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we cuLtIVAte cooPerAtIVe reLAtIonsHIPs

wItH customers And suPPLIers coVer story

The Global Lead Logistics Provider

02 Editorial

PartNershiP MeaNs haviNg

shared goals

PPArtnersHIP as one of our core values

and its conceptual meaning runs

through this edition of alphabet like a

silver thread. We relate as partners to our

customers, with our employees and our

suppliers and we maintain close and, of

course, maintain open bilateral relations

with each and all of them. We are proud of

the relationships we have built up and the

confidence and trust we have earned by

meeting the needs and expectations of our


onLy togetHer with our employees, for

example, can we master the challenges we

face as “The Global Lead Logistics Provider”.

This calls for solidarity and trust. Together

with our suppliers, we are engaged in intensive

cooperation. The honesty and openness

of this relationship between equal partners

are the foundation of our joint success.

table of coNteNts

And, last but certainly not least, we work

together with our customers to promote

their success. We look after all of these partnerships

so that we can reach our long-term

business objectives together: a classic “winwin”


At HAVI Logistics we talk a lot about

partnership and the trust growing on both

sides. In this edition of alphabet, we want

to give you our customers, valued employees,

suppliers, and other stakeholders an

idea of what partnership means to us at

HAVI Logistics. At the same time, we want

to thank you for the confidence you have

placed in us over the years. As the Global

Lead Logistics Provider, we will work with

commitment to reach our shared goals in

the future, too.

coVer story: PArtnersHIP 03 Just like a good marriage

04 I 05 Partnership means keeping to the rules 06 Interview with

Haluk Ilkdemirci 07 Customer retention?

enVIronment 08 A source of pride 09 I 10 HAVI Logistics’ “Global

Best of Green” Proposals 10 HAVI Logistics achieves EMAS III

Validation 11 Green light for our green fleet I “WWF Green office”

certificate for HAVI Logistics

worLdwIde 12 I 13 Swifter, Higher, Stronger

comPAny news 14 I 15 New Customers 16 A name, a logo,

a re-founded company I CarLo greater efficiency for even greater

customer satisfaction … 17 Agile ROP I Invisible elves pay a visit

news About customers 18 World premiere at Munich airport

19 Twenty years of success anniversary of McDonald’s Russia

news In brIef 20 Welcome to the Rostov DC! I A working dinner with

Jude and Sienna I HAVI Logistics joins the Twitter generation

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Luca Gnecco,

Chairman and CEO of HAVI Global Logistics

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content and style editor: Jasmin Schürgers

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This and the following editions would not be realized

without the great help of our HAVI Logistics

members and all the other System Players.

Thanks in advance for sending interesting topics

to be published in future.

Just like a good


Cultivating relationships with customers and suppliers that are based

on partnership is crucial for any company. And these relationships have to

be tended: Experience has shown that good business relationships boost profits while bad ones cost the

company a lot of money and in some cases even jeopardize its existence.

Let's Assume tHAt A comPAny Is "sIngLe"

and looking for a partner; how does it go

about it? First, it has a look around. Once

it has found a promising candidate, it makes a

big effort to attract its attention. It then musters

the courage to start a conversation. If this first

contact is successful, the next step will be the

"first date." For anyone looking for a partner,

the short-range goal is to make a good impression,

the medium-range goal to land a second

and even third date, and the long-range goal

to establish a committed long-term relationship

based on mutual trust.

This is exactly how things work in business,

too. On the "first date," companies -

suppliers and customers - size each other up,

ask questions and put their best faces forward.

By the second meeting, they have achieved a

new degree of commitment allowing them to

probe deeper and reveal more. As the relationship

grows, each party learns more about the

other's concerns, worries and hopes, its likes

and dislikes, and even what makes it proud.

When things reach this stage, both companies

know they have been successful in their search

for a relationship founded on partnership.

tHe PrerequIsIte for A weLL functIonIng

PArtnersHIP however, is the longterm

mutual economic advantage to be gained

from close collaboration. How do we view a

business partnership as a vehicle for taking

unfair advantage or as a framework for pro-

Cover Story

moting each other's interests while making

realistic demands? Genuine partnerships with

customers and suppliers create added value

over the medium and long term; this is better

than trying to make a fast buck! They maintain

and secure companies and jobs. The image

brochures and websites of modern companies

are full of slogans such as "We write Customer

Care with a capital C!" and "We maintain direct

lines of communication to our customers."

What is meant here is closeness to the customer,

so-called Customer Intimacy. This strategy

of putting the customer first and thinking

things through all the way to the customer is

pursued by corporate giants like McDonald’s

and BP. These companies are successful precisely

because they listen to their customers

and take their wishes seriously. By not only

listening to their customers but satisfying their

wishes as well, they have become the invisible

backbone of these customers.

But how can companies find out

what their customers want?

Back in the "good old days" the shopkeeper

on the corner knew that the elderly

lady at No. 14 came into the shop every

morning at 8 a.m. to buy two fresh rolls. After

asking "the same as always?" the shopkeeper

handed over the prepacked bag of

rolls and a happy customer left the shop.

The obvious moral of this story serve the

customer and you will succeed is all too


often forgotten by people in business. Frequently,

companies hardly know their customers.

However, the advantages of "knowing

the customer" are obvious: A company

that knows its customers also knows what

the market wants, which gives it a big advantage

over its competitors.

onLy A reLAtIonsHIP bAsed on PArtnersHIP

can serve as the foundation for longterm

collaboration of benefit to both parties.

However, companies should keep both

customers and suppliers in mind! Suppliers

should be partners and not just providers!

The relationship between a company and

its suppliers is also governed by the rules of

fair play. These include making deliveries and

payments on time, and engaging in mutual

constructive criticism.

In a good business relationship, both

parties profit and there is a good balance of

give and take just like in a good marriage.

04 Cover Story

"HAVI Logistics has played an

outstanding role in the history

of Kissels Software and con-

tinues to do so.

Very early on, the require-

ments of HAVI Logistics and

McDonald's were already

moving the design of our ap-

plications in an international


Without this driving force we

would hardly have been able

to build up our remarkable

circle of exclusive customers."

Heinrich Kissels

PartNershiP MeaNs

keePiNg to the rules

Anyone can make eyes at you. But HAVI Logistics prefers to con-

centrate on real partnerships that exist when companies work effectively

together so that both are successful. And this clearly applies to

the relations between us and our customers and suppliers.

"How Are you todAy?". "Are you happy

the way things are?", or simply "Is everything

ok?" People who live in a partnership

ask questions like these from time to

time. If this is important in personal relationships,

why should it not also apply to business

relations? Right from the beginning HAVI

Logistics considered it important to look after

its partners. All members of staff have demonstrated

the same passion for their work

and the customers, right from the start. We

have always felt responsible for continuing to

expand our business partnerships by always

delivering more service than we promise. And

even today, nothing has changed about our

maxim of serving the customers and providing

“all in one” service. We use regular customer

surveys to find out whether our partners

are happy with what we do, whether they

maybe want something else in addition, and

whether everything is o.k. We are always interested

in making our cooperation even better,

maintaining the partnerships, and thus increasing

the well-being of our partners.

