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{5DGJ~{50t5~GJDGJl5t1. Hello Gianni & SLUG:Just a thanks to David McClellanof SLUG who pretty much got itright regarding the SXSW andNXNW showcases. Private EyeWeekly is an official sponsor ofSXXW in Austin and NXNW inPortland. As such, we can pickand choose any local band toappear in Austin or Portland,thus bypassing the jury systemthat really just keeps most bandsout, as pointed out by McClellan.Instead of us picking a band,we've chosen to go the localshowcase route letting judgeschoose . Private Eye Weekly doesnot send a judge, nor do we pickthem. Indeed, SLUG's WilliamAthey was among the judges.Each of the local showcaseshas gotten progressivelybetter talent-wise, so perhaps thenotion of a competition is payingsome dividends to local music.However, judging is subjectiveand we have yet to send a bandthat pleases everyone, even us.We believe it's best to simplycongratulate Fat Paw knowingthat in the end, Utah music willagain be represented in Austinand represented in a good way. Ibelieve it's true that a Utah bandhad never even played at SXSWbefore our showcases.Regarding the lamentsabout ASA not winning (especiallyby the Bozo whose cowardly,unsigned letter appearedin the Feb. SLUG), I too, am a fanof that band. Just an observation,but his/her letter is full of theSLUGMaroh 1997VOLUMli: 91:55Uli:;, 1199E-mail us at.••Slugmag@aol.comor visit our websitewww .slugmag.comJohn SaltasPublisher, Private Eye Weeklyp.s....1 hope you know that I, forone, appreciate SLUG. Keepdoing what you're doing. Italways circulates through ouroffice.To: slugmag@aol.comJust wanted to let you knowthat I enjoyed the shindig. Surlywas the highlight of the evening.I also enjoyed Dave McClellan 'sinsights about the sodomy goingon inside the Osmond compoundin the last issue, as I told him atthe show. Keep up the DickheadsI think SLUG is a goodmagazine but the reason I amwriting you is because that fuckheadis talking shit aboutMANOWAR that new albumkicks ass like all there music he'sgot a lot of nerve saying thatPUBI.ISHERSCRY5TAL POWELLGIANNI ELLEF5ENEDITORGIANNI ELLEF5ENMUSIC EDITORWILLIAM ATHEYl.EGAl. BUI.I.DOGJ. GARRY MCALLl5TERDISTRIBUTIONMike HarrelsonWEBMASTERIPHOTOSHOP GODMark Ross I Marker NetManowar sucks that loserdoesn't know good heavy metalmusic if it bit him in the assManowar will shove metal so farup his ass that jis ass will neversee daylight again .Metal forever,Brent WorthenDear Dickheads,I just finished readingyour January issue(procrastination is a virtue inUtah you know) , and I wouldjust like to give my thanks to[onny Belvinfor givingDecomposers & PsycloneRangers at Spanky's show of theyear. I was one of the dozen orso people who stuck around afterthe Decomposers set to check outthe Psyclone Rangers, and I mustsay, they rocked my big Utahbred ass up and down the greasywalls. They truly are the reekingof gas, crud under your fingernails,bugs in your teeth, knucklebustin garage band so manybands try to acheive.Anyhow, after the show,and after downing a fewtankards of Rocky MountainPisswater (Utah's 3.2%). I saunteredon backstage to meet theboys. God I love Spanky's forthat (having backstage right nextto the can. I've met so manybands that way) . We met, shareda few beers, a few bowls, andjust made an evening of it. Quitea positive experience I'd say,even if John Valania came off askind of a dick on stage, after afew hits he was as cool as a jockstrapfull of popcicles. Againthanks to Jonny for recognizingone of the most criminally overlookedbands of this day andage. It is good to see that they aregetting a fraction of the creditWRITERSTracey Fischer • Mr. Pink"Shmoopy" Ross • John ForgachTrevor Williams • Scott FarleyDavid McClellan • J.J. CoombsJAND. Billy Fish • Laura SwensenOUR THANKSMlrkROIl, KeVIn, Burtl, Mom Ind BelliSLUG Ie pul>lIehed I>y the 5th of eachmonth. The writing Ie contrll>uted I>y freelancewrltere. The writing le the opinion ofthe wrltere and I" not necee"arlly that ofSLUG. Weare NOT legally reeponelble for Itewrltere or advertleere. ·SLUG 15 PRINTED BY THE 5TH OF EACHMONTH, THE DEADLINE 15 THE 1ST OFEACH MONTH... CAPEESH7 -SLUG STAFFthey deserve.Keep it up, keep it hard, andkeep it throbbing,Cody the CantankerousCapricornThe lovely Miss Marchon the the cover is none otherthan the now famous "Dolly".Yes that sheep. What the hell isso wrong with cloning anyway?Think of the commercials"Double double your rejresinncnt,doubledoubleYOllr enjoYlllcnt ..."So we thought we'd have a littlefun with this thing (besides theobvious), so we printed half ofthe March issues with Dolly onthe cover... .and half with Dolly'sclone on the cover...Ca'n you pick out the Demon'seed cloned sheep? .


March comes in like a Lion andout like a cloned sheep... There is a bittersweetpoem that captures the beautyof March and the coming of Spring andall that other happy horseshit, but 1don't know it, so too bad. Here's somemovies 1 watched.Robin Williams needs to get outof the house. He needs to get out ofmovies like Jack and back into movieslike The Fisher King. Not that this is abad movie, but the whole premise is old.Dress it up however you want, it's stillthe grown man/little boy shtick. Yawn.IL POSTINOThe first time 1 watched thismovie, 1 didn't finish it. 1 was too tiredto read. That's the problem with subtitles.It's like watching a movie and readinga book at the same time. The nexttime 1made it all the way through, but itwasn't easy. Don't get me wrong, 1 likedthis movie. It was very cool once you getinto it. It would just be nice if you couldsee a little more of the cool Italian countryinstead of reading the story.BOTnE ROCKETA story of three mental midgetswho fancy themselves gangster robbers.The only drawback is they suck atalmost everything. It is pretty funny andMr. James Caan shows up in the middleof the damn thing. Well then, how canyou go wrong?TRAINSPOTIlNGBlotey rot en fugginfeom dis wash. Ya kneed a. J blotey trans laytah to wutch. the damn fing. Prit e foneydoe. Pot iculy duwing theSean Connery bit. Ave ya. gote the beest en yur sites ??Shite!(I liked this movie, rent it.Sometimes it's hard to figureout what the characters aresaying due to their thickaccents).FEELING MINNESOTAKeeanu Reeves andVincent D'Onofrio take turnsboring Cameron Diaz todeath with their pathetic act­~;£i!'.t.:2=::::I in g . Of course that's not toohard, since she's about asexciting as shaving your head with acheese grater while chewing on tin foil.LAST MAN STANDINGBad guy / Tough guy / Bad guysetup in a deserted old west town nowran by bad boy mobsters who appear tobe from NYC??? NEW YORK CITY!!???Then they got some Pace picante sauceroles that are probably based on littlefantasies he has. 1don't care, 1like him. 1liked this movie too . He directs and starsin this story of an out of work mechanicwho can't fix his own car so he takesover his dead Uncle's ice cream truckroute and sleeps with his buddy's seventeenyear old daughter because his pregnantex-girlfriend is living With his exboss.Wheew!!SUBURBIANo, this movie is not out onvideo yet, but guess what? One of theopening scenes is the main femalecharacter reading an old copy of SLUG!!Although you can't tell what page she'slooking at, it's almost certain she is readingMr. Pink...Here's a few not so new releases tocheck out...ONE FALSE MOVEBLOOD SIMPLESWIMMING WITH SHARKSTill next month...Mr. Pinkand roamed around the r-......-------,.....---....,.--------.,town doing gooddeeds, drinking beerand singing sea shantys...Bruce Willis is thetough guy. Not sure ifit was good or not. Youtell me.2 DAYS IN THE VAL­LEY .OK this movie1dug. Finally JamesSpader plays a rolewhere he is not a totalpussy. He even sticks .Teri Hatcher in the ass.(No, not what you'rethinking) That alone isworth the price ofadmission, but as abonus you get DannyAiello smackin aroundrich art fags . Cool.TREES LOUNGESteve Buscemijust gets himslef in, ! ,\\ !\_JTHICK~o~\! /Geezer LakeNew! King Frost Parade.CD ~YlAWJudge Nothing~ . Split T picture disc. art by cocp. ~'"W.Jli:t.c. Q.1t udLJrur. a.j,Ju.L cata"'99/6 n: lUun.ut A.u. ~LlLin4i4 60622. P.iu>A.& llI1.2S2.SS22

