Switchgear circuit protection - WF Senate

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Switchgear circuit protection - WF Senate

SwitchgearCircuitProtectionConsumer Units 124-125Consumer Unit Accessories 125-126Enclosures - General Purpose 126Enclosures - Steel 126Commercial & Industrial Metering 127Fuse Links 128SWITCHGEAR & CIRCUIT PROTECTIONIsolators - Rotary 126123

Switchgear & Circuit ProtectionCONSUMER UNITSManufactured to BSEN60439-3Robust 1.2mm sheet steel base (Metal Clad only)IP2X ratingPre-assembled ready to accept MCBsRated voltage 240V AC 50/60Hz100A BusbarComplete with Earth and Neutral barsRaised DIN rail providing top and bottom wiring routesAll round cable entry- top, bottom, sides and rearLabels for circuit identificationModular devices can be fittedTranslucent visor for discreet appearanceInsulated Consumer Units -High Integrity100A DP isolator and 2 x 63A 30mA RCCB.No of Ways No of Ways Dimensions (mm) Part No.Unprotected Protected H W Dby RCD by RCD2 4 + 4 225 355 111 SVCU224HI/INS4 3 + 3 225 355 111 SVCU433HI/INS4 6 + 5 225 445 111 SVCU465HI/INSCONSUMER UNITSInsulated Consumer Units -Main IncomerNo of Main Dimensions (mm) Part No.Ways Incomer (A) H W D2 63 225 141 111 SVCU2/INS5 100 225 194 111 SVCU5/INS8 100 225 248 111 SVCU8/INS11 100 225 302 111 SVCU11/INS14 100 225 355 111 SVCU14/INSInsulated Consumer Units -RCCB IncomerNo of RCD Dimensions (mm) Part No.Ways Rating H W D2 63A, 30mA 225 141 111 SVCU2A/INS5 80A, 20mA 225 194 111 SVCU5A/INS8 80A, 30mA 225 248 111 SVCU8A/INSInsulated Consumer UnitKitsSupplied with 30mA RCCB and MCB(s).DescriptionGarage Unit 40A 6A + 16AShower Unit 63A 50A + BlankPart No.SVGARAGE/INSSVSHOWER/INSInsulated Consumer Units -Dual RCCB Incomer100A DP isolator, 1 x 63A 30mA& 1 x 80A 30mA RCCB.No of Ways Dimensions (mm) Part No.Protected H W Dby RCD4 3 225 302 111 SVCU43DR/INS5 5 225 355 111 SVCU55DR/INS8 7 225 445 111 SVCU87DR/INSInsulated Consumer Units -Fixed & FlexibleSplit load with 100A DP main incomer.80A 30mA RCCB.No of Ways No of Ways Dimensions (mm) Part No.Unprotected Protected H W Dby RCDFixed Units3 3 225 248 111 SVCU33/INS5 4 225 302 111 SVCU54/INS6 6 225 355 111 SVCU66/INS9 8 225 445 111 SVCU98/INSNo of Usable Dimensions (mm) Part No.Ways H W DFlexible Units9 225 302 111 SVCUFSL9/INS12 225 355 111 SVCUFSL12/INS124 This information is now available as a download

