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LEVEL 410 – YOUR PRIVATE RUNWAYLevel 410 – Flight Level 410 is maximum flying altitudefor our private jet, Level 410 – maximum joy of travellingfor you!Selected destinations, unique experiences and adventuresthat stand out from the rank and file. Whetherwith family, friends or business partners, Level 401 offersa high level of privacy and responds to individualrequirements and desires. Providing professional planningand support services as well as maintaining absolutediscretion are matters of course for us.The aircraft placed at your disposal during the trip, forexample a Hawker 800 A, has a range of 3,200km (approximateflight time 7h) and a capacity of up to sevenpassengers. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere aboard withmaximum travel comfort, ensured for example by personalcare and luxury equipment.Our team can look back on more than 10 years of competenceas a tour operator for luxury trips and 20 yearsof VIP experience in commercial air traffic. Enjoy thisunforgettable experience.

Level 410Battenhaus 11699052 NiederteufenSwitzerlandT | +41 71 511 25 43F | +41 71 511 30 32E |

NORTHERNTOURFrom the Faroe Islands to Iceland and on to Svalbard this tour promises untouchednature, natural spectacles and Arctic impressions. The spectacular finaleis a night in the famous ice hotel in Sweden.

DAY THREEGush springs, volcanoesand waterfallsEnjoy a strengthening breakfast before your guide takesyou to “Mýrdalsjökull” glacier – a 30 minute drive fromyour hotel – where you will go on a snowmobile ride onthe ice cap. “Mýrdalsjökull” sits atop “Katla”, one ofIceland’s most notorious volcanoes – which adds anelement of suspense! As you return, stop at magnificent“Seljalandsfoss” and “Skógafoss” waterfalls.After lunch at “Hotel Ranga”, explore the south coast,then head to the “Blue Lagoon” geothermal spa, whereyou will check into the spa’s “Exclusive Lounge”. Thelounge offers six private changing rooms for 1 to 2 people,each equipped with towels, bathrobes, and slippers.From there you enter a reserved lounge with afireplace and modern design furniture, an area ideal forunwinding and relaxing. Light refreshments are servedat the lounge and if your appetite calls for more, you canorder from “Lava’s” à la carte menu. A “Blue Lagoon”staff member is readily available for assistance and isalways accessible via direct line from the lounge. The“Exclusive Lounge” has a private indoor lagoon with directwater access to the Blue Lagoon, as well as itssteam-bath, sauna, and massaging waterfall. Fully relaxedand recharged, return to Reykjavik for dinner.Your overnight stay is arranged at “101 Hotel Reykjavik”.

DAY FOURArchipelago of SvalbardAfter breakfast, you are chauffeured to the airport whereyou board your next flight: to Svalbard Airport inSpitsbergen, arriving at 1pm. Your first stop is the “RadissonBlu Polar Hotel”, your accommodation for thenight. A two course lunch with coffee is served in thehotel restaurant “Brasseri Nansen”, followed by a culturaland historical introduction to Longyearbyen. Aknowledgeable local guide takes you through Longyearbyenand the area’s exciting history. During the touryou will visit “Svalbard Museum” and “Galleri Svalbard”.Subjects covered during the tour include history,geology, flora, fauna and the modern community. Getimmersed in the next highlight – “a hunter’s dream”.You are picked up from the hotel and driven out of Longyearbyento a remote husky camp in Bolterdalen wherea fabulous arctic landscape and a taste of the wildawaits you.100 playful polar dogs welcome you, and after you havesaid “Hello” to man’s best friend you can enjoy the fantasticpanorama. Once you have absorbed the amazinglandscape, you will make your way to the cosy log cabin,where a crackling fire warms the air and the guide sharesstories of life in Svalbard. Local specialities such asarctic char, reindeer and seal are served, and you willgrill your main course meat on hot stones in the cabin.DAY FIVEFascination SvalbardSummer OPTIONYou are sailing west across the “Isfjord” towards the“Esmark” Glacier. A warm lunch is served as you headsouth to Grønfjorden and Barentsburg. Once in Barentsburg,you will explore the town with an Englishspeaking Russian guide, also allowing for time to lookat the souvenir shops. The return route takes you alongthe bird mountains and past the abandoned Russiansettlements of “Coles Bay” and “Grumant”. Please makesure you are equipped with appropriate clothing –woollen underwear with warm and windproof outerwear,a warm cap or beanie, mittens and a scarf arerecommended – as it can be quite chilly. After your return,a Champagne tasting in the historical alcoholstore “Nordpolet” at Spitsbergen Hotel welcomes youback, followed by a nice dinner with coffee at the “Funktionærmessen”Restaurant.Winter optionExplore Spitsbergen on a snowmobile safari. You drivewest through Colesdalen, and head along the coast past“Kapp Laila” and “Kapp Heer” before arriving in theRussian mining town called Barentsburg. Alternativelyyou may drive through Skiferdalen and Røndalen toreach Barentsburg where you will venture through thetown on a guided tour and enjoy a warming lunch at the“Barentsburg Hotel”. If conditions allow you will take adifferent route back to Longyearbyen.After your return, a Champagne tasting in the historicalalcohol store “Nordpolet” at Spitsbergen Hotel welcomesyou back, followed by a nice dinner with coffee atthe “Funktionærmessen” Restaurant.