"Author: a fool who , not contentwith having bored thosewho have lived with him/her,insists on tormenting the generationsto come."Anonymous"Okay, the kids are goingthrough' the angst and everythingbut this Marilyn Mansonguy is truly scary for a rolemodel. My day it was blackSabbath driving my parentscrazy ...This singer gives me thebonafide willys.Scccaarn:yyy!!"-Rosie O'DonnellImpatiently awaiting Spring.Apple and Kelly green umbrellasexpectant as salutary showerssoon shall turn up a newleafy lease on life. February'sAmethyst whimsy, Raphaelangels and unrequited love ofValentine's divested of intimatebouquets and entwined trystspractically 'forgotten.Hyacinths, paper whites, crocus,amaryllisand tulips pe-rish.or proliferate. Terra firmsgroundbreaking and tremulousushers in daffodils, gnomesand fairies...Hold it a goshdurnedsecond! Shez...Andyou figured on an alternativesans the magical and fantastical,a monochromatic nirvanaor whatnot. Think again.Welcome the approaching millenniumwith avant-garde Zenprisms. The full spectrum.Imagination, kiddos,Omnipresent, omnipotent,omniscient. Neophytes, bendan ear. Avante cultist, prideyourself on discovering thus in. music, film, philosophy and literature.It's everything thatflies in the unconscious face ofthe American Dream.Still...Theirs is analogous bewildermentand ignorance in allthis fringe zeitgeist. The DarkHorsemetaphor is that of arace entrant or contestant notgiven much chance of winning,a former practice of disguisinga fast horse with dark paintand entering it with inferiorhorses. Hijinks. Laissez-fairevs. Am. Dream. Polarity orparallels. Hanging with thedark angels and gargoyles isn'talways the apotheosis of edgeliving. The threshold is dauntlessand ubiquitous. Lets borrowour Editor's phraseology"intestinal fortitude"."Side by side with the humanrace there urns another race ofbeings, the inhuman ones, therace of artists who, goaded byunknown impulses, take thelifeless mass of humanity andby the fever and ferment withwhich they imbue it turn thissoggy dough into bread and thebread into wine and the wineinto song...One who belongs tothis race must stand up on ahigh place with gibberish inmouth and rip out one'sentrails." .-Henri; Miller"The awareness of human separationwithout reunion bylove is the sourceof shame,guilt and anxiety. The deepestneed is to overcome this separatenessand to leave theprison of aloneness. Theabsolute failure to achieve thisaim means ins~nity. J/ .~Erich FrommPortrait of Kurt Cobain? Amucous talk radio phone-in ­caller jokingly commented thatthe longevity of rock stars MickJagger, Tina Turner and the likeis due to housing portraits ofDorian Grey, in their attics.Hey x.c.. x.c Would You DieFor Me, Hosanna Superstar!,_Lars! Such .spitefulnesslUnresolved Mysteries allegedmurder premise? Let his suicideR.I.P. Case closed . Whenwill the stupid club come fullcircle? The Phantom's masquerade.Phantom of theOpera allegory, that is.Incognito costumes and masks.Art school vesture synonymous.The Phantom indicativeof the nightmarish, intrepidgenius. Dark madness.Christine's seduction embracesit's imminent power and sway.She must allow romanticlove...the brilliance of love' vanquish herPhantom allure. Then again,grant us the muses hysteriaand ultimatesacrifices under the aegis ofacumen."Some experts claim they canspot a left-hander at infancy.The whorl of their hair willtwist counterclockwise. Thebase of the left thumbnail iswider and squarer that theright. Greta Garbo's "I uant tobe alone" relates to her reclusivenature. She was painfullyshy, also due to her left-handedness,in general, becausevisual imagery is right-braindominant, nonoerbdl lefties areoften limited talkers and apt toavoid social contact" ­(Whomeverth)Very funny, anonymousSLUG critic, I sincerelyenjoy a good insult. Yet,as toldto Gianni months ago, my utilizationof big words is a personaldefense mechanismover / from emotional excessand sometimes hypersensitivity.When you have the authenticityand audacious nerve todenounce hiding behind monogramsor the interlocutor'smonitor, I'll take you seriously.Until then, heed not to payattention. Comprehende?Slacker gloatings, bro. Yourbrain drain, not mine. Plato'sthe unexamined life is notworth living. Ruminate.Exercise )or exorcise) them tharbrain cells. And yes, I've experiencedthee journalist's initiationrites of getting one's feet 'wet via a death threat.Skinheads. Twas my Z.D.Z.commentary. I started ZIONDISPATCHER ZINE disgruntledwith previous tenure atSLUG and THE PRIVATE EYE.Competition is healthy andnecessary in regards to bandsand publications. As for DeathMetal, cock rock get pussyimbecilities. Admittedly, I oncelistened to KRCL's MasterButcher just for Chow's TOTALHARMONIC DISTORTION isstill churning out the vitalwiles . Those spunky galsTristan and Bernice co-hostSTATIC RADIO followed bythe Goth SHORT TERMEFFECTS. Anyways... Botherthe squabble over Twitch'sEditor Christian Aria!. Hisdescription of the creativeprocess engendered synergy,mastery imperfections, imbalances,focus/ drift, etc., wasmost competent.Hmmmm...The alternativecadence renowned in the muse.A universal art form.McClellan referred to it as thepurest express ion.Hmm...Those in the creativefields of visual art , literatureand dance would claim theself-same directive, eh?Actually dance is the purer, inmy biased opinion, of course.Instrumentation and lose ofidentity in the umpteenthdegree. That is, the artisticinstrument is yourself, facilitatedand tempestuous. Withmanic vehemence. Withmania's excitation . Withimpassioned hysteria."It is said that the saddestamongst us are those who wearthe jester's motley garb. Aclassic version of this notion istold by 19th century criminologistCesare Lombroso. Adepressed man is advised byhis physician to take advantageof the circus being intown, and to be sure to see thegreatest of harlequins [osephGrimaldi. you need amusement,Grimaldi will make yOIllaugh, that will be better foryou than drugs. my God, theman replies, but I am Grimaldithis story symbolizes a longheldview that suffering liesjust below the surface of histrionicenthusiasm. Forceful,activity, even when contrived,can defend against melancholy,for awhile at least. everyonewas crying, exclaims the moviecharacter Zorba the Greek. me,I got up and danced. They saidZorba is mad. But i: was thedancing Only thedancing That stopped thepain ."

Now...Sing along to the lovelyrefrains of FIDDLER ON THERoof's Tradition! a la viva larevolutionaire extraordinaire.Sedition!...Sedition! InsolentDissidents! Insurgent!Deviants! Rebel! Recalcitrant!Insurrectionary! Saboteur!Radicals! Subversives!Revolter! Apostate! Dissenter!Agitator! Revolutionary!Malcontent! Turncoat!Insubordinate! Anarchists!Iconoclasts! The darker beauty.Running carpe diem wild.Fleeting aerial rapture.Triumphant torment, discernibleguile. Sagacity, alas.Canvas abstraction.Despondent druthers.Bloodshot eyes. Sleepyhead orinsomnia. Depression magnified,bruised eyelid circles .Pretense for prior hypergraphiawhenest mania'schemicals dissipated. Escape!Escape as a retreat ordeliverance? Freedom ordesertion."The three most distinguishingtraits offemale personalitywere, in Freud's view,passivity, masochism andnarcissism...The position ofwomen in patriarchy is suchthat they are expected to bepassive, to suffer, and to be sexobjects; it is unquestionablethat they are, with varyingdegrees ofsuccess, socializedin such roles."-Kate Millett"Our anger is real. Our angerat our experiences ofoppression as women and aspsychiatric inmates, of beingraped,.beaten, locked up,drugged, shocked, is valid andstrong. It is not a symptom tobe drugged or therapizedaway. It is, instead, a sourceof our power, a fuel for ouroutrage and our activism...Werefuse to calm down andadjust to a reality that definesus as inferior."- Virginia RaymondThe sustenance of aremote lifestyle. Dreamersthat tingle. Onamanopeia.Echolalia. Deleteriouslamentations over the pastprefix . Nada femme fatale .Exhausted. Perpetual bedmood and bed hair daze, albeitimproved, better outlook.Shave hair or ixnay on theresponsible working stiff adultstatus. Stats of Utah's youthsuicide and child molestation4-10 times the National %.Really, really, really hate to say"I told you so". Flabbergasted.Scintillating library, readingintensity. SHINE. Mentalprowess or addle-minded.WALLACE & GROMIT. Fromthe superhuman sleep is forwimps and mollycoddlers, tothis mighty '0 '. Squeezing allthe creative juices left on thepithy rind. Move over V.Woolf and E. Wurtzel, wish meluck on the memoir. Theweird and the wonderfulculinary feasts . They makebatteries out of Lithium, youknow. Any anti-psychoticmeds cocktails ill-advised.Physician heal thyself! Dad 'squip of "She has more holes inher head than her stockings",as two delinquents passedancer stylee leaped across thestreet requiring a slamming onof brakes. Streetwise smartalecs deathwish. Everyonelaughed. Reflections of pasttransgressions. Beholden fromthe months of babes. Strangehow things change and yetremain the same.Strange, indeed...Ciao, Kiddos!Epilogue? PS; Lavished praiseand a blatant plug for theirascible local group StellaBrass. Accompany theirchorus w / volume skyrocketedand heads turn in holy terrorat intersections along thecommute. Go Guys! Powerfulstuff that capably penetratesany .I don't Give a flying fuckabout anything depressiveepisode. And! I'd like tochallenge others of thefeminine/ist persuasion tocontribute in this publicationASAP. -Lars