Switchgear & Circuit ProtectionCOMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL METERINGPart L2 MeteringOptional Retrofit MeteringCompliance with certain aspects of the BuildingRegulations Part L2 has required the engineeringand installation of meters to gather energyusage data.Merlin Gerin has launched its solution to theproblem by offering its Isobar 4c 3 phase splitmetering lighting and power B type distributionboards with inbuilt meters and communicationsoptions.The Building Regulations Part L2 a and b demandsufficient facilities to account for 90% of each fueltype by end use category.The new Isobar 4c gives metering of total loadplus separate metering of section 2. All controlwiring current transformers and protectionfor meters are included and fitted, with outputswired to terminals.For remote data collection andcommunications, an Ethernet gateway and DCpower supply can be supplied for retro-fit.The Power quality meters themselves are thestate of the art PM750MG models with bothpulsed output and Modbus communications.Kits available for both lighting and power.There is a new and growing market for meteringproducts/solutions driven by Part L2 of theBuilding Regulations and the high cost of energy.Panel & Distribution BoardsMCCBs, MCBs, RCBOs & RCDsA complete range of 3 phase panel anddistribution boards including fully metered options.Available from all major manufacturers.“If you can’ t measure it, you can’ t improve it”Lord Kelvin (1824-1907)COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL METERINGIsobar 4c distribution boards have the option to besupplied with extension enclosures for the fittingof surge protection and remote switching. For splitmetering units the Isobar 4c 125 or 250A boardscome with a unique new split busbar for lightingand power - in three combinations of 12/8, 14/6,16/4 - but a single overall isolation device.Standard incomers can be used together with splitearth bars for ease of wiring. Like all Isobar 4cboards, there is an individual unique outgoingMCB connection slider; units are designedmanufactured and tested to BS EN 60439 1and 3; ingress protection is to IP3X to BS EN60529; voltage rating is 400/415V; and the cablecapacity of neutral and earth bars is 25mm 2Best for just about everything electrical127

Switchgear & Circuit ProtectionFUSE LINKSBS88 IndustrialFuse Links - 415VBS88 IndustrialFuse Links - 415VFUSE LINKSRating BS88 Bussmann GE Power Lawson Eaton MEM(A) Dim. Ref. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.Offset Bolted Tags2 A1 NITD2 GNIT 2 NIT 2 2SA24 A1 NITD4 GNIT 4 NIT 4 4SA26 A1 NITD6 GNIT 6 NIT 6 6SA210 A1 NITD10 GNIT 10 NIT 10 10SA216 A1 NITD16 GNIT 16 NIT 16 16SA220 A1 NITD20 GNIT 20 NIT 20 20SA22 A2 AAO2 GTIA 2 TIA 2 2SB34 A2 AAO4 GTIA 4 TIA 4 4SB36 A2 AAO6 GTIA 6 TIA 6 6SB310 A2 AAO10 GTIA 10 TIA 10 10SB316 A2 AAO16 GTIA 16 TIA 16 16SB320 A2 AAO20 GTIA 20 TIA 20 20SB325 A2 AAO25 GTIA 25 TIA 25 25SB332 A2 AAO32 GTIA 32 TIA 32 32SB340 A3 BAO40 GTIS40 TIS40 40SB450 A3 BAO50 GTIS50 TIS50 50SB463 A3 BAO63 GTIS 63 TIS 63 63SB463 A4 CEO63 GTCP 63 TCP 63 63SD5100 A4 CEO100 GTCP 100 TCP 100 100SD5Street Lighting Cut Out Fuses 240VAC4 STD4 LST4 4LS6 STD6 LST6 6LS10 STD10 LST10 10LS16 STD16 LST16 16LS20 STD20 LST20 20LS25 STD25 LST25 25LS32 STD32 LST32Rating BS88 Bussmann GE Power Lawson Eaton MEM(A) Dim. Ref. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.Offset Blade Tags2 F1 NSD2 NS 2 NS 2 2SN24 F1 NSD4 NS 4 NS 4 4SN26 F1 NSD6 NS 6 NS 6 6SN210 F1 NSD10 NS 10 NS 10 10SN216 F1 NSD16 NS 16 NS 16 16SN220 F1 NSD20 NS 20 NS 20 20SN232 F1 NSD32 NS 32 NS 32 32SN2BS88 General PurposeFuse Links - 415VRating Bussmann Lawson(A) Part No. Part No.2 SMD2 MD24 SMD4 MD46 SMD6 MD68 SMD8 MD810 SMD10 MD1016 SMD16 MD1620 SMD20 MD2025 SMD25 MD2532 SMD32 MD32128 This information is now available as a download

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