).The pioneering technology that firstprevented such fires, four years beforeit became mandatory in 2003, wasdeveloped by a subsidiary of GSW Inc.of Oakville, Ont. The Flame GuardSafety System was introduced by theAmerican Water Heater Co. in mid1999 — and there are now more than250,000 installations in North America.GSW acquired the company in 2002.It was described by Robert Trudeau,president of American, as “one of themost significant home safety innovationsin at least two decades! It is byfar the most significant change in thedesign of water heaters in the past 40or 50 years.”Flame Guard is a technology incorporatedinto the design of water heater gasburner systems. It works by trappingflammable vapours that enter the combustionchamber and prevents themfrom escaping where the fire can spread.The patented combustion chamber isAtmospheric models affected firstThe new test protocols that mandateFVIR are ANSI Z21.10.1 and CSA 4.1-2002 which went into effect in the U.S.July 1, 2003. The Canadian code isscheduled to go into effect for all mod-Circle Number 132 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 29els with inputs less than 75,000 Btu/hr:on July 1, 2004 for 30, 40 and 50-gal.(U.S.) atmospheric vent models (exceptmobile home units); 30, 40 and 50-gal.direct and power vent units on January1, 2005, and all others on July 1, 2005.GSW will incorporate FVIR technologyon GSW and John Wood brand30, 40 and 50-gal. gas-fired models tomeet these deadlines.Contractors and installers are encouragedto learn as much as they can aboutthe transition, to ask questions, to understandthe FVIR technology and to ensurethey are buying the right product for theapplication, suggests Ansil Howell, productmanager at GSW. GSW will conducttraining sessions through its wholesalenetwork early in the spring.FVIR questionsGSW suggests that contractors shouldevaluate FVIR products on the basis ofthe following questions:Q How long has the flammable vapourtechnology been field tested?Q Once the combustion door isremoved, is the assembly re-usable?Q Can the thermocouple be replacedby itself without affecting the combustionseal or other components?Q Are there filters or more strict cleaningrequirements?Q Are there complex mechanismsadded which affect the serviceabilityof the unit?There are other options to FVIR modelsin certain applications, such asGSW’s Balanced Flue water heaters, aproven non-powered direct-vent product.GSW is also introducing its SpaceSaver, a compact 1,200 Watt modelwith a 10-litre capacity or 2.65 US gallonsat 150 psi (32 kPa). It boosts watertemperature from 10° to 49°C in 30minutes. The single phase unit plugsinto a 110 volt AC outlet, weighs 43-lbsor 9 kg and is just 18.2-in. high and11.4-in. wide and deep.Fleece blanket drawGSW is offering a very appropriateprize during this very cold winter acrossCanada. Contractors are encouraged toenter a draw for a Flame Guard fleeceblanket at CIPHEX Ontario March 6-8at the National Trade Centre, CNEgrounds, in Toronto.The more things change,the more they remain the same.Over the years our goal has remained the same...it's the technology thatchanges to help ensure we continue to keep you in hot water.All GSW water heaters will includeFVIR technology.sealed to prevent outside air intrusion,except through the system’s flamearrestor, a unique self-cleaning stainlesssteel air inlet. This flame trapensures that burning vapours will notescape back into the room.The special thermal switch inside thecombustion chamber also shuts off thegas supply to the burner and pilot lightduring a flammable vapour incident toprevent adding fuel to any vapourflame. This allows the flammablevapours to burn themselves out in thecombustion chamber above the arrestor.Examples of sources for such vapoursare paints, gasoline, paint thinner,aerosol sprays, and cleaning solvents.