DAY SIXOff to the ice hotel in SwedenTake your time to explore the city centre of Spitsbergenand buy some souvenirs. After checkout you are chauffeuredto the airport for your onward flight to Kiruna – asmall mining town 200 kilometres north of the ArcticCircle and the home of the famous “Icehotel” – whereyou will be greeted by the local host.Equipped with avery warm overall, a hat, gloves and insulating winterboots – provided for you by the hotel – a dogsled safaritakes you directly from the airport to the Icehotel. Donot worry about the luggage: it will be transferred separatelyto Jukkasjärvi. The dogs are keen on getting amove on. It is amazing how strong these small huskiesare. You sit down in the sled, and off you go…The dogs cool down right away and the only sounds youcan hear are their paws against the snow, and the dogsleddrivers’ commands to the huskies. A stop for an excitinglunch inside a wooden Lapp hut will give you thechance to warm up next to a cosy fire. The dogsled safariends after about 2 hours with the arrival at and aguided tour of the “Icehotel” which is situated in thevillage of Jukkasjärvi. The heart and backbone is theriver “Torne” flowing freely through the unspoilt wilderness.Covered with a metre thick ice layer in wintertime the river is the source of all the local art, architectureand design. The pure water and the steady movementof the river creates the clearest ice possible. Thetour ends with a welcome drink in glasses made of ice.After a day of adventure, nightfall approaches quickly.The outdoor temperature drops and when you step insidethe “Icehotel”, you feel a rush of warm air. Inside,the temperature is never colder than -5°C to -8°C, regardlessof how cold it may be outside. You are accommodatedin the art suites of the hotel. A cosy sleepingbag on a special bed of snow, ice and reindeer skins willkeep you warm while the ice art in the shape of fantasticdesigns and wonderful sculptures will have you gaze inawe.A four course Lapp ice gourmet dinner at the “IcehotelRestaurant” is topping off yet another extraordinaryday. The many delicacies offered by nature’s pantryare served both as traditional dishes and as part of anexciting cross-over cuisine inspired by global culture.The restaurant is not made of ice, instead it offers awarm and welcoming atmosphere and splendid interiordesign. For that extra touch of the Arctic, many dishesare served on ice plates made from the crystal clear iceof the “Torne” river. After dinner the ice bar will be openuntil 1am where you can enjoy your last evening with adrink or two.DAY SEVENArea of KirunaSummer optionWinter optionGo on a private guided tour of the worlds largest undergroundiron-ore mine – the “Kirunavaara Mine”. It is ment” where a bath of hot air awaits you. Alternatively,Take a short walk to the “Jukkasjärvi Sauna Depart-operated by the Swedish mining company LKAB to this enjoy this last morning by exploring the region by snowmobilefor about 2 hours with a guide. The landscape isday and therefore Kiruna’s most important industry.The LKAB “Info Mine” is situated at a level of 540 metres.There is a “Mine Museum” with exhibitions that inking.You will enjoy the driving as much as the beautifulcovered in deep white snow and the views are breathtatroduceyou to the extraction process and how it has surroundings.developed since the end of the 19th century. Your guideswill take you through an authentic mining environment Lunch is served at the “Icehotel Restaurant” before youand talk about modern mining and how it can cause a will be chauffeured to the airport. Your flight to Zurichwhole town to be moved.Lunch is served at the “IcehotelRestaurant” before you will be chauffeured to the 5.30pm.departs at around 2pm, arriving back in Zurich atairport. Your flight to Zurich departs at around 2pm, arrivingback in Zurich at 5.30pm.