HAVI LogIstIcs' dAILy breAd consists

of doing an excellent job, and guaranteeing

that work flows smoothly and is of the

highest quality. For us this is nothing special

we take it for granted. And all this is certainly

appreciated by our customers. HAVI

Logistics has been awarded numerous prizes

both for the top quality of our work day in,

day out, and for special successes, such as

the "Franchise Partners of the Year" award,

presented to HAVI Logistics in Germany by

McDonald’s as early as 1999. In the course

of our company's history, hardly any of our

HAVI Logistics companies have come away

from the competitions empty-handed. The

spectrum of awards has spanned the whole

world of HAVI Logistics, ranging from "Operational

Excellence to McDonald's Restaurants"

for our colleagues in Portugal, and the

"Special Prize for High Contribution to the

System" presented to our Bulgarian team, to

the recently presented "Supplier of the Year

Award" for HAVI Logistics Finland.

Cooperation instead of


HAVI Logistics’ suppliers are also part

of our network of partnerships. We always

make an effort to ensure cooperative partnership

relations with suppliers. That we

have been successful here over the last 28

years is shown by the long-lived sustainable

partnerships we maintain with our suppliers.

"Never change a winning team" is a

maxim at HAVI Logistics that proves its value

even today, because we know that companies

cannot be competent and innovative

without the right partners. Frank partnerships

with our suppliers are therefore a requirement

for joint success. The fact that our

suppliers also gain huge benefits from their

partnerships with HAVI Logistics is confirmed

by the inventor of Kissels Software, Heinrich

Kissels, for example (read excerpt left hand).

Of course we only buy products and

services from suppliers if we are not in a

position to provide them ourselves. This

principle of providing all the services we

can deliver either more cheaply or at least

at the same price, and in better quality,

has also become a corporate maxim.

We source most services for our customers

in-house. For example, we have set up

our own

financial accounting


and our own IT Department

implemented the

most important EDP applications

such as ordering,

order processing,

standard cost accounting

and SAP

in the German

town of Duisburg.

Together with our forwarders

STI Freight Management

we have established a strong international


but we Are good PArtners not onLy

for our dIrect suPPLIers. We have also developed

an especially close relationship with

the suppliers of our customers. In fact the first

German Food Town in Duisburg, which HAVI

Logistics opened with two McDonald's suppliers

as partners in 1988, almost caused a

sensation. This meant that we not only "lived"

together under one roof, but we also shared

good times and bad times. In the meantime

HAVI Logistics companies have adopted this

idea at ten European sites. This solution allows

close cooperation based on mutual understanding

to be developed everywhere between

companies acting as equal partners.

Many people iMagine that they only

have to find the right partner, and then they

will be able to sit back and relax for the rest of

their lives in happiness and harmony. This romantic

view of partnership exists only in fairy

Cover Story

tales. In real life, a happy

partnership means

keeping to certain

rules. HAVI Logistics

sees openness and

honesty as forming an important

foundation. We have to be able

to trust one another. Being trusted, and trusting

others, makes us reliable and honest

partners for our customers and suppliers.

For HAVI Logistics trust is a kind

of credit that we advance to others

in the expectation that it will

come back to us with interest in

the future. And it really does, because

in return for our commitment

we receive the recognition

of our partners.

Appreciation and praise are

the fuel that drives us human beings

or, as Voltaire once said,

"Appreciation is a wonderful

thing: It makes what is excellent

in others belong to us as well."


Cover Story


HAVI Logistics has a unique partnership with its

iNterview with

haluk ilkdeMirci

customers, employees and suppliers. This results in

a common culture ensuring that our company will continue to operate successfully in the long term. alphabet

put some questions about this subject to Haluk Ilkdemirci.

alphabet: What is unique about the

partnership between HAVI Logistics

and its customers, employees and


Haluk: We at HAVI Logistics maintain

a very special corporate culture.

One aspect of this is that we are totally

transparent to our partners. This

means that our communication with

everyone is completely frank and open and

we keep our partners informed about our developments,

both good and bad. This kind

of transparency forms the foundation for our

partnerships and it bears fruit, for example

the exceptionally important trust that customers,

employees and suppliers place in

HAVI Logistics. Trust is founded in credibility,

reliability and authenticity. We fulfill all of

these criteria in our work with our partners.

Apart from that, it is very important that trust

is not a one-way street you can only expect

your partners to trust you if you trust them.

The trust we give and receive, and the openness

and honesty in our dealings with customers

and suppliers, have proved to be a

stable foundation for our partnerships.

alphabet: Can the huge relationship of trust

between us and McDonald's, which we

have built up over more than 28 years, be

achieved with new customers as well?

Haluk: It is extremely difficult to establish similar

confidence with other customers. Yet this

is precisely what we regard as the basis for a

long-term partnership and as the basis for our

success and that of our customers. We are

proud of our relationship with our customers.

And we demonstrate this by understanding

their business, their culture, meeting their

needs and living up to their expectations.

With each customer we engage in a close

relationship of business intimacy. Of course

McDonald's is a very good reference for us.

But, to be honest, this reference does not

have a huge influence on the formation of

new customer relationships. Trust grows and

flourishes over a period of many years and

it becomes extremely important not only to

nurture it but also to continually monitor it.

alphabet: But for HAVI Logistics it is important

to have a partnership not only with customers

and suppliers. What is the role played by

our employees?

Haluk: It is essential to create a relationship of

trust with all the employees if the company

is to be successful. Here, too, the constant

flow of information

is a major

source of trust.

The point is not

really whether we

have successes

or failures to report,

because an

important part

of our corporate

culture is that our employees know what is

going on. But we also listen attentively to

Haluk Ilkdemirci

HAVI Logistics President Europe

our employees. We show genuine interest in

each other’s experiences, opinions and feel-

ings. We are an open-door business. Make it

easy for people to communicate, tear down

barriers and promote partnership. Therewith

trust is again an important quality. It makes

us reliable, honest and sincere in our interactions

with our employees.

alphabet: Thank you very much, Haluk!

Cover Story 07

custoMer reteNtioN?

for that you Need coMMitted


“Satisfied employees generate satisfied customers,”

say professional journals for Human Resource Managers.

But does this nice theory work in practice? HAVI Logistics

recently proved that it does.

we notIced A Long tIme Ago that the commitment of our

employees results in satisfied customers who stay with our

company, but we had no concrete proof. In order to get

that proof, we have now combined and examined the data from our

Europe-wide customer- and employee-satisfaction-survey. The results

give us valuable indications of how we can address the needs

of our customers and those of our employees in equal measure.

How did we do it?

In the spring of 2009 all employees at HAVI Logistics were

asked to take part in a survey on their level of satisfaction. Then a

similar survey was carried out in the fall at all McDonald's restaurants

in Europe. The international market research and consulting firm

YouGovPsychonomics evaluated 6,500 responses from employees

and customers, and compared the two studies.

tHe resuLt Is remArkAbLe, but dId not come As A surPrIse:

here is a direct correlation between employee commitment and the

satisfaction our customers express. The views of our customers and

employees converge quite well. In areas where our employees are

especially motivated, our customers are much more satisfied than

those in areas where there is a lower level of employee commitment.

This clearly demonstrates the value of employee orientation and employee


We will use this result and the Logo "Insight/Outsight certificate"

to promote our employer branding, by documenting our

keen interest in being oriented on both our customers and our employees.