ADVERTISING FEATUREYou have to love a boiler you canbeat up onThrow thermal shock at a De Dietrichboiler and with 30% higher elasticityin the eutectic cast iron than standardrigid cast iron, it just shrugs it off.■ Low water condition, by far themost common failure in boiler operation?The homogeneous cast ironmaintains its structural integrity.■ Down time for maintenance?What’s going to go wrong? It doesn’thave any moving parts. The doors doswing open fully. However, youshould brush the flueways from timeto-time,and the baffles are removableto clean, too.■ All the material in the boiler constructionis the same, so it contractsand expands together — in balance.It’s the only boiler assembled on anunder-frame like a rail to allow theboiler to expand and contract evenly.It’s another innovation from aFrench manufacturer that startedback in 1684.■ Corrosion? The eutectic cast ironmore than meets the highest standardfor resistance to pitting, thinningand other corrosion.■ De Dietrich boilers are designedto have some condensation at lowtemperatures – but that water flowsinto the firebox where it is vapourized.No harm done and no need fora drain.Simplifies RFH systemsYou can also love a boiler that makesin-floor heating systems much simplerto design and install. First, youneed equipment that can withstandtemperatures as low as 105ºF withoutdamage. Most boilers manufacturedtoday require three-way valves andpumps to blend the return water backup to 130-140ºF to protect them fromdamage.However, a De Dietrich systemoperates as if it was a three-wayvalve. There is no low temperatureproblem so the system temperaturecan be reduced right at the boilerinlet and be controlled down toWhy would I buy aDeDietrich Boiler?Quality, Shock Resistant, LowMaintenance and Energy Savings.Simply The Best!www.dedietrich-canada.comFlexible Eutectic BoilersP.O. Box 1763Mitchell, Ontario N0K 1N0E-mail tom.turner@ezlink.on.caWhat our customers are saying:Waterloo Region District School Board“We at the W.R.D.S.B. have been using De Dietrich boilers for the last6 or 7 years and have had excellent results with them.We are usingthem to replace single marine boilers with two De Dietrich boilers.With these boilers we have reduced our utility costs and drasticallyreduced our boiler service.There is no expensive repairs such as retubingand tube sheets with these boilers and no expensiveparts.Parts are available at the local wholesalers.We have had great support from the distributor when it comes toreplacing existing boilers.We are also pleased with the efficiency weare achieving with these boilers and the ability to run lower watertemperatures through our energy management systems thus allowingus to save even more money.We have approximately 35 of these boilers installed at this timeand will continue to use them in the future.”Leo Smith, Foreman H.V.A.C.Tel: 1 519 348-82001 800 943-6275Fax: 519 348-8404105ºF, or lower on the outlet.When the boiler is tied into verticalfan coils or a radiant floor heating(RFH) system, a supply temperatureof 140ºF is all that is required. At thistemperature, DHW can also be supplied,through a heat exchanger, fromthe main heating loop.Efficiencies reach 85.2%You will also love this boiler for itsoperating efficiency to strict testingunder CSA 4.9-2000 standards.Approved by ULC to an average efficiencyrating of 85.2% at high-fireacross the models available (from170 to 6,206 MBH) and with low modulatedtemperatures, energy savingsquickly add up over the 30-year life ofa De Dietrich boiler.You will also like the fact that workingpressures range from 59 to 75 psi,depending on the model selected.That gives you greater versatility andflexibility in applying these boilers toall types of institutional-commercialindustrial(ICI) hot water heatingsystems.You will want to replace existingboilers with a De Dietrich where youcan apply the same run-through asbefore. Why change it for a higherinstalled cost? And you can apply abuilding management system to itsoperation to bring the temperaturedown to meet actual demand ormove it up to a blend of 130-140ºF.When designing a system, youwill like the choice of five brands ofNorth American burners: Pendell/FuelMaster, Riello, Weishaupt, PowerFlame and Gordon Piatt/GPCombustion. And for customers thatwant very low levels of combustionemissions, there are