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Al Noor Newsletter - Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Ever MercifulLocal QaidNazim IshaatEditorsAtta-Ul-Manan SidhuAli RazaRaza Ul HaqAli RazaAl Noor Newsletter 1

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkThe Holy Qur’anIn the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful63. Watch over Prayers, and the middlePrayer, and stand before Allah submissively.بِسْمِ‏ هللاِ‏ الرَّحْ‏ مَٰنِ‏ الرَّحِيمِ‏(Ch. 2: V. 239)HadithO Allah, bless Muhammad and his people, as You did bless Ibrahim and his people—You are indeed the Praiseworthy, the Exalted.O Allah, prosper Muhammad and his people, as You did prosper Ibrahim and his people—You are indeed the Praiseworthy, the Exalted.Hadrat Abū Huriarah narrates that the Holy Prophet said, “Our Lorddescends every night to the lowest heaven when the last third of the night remains, and Hesays, ‘Who will call Me that I might answer him? Who will ask of Me that I might givehim? Who will ask My forgiveness, that I might forgive him?”(Tirmidhi)Writings of the Promised Messiah (as)When you stand up in prayer, you should know it for certain that your God has thepower to do all that He wills. Then your prayer will be accepted and you will beholdthe wonders of God’s power that we have beheld. Our testimony is based on seeing andis not a mere tale. How should the supplication of a person be accepted and how shouldhe have the courage to pray at the time of great difficulties when according to him he isopposed by the law of nature, unless he believes that God has power over everything?You should not be like that. Your God is One Who has suspended numberless starswithout any support and Who has created heaven and earth from nothing. Then wouldyou think so ill of Him as to imagine that your objective is beyond His power? Suchthinking will frustrate you. Our God possesses numberless wonders, but only those observethem who become wholly. His with sincerity and fidelity. He does not disclose.His wonders to those who do not believe in His powers and are not faithful to Him.(Kashti Nuh, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, pp. 21)Al Noor Newsletter 2

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkShort Summaries of Friday SermonsSummaries of Friday Sermons can be found on - Now for your convenience, the Summary of the Friday Sermons are also available inMicrosoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and PDF formats.Please note that these are just summaries, readers are strongly advised to listen to the full audio or video recordings available online.6 th January 2012 - Glorious Financial Sacrifices and Waqf-e-Jadid New Year 2012 Hudhur (aba) recited, ‘Never shall you attain to righteousness unless you spend out of that which you love; and whateveryou spend, Allah surely knows it well’. Chapter 3, verse 93. Companions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)made huge financial sacrifices because they had the spiritual insight that Godgreatly blesses what is spend in His cause It is mandatory to make sacrifice in the cause of Allah as a mean of attaining eternal peace of mind The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said ‘This is because a Momin finds eternal happiness and the light of perpetualcomfort after temporary difficulty.’ Hudhur (aba) gave many faith-inspiring incidences from Ahmadis of all times and nation and announced the start of 55 thyear of Waqfe Jadid Along with others Pakistan, USA and Lajna UK were commended for their contributions13 th January 2012 - Seek Allah’s forgiveness, Repent and Seek His protection After reciting verses 3 and 4 of Surah Hud, Hudhur (aba) said that the turmoil in the world is a result of man forgetting hisobjective of creation It is true that man cannot attain this objective without the help of a pure-natured person Hudhur (aba) said that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is a Warner till the Day of Judgement Hudhur (aba) explained many extracts from the august writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and gavesome traditions of his time about Istighfar In order to truly benefit from being associated with the Imam of our time, we should constantly engage in Istighfar20 th January 2012 - Eminent Guidance to the Exquisite Ways of Inculcation of Taqwa Hudhur (aba) recited verses 115 & 116 of Surah Al e Imran at the start of the sermon. Hudhur (aba) said that we are fortunate that we were enabled to accept the Imam of our age. We have pledged that we will try and bring our faith in accordance with the ways that the Promised Messiah (on whom bepeace) explained in light of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah Hudhur (aba) explained the concept good and evil and ways to Taqwa according to the august writings of the PromisedMessiah (on whom be peace)27 th January 2012 - Tribute to Ravil Bukharaev The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: ‘mention the good qualities of your deceased’ and ‘do notmention their shortcomings.’ Hudhur (aba) gave the sad news of demise of Ravil Bukharaev sahib, a Russian Ahmadi who passed away on 24 January2012. Hudhur (aba) gave faith-inspiring incidences of his acceptance and service to Ahmadiyyat. Hudhur (aba) prayed that may God treat him with His loving grace and may God grant many excellent helpers like him.Al Noor Newsletter 3