For HAVI Logistics this is a huge competitive advantage

not only on the market for customers but also on the labor market.


a source

of Pride


HAVI Logistics has been chosen as one of the “Global Best of Sustainable

Supply” by McDonald’s worldwide! We thus have the distinction of being the

green spearhead of McDonald’s worldwide Supply Chain.

mcdonALd’s’ APProAcH to enVIronmentAL

resPonsIbILIty is a multi-faceted effort that

stretches through its Supply Chain to its restaurants.

It requires collaboration and information

sharing between all three legs of the “threelegged

stool” the franchisees, the suppliers and

McDonald’s. A few years ago McDonald’s continued

to evaluate and measure emerging environmental

best practices within the McDonald’s

System. For this reason our customer created

the “Best of Sustainable Supply” a special

initiative to promote the core strengths of the

McDonald’s System regarding the protection of

the environment.

We must leave nature and the

environment to future generations

just as we found them

or even better

tHe 2010 gLobAL best of sustAInAbLe

suPPLy highlighting the "best of the best"across

the McDonald’s System was launched at the

World Wide Convention in Orlando, Florida on

April 19, 2010. HAVI Logistics is delighted to be

one of McDonald's "2010 Best of Sustainable

Supply/Best of Green.” “Congratulations! Your

best practice was chosen from hundreds of submissions

from around the world across our entire

Supply Chain,” Douglas M. Goare, McDonald’s

Senior Vice President for the Worldwide Supply

Chain, wrote in his congratulatory letter to

Christoph Thünemann, GM Corporate Communications

& Environment HAVI Global Logistics.

“Your story will serve as an example to other suppliers.

It is a source of pride for the entire McDonald’s

System and public evidence of our progress on

the long road to sustainability,” he added.

“The confidence displayed in our activities

will help us and motivate us to stay on the

green path. We will do our utmost to reach our

environmental goals: we must leave nature and

the environment to future generations just as we

found them or even better,” says Christoph

Thünemann. Out of the wide variety of initiatives

mounted by our company to protect the environment,

we submitted a total of five new proposals

to the Best of Sustainable Supply Committee.

With our solar energy project "Freeze with

the Sun," finally, we catapulted ourselves to the

head of the pack and are now the spearhead

of the environmental campaign for the entire

McDonald’s community. Information on

McDonald’s "Global Best of Sustainable

Supply"campaign is available on the web at:

www.crmcdonalds.com. Updated regularly,

this website highlights the leading environmental

innovations tested and successfully

applied in McDonald’s markets around the

world. Furthermore, a brochure with the best

of the best HAVI Logistics won the Front Line

has been published by McDonald’s.

We want to create an awareness that all

HAVI Logistics employees can easily contribute

to protecting the environment and that small activities

can add up to a large overall result. We

assume that every employee drinks an average

of three hot beverages like coffee or tea each

day. Usually a fresh paper or plastic cup is used

for every single hot beverage drunk in-house at

our locations. At HAVI Logistics we now give

each new employee an "environmental mug" as

a present on his or her first day of work. With a

“simple” porcelain cup, we show that we take

environmental protection seriously. All in all, at

HAVI Logistics in Europe we avoid the calculated

annual amount of:

■ 3,300,000 paper or plastic cups

■ 46,000 kg of paper* (66 to of paper**)

■ the felling of 668 trees* (954 trees**)

■ the use of 924 thousand liters of water*

(1.3 million liters of water**)

* Production of small 0.2-liter paper cups

** Production of 0.3-liter paper cups


havi logistics' "global best of

sustaiNable suPPly" ProPosals

enVIronmentAL mug

cooLIng AggregAtes

tHAt use co2 HAVI Logistics Norway has introduced new

trucks operating on AME. With the successive

conversion of our truck fleet from mineral-oil-derived

diesel to AME, we are benefiting the environment

by getting a firm grip on our CO 2 emissions.

To reduce CO 2 emissions as far as possible,

the new trucks, which make deliveries in

the Oslo area, are also equipped with another

environmental innovation: cooling aggregates

that use CO 2 . Using CO 2 to reduce CO 2 emissions

might sound at first like a contradiction in

terms, but the logic is fundamentally sound. The

CO 2 used in Norway is derived from the exhaust

of factories making artificial fertilizer. Instead of

simply releasing the gas formed during fertilizer

production into the atmosphere to the detriment

of the environment, the new system "captures"

it and re-uses it for things like our truck cooling

systems. As a result, the cooling aggregates in

our HAVI Logistics trucks in Norway stay completely

CO 2 -neutral.

trees As gIfts

In keeping with our Corporate Culture, we

live and act in harmony with our customers and

our employees. Thus we usually send small

presents on the occasion of all McDonald’s

restaurant openings and our employees receive

a small company birthday gift. Our target

was to find an affordable and at the same time

meaningful present to please all gift-givers. In

addition, it was our aim to create an awareness

that HAVI Logistics takes care of the environment

even in countries which are obviously not

so “green.” First of all, we searched in Turkey

for alternative gifts to replace the "flower presents"

which are usually given to restaurants

and employees.


HAVI Logistics found a partner with a high

profile in the TEMA Foundation (Turkish Foundation

for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation

and the Protection of Natural Habitats).

TEMA is one of the biggest environmental

NGOs in Turkey. Its primary goal is to raise

public awareness of the dangers of desertification

resulting from the widespread soil erosion

in Turkey. TEMA considers soil to be one

of Turkey’s most precious resources and therefore

pursues the implementation of a state environmental

protection policy, which is necessary

for the adequate protection of forests,

grazing land, agricultural land, water and

>> continued on page 10


>> continued from page 09

plant gene sources and for the prevention

of soil erosion. Since the beginning of 2009,

HAVI Logistics has been giving five saplings

to each employee as a birthday gift and 21

saplings to each customer as a restaurantopening

gift. Finally, the TEMA Foundation has

planted almost 1,300 small trees in the name of

HAVI Logistics Turkey. Altogether, these 1,300

trees together have a CO 2 output of 16,250


Volunteers of TEMA Foundation have planted

trees in the name of HAVI Logistics Turkey.

enVIronmentAL mAn-

Agement systems

We see the strong need to obtain regular

external validation of our environmental management

systems. The certifications awarded

the HAVI Logistics Distribution Centers are

usually in line with ISO 14001 and the additional

EMAS validations, and both are important

elements of our environmental management

system. The objective was to certify additional

companies according to an international environmental

management system. We focused

on HAVI Logistics companies which previously

could not manage the necessary workload

for ISO or EMAS or which operate in countries

where environmental protection is obviously not

a top priority. In Italy and Turkey our management

and the green teams have created all the

necessary conditions to lay a real green foundation

for our HAVI Logistics companies as the


HAVI LogIstIcs

AcHIeVes emAs III


Since April 27 it's official: HAVI

Logistics is one of the first companies

worldwide to be validated according

to the new stricter standard EMAS III.

By means of this validation, Eurocerta

Food certifies that HAVI Logistics has

not only upheld the high performance of

its environmental management system

but has in addition actually improved it.