European burnersthat integrate well with the largefirebox to bring NOx, CO and CO 2levels well down, for example.Regional assistance closeAnd you can get all the design andtechnical assistance from manufacturer’sreps you know, nine acrossCanada: Bruce Sutherland in theAtlantic; S.E.R.L. Inc. in Quebec;Applied Engineering Systems inGreater Toronto; Waterloo Mfg. insouthwestern Ontario; C.K. Howard innorthern Ontario; Airtech Sales ineastern Ontario; Central Boiler Supplyin Manitoba-Saskatchewan; WestcanHVAC Sales in Southern Alberta,Farrell Engineering in NorthernAlberta and Cadillac Agencies inBritish Columbia.Circle Number 133 for More Information30 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

ADVERTISING FEATUREProven quality, reliability in every product lineIf there is anything HVACR contractorsand technicians want in their productsit’s reliability. They want full confidencethat the equipment they are sellingand then installing for customers willwork for years. Contractors don’t wantcall-backs!Distributors equally want to be knownfor the quality and reliability of theirproduct lines. Their reputation is also onthe line every day.A.M.T.S. Ltd., Ancaster, Ont., is theCanadian master stocking distributor forAdvanced Distributor Products andPackless Industries and a stocking manufacturer’srepresentative for Rubatex Corp.The core product lines of A.M.T.S. canmake a very strong case for quality. Forexample, every single evaporator coilmanufactured by ADP is leak-checkedbefore it leaves the plant. ADP quality,and in turn, customer satisfaction, isreflected in the miniscule number of customerreturns.ADP is one of the world’s largest manufacturersof evaporator coils.That explains ADP’s theme: ‘Leadingby example!’A.M.T.S. also distributes the completeline from Packless Industries, Waco,Texas, including water-source heat pumpcoils, vibration absorbers and heatexchangers.A complete line of elastomeric andpolyethylene insulation products fromRubatex Corp. features tube and sheetinsulation and protective coatings andadhesives.mould and mildew. It has also beenredesigned to drain away most of thestanding water left at the end of a runcycle for improved indoor air quality.Packless products include:■ 15 water-source heat pump coils inhelix, spiral and trombone configurations(as condensers or evaporators) for1/2 to 15 ton systems;■ 16 models of vibration absorbers;■ two refrigerant heat exchanger seriesin coaxial designs for 1/3 through 80 toncapacity systems.Rubatex products are:■ tubing insulation from 3/8 to 1-inchwall thickness;■ flat insulation from 1/8 to 2-inchthickness in 36x48-inch sheets;■ rolled insulation from 1/8 to 2-inchthickness and 48-in. wide;■ adhesives, protective coatings andanti-vibration pads.■ Added to the A.M.T.S. lineup is a comprehensiveline of brazed plate heatexchangers produced by WTT America,Bohemia, New York.All products are sold only throughwholesalers and to OEMs. All lines areleaders in their respective product categoriesin terms of quality, reliability, durabilityand performance. A.M.T.S. alsostocks replacement parts and componentsfor all product lines.‘We do it every day!’A.M.T.S., established in 1983, specializesin providing same-day or next day shipmentsof orders as standard servicefrom its modern 25,000 sq.ft. distributioncentre. Located in Ancaster, Ont.,near Hamilton, it has easy access to allmajor trucking routes such as Hwys403, 401, QEW.Direct-from-the-factory shipments arealso available for certain products ifquantity warrants.A.M.T.S. supports its lines withknowledgeable Canadian technical supportand customer service personnelamong its staff. The company regularlyprovides training for HVAC personnel asarranged through wholesalers. The company’swebsite –www.A.M.T.S.Canada.com - providesdirect links to its suppliers and where alltechnical literature can be downloadedCome and see us at CIPHEX Ontarioand CMX show, both in Toronto inMarch, and the MEET show in Moncton,N.B., in May 2004 for your review andassessment.Our experienced sales and technicalstaff will be happy to answer all yourquestions about each product and theirapplications to solve your customers’requirements.