Bloodhound GangAnd now the show you 've allbeen waiting for. Coming to Club DV8on March 12 is a one-hit wonder. Isn'tthat what the radio advertisment says?The promotion arm of the record labelhas sent a series of materials. The firstcontained a simple biography. The secondhad Jimmy Pop Ali describing themeaning behind each song and a beercoaster; the third had a letter, a beercoaster, some stickers and an actual articlewritten about the Bloodhound Gang.I'll pretend I'm doing "Our Critic'sPicks" for the week and not listen to theCD. That's how the professionals do it.The Bloodhound Gang's singer,Jimmy Pop Ali, applied four times for aninternship with Howard Stern and hewas rejected each time. As is cleverlypointed out, Howard Stern wouldn'thire Jimmy for a job that paid no money.Now that the band's association withcelebritys is out of the way, how aboutsome more news? The band released anEP and then a full-length before leavingJimmy and Lupus (guitar,vocals) to fullfiltour obligations. Jimmy recruited anew band and Evil Jared remains fromthat incarnation. DJ Q-Ball (turntables,vocals) and Spanky G (drums) signed onliGY5~li~~~ r!!i~lirE£JGroteful J)eod 12e J)Qeloceose & Buroers,9hirts & wpestries{j}VO {j}mpsBlock lites & f2.stersBeoded (QrtoioS • eLerciog& wttoos • ]eWelrQ • (fgors • Imported &. .~oturol (fgorettes • lroditioool & IXotic lohoccGeor & ~cessories . ' ~odles • 1\teorJ)etoxifQ & Vole's • Zippos • ([omics· ~ ~u~ ~um~.fA 0~!I\.R~Bob. Someone at SLUG Magazine do esn'tlike power pop. I do and the album is aninviting example of the moden day version.Power pop will greet those luck yenough to pass through DV8's securitysystem before the show is nearl y over.Arrive early!Zen GuerrillaI cannot write a single wordabout any Alternative Tentacles bandwithout mentioning label owner [elloBiafra. (Jello Biafra is such a sell-outfucker that he sold his voice to the fuckingOffspring fer Christ sakes . What a. fucking whore. What a fucking corporatewhore. God damnit I get all pissed offabout that fucker buying life sustainingfood with the dollars he earned fromselling out. You fucker.'re a starbellied sneech, you suck like a leach, youwant everyone to act like you. You kissass so you can get rich whil e others getricher off you . What you need my son .. .)Man. I think I lost it for a second or twothere. I was chewing my cud. (Talkabout being a whining, nasal-voiced,blow-hard; terms I've seen used todescribe Mayor Biafra latel y. The EvilSLUG Boss intervenes, "You idiot helost that election.") These Zen Guerrillabastards are sell-outs too. They are distributedby ADA for Jesus fuckingChrist's sake. Those commie fuck s atMordam probably have their fingers inthe stinky pie as well. Sell-out fucks,don't you know your boss is on theOffspring record ? God I can't stand it.(The Evil SLUG Boss enters the roomagain and bounces a bong off m y head .)God intervened. "You are a child ofGod" he said. "Write the review or I willsen tence you to a lifetime of PeterBreinholt concerts." (For the out -of-statereader. Peter Breinholt and Clov er arethe stars of the local Salt Lake City"scene." Their music is about as bor ingas jerking off to an old video of VannaWhite.) Now where was I?Invisible "Liftee" Pad/Cap-ToothClown is the CD currently un der considerationand it isn't a review at allbecause the band will visit Salt Lake Cityin March. What is it about an Alternative

Tentacles CD that pushes me to the verybrink? It could be their motto - "GivingArt A Bad Name Since 1979." ZenGuerrilla opens their blast with a dancenumber - "Chicken Scratch." The nextdittie is feedback and screeching. Whatfollows is a cover of the old gospel number"This Little Light." Zen Guerrilla callit "Wee Wee Hours," but it is still "ThisLittle Light" to me. I grabbed the megaphoneI keep next to me at all times andsang along; effectively imitating Marcus,Zen Guerrilla's singer. It's easy to singthe blues when you're a white guy. Bynow tears were streaming down my faceand I'd wet myself. A feeling of exhaltationfilled my breast as the guitar squalof "Dirty Jewel" hit full force. My God Ithought, these guys are better than theone-piece bands White Town andPrimitive Radio Gods put together.Due to feeble attempts atstaunching the nose bleed snorting twolines of crystal meth had given me fivesongs flew by before the laser beamstruck "Unusual," the second dancenumber of the disc and the closer. I didhowever catch the minimalist harp blowingand downright nasty blues of "TinCan" and the cow-punk stomp "GospelTent." "Unusual" is a funky, trip hoppinghymn concerning the Holy Ghostand sheep. A relieved sigh escaped mylips because the conflict which beganwith "Chicken Scratch" was resolved.Dancing is an evil activity leading directlyto sexual intercourse in many cases ....--'

liveat thePUB· IlownIre&only know three chords andthey obviously have neverheard of sound dynamics,melodies, harmonies, tones orsynergy. Fuck they're justplaying punk rock and havinga damn good time doing it. Itried to listen to their album,Sudden Death, a recording dedicatedto the most excititingsporting event there is, thesudden death finish to a tieduphockey game, but I couldn'tconcentrate. It's hard toconcentrate when the intellectis absent. Indeed it is difficultto understand punk at allwhen an intellect is present. Iguess that's why Milo is backwith the Descendents. Didpunk die when Milo left andthe Descendents became All?Anyway, I can read, barely, soI checked out the lyric sheet.There's a bunch of songs .about hockey and girl trouble.The biggest word I could findwas confused and i guessthat's what I am. It suresounds like a punk record tome. These fuckers must have atime machine. Sorry to cut thisshort, but Live just released analbum, I ha ven't listened tothe Spice Girls all the waythrough yet and there is thatEwetoo disco CD. If I'm goingto maintain my status I mustbe up on thelatest"thing." TheHansonBrothers willappear atSpanky'sCinema Baron March 26.album titled La TragedieD'oresta Et Electro. They adaptedJean-Paul Sartre's work totheir musical form. Well,along comes an advance oftheir forthcoming" actual"album. Population Four is nearlyas lovely as the personhanding it to me . Ali is so littlegirl that listening in is aguilty pleasure. I'm imagingan audience sitting on thefloor listening rapt wonder.But who could open aCranes show? Oh you sillies,it's "three women in corsetspla ying cellos - Rasputina.. Rasputina? Indeed, this threesomebelieves the cellodeserves a space next to theguitar in rock and roll history.Between the three of themthey ha ve a combined 60 yearsof cello experience. Theircorsets mirror the shape oftheir instruments and themusic is "intoxicating in itsalchemy of modern rock andgothic strings." Ooops, did Ijust write goth? With all thatbeauty on the stage how canthe audience help but breakinto a smile? The Cranes andRasputina will appear at ClubDV8 on March 31.Ziggy PopSick Of It All""""'-.-..,.....,...."...,.Friday, .MaftSaturday,The CranesandRasputinaI hesitate to mentionthe dark crowd, the dreary,black dressed who only ventureon at night, but this concertalmost certainly will featurean audience filled withthe glacial and bookish. TheseCranes'last appeared with an"We don't need pessimism."It looks like punkrock is still alive and well inSalt Lake City. The Fairparkcan close the gates to theirshoddy grounds, but themusic finds a way. The combinationof poor behavior and a

lack of venues has cut thenumber of all age showsdown considerably. It'salmost a relief to sit downwith a copy of GoodRiddance's A ComprehensiveGuide To Modern Rebellion andimagine an old church filledwith the underage having agood time . Call it a churchdance with hardcore musicnot Celine Dion . These boysplay the melodic tunes withsome crunch and I'm notthinking of the sugaryCaptain Crunch. They musthave missed the last fiveyears and they must no beinterested in making anymoney because the late '90sare a time when some sugaris required to make the medicinegodown. Take the medicinebitter and work up asweat when Good Riddanceprecedes Sick Of It All on thestage.How does a band likeSick Of It All avoid the attentionof the masses. They'somehow managed to attractthe interest of a major labelwithout changing their music.One would think that all thatmarketing muscle and a largepromotion budget wouldbring them to the attention ofthe alternative rock crowd.But trendy is as trendy does,Sick Of It All plays hardmusic for a public with softminds. Their second majorlabel album hit the shops onFebruary 11. Immediately itshot to the top of the HitsMagazineMetal/Punk/Hardcore chart.Immediately it disappeared...--...-----...... from the "chain"stores becausetheir buyers werestocking up onLive. "Sick Of ItAll? Send themtwo copies andbuild an endcap ofSpice Girls andLive." Visit anindependent storeto find a copy ofBuilt To Last. Takethe tucker homeand listen to whatsome actual punkrock, better knownas New YorkHardcore soundslike. Then purchasea ticket to the band'sshow at the New HopeCenter on March 15. Afterthat the radio will sound prettytired, actually your entirecollection of "one-hit wondersof alternative rock" willsound pretty tired. Take thecollection to Disc-Go-Roundand take whatever they'llgive you . Then visit Raunchand the Heavy Metal shop toload up on music, betterknown as punk rock, yafuckin' pussy.Johnny "Ramone"TahMojo Nixon and theToadliquors"The last greatAmerican Rock N' RollRevolutionary, Revival, GinGuzzlin', X-Rated,Fornicating, Road House,tourin' band in the land."Somehow I don't think that'sthe ususal record companyhype either, at least not sinceCountry Dick Montana headedto the big bar band in thesky. He sent along a three anda half page biography to promotehis March 11 gig at theZephyr Club, a Salt Lake Citynightspot he is not unfamilarwith. Just the highlightsplease.7-20-78 Nixon isknocked unconcious byClarence "Big Man"Clemmons at a BruceSpringsteen concert inCharleston, SC for jumpingon stage during an encore. 5­12-80 Hears GeorgeThorogood on the radio anddecides he is now a singerand a songwriter. 9-2-81Nixon meets fellow SanDiego musician and de mentorCountry Dick Montana.Much drinking and carousingr-­ensue. 11-20-82After drinkingtoo many Skylab Fallouts onBourbon Street in NewOrleans Nixon has the "MojoNixon" revelation that givesbirth to the idea of playingguitar, hollerin about injustice,having a good time,drinking and fornicating. Onemore. 8-2-92 Nixon is struckspeechless for the first time inhis life. As he is performingDon Henley Must Die in asmall club in Texas, Nixon isjoined on stage by DonHenley who proceeds to singalong.On January 1, 1997Mojo Nixon released his tenthfull-length album,Gadzooks!!! The HomemadeBootleg. It's b-sides, outtakesand singles with five newsongs. Who knows what thiscrazy fucker will do live atthe Zephyr. I'm hoping heshocks a bunch of idiots intoshitting in their pants."Sweet Vine is agroup of kindred souls whohave developed a sound thatstems from growing up onmusic including The AllmanBrothers, Ray Charles andLed Zeppelin." The SweetVine album was produced byMichael Barbiero who hasworked with BluesTraveler,Counting Crows andGov't Mule." Hold on there..,pardner. There's ahippy band openingfor Mojo. Arrive atthe Zephyr Clubaround 9:00 pm tosee actual hippiesplaying their music.Damn, Drink like amotherfucker inpreparation for theheadliner. I won't bethere because I'mheaded to Mojo'shome state of Texas., Jeremy EnigkLet's say youare a famous concertpromoter and youare looking for aband to open for JeremyEnigk. Who would you .select? In Salt Lake City,where'local bands multiplylike a polygamist's children,the promoter selected StellaBrass. They probably aren'tthe most famous of the localbands and they certainlyaren't the most prolific whenit comes to recorded "product,"but they do have arecord, and I do mean record,newly available. It's on goldvinyl, just like the gold platesand it is a platter of quitenoise. "Cover" is simple guitarwith a bit of screaming ­