Prof. Helmut Wirner, the external auditor

from Eurocerta Food, had this to say

about 2010 HAVI Logistics' audit results

in Germany:

H IgH-LeVeL oPerAtIonAL rAte In

A ccumuLAtIng enVIronmentAL

cost-benefIt rAtIos by

V ItALIzIng PeoPLe, Procedures And

tecHnIques wItHIn An

I ntegrAted mAnAgement system

PromotIng InnoVAtIon, streAmLI-

nIng And effIcIency meAsures

basis for the first ISO 14001 certifications. In

Finland we gained the WWF Green Office as a

practical environmental program based on international

ISO 14001/EMAS standards (See

article on page 11).

freeze wItH tHe sun

Wherever possible we want to ensure

that we do not leave the sun unutilized as a gigantic

and virtually inexhaustible power plant.

We were fascinated by the obvious contradiction

between using the enormous heat of

the sun to produce cold air that is used to

store our customers’ products “deep frozen

and chilled” in our warehouses. Not only the

“smart use” of existing energy from the sun,

but also the very important creation of awareness

for the effective use of energy was another

“driver” to bring our objective to life.

At our Distribution Centers in southern

Europe we found perfect conditions for installing

the most efficient photovoltaic plants.

The annual insolation here is between 1,350

and 1,750 kWh/m 2 . Today the first two solar

energy plants are successfully producing energy

for our freezers and chillers. In Osuna,

Spain more than 60% of total energy consumption

for “cooling” will be provided by the

sun. In Monterotondo, Italy 65% of energy

consumption for the freezer and 52% of the

energy used for the chiller & cooldock sector

will already be covered by our solar energy

plant. In Portugal we are almost independent

of natural resources to provide hot water for

the personnel hygiene of our employees. With

these solar projects we reduce CO 2 emissions

by 422 tonnes per year.

green LIgHt for our

green fLeet

Since April our HAVI Logistics fleet in Rome

has been filling up with AME (acid methyl ester).

This means that our Italian company is the sixth one to run its trucks on biodiesel made

from used cooking oil.

our HaVi logistics DC in Monterotondo

has eight trucks. They supply 137 McDonald's

restaurants located either in or near the Italian

capital, Rome. Just like all of our almost

700 trucks, those of our Italian fleet are among

the most environmentally friendly anywhere in

Europe. Since the company was founded, its

trucks have used only biodiesel fuel. Recently

wHy use Ame?

AME (acid methyl ester) is an

ecologically sound, high-quality

alternative to fossil fuels. It is

manufactured primarily from used

cooking oils and fats. AME is

produced by a chemical process

(transesterification) in which oil

molecules and methanol are mixed

in the presence of a catalyst.

Environmental advantages:

• renewable raw material

• high oxygen content: approx. 11%

• low sulfur content: 0.001%

• reduces soot emissions by up to 50%

• reduces emissions of carcinogenic


• biologically degradable and non-toxic

• used cooking oil is recycled

• CO 2 reduction by 83 %


• aggressive and corrodes plastic parts

• oil-change frequency is doubled

• diesel filters have to be changed

several times

• flocculates at lower temperatures

• lower energy density, i.e. slightly higher

fuel consumption

our Italian company also started using AME

made from used cooking oil. The oil that was

originally used to cook McDonald's fries ends

up in the tanks of our trucks and also makes

a very important contribution to climate protection.

Just LIke ALL tHe otHer HAVI LogIstIcs

comPAnIes, in Italy we too supply hundreds of

liters of cooking oil to McDonald's every day.

Environment 11

The used oil is collected by a disposal company

and taken to a recycling plant, where it is ultimately

used to produce AME. Under the bottom

line this means that we do not only supply

oil for deep-frying to our customers we also

fill our trucks with the used cooking oil, once it

has been converted by transesterification into a

usable fuel. This is a cycle that is environmentally

friendly in every respect.

The use of AME had already been tested

extensively by our Italian team. Tests of this

type are absolutely essential and to date they

have been carried out over a certain period of

time before the final introduction of the new

fuel in all HAVI Logistics companies. Biodiesel

fuels have different properties than fossil fuels

and could possibly damage the engines if

the latter were not adapted for biodiesel. The

test results helped our Italian fleet to reach the

decision more quickly to use a biodiesel mixture

containing up to 25%* of AME. So then

we could give the "green light" to the successive

switch of all 30 trucks in our Italian

fleet, which belong the altogether

three Italian DCs in Bomporto,

Lodi and Monterotondo.

Marco Ronco, Business & Supply Chain Development

Director HAVI Logistics Italy and Carla

D’Andrea, Environmental Manager McDonald’s

Italy in front of the Oil Plant that is converting used

cooking oil from McDonald’s restaurants into usable

biodiesel, which runs our HAVI Logistics trucks.

* Maximum as per Italian legislation.

• W e d r i v e W i t h B i o d i e s e l

”wwf green offIce“

certIfIcAte for

HAVI LogIstIcs

HAVI Logistics Finland successfully

gained the “Green Office‟ Certificate

from WWF on November 11, 2009.

‟green offIce” Is A PrActIcAL

enVIronmentAL ProgrAm based on

international ISO 14001/EMAS standards.

Its aim is to reduce carbon dioxide

emissions and offices' ecological

footprint. Green Office is suited

to offices both large and small in

private companies, the public sector

and other organizations.

Office premises hold a key position

in energy consumption and in

sustainable solutions. Green Office

motivates office staff to act in an environmentally

friendly way with regard

to everyday tasks; it also improves

environmental awareness

and results in cost savings. The

scheme will benefit both the organization

and the environment.

tHe ‟green offIce” network in

Finland comprises around 140 organizations.

“The certification of HAVI

Logistics Finland is another important

step in our efforts to positively commit

to climate change by doing less harm

but more good,” says Mikael Tuompo,

Managing Director of our Finnish

HAVI Logistics company.


PrePArAtIon for tHe

2006 oLymPIc wInter gAmes In turIn started

one year in advance at HAVI Logistics

Italy. The extremely high security requirements

set by the Turin Organizing Committee

for the Olympic Games (TOROC) were

especially stiff challenges. Nerio Zurli, Managing

Director Trade at our DC in Bomporto,

was responsible for goods distribution

to the two McDonald’s restaurants in

the Olympic Village. He commented: "During

these exciting days the key to our success

was a fixed Customer Service Team

that was totally integrated into the day-today

business of each restaurant and operated

on site." Nerio Zurli gave four employees

intensive training for their tour of duty

in the Olympic Village. He also coordinated

the technical details ensuring they had access

to our ERP System. So the Customer

Service Team was able to provide the entire

spectrum of logistics services required on

site from the daily inventories and making

the forecast for the next day, to ordering

and accepting merchandise and shelving

it at the McDonald's restaurants. The entire

planning, including the organization of all

work sequences, proved to be impeccable.

Sid Guiname, Manager for Special Sport

Events at McDonald’s, wrote a thank-you letter

addressed to the entire team at HAVI

Logistics in Bomporto to express his gratitude

for this feat.

Gold for HAVI Logistics

After tHe tour de force

In turIn HAVI Logistics

in China started to prepare for making deliveries

to the customers McDonald's and

Aramark during the 2008 Olympic Games

in Beijing. In this endeavor, our colleagues

in China were able to profit from the experienced

gained by our team in Turin. The DC in

Beijing was expanded to accommodate sev-


Swifter, HigHer, Stronger



HaVi logistics and the olympics this combination is by now almost traditional. The 2010

Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver were the third Olympics at which HAVI Logistics took part

directly on site. And the credit for the vote of confidence given to our services by satisfied customers

at the Olympics goes to our employees.

eral hundred additional pallets.