“At A.M.T.S., we provide quality products,that extra customer service andtechnical support – all at the best price –and we do it every day!”Sold only to wholesalers, OEMsNew to its line of unit heaters is theCayenne, a separated combustion unitcurrently available in five sizes. The fullline of ADP heaters includes:■ the four-model CUH line of 80-81%efficient compact unit heaters plus the10-model SEP Series and seven HEDSeries of duct furnaces;■ New to the ADP air handler lineup is theADP/A.M.T.S. Compact Air Handler, availablein two sizes (1.5 to 2 ton capacity and2.5 to 3 ton capacity). This unit is ahydronic heating-only model with availablecooling coils optional. It is ideal forjobs where size is an issue—it is less than30-in. high. The full line features 10 modelsof multi-position air handlers with electricheat and 10 with hydronic heat; and■ the widest range of evaporative andspecialty cooling coils. Featured is theaward-winning drain pan (best new productat MecanEX 2003 in Montreal!),designed with the MicrobanAntimicrobial additive into the polymerpan to resist the growth of bacteria,AMTS Canada Ltd.1348 Sandhill Drive, Ancaster, Ontario L9G 4V5905-648-1832 • sales@amtscanada.comCircle Number 134 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 31

Looking for…◗ New Plumbing or HVAC products◗ Industry News◗ Technical ContractorInformationClick Here!Plumbing & HVAC Product News hasbecome the information resource for Canada’sPlumbing & HVAC Market! Now online atwww.plumbingandhavc.ca◗ Current and back issues posted◗ Each page as it appears in the magazine◗ Ads hot-linked to advertiser’s web site◗ All on-line issues searchable by key word◗ All new products archived and searchableLooking for NEW product information?Want to receive a subscription?Surfing for latest news in Plumbing & HVAC industries?Visit us FIRST.www.plumbingandhvac.caCanada’s Information Source for the Plumbing & HVAC Industries

Atlantic FocusHeritage Gas connects first 15 customersIn BriefMEET to host plumbingskills competitionThe New Brunswick Skills Canadaplumbing competition will be heldat MEET 2004 in Moncton May 6-7.These competitions bring students/apprenticestogether fromacross the province to completeprojects that are judged on craftsmanshipand accuracy. The event issponsored by N.B. CommunityColleges, Apprenticeship andOccupational Certification Branchof the N.B. Department of Trainingand Employment Development, andthe show’s co-sponsors: the CanadianInstitute of Plumbing &Heating (CIPH), ASHRAE Atlanticbranches, the Electro Federationand the Illuminating EngineersSociety. MEET 2004 will be held inthe Moncton Agrena Complex. Thepopular Industry Dinner will takeplace Wednesday, May 5, at theDelta Beausejour Hotel withhumourist Bill Carr providing theentertainment. For more information,call 1-888-454-7469 or goonline at www.masterpromotions.ca.Clean partnershipThe Nova Scotia chapter of theCanadian Oilheat Association(COHA) will partner with CleanNova Scotia, an environmentalorganization, to encourage homeownersto cut back on fuel usethrough home efficiency improvements,reports The Oilheat News,the official COHA publication.Oilheat ’06The Newfoundland and Labradorchapter of COHA will host Oilheat2006, the association’s annual conference,in St. John’s Nfld. SheridanYetman, vice president of Harvey’sOil Ltd., has been named conferencechairman and is seeking volunteersto help organize the event.Heritage Gas Nova Scotia will haveits first 15 customers, both residentialand commercial, connectedto its natural gas distribution systembefore the end of January, reportedcompany spokesman Don Websterfrom Halifax in mid-January.“The installations were completed byeach customer’s existing service provider.We are taking direction on and supportingthat relationship,” he said.Many of the customers were previouslyon propane.One commercial connection was onfuel oil with several oil-fired unitTAKE Aheaters totaling about 400,000 Btu.