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkANNOUNCEMENTSAtfal Class, every Saturday, 11am-12:30pm at Ackroydon Hall. All Atfal of InnerPark are requested to attend these classes. All Atfal must bring a pen and a diary tothe class, and must always wear a “Topi”.Ishaa Prayers daily at Open Door Community Centre (next to Skeena Hill Shops)7:45pm (except Tuesdays) Times change occasionally.EVENTAtfal ClassTa’leem Class (Khuddam)General Meeting (Khuddam & Atfal) + ZoamaElectionRegional Atfal Ijtema (Sports & Academics)FORTHCOMING EVENTSDATE, TIME & LOCATIONEvery Saturday. 11am-1pm at AckroydonHallEvery Saturday, 1pm-1:15pm at AckroydonHallSaturday 18th February 2012 or Sunday 19thFebruary 2012 - TBC3rd March 2012 at Baitul FutuhAll Events will insha’Allah start and finish on time.SANAT-O-TIJARATIn this section, we will publish any jobs we know for the benefit of our Khuddam. Beside that, we will promote local AhmadiBusinesses for your convenience.JOB VACANCYLOCAL BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTA well known FMB MEMBER Construction companybased in Croydon requires LABOUR, PLUMBER, CAR-PENTER, SKIMMER & ELECTRICIAN. Please contactImran Nawaz on 07538 354 327HOW YOU CAN HELPIf you know any available vacancies that could be suitablefor Khuddam, please inform either Qaid Majlis or NazimSanat-o-Tijarat. You can e-mail the job description Noor Newsletter 4

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkTARBIYYATThursday’s voluntary fastEvery local Jama’at can make their owndecision to set a day for the optional fast,but it would be better if one day is chosenin the local Jama’at, preferbably a Mondayor a Thursday.(Friday Sermon 14th Oct 2011)Ahmadīs in Pakistan have shown extraordinarypatience and resilience in the faceof severe persecution. These sacrificesand these emotions can only bear fruit ifwe fall down before Allāh and wet ourprayer mats with tears ... Let us, therefore,pray with deep anguish and fervour sothat our prayers are heard.(Friday Sermon 7th Nov 2011)I appealed to the Jama’at to pray that weare safeguarded from the animosities andhostilities of these cruel people, I alsoappealed that we should pray that AllahAlmighty cleanses the country of suchpeople who cause disorder and oppressionso that this country (Pakistan) canbe saved.(Friday Sermon 14th Oct 2011)For more Sahoor and Iftar timings, please visit FOOTBALL LEAGUE (IQFL) - 2ND SEASON 2nd Season of the IQFL started on Saturday, 12thNovember at Wandles. Being drawn in Group E, InnerPark’s first match was on Saturday, 26th November at5pm against Jamia A, which our team lost 16-0.Our next fixtures are against West Croydon and RedbridgeSouth on Saturday, 14th February 2012.Khuddam, who want to play in the team, kindly contactFater Iqbal (Captain).Al Noor Newsletter 5

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkINNER PARK ACTIVITIES in JANUARY 2012Inner Park - Student ForumOn Saturday 28th January 2012 Inner Park Qiadat arranged a Student Forum at Qaid Sahib’s residence. 10 of our studentKhuddam attended this Forum. The forum started at 11am with Tilawat. After that everyone stood up forPledge. Then Nazim Amoor-e-Tulaba addressed the students on the importance of studying but also serving theJama’at. Qaid Majlis and Nazim Ta’leem shared their experience about studying and the importance of working.This forum ended at 12:30 with silent prayer.In the previous month, Inner Park created 1 video viral about thelocal Ijtema, held on 31st December 2011. This viral was uploadedon youtube and also on Khuddam website. Please watch the videoand get benefit from it.Click on the video right to watch it!Inner Park looks after retired Rashid Khan SahibInner Park Qiadat has got a member who had previously been living in Islamabad,Guildford. Rashid Khan Sahib is in his old ages and a retired aeronautical engineer.Rashid Khan Sahib and his wife were in fact the first couple of Islamabad, Tilford. Afew years back they have left Islamabad and moved to our Qiadat. READ MORE...Al Noor Newsletter 6