A sophisticated surveillance

system was installed in all

parts of the DC. In addition

to the video surveillance

equipment and laser

alarms, the security precautions

included having

the DC grounds patrolled

by military police 24/7.

Five x-ray machines that

were already in service in

Bomporto two years before

scanned every pallet before

it left the DC. GPS systems

were installed in all our trucks

and security escorts were engaged

for the whole fleet. For the entire duration

of the Olympic Games our HAVI

Logistics Quality Assurance Program was

monitored by in-house experts and external

quality inspectors. During the Olympic

Games the staff of the four McDonald’s restaurants

in the Olympic Village served over

560,000 customers. A total of 28 different

athletic disciplines were represented. In the

29th discipline logistics HAVI Logistics

was actually awarded a gold medal by

McDonald's for excellence in food distribution.


"swIfter, HIgHer,

stronger!" This Olympic

Credo also was HAVI Logistics' motto again

in February of 2010. McDonald's set up two

restaurants, located in the Olympic Villages in

Vancouver and Whistler, which served more than

10,000 participants. McDonald's offered its popular

coffee products at the Olympics for the first

time in an extra mobile McCafé. We delivered via

ocean freight for the occasion. It was not only

the merchandise from our German DC that was

"made in Germany:" HAVI Logistics Germany

and STI Freight Management were jointly responsible

for the international transport and punctual

delivery of goods for the mobile McCafé. HAVI


North America

carried our

torch forward.

Thom Chappell,

General Manager of

the DC in Vancouver,

and his team facilitated

site delivery for structural

set up, coordinated all goods

deliveries from Germany, picked orders

for these goods and coordinated night-time

deliveries to the restaurants.

tHe coffeeHouse cHAIn stArbucks and

the meat supplier Tyson Foods belong to the

customer base of our DC in Vancouver. During

the Olympic Winter Games, HAVI Logistics

North America made deliveries to the 303 Starbucks

locations outside the Olympic Village.

A total of 59 restaurants were located directly

in the "catchment area" of the Games.

Business as usual in an

unusual environment

This slogan applied

to the customer

Tyson Foods as well. The kitchens

preparing food for athletes from

the United States had ordered food products

with especially high protein content. HAVI

Logistics North America shouldered the entire

task of distributing pork, beef and chicken, plus

sausages and bacon for the U.S. athletes.

ProVIdIng LogIstIcs serVIces under

such exciting and challenging conditions puts

our know-how and flexibility to the test 100%.

In Europe we have already built up a strong

brand that is universally praised by the food

service industry; now we have also become

the reliable logistics partner of choice for our

customers worldwide.




new customers

Company News

For 28 years now HAVI Logistics has been making deliveries

to European McDonald’s restaurants. Today we already have

6,111 delivery points and we have approached additional strategic customers in Europe and ultimately started

doing business with them.

beLfrIt brIngs beLgIAn

"frIts" to HungAry

Belfrit tHe naMe CoMeS froM Bel for BelgiuM

anD frit for poMMeS friteS is a typically Belgian food

chain. Run by a franchise company, it now has 166 restaurants

in the country where pommes frites are a staple of the national

diet. As part of its worldwide

expansion, Belfrit entered the

Hungarian market in 2003. By

pure coincidence HAVI Logistics'

Hungarian Finance Manager

spent his lunch break at

the Belgian food restaurant

one day; he came away impressed

equally by Belfrit's

tasty fries and its successful

business concept. While accepting

his change, he prudently pocketed a copy of the company's

advertising flyer. HAVI Logistics Hungary lost no time in

contacting the Belfrit management and our call came at precisely

the right moment. The rapidly expanding franchise company was

facing new challenges and was actually looking for a reliable logistics

partner. About ten months have passed since then. Our

cooperation with Belfrit is very promising; we are already making

deliveries to twelve restaurants four more than we supplied

originally. And plans call for a total of 20 delivery points by the

end of the year.

conVIncIng dress reHeArsAL

susHI wItH A

dAnIsH Accent

HaVi logiStiCS DenMark StarteD

to Make DeliVerieS to StiCkS'n'SuSHi

one of the most successful restaurant

chains in Northern Europe. Sticks'n'Sushi

serves sushi and yakitori-grilled food on

skewers and has made a name for itself as

a trendy sushi restaurant with traditional

Japanese flair. For a logistics service provider,

the procurement of products imported

especially from Japan, Thailand, China and

the United States is a real challenge. For

HAVI Logistics, it's a walk in the park. Typical

ingredients such as Japanese rice, special

varieties of soy sauce, seaweed and sake are purchased

by our Danish team, which also makes the arrangements for

container shipment by sea. HAVI Logistics Denmark handles

a total of 225 different articles from the dry, chilled and frozen

goods sectors for eight Sticks'n'Sushi restaurants located in or

near the Danish capital of Copenhagen. In addition to its ambitious

plans for expansion in Denmark, Sticks'n'Sushi is looking

to open additional restaurants all over Europe.

sAndwIcHes from

"down under"

HaVi logiStiCS reCeiVeD worD that it had been selected by the Danish restaurant chain

Sunset Boulevard as its logistics service provider less than two weeks after the operative business

had gotten underway for Sticks'n'Sushi. Sunset Boulevard offers its customers a wide range of

healthy and tasty sandwiches, salads and snacks inspired by the way of life "down under" in Australia.

Founded in 1996, the sandwich chain now has 37 outlets all over Denmark and in 2004 took

over the only branch of Subway in Denmark. Our new customer is not content with expanding inside

Denmark but plans to open restaurants in adjacent countries as well. Incidentally, the starting

shot for this expansion was fired in Sweden. HAVI Logistics is now responsible for distributing the

entire product assortment offered by Sunset Boulevard apart from beverages. We keep 250 different

articles in stock at our Danish warehouses for our new partner.

SHell runS regular proMotionS at itS gaS StationS "Dalla tua estate ottieni il Massimo" "Get the most

from your summer" was the slogan for one of their campaigns, for which HAVI Logistics in Italy supplied balloons and

backpacks to over 800 Shell Shops throughout Italy. "V3" was another promotion in which HAVI Logistics was involved. It

marked the fiftieth anniversary of the partnership between Shell and Ferrari. Our HAVI Logistics colleagues had sole responsibility

for purchasing miniature Ferraris and distributing them to around 1,200 Shell Shops. With these two projects

we seized a great opportunity to prove how good our HAVI Logistics know-how is. Thus we were able to take on a new

activity related to the distribution of promotional items for the Lubricant Division of Shell. This two-year agreement will allow

our Italian team to distribute these items via dealers and major customers of Shell Italy, such as Fiat.

fIVe At one go!