“While the cost of fuel was similar inthis case, this customer opted for naturalgas unit heaters because, on a costcomparison basis, the gas-fired equipmentand installation quoted was noticeablylower and the warranty twice aslong,” said Webster.Heritage Gas is still working withheating contractors to finalize an authorizeddealer network of at least 15members. “We will still monitor allinstallations to ensure they satisfy bothour and the customer’s expectations,”Webster added.CLOSER LOOK ...WATERThe provision of training and certificationfor installers and service techniciansis an ongoing development, headded. One issue needing resolution isthat Nova Scotia does not recognize aninter-provincial gas ticket.Webster was a speaker at the first ofa series of breakfast meetings for membersof the N.S. Chapter of theHeating, Refrigeration & Air conditioningContractors Association(HRAC). It was held at the end ofJanuary in Halifax.For information on membership,contact Christine Corbin, HRACAtlantic Region manager, at 902-442-5461.HEATAIR• TSSA Update Workshop• ODP Renewal/CIPHEXOntario2OO4Trade Show and ConferenceMarch 4, 5 & 6, 2004National Trade Centre at Exhibition PlaceToronto, Ontario, Canadawww.focus2004.caFOCUS ON BUYERS, VALUE, PROFITSKeynote SpeakersJohn Siegenthaler, P.E. – Internationally recognized hydronic heating author and educator.Kimberley Seldon – Host of Design for Living on HGTV and a regular on Toronto CITY-TV's City Line.Presented byThe Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating.Representing Canada's plumbing and hydronic heating industry for 70 years.Contact us for more information. Tel: 1-888-ASK-CIPH (275-2474) E-mail: info@focus2004.cathe School of Applied Technology at Humber CollegeCircle Number 136 for More InfoCircle Number 137 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 33

Coming EventsMechanical contractingeducation conferenceThe Canadian Mechanical ContractingEducation Foundation (CMCEF) willhold its second annual Middle ManagementEducation Conference in TorontoMarch 4-6.The event, at the downtown SheratonCentre, will coincide with the FOCUS-CIPHEX Ontario mechanical showbeing held at the National Trade Centreat the same time.The arm’s length division of theMechancal Contractors Association ofCanada (MCAC) has organized a busyschedule of seminars and workshops.The event kicks off at 6 p.m. March 4with a welcome reception hosted by theMechanical Contractors Association ofToronto (MCAT) at Steam WhistleBrewing (in the old railway roundhousenext to Skydome). Toronto Maple Leafhockey hero Darryl Sittler is the breakfastkeynote speaker on March 5.And from there, it’s all business, withone afternoon free to visit CIPHEX.Industry experts will lead contractorsthrough a diverse range of topicsincluding: ‘It’s Hit the Fan, Now What?Crisis Management …’, ‘Negotiating –How to Win!’, ‘How Skill ShortagesAffect Your Productivity and BottomLine’, ‘How Changes to the MasterFormat Affect You’, ‘Cumulative Impactof Change Orders’, ‘How to Communicatewith Everyone – Even the MostDifficult People’, ‘Jobsite Documentation’,‘Electronic Drawing Exhange –Are you Ready?’, etc., etc.For more information, contactCMCEF executive director TaniaJohnston at (613) 232-5169 or go towww.cmcef.org.More learningat CMX 2004Three days of skills demonstrations,seminars and workshops along with anLearn Today.Profit Tomorrow.HVAC/R heritage display will highlightthe Canadian Mechanicals Exposition(CMX) 2004.These are all part of ‘The MechanicalsIndustry – Past, Present andFuture’, a special area of the show to beheld March 26-27 at the Metro TorontoConvention Centre in Toronto.The highlight of this new feature areawill be the 2004 Skills Canada-OntarioHeating Systems Technician Competition.Attendees will see some of theindustry’s best young technicians competein a test of their technical HVACproblem-solving skills. This is the secondyear that the event will be held asan official competition, organized by theHeating Refrigeration & Air conditioningContractors of Canada (HRAC).Secondary students will competeMarch 25. Post-secondary students –apprentices – from all over Ontario willcompete March 26.Training and education will also befeatured in the extensive LearningForum of 40 featured industry seminars.Speakers will cover topics like:EnerGuide for Houses, Energy Star,integrated HVAC solutions, commercialHVAC equipment effectiveness, highrise ventilation and solar opportunities,high performance buildings and mechanicalsystems, hydronic heating controlsand radiant floor heating systems,R-22 and HCFC replacements, sellingcommercial projects and services, microco-generation and many others.Exhibitors will also conduct productrelatedseminars. A detailed list can beseen at www.cmxshow.com.Call the show office at 416-444-5225,or 1-800-282-0003 for more information.The world-class trade show and educational seminars