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkINNER PARK ACTIVITIES in JANUARY 2012Inner Park - Student ForumBy the Grace of Allah, Qiadat Inner Park is holding itsTa’leem Classes every week.Mostly held on a Saturday, many Khuddam find theirway to this short, but informative class, which normallylasts approximately 15 minutes.The prescribed readings have been read in our classesthroughout the year. As well as covering the books, Salaatwith English and Urdu translation has been taught toKhuddam. Additionally, Ahadith and Excerpts from theWritings of the Promised Messiah are presented frequently.We hope and pray to Allah Almighty, that every Khadimlearns something from this class and thus a reformationoccurs in our hearts.You can view most of our previous activities at Khuddam website. Always check theInner Park page to stay up to date.’S REQUESTNAMAZ TIMINGSBy the Grace of Allah, the Al-Noor Newsletterof Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya InnerPark has been published every monthnow for 3 years. Alhamdulillah. As thequality and content has improved in thattime, the work on this monthly newsletteris increasing. We need some Khuddam tovolunteer to help us publish this newsletter.We need just one hour a month from you.If you can help and are interested, pleasecontact us by e-mail 6:45Zuhr 13:00Asr 15:30Maghrib 17:00Ishaa 19:45Prayer Timings for Fazl Mosque/Baitul Futuhon 29th January 2012Jumma takes place at 13:00 at Fazl Mosque & Baitul FutuhAl Noor Newsletter 7

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkI bear witness that there is none worthy ofworship except Allah. He is One and hasno partner, and I bear witness that MuhammadSAW is His servant and messenger.I solemnly pledge that I shall always beready to serve Islam, Ahmadiyyat, TheNation and the Country.I shall always speak the truth I shall notuse foul language against anybody and Ishall strive to obey ALL the commands ofKhalifatul Masih. Insha’Allah.Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya PledgeAtfal ChandaAtfal Chanda for the whole year is £15£12 Atfal Chanda and £3 Ijtema ChandaPlease pay your Chanda at the next Atfal ClassAnnouncementsWeekly Atfal Class takes place everySaturday, 11am-1:00pm at (Lower)Ackroydon Hall (26 Montfort Place, SW196QL).Please make sure you attend these classesand arrive on time. Always bring apen, diary and a “Topi” with you.Please send us your issues, suggestions, questions, articles and feedback, for the next issue to:atfal-team-inner-park@hotmail.comAl Noor Newsletter 8

Al NoorMonthly Newsletter of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkMy Dear Brothers,Assalamu alaikum,MESSAGE FROM QAID MAJLIS INNER PARKAs we start a new year, I wish you and your families a peaceful and purposeful 2012. I request you all to please strengthen your prayersfor your fellow Muslim brothers, Jama’at Ahmadiyya and our Beloved Khalifa, without whose guidance, we would be completelyadrift from the right path.Wassalam,Atta Ul Manan SidhuQaid Majlis Khuddamul AhmadiyyaInner ParkTariq MagazineThe Tariq Magazine is a publicationand is the AhmadiyyaMuslim Youth Association‘smain organ to communicatewith all its members in the UK.The magazine itself has alwaysbeen designed, proofread and published by teamsof unpaid volunteers.A nominal subscription ofonly £6 per year helps tofund printing and postagecosts.The Inner Park Khuddam newsletter team welcomes your comments or suggestions forimprovements to this newsletter. We also wish to receive material for publication. Inparticular we would like to hear about any jama’at news or information on any subject oflife. Please note that all material should be provided in electronic format together withphotographs where appropriate.The deadline to submit your material is the 1st of each month. Please help us to make thisnewsletter successful .Please send all your correspondence to either Local Qaid or the email shown below.Jazakallah and remember the newsletter publishing team in your prayers .Any queries, questions, feedback etc. please email us Noor Newsletter 9

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