Product Focus - THORN Lighting
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Product Focus - THORN Lighting

Lighting people and placesProduct Focus[September 2007]1

© Photography by Shirana Shahbazi© Christian Désile.Lighting Design: Yon Anton OlanoLighting people and placesThorn Lighting’s mission is to improve quality of life by providingthe best quality lighting for people’s work, leisure, education,healthcare and travel in and around our countryside, cities,buildings and monuments.We provide ergonomic, efficient, functional and lasting products usinginnovative materials, optics, lamps and gear, designed to help peopleto fulfil all their visual tasks. Recently introduced products from thefollowing areas are featured here:• Recessed, surface and suspended fluorescent lighting• Emergency luminaires and controls• Indoor lighting controls• Spotlights and downlights• Decorative wall and pendant luminaires• Waterproof luminaires• Industrial lighting• Road lighting and outdoor lighting controls• Urban amenity lightingAll our products reflect our commitment to Performance, Efficiencyand Comfort – the programme which provides the framework for us todeliver efficient and reliable lighting concepts contributing to a healthyand comfortable environment.3

DyanaDesigned with a landscapearchitect’s eye for line, contourand colour, Dyana is an urbanlantern that combines style withadvanced and practicalperformance. The slim sectionlantern, in aluminium and finishedin cool, textured grey, is set toadd positive design to the modernenvironment by day – and warm,friendly light by night.Dyana’s optical secret lies in it’sseparate Optiblock ® lampcompartment which, sealed toIP66, prevents ingress of dust,moisture and insects. Suitable fortubular metal halide (includingCosmoWhite) or high pressuresodium lamps, from 60W to250W, the unit providesimproved visibility without glare.Integrated electronic gear anddimmable options provide furtherenergy saving opportunities.The flat glass lantern is ideallysuited for mounting onto columns5-10m high for illuminatinghigh-density housing areas,walkways, roads and amenityspaces. Available in post-top,side mounting and can also bemounted onto one of thecomplementary brackets enablinga deeper, wider design statementto be made.6

TeleaFlexible lighting control andmonitoring are the two centraltasks of this innovative lightingcontrols system, which providesboth increased safety and costsavings at unrivalled costs ofownership in existing as well asnew lighting installations.Utilising either Power Line orRadio Frequency datatransmission, it is the idealcommunication-capable outdoorlighting management system.Thanks to an intuitive web-basednavigation, the CentralManagement server allowsremote management of individuallight points to be performed in thesimplest possible way.State of the art controls are bestapplied to the cutting-edgeoptical design of Thorn luminairesjust as in the new Oraclestreet lantern.9

Band ExtensiveBand Extensive is a one metrelinear fitting for ground recessedguidance lighting and façadeapplications. With its uniqueoptical reflector system and rangeof colour options, Band Extensiveutilises the LED technology toprovide superb uniform broadband illumination, with no flameeffect and exceptionally lowenergy consumption.Band IntensiveWith more and more designerswishing to utilise colour to setthe tone of a façade ...and withusers seeking to reduce powerconsumption and maintenance...the introduction of Band Intensivecould hardly be more timely. Theslim, 800mm line of 36 highpower LED’s creates aconcentrated and uniform beamover 10 metres (minimum).The choice of five fixed saturatedcolours is complemented by RGB/RGBA mixing.12

Force RangeWherever water, dust, andelectrical lighting are combined,and especially in the presenceof certain chemical vapours oratmospheric conditions,dependable ‘proof’ lighting isessential. And that’s why Thornhas introduced a completely newrange of general purpose prooffluorescent luminaires - the Forceseries. Five models are available:ImpactForce, CorrosionForce,ColdForce, HeatForce andStormForce. Chosen for safetyand chosen for dependability,they provide highly effectivelighting in the most hostile ofenvironments.16

ConcaviaThe innovative Concavia high bayluminaire family ensures choiceand flexibility in commercial andindustrial applications.It is available in three sizes -Small, Large and Extra Large -in a wide range of efficient lamptypes and wattage combinations.Concavia offers a pre-installedmains cable with tool freeattachments, saving time andcost during installation ormaintenance.17

Invincible IIFew recessed fully sealed to IP65(below) IP54 (above) cleanroomluminaires combine contemporarystyling with such an advancedperformance. It’s all down toprecision optics. There is achoice of louvre or prismaticlight distributions.A low profile frame withtoughened safety glass ensuresquick and easy cleaning.Access is straightforward viaa dedicated suction cup.A self regulating breatherallows the luminaire to stay cleanthrough air pressureequalisation. It is these featuresthat make Invincible II the perfectsolution for healthcare andindustrial cleanrooms.18

GraffitiGraffiti spotlights can switchinstantly from a tight focus toflood width. All that’s needed isa quick turn of the rear assembly.Using flexible optics, they deliverstepless beam angle adjustmentsof between 10-35 degrees or25-55 degrees. Using the latesthalogen, metal halide and whiteSON lamps in wattages from50W to 150W, the collectionincludes mains and low voltagefittings. Surface or track mounted,they have an individual dimmeroption, plus a remarkable rangeof attachments.20