atCMX 2004 will provide the knowledge and tools needed to takeadvantage of the enormous growth opportunities in the industry.Canada’s National Trade Show and Learning Forum for the Heating, Ventilation,Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Plumbing Industries.March 25 – 27, 2004Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building• Over 300 exhibitors featuring the latest products and technologies• Three days of seminars, designed to help your business put ideas into action• Free Harbourfront parking courtesy of Copeland Canada/Alco Controls• Win a new GM van or truck!Register online at: http://www.conexsysregistration.com/cmx2004/Show Office–Phone: (416) 444-5225 Toll Free: 1-800-282-0003 Fax: (416) 444-8268Email: cmx@salshow.com Web site: www.cmxshow.comHeating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of CanadaL’Institut Canadien du Chauffage, de la Climatisation et de la RéfrigérationCMX is owned by HRAI and produced for the benefit of the mechanicals industries.CalendarFEB 19-21: 2004 Pumper & CleanerEnvironmental Expo, Gaylord OprylandResort & Convention Centre,Nashville, Tenn. Call (715) 546-3346, e-mail: questions@pumpershow.com,www.pumpershow.com.FEB. 22-24: 61st National Conference,Canadian Home Builders’ Assoc.,Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel,Banff, Alta. Contact: (613) 230-3060, www.chba.ca.MAR. 4-6: Second Middle ManagementEducation Conference, CanadianMechanical Contracting EducationFoundation, Sheraton Centre,Toronto. Contact: (613) 232-5169,cmcef@cmcef.org, www.cmcef.org.MAR. 25-27: CMX 2004, Canada’sMechanicals Exposition, TorontoConvention Centre, Toronto, Ont.Contact: (416) 444-5225, 1-800-282-0003, www.cmxshow.com.APR. 1-4: K/BIS 2004, Kitchen/BathIndustry Show & Conference,McCormick Place, Chicago. Contact:(770) 291-5409, (800) 933-8735or go to www.kbis.com.MAY 5-6: MEET 2004, Mechanical-Electrical-Electronic Technologiesshow, Agrena Complex, Moncton,N.B. Contact: Jeff Lacy, Master Promotions,(506) 658-0018, Fax (506)658-0750, www.show@nbnet.nb.ca.Circle Number 138 for More Information34 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

Literature ShowcaseFollowing are some of the latest catalogues, manuals, software and product brochures from theindustry’s leading manufacturers. To receive a copy, please circle the corresponding number onthe Reader Service Card in this issue, fill out your contact information, and mail it or fax it to(416) 620-9790. Your requests will be forwarded to the appropriate companies. They, in turn,will send you the information.Snow Detector and Melting Control 665The 665 is designed to control a single zone snowmelting system using an on/off device. The systemmay be started manually or automatically throughthe use of a Snow/Ice Sensor. This control is suitedfor either electric snow melting applications or forhydronic snow melting applications that use anon/off injection device such as a pump or a valve.tekmar Control Systems Ltd.Circle no. 148Single zone snow melt controlTekmar’s Snow Detector & Melting Control 667 isdesigned to control a single zone snow melting systemwith a single boiler. To provide slab and boiler protection,Model 667 uses a variable speed injection pump.Such a system may be started manually or automaticallythrough the use of a Snow / Ice Sensor. Multiple667s can also be combined with a single staging controlto accommodate large, multi-zone systems.tekmar Control Systems Ltd.Circle no. 149Specialty IAQ productsA catalogue of more than 20 different products thatwill solve a variety of Indoor Air Quality problems isavailable from master distributor Evolution Air.Included are a variety of filters, including a newhumidifier, the portable air cleaner from Friedrich,whole house HEPA units, ultraviolet sterilizer systems,odour eliminators, fans, telephone-controlled thermostatsand a room HRV. The contractor will go onan update list as new items are added. Check the fullline at www.evolutionair.com.Evolution AirCircle no. 150Twelve reasonsThis eight-page full-colour brochure describes incolourful detail 12 reasons to select a De Dietrichboiler: their history starts in 1684, flexible eutecticcast iron, 88 per cent-plus efficiencies, modulationwith indoor-outdoor reset, low noise and NOx levels,an industry-leading 95 psi working pressure, bisphericalpush