pretty as all hell. Tum thegold plate over to hear"Collect." Slow motion?They're playing in slowmotion the tricky bastards.How can I mash to this? Why,it sounds like a bunch of artfags. Shut yer pie hole fool.Trumpet, drums and screechingwill at least shake up thelocal "scene" even if most ofthem remain unindoctrinated.Those holding a ticket toJeremy would do well toinvestigate the pleasures ofStella Brass, one of the morecreative local bands.Jeremy Enigk, JeremyEnigk, why is the name familiar?It was a Sunny Day and Iwas making my living typesettingReal Estate ads. Then Imade a discovery, actuallytwo. Stella Brass is the onlylocal band that could possiblyopen for Jeremy Enigk, theformer and principal songwriter/singer for Sunny DayReal Estate. I'll damned, oops,wrong word to use there, ifMr Enigk doesn't play musicnearly as pretty and disquietingas Stella Brass. Return OfThe Frog Queen, Jeremy'sdebut as a solo performer andadmitted Christian, has moredepth than space will allowme to pontificate on. Forthose who have followed hiscareer and the genesis of hisrecord label of choice, SupPop, the recording shouldcome as no surprise. Theexcitement lies with the.thought of how the musicwill come off live. There is acult audience already wellaware of what Enigk is allabout. The rest of you need togain a bit of curiosity and anappreciaton of music as art.This show at DV8 on March19 ranks next to the Cranes asa gift of knowledge to themusically challenged localaudience.Albert BeersteinIdiot FleshRemember the bandso in love with Mormonarchitecture that they tooktheir show on the road andactually stopped in Salt LakeCity, the world capital ofMormon architecture. Theyhaven' had enough of it yet,or could it be the culture thatdraws them back? AnywayIdiot Flesh are planning to setup their circus at the HolyCow on March 20. Puppets,costumes, an entire orchestraof musical instruments andthe weirdest music to hittown since the last time theResidents and Snakefingervisited. What's that? TheResidents and Snake fingerhave never visited? Well, thenI guess one had better go seeIdiot Flesh.The RainmanEye, their first Americanalbum is a punk CD. Howstupid am I to write about apunk CD? God I must bebeating a dead horse or mydick. Okay, so it's my dick. Ihave the 8 x 10 glossy andyou have the scanned image.The thought of making myway to the front of the stageand attempting to discoverwhether or not guitaristAmanda Rootes was wearingany knickers created animmoral desire. What a pervert.The band is named for alesbian novel. The songs concerndomestic abuse and thefemale sexual experience andit is too fucking bad that wewill miss Fluffy, originallyscheduled for the Bar & Grillon March 23.Willy EnmahanFIIUFFY~Dread ZeppelinWhat in the hell hasgone wrong over at theZephyr Club? First MojoNixon and now DreadZeppelin. Someone had betterdo a drug test. DreadZeppelin has been hailed asthe greatest cover band inexistence and that prettymuch sums up why theyhave decided to stop off inSalt Lake City, a town whereonly Mormons and coverbands can make a living playinglive music. This is itmorons, this is the one you'veall been waiting for. When thecustomary "Freebird" isshouted out Dread Zeppelinwill actually play the song ­inna reggae style .Bunny"Townsendplant" WheelerChrist Elbis

If you like Alanis or Live or Hootie, you must besome kind of Asshole. If you don't, you maywant to give these a try.Battershell. .,

Have You Seen Me?

ick is the king

\ \,. S;L'UG';\ .wwwlhlowme{l1C-K AUDTWI{lT&Df~gTIVAL-OfANIMAT,IONnew SLUG shirts available NOWs end ten bucks to SLUG.TEES2120 s. 700 e. st h-200 s.l.c, ut 84106. r ick one up atSalt City CD,Heavy Metal S op or Modified.Twenty short animated films proving that art is in the eye ofthe beholder. Wacky, wild, sexual and strange stuff:..includes Leftover Dog, The Lizard Whomper, and BillPlympton's How to Make Love to a Woman.Recommended for those with adark sense of humor.Nobody under 18 admittedMARCH 7 - 20!L.j. J~:i:· ,: ,·,'., i::;:\,:~~~,~~::~~~:~.~,!~:~ : ,::~ri::=-::.t,;;:; :Jill'! ••

VallejoTVTI believe that Vallejo was a lastminute addition to the X-96 LowestExpectations show. Good reports cameback from the few who viewed them,even though most had no idea whattheir name was. I doubt that Vallejo wasgiven the opportunity to stretch out andjam at their Saltair appearance. Theword is that they will return to do soduring the summer. Jam bands usuallysuck, unless they have managed toground themselves in funk fundamentals.Vallejo brings their funk fundamentalsto the tired hippie format. RustedRoot with about 500% more talent.A debut album of hippie-jamming-funk-reggaefrom a group of boyswho haven't lost sight of their rockin'side. Call them the professors in an ongoingattempt to in'corporate disparateelements from all'manner of pop ,music expressionsand create as amazinga disc as it is pos- r:"sible to imagine.American musicstirred, blended, . ~mixed, baked, boiled .J ' .kand fried to the point t . J . '~' .' ..

\ lowning ya motherfucker. Did you like1?ortish ead? Morcheeba one ups thosec~ts and it carne out in '96. 'Bout time tofihd the shit in '97 brotha.\ Heleen "Curtis" Wooof-Woof\Junior Kimbrough"\ .Most\Thmgs Haven't W~rked OutFat Possum/CapricornFat Possum will soon end theirrelationship with Capricorn Records, asituation saddening numerousCapricorn employees. There are a fewtitles awaiting release before Epitaphtakes over distribution chores. This titleis one of them. Take about five or sixXanex tablets before listening, Qualadeswork even better, but they are more difficultto obtain. Wait, just forget it. Themusic will inspire a hypnotic trancewithout chemicals. The man is obsessedwith sex and naked women. How manytimes has he asked the female of thespecies to take her clothes off because hewants to make love to her? "I'm InLove" is a song about fucking. The lastpress release I saw said that Junior had22 children from seven different women.Junior likes to fuck and he writes a lot ofsongs about the act, but he is also concernedfor his soul. That's why he has asong titled "Burn In Hell" on his forthcomingalbum. He also has a problemwith other men messing around with hiswomen. "Leave Her Alone" addressesthat topic. A man with many womenalways needs a way to say goodbye.Junior does so with a song. "I'm leavingyou baby, I'm leaving you baby, I'msorry, I'm sorry right now, Oh good- .night" are the lyrics to "I"m LeavingYou Baby." "Most Things Haven'tWorked Out" is instrumental hypnosis.So is "1 Love You Baby" exceptKimbrough utters "what's wrong withyou" about twice .Why is a man with lyrics consisitingof no more than ten or fifteenwords, a man who basically playsdrones on the guitar, a man who playsthose drones for an average of six minutesper song so worshipped andpraised by those with the good sense topurchase his music? Go buy a copy ofMost Things Haven't Worked Out andlearn.Blues Boy Billie