facts & figuresgood to knowBEST TRAVELLING TIMEThe minimum age for children participating in this touris 8 years. Travelling with younger children is possibleon request, if certain activities are modified.this tour includesPick-up service from place of residence within a rangeof 50km from airport of departure and back, all flightswith the private jet, excursions including entrance feesand activities according to itinerary, accommodation instated hotels in double rooms including breakfast, allstated meals.Not included are, unless explicitly stated: meals, drinks,tips, possible visa costs and travel insurances.Single rooms and upgrades to higher room categoriesavailable on request.April – OctoberTour offered year-roundHOTELDay 1 Hotel Føroyar | Faroe IcelandDay 2 Hotel Ranga | IcelandDay 3 101 Hotel Reykjavik | IcelandDay 4 Radisson Blu Polar Hotel | SvalbardDay 5 Radisson Blu Polar Hotel | SvalbardDay 6 Icehotel | Kiruna, SwedenPricingPrice per person based on 6 people travelling 29‘200 CHF / 23‘600 EURPrice per person based on 4 people travelling 38‘000 CHF / 30‘700 EURPrice per person based on 2 people travelling 67‘600 CHF / 54‘600 EURPrices are subject to changeicelandFaroe islandsSvalbardKiruna

General Terms and Conditions of Deluxetargets(GTC) for trips offered underthe product name of „Level410“:1 General Terms and ConditionsThese GTC of Deluxetargets, Battenhaus 1169,CH-9052 Niederteufen, apply to all of our relationshipswith you as a customer who has received these GeneralTerms and Conditions. In particular, they apply to allDeluxetargets trips offered under the product name of„Level410“. These GTC regulate all requests, bookingsand contracts with us and through us. In the event ofinconsistencies with written agreements made with us,such agreements shall have priority over these GTC. Weput business operations placed in writing on a par withour online booking services and business by e-mail.2 Conclusion of contract2.1 Booking a tripYour booking is regarded as a binding offer to Deluxetargets.Upon our written or electronic booking confirmation– generally within one week – a contract is beingconcluded between you and the travel organiser/s(partner/s of Deluxetargets). Please also attend to GTCof the travel organiser/s, which might possibly comeinto effect. Deluxetargets usually acts as a travel agentonly.2.2 Travel documentsYou will receive your travel documents such as voucher,flight tickets etc. prior to departure and in due time assoon as we have received your deposit unless cashpayment prior to departure or payment at another timehave been agreed upon.2.3 Entering and leaving countries, safety and healthDepending on the holiday destination there are differentrequirements to identity papers (such as passport,identity card), obtaining the required entry permits (viavisa, vaccination card etc.) as well as customs declarations(such as for bringing in foreign currency etc.).Please check any requirements well in advance. Unlessyou expressly instruct us to the contrary, all informationby Deluxetargets is given on the assumption that youare Swiss citizen and fit to travel.3 Travel price and conditions of payment3.1 Conditions of paymentTogether with the travel confirmation Deluxetargetswill send you an invoice of the total price including therequest to pay a certain amount as a deposit within acertain period of time and the due date for theremaining amount prior to departure. A surcharge of3% of the travel price is raised for credit card payments.The debit order is performed by the tour operatorDeluxetargets; We will be happy to inform you aboutyour particular case.3.2 Price changesDeluxetargets reserves the right to raise the agreedprice in the following cases: Changes in the tariffs oftransportation companies (e.g. fuel surcharges), newor raised taxes or public fees (e.g. Value Added Tax, airportcharges, security fees etc.), changes in exchangerates in connection with the journey. As of December2012 brochure and website prices are recommendedprices which may differ from the final offer.4 Cancellation termsWithdrawals from agreed travel services are subject tothe GTC of relevant tour operators. After deducting ourexpenses resulting from the cancellation, which aredue immediately, you will be paid a possible refund,which we receive from the operator. The following cancellationterms apply to withdrawals from contractualservices by Deluxetargets: We will refund specific ratesof total prices of travel services, provided that the relevantservice provider releases us from arising expenses,and the journey is cancelled prior to departure. Refundsare calculated as follows: - up to the 60th day 90% / - tothe 30th day 75 % / - to the 15th day 50 % of the price/- to the 7th day 25 % / - to the 3rd day 10 %.Deluxetargets assumes no liability for the withdrawal ofthe tour operator offering the agreed travel services. Inthe event that Deluxetargets as an agent (or for once, astour operator) has to withdraw or cannot provide anagreed travel service, there shall be no claim for damagesif the cancellation is due to force majeure.5 Travel insuranceYou are personally responsible for taking out travelinsurance. Please check before departure whether youare sufficiently insured against cancellations, illnessesand accidents and in case of return transports.We strongly recommend you to take out an insurance tocover cancellation costs as well as a repatriation insuranceand will be happy to assist you with further information.

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