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Dealing with Disruptions at Wiley:Delivering Mission ImpossiblePresentation for the UK IT Industry Award 2013Freddie Quek (freddie.quek@wiley.com)27 September 2013Freddie Quek, 10 November 2014Software Product Engineering Conference, London

About MeFreddie Quek, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Pan Wileyfreddie.quek@wiley.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/freddiequek@freddieqExecution of anacquisition duediligenceCompletion oflarge high profilecustomerengagementPartnering externalthird party with alarge technologyintegrationcomponentResponding tourgent competitivethreats

About Wiley• One of the oldest and largest global publishers• World’s largest society publisher• 5000+ employees• US$1.8B revenueGlobal Education17%Professional Development25%2013 REVENUEBy Core BusinessGlobalResearch58%

Theme of ConferenceDisruptive Technology Trendsin STM Publishing

500 Years ago...1440s – first printing press technology ...Credit: CCI ARCHIVES/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

200 Years ago...1800s – STM publishers like Wiley established

25 Years Ago...1990s – first computers in the work place

20 Years Ago...Mid 1990s – emails and first publishingweb sites

10 Years Ago...Mid 2000s – publishers start solving bigdata problem

TodayIn 2014 – STM publishers confronted by:

Today... And “disruptive” technologies

Where are we heading?Are disruptions challenges or opportunities?How are publishers geared up to face suchrealities?Not about technologyIs it a technology or business problem?Customer experience/journeyAdaptive Organisation

Managing Disruptions@ WileyWhat: New organisational realityWhy : Acquisitions & PartnershipsHow : Create new organisational capability

About Wiley and AGU Partnership• Not-for-profit corporation dedicated tofurthering geophysical sciences• World’s leading society publisher in Earthand Space Science, accounting for 25% ofjournal articles and 40% of citations in thegeosciencesCrowdsourcing weatherusing smartphone batteries13 August 2013The OpenWeather smartphone appcollects temperature, humidity and airpressure information from usersaround the world to track weatherconditions in real time• Wiley’s largest revenue generating societyowned partnership• ‘Flagship’ product in the subject area ofEarth, Space & Environmental Science

The DealLargest society deal inWiley’s 200+ yearhistoryContract signed on 5 Sep 2012

Measurable Success (and Failure)1. Contractual Obligations to be met from January 2013:1.1 Start revenue earning from publishing new content• 20 Accepted Articles per day• 20 Early View Articles per day• 19 Issues per month1.2 Give AGU’s 60,000+ customers and Failure users access is not to all an licensed option content• 21 journals (160,000 articles)• 33 personal choice products (i.e. virtual journals)• 743 special sections• Migrate all customers, users, products, licenses and alerts dataChallenging Timeline• 4 months to achieve1.3 Vendors, systems and business processes in Editorial & Production ready toeverything in the contractpublish 2013 content• Integration with new editorial system• Changes to workflow1.4 Achieve similar functionality on AGU site with 60+ enhancements and allcontent converted, improved, loaded, tested and accessible on a single platform,Wiley Online Library

The ChallengesKey Challenges• Resolving unique ID for journal titles in both internal and external systems• Content with no issue number and no pagination• Journal with 7 parts, of which 3 of those parts have sub-parts!• Many moving parts within Wiley - 17 systems to check• Content completeness and quality (and external vendor)• Unknown unknowns - coping with changing and emerging requirementsthroughout development phase

Mission Impossible?Non standard practices and variations (that we didn’tknow until we started)• New licensing model• Create Special Sections as another slice of content view• New workflow for handling daily society data updates viafeedsWould you accept this Mission?• Changing content workflow for legacy vs current contentDo you have a choice?• Start development before requirements were clear• Complete testing before we had all the content• Cannot complete certain types of testing• Break some rules

New Organisational Capability• Dealing with the Unexpected in a sustainable way• Plain English: Dealing with Strategic but as yetunplanned initiatives• Second Year – Pan Wiley FocusDo Mission Impossibles butavoid heroismDisruptive Leadership• Currently managing many “initiatives”Networked Leadership

Team SuccessWiley’sPresidentAward forExcellenceCustomerExcellenceAwardVisit byAGU CEOin May 2014

ConclusionBe Adaptive• Create certainty where necessary• Accommodate disruptions as necessaryevil• Provide disruptive leadership to yourorganisation – break the rules to makenew ones

Enabling Technology• Use of Enabling Technologies like MarkLogic• As XML Store for content• Use of technology with unintended side effect fortroubleshooting, auditing and reporting tool• As a search engine, saves a lot of time from the native indexingwhen loading new content• Achieve rapid software development• Enables rapid implementation of 60+ enhancements in 6 weeks• Reuse search service for alerts and loading of saved search• Reuse vocabulary service to help with hierarchy of index terms• Supports faceting through configuration, no extra developmentrequired

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