Widespread PanicBombs & ButterfliesCapricornOo oh! Hippies! Isn 'tthe title clever? Why it takesme all the way back to apeace march on the FederalBuilding, a hit of OrangeMicrodot and "Alice'sRestaurant" at the Rialto . Endthe trip picking flowers inMemory Grove. "RadioChild" opens the disc in agalloping manner that hadme all excited about wideopen spaces, horses and farmwork. The com mune is backand rather than worry ab outthe federal government likemost '90s compounds thiscommune has bud to cultivateand a deep dark cellarfilled with fungus of the hallucinogenicvariety. The onlyproblem with the scenario isthe '60s ended. Neil Youngisn 't playing with Crosby,Stills and Nash anymore, he'smo ved on to grunge. By thethird song I'd disposed of thedisc all together and retreatedto Quicksilver MessengerService and Mason Profitvinyl. Widespread Panic isbooked for two upcomingshows. I'm not going becauseI can't bear the thought of sittingin an enclosed room surroundedby the stink ofWidespread Panic fans . Takea bath fuckers, wa sh yourhair and quit worshipping adead past. On ce aga in thepropane torch came ou t, asdid the fireplacetongs. Bombs &Butterflies is nowan incen se burner."Peace and Lovedon't compromise."White Town"'~ '''''' I Wo me ll IIITechnologqChrysalis/EMIRecordsWhat thefuck is this? Are X­96 listeners complete morons?The #1 requested song on"altern ative" radio during thefinal week of February iscomplete and total shit.Another sorry nerd withoutany social interaction createdthe load while hibernating inthe his bedroom. Where isthat press release?"Surprisingly, they weren'tvery happy to discover theirnight's entertainment was tobe a fat Asian bloke with aheadset mike and militantstickers on his synth. Haveyou ever tried singing livewhilst dodging live fireworksbeing thrown at your head?"No, but if you ever come totown I will do my best tosneak some in and make yourelive the experience.White Town is not anative of Britain but he haslived there nearly his entirelife. Surprise of surprises. Feyas all hell , White Town willappeal to Smiths and PetShop Boys lovers. Needless tosay, I can do wi thout the lotof them.Jenny MarrLongpigsTIle 511n Is Often OutMotherLongpigs is a Britishband. I hate British bands, butthe press release said a lot ofnice things and they've had acouple of big hit singles inEngland so I tried to keep anopen mind. It didn't work.There must be somethingabout Deliverance. The moviemust play constantly inEngland and for some reasonthe scene where the hillbilly"does" the city boy inspiresone British singer after anotherto "squeal like a pig."Crispin Hunt is squealing likea pig all over the damn CD.Stop squealing Crispin so Ican hear the music. He won'tand he doesn't. The Sun IsOf ten Out is another stupidCD from another stup id Britpopband. I hate it and just tomake sure the Deliveranceanalogy is not missed theband put a picture of lips inan "0" on the back. You suregot a pretty mouth boy. Ithink I know how to makeyou stop squealing like a pig.Billy Bob JackViolent WorldA Tribute To Tile MisfitsCarolineA 'TmA U1f TO THF. ~1 S.FIT 5VIOLENT 'VVORt OThis should be interesting.Can they get it right?Hell no, the Misfits are oneband that can't be covered, atleast never as good as theoriginal. Fucking Christ, theMisfits attempted to do theIexact same thing with a new singer, didn't they ? Get awhole bunch of punk rockbands together and ha vethem do Misfits covers. W.hydidn't Caroline sign on th~reformed version for a c?veror two? Who knows. Thelargest error is the absE}hce ofthe former Salt Lake q{tyband, since relocated toBoston - Deviance. CharleeJohnson can write a Misfitssong better than the Misfit sthemselves. I'd love to hearSunshine singing anythingthe Misfits ever did. I'd loveto hear Charlee beating theshit out of his drums on aMisfits song, but Caroline hasobviously never heard ofDeviance. Now I ain 't no goddamned son of a bitch and Ilisten to the Misfits at workevery stinking motherfuckingday. It's part of the corporateculture.I guess the wholething is pretty cool. It's agood punk rock record andall these bands likePennywise, Snapcase, AstroZombies, Prong, BouncingSouls, Goldfinger, Dead Guy,Sick Of It All, NOFX and through selected tunesfrom the Misfits back catalog.My favorite cover of theentire disc is Sick Of It Alland "Mommy Can I Go OutAnd Kill Tonight."Surprisingly Goldfinger doesa credible job with "GhoulsNight Out" and Earth Cr isisof all bands checks in to kicksome poseur punk .ISS with"Earth A.D ." They all sufferfrom the lack of Glen Dan zig.It ain 't a Misfits record folks,it's a tribute and for thosewho already own the box setit is probably interesting. Forthe rest of you dumb motherfuckers.Go buy the box setand then, if you are a seriousfan buy the tribute to hearhow it sho uldn't be done.Darrel Lonely

RASPBERRY4844 Highland Dr.Salt Lake City801-2784629STARBOUND2985 W. 3500 SouthWest Valley801-967 -9797TOM TOM5 - Locations834 East 9400 SouthSandy801-572-1919'l1'1HI1E IENC ILAW'IE302 South 500 WestBountiful801-299-95182058 Harrison Blvd.Ogden801-622-0600809 South Bluff St.St. George801-674-2702927 South Main St.Cedar City801-865-1200

Curdled SoundtrackGeffen RecordsThis music comesstraight out of Little Havana(or some place like that). Ididn't understand one singleword, but this salsa stuff isgood. It makes me wonderwhat the movie is actuallyabout, wouldn't it be a surpriseif Curdled was apoignant tale 'of a group ofboys (Hollywood up andcomers) coming ofage insmall mid-western town,where they struggle to findtheir identity between theconflicts of their heads as wellas their hearts, set to theSpanish music of Cafe Tacubaand Pedro Laza y SusPelayeros. I don't know if thatis what the film is about, butit should be. The bands collectedhere might be thegiants of rock in SouthAmerica and I wouldn't evenknow it, except they're good,in that mood music kind ofway. There is even a classicalguitarist named Slash, what along strange trip it's beensince G'n 'F'n'R. The soundtrackis excellent and if at thenext house rave someone asksyou to thrown on some salsabeats, you'll be prepared.Mad ReverendThompson Owen / There'sAlways SomedayDiana Froley / You're NotBroke But I'm going To FixYouSerious RecordsThese two share thesame style, record company,lyrics and possibly brain.Diana sings on Thompson'salbum and Thompson singson Diana's. You play theseCD's on shuffle and they meltinto each other, you wonderwhich is which and moreimportantly does it matter?They become a more subduedand less pretentious Beck.These two make you wish forall that studio crafted shit thatBeck 'creates.' Owen's albumhas 34 songs, Proleyis has 21,a combined 55 songs that allstart with, I'm sitting herealone with my guitar. I swearto God they are making it upas they go along, I might likeit if they were, but they'renot. They think they 're good,you hear it in their pompousvoices . They really think theyhave talent in that punk/folkrealm where you don't needany talent to begin with andthey still fuck it up . The sumof the two part equals thatthese two suck ass collectively.MadReverend,The PonderingBlacktree RecordsYou'd hear ThePondering in some trendy barin M04b after a hard daywalking your new mountainbike up and down the slickrock. After:you've nursed afew McDermott's RaspberrySpecial Sauce Lagers you cansit back and groove in yourseat to these jokers. Sure theresmall now, but in a few yearswhen you're plunking down50 dollars to see them openfor Hootie, you can say, "Isaw these guys before any ofyou posers heard them."You'll be at the core of a hugePondering following that willsweep the nation for a couplemonths. You'll have all theiralbums, be able to sing alongat their concerts and havetheir sticker on the 01Pathfinder. They thank thefucking Connells for all theirhelp, that right there shouldclue you in. So hurry and getto know these guys, they'rerockin, just remember whereyou heard it first.Mad ReverendTricked OutMoonshineMoonshine as a labelis seldom featured in thepages of SLUG. For the mostpart SLUG writers remainenamored with the guitar. Asfor myself I'll snatch any discfrom Moonshine because Ienjoy new experiences. Thesub-title to the disc currentlyunder consideration is"Hardhop, Acid & BrutalBeats Mixed Down By OmarSantana." Reaching into thebag of drugs purchased infront of the Savers outlet onRedwood Road and ingestingE in conjunction with the everprevalent "crank" while suckingon a big fat blunt the CDhit the system. 'The "shit" is quiteengaging when listened tounder the influence of heavydrugs or in the sensory overloadof a dance club, butsomehow this entire technorevolution, the "dance"takeover of the near future,has bypassed my life experience.Names without 'faces,blinking lights, the strobes ofthe '60s illuminating the jerkof a '90s dance space and acomputer screen staringblankly into red rimmed eyesis perce ived as the future'ofmusic? We've already visitedthis planet. Does UrbanCowboy, Saturday NightFever or Tangerine Dreamignite a memory? "I won'tstop fuckin g 'til I'm retired"Iis a lyric from some nerd who. Ifucks his keyboard everynight? Connect me with thefuture and a virtual orgasm!I'm so fucking out of it that'Ican 't couple with a living/human body. Tum off themonitor, disconnect'f$r thenet, dispose of Dr. Seus pullyour pants up like a m n,quit imitating a plum I randinvestigate life on the street.The street is an ugly place,and while the "artists"recording for Moonshine aredefinitely on it they need todiscover a manner in which .to connect the spoiled whopurchase their releases to it..Street is fine, but in Utah suburbiathey read SLUG. AskWhite Beat? all about it sincethey are so enamored byPlanet Slug that their frog-likevocals repeat the sloganthroughout their creation"Wizard Of Oh." "Listen tothe beat go boom, boom,boom, boom, boom, boom,listen , dance your ass off."Send more music Moonshine,I'm into it - at least on a nightwhen drugs are my choice forrelieving the boredom of mypathetic life. Give me somemore and I might enlistmyself in the Flatline Crew.OJ Fishnet Hose .. .er?V.3Photograph BurnsAmericanWhen you've beenspending long hours late atnight trying to push outreviews for a deadline, you' regoing to eventually cross theline . That all came clearwhen I got to this blackened'nugget', which made mewant to crawl the walls &break my OJ. furniture.Supposedly recorded in afriend 's house for $50 a da y,this is a raw & cruel record ­ing of two angry men & ,assorted drummers workingout their frustrations in musicaltherapy. The sloppy &bleeding guitar work was