nipple assembly to ensure a perfectfit, and other benefits. Also included are details onthe four De Dietrich boilers in the GT Series withinput ranges from 107 to 6,206 MBH.Flexible EutecticCircle no. 151Glass ThermometersThe Weksler Glass Thermometer’s 20-page condensedcatalogue offers a broad line of industrialthermometers, bimetal thermometers, diaphragmseals and pressure gauges from 1? to 6-inch dials.Whether your specifications require a glass thermometerfor laboratory use or a liquid-filled processgauge for a harsh environment, Weksler productsoffer cost effective solutions with lead times amongthe fastest in the industry.Alpha ControlsCircle no. 152Accubid estimating solutionsAccubid has introduced Version 6 of its family of estimatingsolutions: Accubid Pro, BidWinner Plus andBidWinner. The Version 6 eight-page brochure describesexciting new features and enhancements to increaseaccuracy and productivity, including power substitution,temporary assemblies, print preview, Schedulescreen sorting and filtering, direct export to Excel, spellchecking, and many more. Accubid delivers the powerand flexibility the contractor and his staff need to produceaccurate and detailed estimates quickly and easily.Visit www.accubid.com or call 1-800-222-8243.Accubid SystemsCircle no. 153Automated leak detectionFloodStopper provides 24-hour leak detection andcontrol protection caused by flooding from internalplumbing failures and accidental overflows by automaticallyshutting off a 3/4 to 2-inch Honeywellvalve to the water supply. Features include a controllerto monitor sensors in single and four-zonemodels (can connect 250 hardwired sensors in a singlesystem to 2,500 feet), 24 volt transformer, pushbuttonreset, and wireless option. It interfaces with aphone dialer, security alarm or building automationsystem. GasSafe System also available.First Smart SensorCircle no. 154Electronic Sensor Plumbing productsIntroducing the next generation of ElectronicSensor Plumbing products, the ESP II line. As withall POWERS product lines, the ESP II line has beenengineered to provide years of trouble free service,with such features as heavy brass castings, standardstainless steel braided supply lines, solenoid valvestested to over 500,000 cycles and a two year limitedwarranty. The ESP II product offering is trulydesigned for commercial applications. Gone is themyth that commercial products must have that“commercial” look. www.wattscanada.caPOWERS [Watts Industries (Canada) Inc.]Circle no. 155ATMOSPHAIRCOMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIALREFRIGERATION, AIR-CONDITIONING& HEATING795 Warden Avenue,Scarborough, Ontario, M1L 4C4COOLING PRODUCTS◗ Condensers• Shell & tube• Tube in tube◗ Condensing units• Air cooled• Water cooled◗ Packaged chillers• Air cooled• Water cooled• Outdoor• Remote condenser◗ Chiller vessels• 2-225 tons◗ Compressors• Hermetic screw• Open drive screw• Hermetic reciprocating• Open drive reciprocating◗ Custom coils• Chilled water• Glycol• Direct expansionPUMP PRODUCTS◗ Boiler feed pumps◗ Steam condensate pumps◗ Steam vacuum pumps◗ Circulating pumps1/4-200 HP• Close coupled• Base mount• Inline circulator• Double suctionHEATING PRODUCTS◗ Thermostatic valves◗ Balancing valves◗ Steam specialties• Low pressure thermostatictraps• High pressure thermostatictraps• Float and thermostatic traps• Bucket traps◗ Radiation products• Walvector• Convector◗ Unit heaters• Steam or hot water• Horizontal• Vertical• Cabinet◗ Custom coils• Steam• Hot waterExtra! Extra! Extra!Cabinet Gas Unit Heaters - Stock to 2 WeeksFan Coil Units/Air Handlers - Stock to 2 WeeksHeating/Cooling Coils - 1 to 4 Weeks◗ Vari-Vac®• Vacuum differential heatingControl systemFormerly Dunham-Bush Inc.Tel: (416) 751-7777 • Toll Free: 1-800-387-8059Fax: (416) 751-5637 or 757-1557 • Toll Free Fax: (888) 751-5637Formerly Dunham-Bush Inc.Circle Number 139 for More Informationwww.plumbingandhvac.ca January/February 2004Plumbing & HVAC Product News 35