CruzThe Cruz range of downlightsprovides what is probably the mostcomprehensive and flexiblecollection of its kind ever offered toarchitects, specifiers and designers.All the best features of the previousThorn fittings of this type have beencombined: die cast housings, goodlooks and high performance optics- from spots to wallwashers. Cruzis made up of five different sizedunits using the latest CFL and HIDlamps (from 18W to 150W) andis much simpler than ever before toinstall. Attachments vary fromfunctional louvres, IP44 glassesand emergency signs to decorativedrop glasses shaped like anhourglass or a trumpet21

Jupiter IIThe Jupiter II fluorescent bringsa visually striking, ultra-moderndesign feature to commercialand educational premises. And ithas performance as well as sleekgood looks - high efficiency singleor twin T16 lamps, from14W to80W, high performance specularor satin louvres, or opal diffuseroptics and an asymmetric option.Whether surface or suspended(direct/indirect), the luminairescan be mounted singly or incontinuous lines or squares.24

SiennaNew suspended family offluorescents with outstanding lightperformance in a futuristic design.Sienna offers both up and downlight, which enhances the lit officeenvironment to providecomfortable lighting at theworkplace. The combination ofan extruded aluminium body,miniaturised Miro louvres andSensa controls make Sienna theintelligent choice for balancedoffice lighting, and EN 12464compliance.25

Loire, Danube, Thamesand AmazonA collection of four contemporaryluminaire ranges for wall andceiling mounting. Each member ofthe range satisfies the increasingdemand for secondary lightingsystems to provide visual relief.The distinctive product designsadd a modern touch and enhancethe lit environment. All theseluminaires incorporate theQuick Fit Bracket that is not onlyappreciated by installers but addsflexibility to quickly swap overand exchange luminaires.26

Piazza IIIf you’re looking for exteriorwall lights that deliver security,surround and accent illuminationwith a touch of style, then look nofurther than Piazza II.The Piazza II retains itsreputation for toughness, whilegaining improved optics, betterlooks and a smaller version. Thereare two semi-cylindrical bodyshapes and sizes - the largelantern with prismatic or opaldiffuser for commercial andindustrial applications, includingcar parks, and the smaller withopal diffuser, intended for moreresidential premises.27

Voyager EliteWith its distinctive oval shape, theVoyager Elite is a leap forward inthe design of emergency lightingbut doesn’t lose sight ofperformance. An 11W TC-SELlamp gives out twice the light ofa typical 8W lamp, which meansfewer fittings are required todeliver the correct lighting levels.Cathode heating prolongs lamplife for lower through lifemaintenance costs. The highlyversatile range covers bulkheads(IP65, surface mounted orsemi-recessed) and fully recessedunits (with or without exit signblades), plus a hanging signversion that can be adapted towall mount. A complimentaryaddressable testing system,Explorer Project, enables fullyautomatic monitoring, testing andfault logging.28

ELCEmergency lighting is vital toprovide sufficient light for asafe exit from a building wherethe normal lighting has failed.Luminaires are offered to provideEscape Route lighting, includingexit signage and can be morewidely spaced to provideAnti-panic lighting in Open Areas(in accordance with the Europeandirectives). There are even IP65versions for outdoor use.All of our emergency luminairesare available as Explorer SelfTest.With this system, luminairescommission themselves andautomatically perform the testing.The green ‘healthy’ LED showscompliance.Hardly any record keeping isrequired, only that the buildinghas been walked through monthlyand if any LED’s show red thenthey need maintenance.Choose the addressable ExplorerProject (for small and mediumsized installations... up to 256luminaires) or Explorer Vision,which ‘talks’ over your computernetwork to your web of explorerProjects, for larger projects... upto 5000 emergency luminaires.These systems communicate withthe luminaires and can even senda SMS text message or e-mail tothe maintainer, requesting service.29

Sensa - Indoor Lighting ControlsIndoor Lighting Controls createcomplete and comfortable lightingsolutions. Sensa, our userfocusedand practical IndoorLighting Controls system, consistsof three ranges:1. SensaLite features Thornluminaires with built-in sensors,offering presence detection,daylight linking and infra-redcontrol. Luminaires with SensaLite are the first step to comfortand energy saving - just plug,play and save!3. SensaAdvanced is our offerfor large projects and thoserequiring greater levels ofcomfort while including up-todatefeatures, e.g. theintegration of blinds, screensand room partitions, differentuser interfaces like touchpanels, wall units or software,daylight-linking, presencedetection, room scenes, timemanagement and dynamiclight algorithms. All the toolsyou need to make light work.2. ControLiteDIM is the perfectsolution for medium projectsand consists of modules forcreating light scenes,enabling daylight linking,integrating presence detectionand switches. Just take thecomponents for the featuresyou need and connect them toyour luminaires - you will likethe ease of commissioning andthe results.30

Lighting people and placeswww.thornlighting.com32

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