\ especially annoying, going off\Iike a barrage of fireworkswhile you're trying to sleepoff a hangover. I couldn't figu\-eout if the drummer(s)were playing stuffed pillowsor Iupperware, but it definitelysounded weak & dragging.,To top it all off, thesinge] really sounded toomuch'Iika CRASH TESTDUMMIES, which has beenknown to cause suicide inlaboratory test animals inclinical studies outside theU.S. I didn't have the heart tosubject myself to this albummore than once. I wonder,"Can You?"Billy FishThe OffspringIxnay On The HombreColumbiaDoes this one bringback a few memories. I canremember when I trashedSmash in these pages all thoseyears ago . Some dumb fuckpunk rocker sent a death .threat. I believe his name wasCody something or other.Next thing ya know Smashhad sold a few million andCody was off pretending hewas on the cutting edge withsomething else. How do theOffspring sound now thatthey are employed by Sony?About the same as theysounded when they wereemployed by Epitaph. I'mmissing the surf and there isonly one ska tune, "WayDown The Line." The discopens pleasantly enough withthe biggest sell-out of allpunk rockers, Jello Biafra,giving a spoken word introduction. "The Meaning OfLife" is the basic power-poppunkliterally thousands ofbands have attempted to cashin on since Smash broke punk."Mota" is the same. After thatthings become tepid and Iwas longing for the"Intermission." Intermission'sover and they corne back withthis years monster hit single,"" All I Want." I rose from thecouch to crank the volumeseveral times. I guess I'm justa sucker for this punk rockstuff. The Offspring can do itamazingly well as long asthey stick with the up tempotunes. Far to much of IxnayOn The Hombre is mid-tempostriving to be commercial andit tends to drag in the middleand towards the end. At leastthey end with speed and a .sing-a-long, What would apop-punk record be like withouta sing-a-Iong or too?"Change The World" will bethe second single. I'm surethese boys are so tired of thesell-out tag by now that theycan barely tour. I thought .they sold out with Smash. I dobelieve I wrote something tothat effect months before therecord smashed the charts tobits, but it's just another poppunkrecord to me.IllbientTerrorgruppeUber AmerikaBYO RecordsWhat the hell can yousay about punk rock inGerman? I admit I dig themusic, but was left at thecrossroads when it came tofiguring out the lyrics to thewhole bloody mess. Luckilythey threw some Englishtranslations, but that onlyuncovered how damn sillymost of the songs were, yappingon about sleeping in toolate & dealing with hangovers.I wasn't too impressedeither with the little letter atthe front of the linear notesripping on American culture,especially when they're beenimported into the states toobviously make a little cash,if any. Europeans(especiallyex-fascist/satellite nations!)kill me when they bitch aboutthe USA & all its ill socialstates, as if we don't alreadyknow how fucked up it isfirsthand, already living here.Most of these countries,Germany being a lovelyexample, have a few problemsof their own to contendwith, which is noted here &there on the disc with anobvious delivery(Wow, interesting...yawn!). I guess on aworldwide scale punk bandslike to bitch a lot, but few• really sink deeper than thegiven surface we all seeeveryday. Other than thechange in language, same oldscene. Dig it, or don't!Billy FishStillsuitAt The Speed Of LightBuilding/TVTStillsuit representsTVTs entry into the crowdedhardcore market. Some woulddismiss them on sightbecause we have enteredanother rehashing of thedisco era . Stillsuit are barelyout of their teens and theycome from New York City.They seem to have missedout on this new "disco" fadand they haven't includedany power pop or ska in theirmusic .What this meansladies and gentlemen is thereis more meat (with apologiesto the vegans) than mashedpotato fluff. Stillsuit are loud,abrasive, hard and heavy.More than anything theyremind me of a male 7 YearBitch. The comparison isprobably lost on the vastmajority of the skankin' d iscofools, but At The Speed OfLight bears all the trademarks.Have a listen to "Another BadMovie" and see if it doesn'tremind you of the Bitches.These kids almostmade the Earth Crisis tour forthe Salt Lake City date. Goodthing they didn't becauseEarth Crisis might have difficultyfindinga venue willingto book them in the future.Nothing against the band, it'sthe audience stupid. Anotherreason I bring up Earth Crisisis because their latest albumhas received some negativereviews. I saw one where thewriter begged for La Rocheinvolvement, as if. Hardcoreis out of the mainstream spotlightand back in the 'zines.But back to the subject of 7Year Bitch. "Rush Hour" forinstance, or how about "WillTo Die"? Was Gaia Negro aninspiration? It sure as hellsounds like it. Since 7 YearBitch received a negativereview in these pages everythingmakes sense. Stillsuittakes a more experimentalapproach to the clang andbang with tempo changes andtime signatures mutating allover the album. Those intohardcore and the metalinclined are once again invitedto listen for free and buyindependent.Mr. ButtrockerSky Cries MaryMoonbathing On SleepingLeavesWarner BrothersIt feels a bit strange tokeystroke Warner Brothersbeneath the title of Sky CriesMary's latest CD. They 'vealways been a WorldDomination band to me, butthe world moves on and SkyCries Mary have moved up tothe Big Show. I spend far toomuch time listening to thealmost incoherent jabberingof individuals who believethe tip of space/progressiverock has entered their anusand wound up in their brain.Rush , Yes, King Crimson andAdrian Belew's solo work areheld up as objects of worship

while Sky Cries Mary is anunknown entity.Could it be that theresult of the band's signing isdiscovery by a bunch offreaks who can't movebeyond the '70s for musicalreference points? The presenceof Anisa Romero onvocals will confound the vastmajority of the all-male spacerock audience. Have theyencountered a female vocalistsince Brian Auger's OblivionExpress? That remains to beseen. Meanwhile there is thisCD. Awash in the futurewhile continuing to be curiouslyoblivious to the drum,bass and computer createdmusic surrounding them SkyCries Mary have generated adisc of beauty for meditation.Lydia PincherSquirtgunAnother Sunny AfternoonLookout!When it comes toplaying for the kids, no onedoes it better(& with a biggersmile on their faces!) than theyoung rascals in Squirtgun.This is happy & harmless poppunk at its finest. Boppingaround like jack rabbits withhard-ons, the frisky five playsome good tunes for goodpeople, coast to coast.Warming up audiences forlabel buddies like theQUEERS & theRIVERDALES, Squirtgun isnow planning on hitting theroad in headliner mode to putthe word in the street, solostyle.The lyrics are stillsticky & catchy, droppingdown on quick guitars thatsnare your attention withease, ripping out the candycrunchychords full steam.Add a slap-happy bass &some cool drum kit action tothe pile for a tasty treat that'stough to beat.Maybe not recommended forkids who live outside thehome(or over 20!), this is stilla nice collection of userfriendlytunes that can bright- .en your day & open your earsto the good things ill life thatus older adults tend to forgetabout in the daily shuffle ofwork & debt. Good stuff!Billy FishSilverchairFreak ShowEpicI know I'm supposedto wax philosophical and callthis the sophomore releasefrom Australia's version ofNirvana. After listening to thefirst two songs, "Slave" and"Freak" I was thinking moreBlack Sabbath than grunge.After those two it does headto the great PacificNorthwest. "Abuse Me" hasplenty of crunch, quiet, loud,quiet, loud and then "Lie ToMe" isabout three minutes ofscreams. "No Association" ismore of the same."Cemetery" is the beautifulballad complete with strings.Chris, Daniel and Ben havestretched out and expandedsomewhat on their formulafor success, Frogstomp. For ahard rock album Freak Showain 't' half bad. If I were aboutIS-years-old I'd head rightdown to the Wal-Mart, pickup a copy, stop off for a bag. of skunk on the way homeand lock myself in my bedroomto get all stoned andalienated. It's a kids recordmade by kids for other kidsand that is after all rock 'n'roll.Emmett MillerRecombination. Peter Buffett and the NewWorld EnsembleHollywoodFive remixes of songsfrom the Peter Buffett CDSpirit Dance. Here's theNative American flute mixedto a dub beat. Spotted Eaglecan only listen and admit he 'swhite. The drums are tribaland throbbing, they are thedrums for healing. Healingthe misguided attempts tofind Nirvana through communitycircle. Chants areinvolved thusly bringinganother factor of new ageworship to the table. So thebass throbs, the drums beat,the flute solos and the voiceschant. Begin the deep -breathingexercises as the mixbrings synthesized horns andstrings to the body. Feel theulcer grow to the size of apinapple. Feel the activitybegin in the brain. Rememberlife before the Breeze hadremoved all ability to reasondue to the constant barrage oflifeless sounds entering theears and killing off nervecells. Get up and move, shakethat butt, wave those handsin the air. Aah, aah, aah, JohnTesh never felt so good, BluesTraveler never sounded sobad. Aaaaaaa...ShamanMuseArcanaLavalAtlantic"I am the voice ofempoverished minds." Truthbe known I have the IQ ofcow cud and I certainly don'thave "the vocabulary, thebackground or the intellect towrite about anything otherthan myself." Here's the "geewhiz"opener; "I got .Musefrom Angelica Cobb atAtlantic Records. Angelicakicks ass, thanks for years ofconcert tickets, setting upinterviews, lively conversationand the hundreds of freeCDs ."Muse is a band withsome famous names on theirfamily tree . Not in the band,I'm speaking here of theparental lineage. So the ban ,played around a bit, kept /themselves low-key, releasEiHan independent CD producedby one of their famous p~tentsand wound up with/amajor label record deal r xcep tthe famous parent is missingfrom the board this time out.In a feeble attempt to elicit aslight amount of interest inMuse I'll mention the majorattraction of the band. Theyhave an androgynous vocalist,he can sound female if thedesire overtakes him, andthey are targeted to an "alternative"audience. What elseabout Muse stands out?Well, I have to reachback through the cobwebs inmy brain and pull outTelevision. Oh for God s sakes.Television? Yep, sorry to be soderivative, but for some reasonArcana reminds me ofTelevision. Remember TomVerlaine's singing, not tomention the guitar.Remember Richard Lloyd ?Remember the punkest ofthem all Richard Hell? Don'tget me wrong, Muse haven't. re-recorded Marquee MOOIl,but I haven't listened to anythingas close in over adecade. My copy is anadvance. After this is printedI can call Angelica andrequest a legitimate copy. I'llhang on to it like I did the redvinyl of Television and hopeMuse becomes as big aninfluence on the music of theearly 21st Century as·Television was on the '80sand '90s.Corporate WhoreScrew 32Under The Influence of BadPeople .Fat Wreck ChordsIf you haven't caughtthis punk rock act out ofBerkeIey(Wow, what a surprise,huh?) yet, then you 'remissing out, my man. Sure,