Company News 15

HaVi logiStiCS in turkey expanded its business almost explosively. Our colleagues concluded con-

tracts for logistic services with a total of five new strategic customers. At the beginning of 2009 HAVI Logistics

began making deliveries to the Texan restaurant chain Chili's. "You can still enjoy the mouth-watering burgers,

ice-cold beer and margaritas that made us famous," says the trendy Tex-Mex chain with the flair of the American

southwest. The chain owns 1,500 restaurants around the world where customers can enjoy the "Lone Star

State feeling." It has also broken onto the Turkish market since 2009. We are accompanying our new customer,

starting on a small scale with deliveries to its only restaurant in Istanbul so far. Chili's has plans for adding five

more branches by the end of the year.

scHLotzsky’s Is An AmerIcAn

sAndwIcH cHAIn

SinCe 1971 tHiS typiCal aMeriCan Deli HaS Been offering itS DinerS fresh wraps, pizzas, burgers,

salads and sandwiches. In the early decades after the first restaurant opened in Austin, Texas, Schlotzsky’s

operated only in the US. A few years ago the culture of good, fast American food began to arrive in Europe.

Since 13 years, for example, the franchise chain has had a total of 11 restaurants in Turkey, which our

Turkish team started supplying in 2009. HAVI Logistics delivers Schlotzsky’s whole assortment of goods in all

three temperature ranges. Schlotzsky’s wants to reach 32 restaurants in Turkey by the end of 2014.

coffee And dougHnuts sInce

more tHAn 70 yeArs

tHe typiCal aMeriCan DougHnut CHain HaS a long anD intereSting HiStory. On July 13,

1937, its founder Vernon Rudolph opened the doors of his doughnut shop in North Carolina for the first time.

The hot doughnuts with a sugar glaze and a hole in the middle were a real hit in the late 1930s. And that has

not changed, even today. KrispyKreme has far-reaching plans for expansion. This franchise chain opened its

first doughnut shop outside America in 2001. So far KrispyKreme has two shops in Turkey selling fresh doughnuts

and hot specialty coffees. Our team in Turkey supplies the new customer with dry goods. KrispyKreme

plans to open 23 more branches in Turkey before 2014.

"A fresHer fIsH, onLy

found At seA"

norDSee HaS now alSo BeCoMe one of HaVi logiStiCS' new CuStoMerS, and so our colleagues

at the DC in Sekerpinar now ensure that Nordsee can continue to keep this promise to its customers

in the future. Since November 2009 our Turkish team has been making deliveries of fresh and frozen goods to

the first, newly opened Nordsee restaurant in Istanbul. Nordsee has over 100 years of expertise with fish and

seafood. Now that the company has teamed up with a reliable logistics partner like HAVI Logistics, there is

nothing stopping its further expansion on the Turkish market. By the end of 2014 Nordsee is planning to open

a total of 100 restaurants in Turkey.

worLd fAmous cInnAmon roLLs

in 1985 CinnaBon StarteD selling fresh coffee and fragrant, oven-fresh cinnamon rolls, and since

then it has developed into an international franchise chain. A lot has happened since 1985 for example,

Cinnabon now has over 600 shops worldwide, making it a market leader. The company's obvious success in

this sector validates the concept: every cinnamon roll is made with top quality Indonesian cinnamon, prepared

before the customer's very eyes and coated with a sweet glaze. The business that began with the simple sale

of cinnamon rolls in a shopping arcade in Seattle, Washington, has developed into a global phenomenon in

which HAVI Logistics is also involved by delivering supplies to three shops in Turkey since November 2009.


a NaMe, a logo,

a re-fouNded


STI (Deutschland) GmbH has a corporate

history stretching back 27 years

and yet this, the second oldest HAVI

Logistics company, was created only a

few months ago. Does that make sense?

Well, yes, it does, because renaming

the company STI Freight Management

GmbH meant that we had to re-found

STI (Deutschland) GmbH.

STI was founded in 1983. The rapid

growth of our joint customer McDonald's meant

that the STI business also developed into a success

story. The range of services offered by our

freight managing company increased steadily

and in addition to freight transport by truck,

we later added customs clearance, sea freight

and air freight to the daily business of our employees

in STI.

STI was and still is characterized by

continual changes and huge growth

At the end of 2009 the former STI

(Deutschland) GmbH Internationale Spedition

& Transport embarked on a new chapter in the

company's history by altering its name to STI

Freight Management GmbH. At the same time

the Duisburg firm became the holding for the

entire STI network.

The German STI business was carved

out from the newly founded company and

it became necessary to set up a new STI

(Deutschland) GmbH that is responsible for

daily operations in the field of road transport,

sea freight and air freight activities, and manages

customs clearance.

tHe HoLdIng comPAny stI freIgHt mAn-

Agement unites eleven STI companies. Since

the introduction of the new name, they also all

bear the same name and use the same logo.

The new name and the establishment of a joint

holding company will further consolidate the

ties between the individual European companies,

and strengthen the position of the corporate

group on the European transport market.

Company News

carlo ® greater efficieNcy for eveN

greater custoMer satisfactioN

STI Freight Management is optimizing its transport management system

using the CarLo ® software solution. Implementing it was one of the most difficult

projects that STI has ever had to tackle. However, thanks to the CSSN (Common

Software Solution for STI Network) team, STI customers now benefit from highly

advanced, secure and effective software for managing transports.

eIgHt dIfferent stI comPAnIes and six

different transport management systems

without a common interface... That was

the situation before we introduced CarLo ® and

it was not very efficient at all. It was virtually impossible

to send data reliably from one company

in the STI network to another. We had no transparency

concerning vehicles already deployed

and loads waiting to leave. This meant we had

no effective coordination of transports involving

different sites. In view of the steadily increasing

complexity in the freight forwarding business, we

had to find a new, modern, standard software

solution for the whole STI network.

The CSSN team comprised of experts

from STI and HAVI Logistics IS decided to

introduce the CarLo ® transport management

system. In November STI (Deutschland) GmbH

became the first company to receive the new

logistics software. STI Poland and STI Hungary

followed shortly after. CarLo ® will be introduced

at the other five STI companies in the

coming months. The new software is able to

manage all the master data, draw up offers for

customers, calculate the freight in each case,

record orders and also invoice them later on.

Now freight orders can be scheduled with one

mouse-click. Integrated controls and restriction

checks ensure that no vehicle is overloaded,

and the legal regulations regarding driving

and rest periods are adhered to. CarLo ® even

does our tour planning. While the drivers and

out making deliveries they remain in constant

contact with the logistics schedulers back in

the office. Data on the positions of the vehicles

are sent directly to the schedulers' computers,

where they are clearly displayed on a

digital map.

Raising efficiency with continuous

IT workflows and innovative software


While HAVI Logistics IS was already doing

the fine tuning for introducing CarLo ® , the existing,

out-dated Cargobase application still had

to be maintained and serviced. "The enthusiasm

and hard work put in by all those involved

made it possible to implement one of the most

important projects in the history of STI," said

Cavit Kaplan, head of the CSSN team.

carLo ® HugeLy ImProVes tHe work Processes

At stI. For example, the schedulers

can now react much faster and more specifically

to any unplanned events that occur

during the deliveries. The transparency of the

freight forwarding processes has increased

enormously, and this results in more trust on

the part of the customers and ultimately, of

course, also enhances customer retention.