People & PlacesPeopleRuss Hollamby, national sales managerfor International Comfort Products(ICP) Canada, has been named chairmanof the Canadian Oilheat Associationafter Claude Lambert, Ultramar,stepped down.Madiha Kotb, P.E., Quebec ChiefBoiler Inspector, has begun a three-yearterm as vice president for conformityassessment, American Society of MechanicalEngineers. She received theCanadian Standards Association AwardOf Merit last summer.Three Canadian HVAC contractors,Mel Little and Bob Grimley of AirTreatment Systems, Toronto, and BillEverest of B.T. Heating and Air Conditioning,attended the annual Unicoboard of advisors meeting last fall in St.Louis.D. Brian Baker, CMS, president ofCustom Vac Ltd., Winnipeg, Man., haspassed the RSES Certificate MemberSpecialist exam in heating. Wesley J.Park, CM, Capital Health Authority,Edmonton, passed the RSES CertificateMember test.Carlo Gavazzi Canada, Mississauga,Ont., has appointed Raymond Kiomallregional sales manager for Ontario, andsales for southwestern Ontario, and ZabNoorzad, an electronic technologist,account manager responsible for salesthroughout central and easternOntario.Wirsbo Canada Div.,Uponor Canada, Regina,Sask., has appointed DaveFletcher vice presidentof sales and marketing.Nova Scotia Power Dave FletcherInc., Halifax, N.S., has appointedRalph R. Tedesco as chief operatingofficer.Bradford White Corp., Ambler,Penn., has promoted: R. BruceCarnevale to national sales manager,James G. Resnick to director of productdevelopment, and Edward Kesslerto national pricing administrator.Copeland Corp., Sydney, Ohio, hasawarded its Robert J. Novello LeadershipAward to Garry Stroud, left,retired president and general managerof Copeland Canada and AlcoCanada, Brantford, Ont. CEO TomBettcher does the honours. Stroud hadbeen with Copeland for 30 years. Healso gave 20 years of leadership tothe HVAC/R industry, including a stintas chairman of the Heating Refrigeration& Air conditioning Institute ofCanada (HRAI).If it can’t take the pressure,it can’t be a Copeland.Only compressors that can withstandthe U.L. required “burst test” are worthyof the Copeland name. The “burst test” isonly one of the many U.L. requirementsGraham Montgomery, left, was namedthe 74th life member of the CanadianInstitute of Plumbing & Heating in apresentation by CIPH president RalphSuppa at a recent meeting of theOntario region. The longtime heatingmanager for Desco Plumbing andHeating Supply Inc., Etobicoke, Ont.,was recognized for his service to theindustry, including 20 years on theboard of the Canadian HydronicsCouncil. Montgomery joined theindustry in 1949. Life Membership isthe highest award in CIPH.that our compressors pass to qualify as aU.L. recognized product. U.L. recognitionensures you that the Certified Copeland Companiescompressor meets all regulatory approvals.Modern Niagara Group Inc., ofOttawa and Toronto, has qualified to beUse of non-approved compressors maynamed one of Canada’s 50 Best ManagedCompanies for the sixth consecu-void insurance coverage.tive year. As a result, the company hasGive Copeland your toughest test.been awarded the program’s PlatinumClub award, the highest honour availableto a private company in Canada.We’re built to take it.More information is available atwww.canadas50best.com.Viessmann Manufacturing CompanyInc., Waterloo, Ont. has appointedMidwest Engineering Ltd., Winnipeg,as sales representative for the Manitobaand northwest Ontario. Call (204) 989-3636 or go to www.midwesteng.mb.ca.Marks Supply Inc., Kitchener, Ont.,has made a $1.5 million upgrade to its72,000 sq. ft. facility at 300 Arnold St. ItCertified Copeland compressors are only available at Copeland Primesource Wholesalers.now includes a 3,000 sq. ft. contractorwww.copeland-corp.com • 145 Sherwood Drive • Brantford, Ontario N3T 5S7 • 519.756.6157showroom, a snowmelt system, easy loadingramps and other features. The facilityis also home to the new WaterMarkskitchen and bath showroom.Circle Number 140 for More Information36 Plumbing & HVAC Product News – January/February 2004 www.plumbingandhvac.ca

Mechanical GroupGet to know our Wolseley Mechanical team.Our commitment is to create the right business atmosphere.Wolseley is a leading diversified global distributor of plumbing, heating, ventilation, hydronics, refrigeration, waterworks,HDPE pipe, air conditioning, pipe, valves, fittings, fire protection, industrial equipment and supplies.Proud supplier of more than 40,000 preferred branded productsin over 200 branches across Canada.For a complete list of our locations, visit our website:www.wolseleyinc.caor call us at: 905-335-7375Circle Number 147 for More Information

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