THE SLUGaWe. Page DesIgn801.484.4899Web Sites • ""ofograpllyDesign & Layout

it's punk, but heavy on theROCK. I mean that sincerely,since these five are farbeyond the three chordschool, laying down a complexfield of fiery speed thatis wild beyond words. I lovethe twin guitar work, that lets .the rhythm(Doug) rip out thepower chords while settingup outrageous solos for thelead(~rant) that bleed withdistortion. Usually I preferthe single axe man to keepthe basics up front & center, .but the power duo here is asweet salute to seventiesstyling that has been slippinginto the indie punk scene thelast few years.Andrew(vocals) dreams ofsinging for Pennywise someday(kidding!), a standoutshouter anyway. I haveyet to hear a quicker drummerin the last year, & there isa lot of competition in thefield, as we all know(OK, Ialmost forgot Erik of AVAIL!).I think at this point it's justimportant to note that you allshould be looking for theirnext live show comingsoon(supposedly!) to SLC thisspring. I'm waiting, & diggingthe record in the meantime.What are you doing?Billy FishEngine 88SnowmanCarolineI have never heard aband try harder to sound likeFUGAZI in my life(whichisn't necessarily a bad thing!),but still had me a little waryof their intentions. What werethey after, anyway? Thelyrics certainly didn't fit,coming off like some highschool art student whiner, sadthat his home room sweetieleft him to get stuffed by thefootball captain in the back ofhis dad's Cherokee. Man, getover it! This whole angst-ridden,crybaby bullshit gets oldwhen reviewing one afteranother, especially when itdoesn't sound particularly toosincere. I thought the musicitself was interesting, pushingstrong bay area guitar thatcould be mistaken forsoft/hardcore or punk, butstill had me thinking of IanMcKaye & company toomuch(of the other previousband mentioned, ya novice!).Getting to hear 20-30 newbands a month will tend.tocause comparisons(which is atroublesome trait I beat todeath...I know!) , but lookingin the circus mirror at weird& wacked copies is plain boring.If you're not familiarwith DISCORD RECORDS &like a strong rock sound withheavy influences, this may beyour ticket!?!Billy Fish60 Cycle:Strap On RecordsDowest coast bandsever break up & just call itquits? Hell, no! And whyshould they, anyway? Mostof the musicians are still intheir early 201S & still need tofeed & cloththemselves(indieville is brutalfor making money!), so they. hook up with their buddiesfrom other recently defunctoutfits & startgigging to pay the rent.Along the way some luck out& have a friend or fan at alabel that puts the tracks onwax, & BOOM! Anotherfresh young band out touringthe countryside & playing forthe kids. You've probablyguessed from this bit of rantingthat 60 Cycle is an exampleof this, which they are, &very damn good at what theydo in their new group togeth­er. Pulling fellas & ex-mem­bers from FAILURE, CADIL­LAC TRAMPS, & DEADSURF KISS, the end result is alittle punk, a tad crunchy,maybe hard rock...whoknows?But what you will find out isthat it is just plain amazing!When are theseguys coming to SLC? Post­punk, maybe...I don't know,whatever...I'm digging allover these CD & want the liveshow! See if you can scare upa copy for yourselves & seewhy I'm saving my five bucksfor general admission. Itwon't be soon enough!Billy FishLost HighwayNothing/lnterscopeLet's say you wantedto make a movie few wouldsee. How could it befinanced? A soundtrack perhaps?Good idea. A cult filmmaker enlists the aid of cultmusicians to create a soundtrackthat will sell millionsand recoup the money spenton the movie. Call it a fantasy,but how else could DavidLynch create art. Don't tell meinvestors backed the movie,why not just burn the money?David Bowie hasn't had a hitrecord in years, but he doeshave a significant fan base.Include him for a few hundredthousand sales. TrentReznor and NIN can sell severalmillion by producing theCD and recording two songs.Lou Reed is another cult figure.His fans will purchaseanother hundred thousand to!hear "This Magic Moment."Smashing Pumpkins are at .the height of their popularit!.More fans spending money tocomplete their collections. /There's always Marilyn /Manson to draw the pre-}pubescent crowd. Now we'vepaid for the movie andpicked up some change foreach of the artists. Let's dothe soundtrack.Program the discchanger to play only AngeloBadalamenti, Barry Adamsonand Ramstein. Lost Highway isa damn fine soundtrack afterall. When the news gets outthat "The Perfect Drug" willappear later in the year as aremixed single sales shoulddrop off Significantly.Meanwhile Lynch can bask inthe cash flow as his moviemoves to the art houses andhis worshippers eagerly awaitthe video release.88 Fingers LouieThe Dom YearsFat Wreck ChordsChicago isn't just thehome of mainstream blues,but some kick-ass speed punkas well. Leading this soundout of the midwest city is thekids in 88 Finger Louie, whodecided to celebrate therelease of their latest platterwith a full-fledgedbreakup...too bad! This is theshit that every skatehead &snowrider needs to get theplank down the curb oracross the snow. Blasting outtunes that hit you in the head,not the brain(the lyrics aren'tthe brightest!), the center ofthe music tends to land onspeed, speed, speed! Not 'leaving a lot of time for catchingyour breath, plan ondoing something strenuouswhile enjoying this record,cause it will make you wantto move into action alongsideits quick pace. The guitarnoise is rabid. the drum kit•

frEsh from .therUnwaYS .f mIlan,aN; are pLeased 2wo preSenttHe graywhA1e cdfaul t-sHirts &nd stIckers.hat &nd shor ts sol d separately.&nd doN't forGet:>usED CDs- 2wo 4 $15E2wo 4 $10o>gNu. rel eAses 40ur 4 $1.u>lmports .>iNdependentSu>v I Ji NCG~ ft.>nick'S nail cLippings (1~gonONL~rgrarwhale cdLayton: 852 W. Hlllfleld #C > 497-9090Logan: 1272 E. 700 N. > 753-9799Ogden : 4300 Harrison #7> 399-0609S.L.C.: 248 S. 1300 E. > 583-9626S.L.C.: 201 S. 1300 E. > 583-3333S.L.C.: 1763 W. 4700 S. > 964-5700

tight as hell, & a metallic bassthat's all over the place. Thesinger is a little distant, butbelts out a cool sound, justneeding some real words &lyrics torant about. Not made to createthoughttjust actioninstead), this is some toughstuff that will force you onyour feet & doing somethingabout it.Billy FishL7The Beauty Process: TriplePlatinumSlashDrain.S.T.H.Horror WrestlingThe EnclaveCall it metal month atSLUG Magazine. I guess if wewere over at the Salt LakeTribune or the Deseret Newswe 'd be all bad ass and sayL7 sucks because we don'tlike Marilyn Manson. Sincewe are at SLUG and we haveno taste, let alone the writingability of say.. .ChristianArial , we are going to give upsome praise to L7. No we didn'tbrave the ice storm to seethem inside a blimp.I'm not sure aboutbeing "Off The Wagon"because I've never been on it,but I do know that the"Masses Are Asses" and "INeed" as bad as L7. TheBeauty Process: Triple Platinumis not as heavy as some mightlike, in fact major portions ofthe CD are downright melodic.Obviously, given the title,L7 have sold outand areexpecting the masses to notbe asses and plunk down thedollars for the music. If darkcan be melodic and if darkcan sell then I guess this isthe breakthrough album.Dark, melodic and grindinglike crotches wrapped arounda pole at the Million DollarSaloon, or is that crutchespropping up the homeless onMain Street Amerikka? Theproduction is non-existentand dare I say .. .lo-fi, Buy iton cassette and play it on a$25 Goldstar system for maximumpleasure. Then tell meGail Greenwood doesn'tmatch the crunch of JenniferFinch.Drain STH. are yourbasic Swedish fashion modelswith guitars. I guess if wecan't see Fluffy we can settlefor Drain with Type 0Negative. I've lived with theHandsome record for the lastmonth. Finally the Drain fulllengthcarne into my filthylucre live hands and the twoCDs are of a kind. The girlsdon't quite have the Helmetthing nailed yet and theirtake on the metal is moreponderous with the hardcoreroots not showing at all, butcome on, three of the four arenatural blondes and you justwait. "Smile " had me on myknees worshipping the spreadeagled graven image of JennyMcarthy and grinning fromear to ear like Fat Paw'sbassist. "Jesus Christ pleasestab my eyes ."Get one thing correct,Drain is not even close to popmetal or speed metal, theyaren't a former punk bandgone the metal route, thisband is so solidly heavy that Itook the CD down to the localelementary school to pass itby a Geiger counter. Sureenough the thing went off asif I'd presented a pound ofplutonium to its outdatedsensors. Heavy metal for theslow bangers. Hair farmersare encouraged to wear a rubbershower cap while listeningbecause Drain is liable tosnatch you bald headed.Gibby Backslash ClarkAgressionDon't Be MistakenBYO RecordsWow! This shit ispure hardcore! .Like a slapacross the face, the latest fromAgression throws a 100 mphfastball that smacks you rightin the melon.Instead of the normal bubblegumpunk crap that spewsout of the indie market all thedamn time, the boys'inAgression lay down somesick & wrong tracks that arechuck full of heavy guitar &stinging lyrics. Don't expectany crybaby lyrics about girls& geek love, cause it ain'tgoing to happen here.The words center aroundhatred towards conservatives,sellouts, apathy, &: just plaindaily routine losers. MarkHickey{vocals) spews outugly shots at all the suckersthat dare stand in the way ofhis chosen lifestyle; reflectinga local's only attitude towardsskating & surfing that has noroom for outsiders. The realmeat of the package comesfrom the static garage soundsexploding out of Henry .Knolls guitar, speed sailingfrom riff to riff, stopping onlylong enough to drop a quicklead or two. My neighborswere bitching like senior citizensout of prune juice &Depends when I let this discplaya few times over theweekend. Save yourself thehassle of dealing with a similarsituation & take myadvice- shoot the deadbeatsnext door before buying thishardened beauty{Ws a must!)& really be able to enjoyyourselfBilly FishJohn FaheyCity Of RefugeTim/Kerr"I do hope thatnobody will make me out as achild of the sixties. I wasplaying what I play beforeand after the sixties . Thisperiod had very little influenceon me . I was never ahippie and had no hippiefriends." Ride on John! Wantsome more? These quotes arecoming from the liner notesto John Fahey's new City OfRefuge CD. The spelling is his ."I do not, and have neverthought of myself as a 'folk'music fan or a new age musician,guitarist, or sympathyzer.I despize all 'revivalists' offolk music and I despize all'New Age' music, eventhough Wjll Ackerman orsome other equally obnoxiousperson might accuse me ofbeing the grandfather of Newage guitar, music, piano or .whatever." Verily I say again,Ride on John! The liner notesalone are worth the price ofthe CD.I've championed localboy James Stewart in thesepages for over a year. Stewarttakes a lot of his inspirationfrom John Fahey. Stewart isalso one of very few takingtheir inspiration from Faheywho mirrors the philosophyof the man.John Fahey has starteda new record label. Somemight remember that Takomawas Fahey's old label. Thenew label is called Revenantand it will present "raw"music's from a variety ofidioms. "From the so-calledavant-garde (Cecil Taylor, JimO'Rourke, Milford Graves) to