AgILe roP

Excellent Services facilitate Ordering

for McDonald's Restaurants.

recognIzIng tHe suPPLy needs of a restaurant

in advance simplifies the ordering by the restaurant

and this knowledge also informs the entire

supply chain of the customer. To determine the

quantities of items that will be sold in the future as

accurately as possible and to make suggestions

to the McDonald’s restaurants accordingly, HAVI

Logistics and McDonald's have developed in a

close partnership in Germany an integrated solution

based on JDA (formerly Manugistics). We

use it to draw up forecasts of the future quantities

needed, so we can make accurate and appropriate

suggestions for ordering for all McDonald's

restaurants. McDonald's has now decided that all

its 32,000 restaurants around the world should

enjoy the benefits of this service.

Along with two other supply chain integrators,

HAVI Logistics has been commissioned to

continue developing this service on the basis of the

"agile ROP" (agile Restaurant Order Proposal) platform,

and to make it available to more restaurants.

InVIsIbLe eLVes


The perfect logistics service provider

does not just think for the

customer; it plans ahead as well

What is a perfect logistics service provider?

Obviously, someone who is meticulous, is 100 %

reliable, works fast without creating a mess, and

makes no mistakes. For HAVI Logistics, however,

this is far from being enough We believe the perfect

logistics service provider is someone who thinks for

the customer and even plans ahead. The perfect

logistics service provider considers how it can save

the customer work and money and then presents

the results of its thinking in an efficient manner that

benefits the customer. The development of Invisible

Delivery at HAVI Logistics is a perfect example

of how this works.

sInce 2006 more And more mcdonALd's

restAurAnts in Europe are being served by invisible

helpers. When the first employees arrive in the

morning, the shelves have been stocked as if by

magic. Everything needed for the normal operation

of the restaurant whether it be food products or

packing materials is neatly arranged and within

easy reach. This successful service is being offered

by more and more HAVI Logistics' companies.

Company News

"We are very proud of the trust

placed in us by our customer and

will utilize this opportunity to continue

improving major sections of

the entire ordering proposal system

for the restaurants."

Torsten Knaudt, Vice President of IS HAVI Logistics

"Invisible Delivery" is a prime example of the perfect

services offered by HAVI Logistics. Since 2006 we have been

working without letup to optimize our Customer Service and establish a uniformly high standard

on all of McDonald's European markets. While Invisible Delivery has not yet been implemented

at all of McDonald's restaurants in Europe, there has been a 100 % rollout in Hungary.

HAVI Logistics in Hungary started Invisible

Delivery with one team making deliveries to

five restaurants. The feedback coming from both

the restaurants and the Invisible Delivery team was

very helpful for establishing standards and pinpointing

areas and procedures which need to be optimized.

After a six-month test period all participating

restaurants gave positive feedback. In Hungary our

new service has had a positive effect on distribution

as well since no McDonald's personnel have to be

made available for incoming goods reception. The

effect of the economical crisis, slowed down the

rollout process, but even in tough periods McDonald's

has been giving its full support to this project.

As a result, there were no longer any obstacles to

the rollout of Invisible Delivery on the entire Hungarian

market. The full rollout process is planned to be

finished by end of June.

InVIsIbLe deLIVery wILL soon be extended

to otHer euroPeAn countrIes served

by HAVI Logistics. Hungary is the first McDonald's

market in which we have realized our service philosophy

and our one-stop-shopping concept 100

%. Now that we have taken over all the logistics

tasks for our customer, it is free to concentrate on

its core competencies.

The objective of this expansion is to relieve the

restaurants totally of the job of ordering. In the

future HAVI Logistics will have to ensure that the

supplies are available in the restaurants and calculate

the ideal delivery quantities and the best

delivery date individually for each restaurant, and

will organize the supply chain. This service includes

almost all the supplies required in the

restaurants, no matter whether they are items in

the permanent assortment or those needed for a

limited period for a promotional campaign.

AgILe roP enAbLes us to deVeLoP serVIces

that take a very significant amount of work off

the shoulders of the restaurant managers. With

additional advantages such as holistic optimization

of the supply chain from the supplier to

the restaurant we can even exceed our customer's

expectations and create a possibility for

tailored efficiency-raising and cost reductions

while simultaneously improving the services for

the restaurants.

All goods are delivered directly to the

restaurant storage areas.

While the driver of HAVI Logistics Hungary

offloads the truck, workers of a Hungarian

merchandiser carry all goods into the

restaurant storage areas ...

... and place them directly on the shelves.


The Flagship Restaurant offers

six Self Order Terminals, incl.


One hour use of WLAN for free.

Laptop-tables and online flight

schedules are also available.

"Now that we have completed

the conversion work and modernization

of the restaurant interiors,

we are redoing the exterior

design as well with generous

use of green instead of

red," says Holger Beeck, Vice

President of McDonald's Germany.

The color switch is a declaration

of respect for the environment,

he said. The new

flagship restaurant at the Munich

Airport Center is one of the

first McDonald's to embody the

company's new greener image.

The new color design will be

successively implemented all

over Europe.

News about Customers

world PreMiere at

MuNich airPort

At the end of last year, McDonald's opened one of the largest, most modern, and most impressive

restaurants in the world at the Munich Airport Center (MAC). Where only a few months before, air travelers

had been eating at McDonald's competitor Burger King, McDonald's now proudly presented a high-tech

restaurant with a brand-new concept. The new restaurant was hard to miss thanks to the huge advertising

poster spread over 3,000 sqm.

tHe conVersIon of A conVentIonAL burger kIng

into an ultra-modern McDonald’s took less than one

month. The flagship restaurant with the new yellowand-green

decor was designed by the French star architect

Philippe Avanzi and cost about EUR 1.4 million. Strategically

located in the MAC Forum between the two terminals at

Munich Airport, the flagship restaurant rapidly established

itself as a new attraction at the Forum, the largest atrium in

Europe. "This restaurant offers visitors to Munich Airport an

unforgettable dining experience," says Alexander Schramm,

Vice President for Development at McDonald’s Germany.

Lounge comfort for AIr trAVeLers And AIrPort VIsItors.

One point is clear: the new flagship restaurant marks

a step into a new era for McDonald's. "Our restaurant at

Munich Airport expresses all our current ideas about comfort,

design and modernity," commented Holger Beeck, Vice

President of McDonald’s Germany. The 850-sqm restaurant

boasts a flight information display, a Lufthansa Quick

Check-In Terminal, free WLAN Internet access for one hour,

laptop tables, and a total of six self-order terminals with

their own separately staffed express checkout. In addition

to the Business Lounge, visitors to the new McDonald's

restaurant can enjoy the Family World, the McCafé Lounge,

the Quality Zone and the only McDrive at a German

airport (the latter integrated into the airport parking garage)

all with customized furnishing and facilities. The crew

of the flagship restaurant sporting trendy new outfits in

black, brown and white makes sure that the entire operation

runs smoothly.

A subJectIVe VIew of tHe new restAurAnt exPerIence

by young photographers and students is presented

on the western façade of Terminal 2. This wall in the central

area of the MAC is the largest advertising area in Germany

and the location chosen for the gigantic poster, which is

the largest advertisement placed by McDonald's anywhere

in the world. The poster is a real eye-catcher for the more

than 34 million passengers and millions of visitors who pass

through the airport each year.

tHe AIrPort restAurAnt Is suPPLIed by our Distribution

Center in Günzburg, Bavaria. After our HAVI Logistics

colleagues in Bavaria helped the new McDonald's restaurant

to “take off” by doing extensive planning and supplying the

original furnishings, HAVI Logistics now helps keep it running

by making deliveries totaling about 11 tonnes four

times a week.

red switches to greeN for the

eNviroNMeNt's sake

McDonald's is changing the exterior livery of its restaurants

from red to green. The new restaurants that recently opened

in Germany, France, Great Britain and Switzerland already

display the new look. The famous Golden Arches are now

set against a green instead of a red background.

20 years of


The preparations for opening this restaurant

started way back in 1976. During the Olympic

Games in Montreal, George A. Cohon, the founder

of McDonald’s Canada, established contacts to the

Soviet Union. In April 1988 a contract was finally

signed for the establishment of a joint venture by

McDonald’s Canada and the Moscow City Government.

On the opening day 30,000 diners visited the

restaurant, some of them waiting up to five hours

to be served.

McDonald’s signaled

the change

The pilot restaurant in Pushkin Square was

a real sensation for the Russians a slice of American

lifestyle in the crumbling Soviet Union. Customers

could pay in the local currency, the rouble,

instead of the hard currency they needed for most

"luxury goods."

AnotHer tHIng tHAt wAs reVoLutIon-

Ary In tHe soVIet unIon was that McDonald’s

offered good food, and even meat, every day.

McDonald’s invested in its own Russian Food Town

the McComplex - in order to keep business going

in the collapsing Soviet Union, where the supermarket

shelves were not always full. Since the opening

of the first Russian restaurant, McDonald's has continually

expanded its local supplier base. Today, private

businesses in Russia supply 80 percent of the

ingredients, remaining products are produced by

McComplex Now McComplex is right next door

to our tailormade HAVI Logistics Distribution Center

in Moscow.

mcdonALd's HAs been A HIstorIc success

story In russIA. One reason is that the

prices are so decent or "democratic," as the Russians

say. According to a study, 70 percent of Muscovites

(who number well over ten million) eat at

fast-food restaurants on a regular basis. Before the

crisis year of 2009, the market was growing by 25

to 30 percent every year. So far none of its competitors

has ever been this successful in Russia.

News about Customers

There was great euphoria 20 years ago when the

first pair of McDonald's golden arches lit up opposite

the memorial to Russia's national poet, Alexander Pushkin. On January 31, 1990,

McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in the former Soviet Union. At that time their

largest restaurant worldwide.

The branch on Pushkin Square with 27 cash desks

and 700 seats indoors therefore rapidly also became

the McDonald’s restaurant with the largest

turnover in Europe. Sometimes the onslaught of

diners is so great that our HAVI Logistics trucks

have to make several deliveries a day. Currently

McDonald's has 245 restaurants in more than

50 Russian towns and cities. In 2010, 40 to 45

new ones will be opened, and one third of those

will have a McCafé.


In front of the Golden Arches, made from ice (f.l.t.r.):

Khamzat Khasbulatov, CEO McDonald’s Russia &

President Eastern Division; George Cohon, founder

and Senior Chairman of McDonald's Canada and

McDonald's Russia as well as Muhtar Kent, President

of Coca Cola Russia.


welcoMe to the

rostov dc!

our russIAn-bAsed comPAny was founded

in August 2003. At that time we were already

making plans to build Distribution Centers in

Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg, but to keep

pace with the rapid growth of our customer

McDonald's all over Russia, HAVI Logistics has

started the construction of an additional Distribution

Center in Rostov.

Rostov is one of the biggest cities in the

European part of Russia. Located in the south

of the country, the metropolis with over a million

inhabitants is also the capital of the Rostov Re-

You can tell by the way the

members of our HAVI Logistics

Management Team are smiling

into the camera that they are

thoroughly enjoying their "working

dinner." After all, it's not every

day that you have a chance to

dine with celebrities such as

Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

While young people effortlessly

adopt every advance in modern communications,

their parents are consistently

flummoxed. Frequently, they ponder

the wisdom of joining social networks like Facebook,

Xing and Twitter. To twitter or not to twitter,

that is the question. Now HAVI Logistics has

made its decision with a resounding Tweet.

twItterIng Is fAst, eAsy And entertAInIng.

The news flashes sent by Twitter are

ideal for people who want to obtain instant

News in Brief

gion and known as the "gateway to the Caucasus."

Rostov also is a transport node for southern

Russia. It has a large railroad station forming

the most important railroad junction in the area,

plus an international airport and one of the most

important domestic ports. The location of our

fourth Russian DC is ideal for realizing our efforts

to focus on further improving operational stability

to the high levels that McDonald’s is accustomed

to receiving from HAVI Logistics.

The new DC, covering about 2,250 square

meters, will serve 16 McDonald’s restaurants in

the south of Russia. By the end of 2018 further

30 McDonald’s restaurants will open in that

region. Nearly 40 newly recruited HAVI Logistics

employees will start working in the Rostov DC

a workiNg diNNer with Jude aNd sieNNa

As the two celebrities

continued their public display

of affection, the top managers

from HAVI Logistics took ad-

vantage of this incredible photo

opportunity to have their picture

taken with the VIP couple.

news and links to interesting websites. During

the presidential election campaign,

Barack Obama regularly mobilized his followers

by Tweet. No matter whether

the subject was the emergency landing

of a passenger plane in the Hudson,

the terrorist attack on a luxury hotel in

Mumbai, the student protests and civil unrest in

Iran or most recently the volcanic eruption in Iceland

eyewitness accounts sent by Twitter were

a valuable source of on-the-ground information.

tHere's no reAson for HAVI LogIstIcs

to PLAy second fIddLe to companies like

Microsoft, DHL or Toyota: now we are twitte-

The DC in Rostov will have a large stock of

2,250 square meters on hand.

when it opens in October of this year. With its

four DCs in Kazan, Moscow, Rostov and St.

Petersburg, HAVI Logistics Russia will be the

backbone for our customer’s expansion in the

fast-growing Russian market.

The HAVI Logistics team consisting of John Repke,

Global CFO; Asako Takahashi, Assistant to the President

HL Japan; Stefan Tittel, Senior Director Business

Solutions IS; Torsten Knaudt, Vize President IS and

Frank Fischer, Business Development Project Manager

HL Japan shared a table with the well-known

actor and ladies' heartthrob Jude Law and the popular

actress Sienna Miller. It was obvious to everyone in the

room that the two film stars were back together again.

+++ http://twitter.com/HAVI_Logistics +++ http://twitter.com/HAVI_Logistics +++ http://twitter.com/HAVI_Logistics +++ http://twitter.com/HAVI_Logistics +++

havi logistics JoiNs the

twitter geNeratioN

ring, too. The HAVI Logistics' Twitter Feed provides

the latest press reports, news and job offers

from our European companies. It also calls

attention to new customers, environmental topics

and job openings. Thanks to the enormous

growth of the user community, Twitter is no

longer just a platform for communicating with

friends but has become an important marketing

instrument as well. Why not try out Twitter

yourself and become a “Follower” of HAVI Logistics?

In the Internet age, one thing is certain:

boring people and boring companies slip off

everyone's radar screens faster than you can

say "Tweet."

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