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the earthier stylings of RoscoeHolcomb, Jenks Tex Carmenand early Stanley Brothers,Revenant delivers unadulteratedwork from uncompromisingartists." The work Iam listening to as I keystrokethese words has Fahey in anavant-garde mood. There arebrief flashes of his trademarkfingerstyle brilliance but forthe most part the recordingconsists of experiments withthe guitar. It is a lovelyrecording, difficult in places,but still lovely. To further confusethe masses I will notethat Fahey samples Stereolabto open and close the disc .The final piece is titled "OnThe Death AndDisembowelment Of TheNew Age ." Ride on John! I'mnot clear on the relationshipbetween Tim/Kerr andRevenant, but Fahey is backwith a vengeance. Watch formore on this grouchy, opinionated,outspoken, old cootand his re-emergence as agenius to reckon with in thenear future.Abbey HoffwomanJane JensenComic Book WhoreInterscopeBefore this disc hitthe store shelves it hadalready spawned an "alternative"radio hit. "More Than ICan" opens things and formost of the brain-dead thereisn't any need to explore further.Listen to the song overand over again at home andwhen in the car hear it somemore on the radio. JaneJensen is a Comic Book Whore.Since she records for theInterscope label the suitsaround the boardroom tableconvinced her that the moresongs dealing with sex...orbetter yet.. .sex and violenceshe managed to create thebigger star she would become- gain the attention of C.Delores Tucker and WilliamBennett, Too bad the executivesdidn't coax her into penningmore obscenities becausethe sexual themes are containedin the rhythms andenigmatic lyrics . "BlankSugar," appearing as the seventhsong, is the first timeJensen isn't blatantly sexual,as if a woman with a voicelike hers could avoid blatantsexuality every time sheopens her mouth. But back tothe opener. Radio programmersare desperate for thistype of material Jensen hasthe dance trip down, she isn'tblasting out guitar rock, hervoice is sensual and little girlat the same time her musiccombines the lo-fi bedroomrecording feel with the bedroomcreated, computer generatedsound of dance: Addjust a smidgen of overproductionfor the hippest recordingof the month. It's Beck withoutthe folk, blues and hiphop influences: except theopening to "Superstar" doescontain folk guitar.Call Comic Book Whorethe perfect CD for this pointin time. Call me in aboutthree months to see if it holdsup over the long-term. I lovedOdelay out of the box, butunlike the vast majority of"critics," with repetition itbecame tiring. If Jensen sitsthis baby out and only releasesremixes her next one willreside with Tricky's secondand a longed for Portisheadsophomore release.Tech-head PolonskiBill DingTrust in God, But Tie Up YourCamelHefty RecordsAbout a year agothese fellas released theirdebut, which I thought waspretty cool, but this timethey've really got my woodworked. Like anyFRANK ZAPPA fan, I dig aband that will experimentwith sound, not juststyle or lyrics, & make analbum that centers aroundnoise for the pure enjoymentof its own creation. Bill Dingdoes this by going into thestudio tolay down not just another collectionsof tee-hee songs, butan arrangement ofpieces that move throughyou, taking a listener on afreaky voyage of strangelydistasteful, yet seductivetracks. The sophomorerelease tends to lean moretowards the jazz side of thesemusicians, sprinkled withtenderxylophone leads & smoothbig band hollow body riffs.But before you lay back toofar in your leather recliner,the rugs gets pulled out withscreeches of high distortionangst & lo-fi orgasisms.Throw in the occasional cellofor good measure & schoolboyvocals whispering sweetnothings, & the potluckmusical dinner is ready foryour feasting. ImagineHENRY MANCINI meetingSONIC YOUTH, & they mayhelp you get a pre-taste test,but order the whole dishinstead at your local indiestore for sure satisfaction.Billy FishBrethren FastSideburns From HellKnock Ya On Your AssRecordsMexico 70Imperial Comet HourBig PopBrethren Fast playedat ABC's in Provo, sadly theirpublicist didn't get the informationinto the right hands intime, but I did promise thatI'd listen to the CD. The bandis from Denver. All factorssurrounding the CD, includingthe club they werebooked to play, the title of thealbum and the name of therecord label pointed in thedirection of some greasy carmechanic type of garage rock.Not even close. The Salt LakeCity sound has migrated toDenver. Funk guitar, gruffboy vocals, production like anight live at the Bar & Grillit'sall here. Kind of grungy,kind of funky, kind of likeLive and Hootie , yeah!College boy rock like theylove to hear around the keg. Iwasn't sure what the songtitled "Galaxie 500" had to dowith anything, it certainlywasn't the band until I realized,it's a surf type of songabout the car. This is as closeas Brethren Fast get to anactual garage song or actualartistic and creative juice."Passin' The Time" does havea complete and total tribute topsychedelic rock as the break,but if they can actually dowhat their name, their CD

FEVER IN FEVER OUTThe new album. Featuring " Naked Eye ."produced by Daniel Lanais with Tony Mangurlan & luscloU8 Jack80n~ 1." Qr.nd Roy.' h ttD :Jlholtywooctendwlne.cofrl

title and their record labelhint at why do they insist ona formula for the majority ofthe disc . Could someoneplease explain the Elvis tributeappearing in the middleof "TV Theme Song "? Forsome reason I don't thinkElvis was telling Scotty andBill to jam on when he said,"let's get real gone." Whoknows maybe they do it betterlive, did anyone see them?Mexico 70 is anothermatter all together. I don'tneed CMJ charts and lameassedreviews to sway myopinion. Give it up and startsending the shit over to gridor something, they're theones with the radio station. Iwas wondering, "what everhappened to the GinBlossoms? " More fucking collegeboy rock except Mexico70 is in love with acousticguitars. Shades of Clover.Shades of Athens, Georgiaabout 18 years ago. I'm callingall the brothers of my fraternityto get them to buy theCD. Hey, guys this soundslike when we were in college .Jangly guitars and polished,sensitive, commercial songsmake me vomit. I thinkMexico 70 should grow somepony-tails and enter theworld of work. A sound froma decade ago simply isn'tattractive right now.Sigma Delta Chia PetCrumbsLookout!Upon first listen tothis band I was magicallytransported back to the shittystreets of New York's HellsKitchen, strolling along tocatch a live show atCBGBs(circa 1977), & in themiddle of the east coast punkexplosion. Sure, I wasn'tthere(barely playing littleleague farther northl), but I'veheard the music & storiesenough times to draw myown conclusions to keepmyself entertained. TheCrumbs are old school, Imean old-old school, whichreflects the styling of theRAMONES & the MODERNLOVERS(both being primeexamples of the three chords& a whole lot of attitude makingone great R&R package.).Straight out of the garage &into the dark recesses of thecrappiest bars to play for anaudience of maybe 10-15drunk thrashers, you aren'tgoing to hear this shit veryoften, & that's a damn shame.The reason that it's sad isbecause this is the reason rock& roll started, for a bunch ofstraggy kids piling their penniestogether to buy worthlessequipment & just tearing intosome noise with utter abandonto get their rocks off!Damnit, it's that simple, justlike the music. Forget skill,quality, or routine pattern.Just enjoy some energy &honest for a change, bothwhich the Crumbs have inexcess & need to share. It's akick in the pooper that hasgone long overdue!Billy FishBad BrainsBlack DotsCarolineIn 1996 the discerningaudience finally had theopportunity to listen to thefirst Bad Brains CD. Not thatanyone cared and that's whythree months into '97 I decidedto review it. Remember theBad Brains and their "speedpunk" single "Pay To Cum."Oh I'm sure you all do. Youprobably own a copy. Just likeyou own a copy of "CopKiller." You all own a copy ofthe Bad Brains EP released byAlternative Tentacle s in 1982as well, and it is pristine,mint condition vinyl isn't it?Fucking liars go back to yourMTV.Talk about speedmetal and speed raps. Talkabout music played withoutconcern for knowledge of theinstrument or contriving asong for commercial acceptance. This CD is punk in itsrarest form . The fact that theBad Brains were about theonly African American bandaround at the time who wereequally adept at reggae andpunk is of little significance toan audience spoon-fed themusic in a watered downform . From No Doubt to 311to the Offspring, the poorfuckers all owe money to theBad Brains .Hasil Dahmertreble chargertreble chargerself titleear candySee, these four guysare from Canada. Somethingin the Canadian water? Doesone of two things alwaysequal the other? If overlookedmeans ignored, does underlookedmean paid too muchattention to? This is powerpop rock with a conscience.We're writing about morethan wanting to have sexwith the Spice Girls here ...."If the phone doesn 'tring, it's me" ...This band's genius lies somewherebetween HermansHermits andSpacehog.You figure it out.-Maxx

HARD MVSJIC FeA A HARD WeALD-jehq .fa>~..chman, is releasing SPECTRUMFEST. This release featuressome of the more establishedbands on Relapse such asNeurosis, Arnorphis, andBrutal Truth; bands likeAbscess, and Mortician thathave taken the word extreme toa new level; and some bandswith more of an experimentalnature such as Pica, BastardNoise, and Lull. CenturyMedia is releasing IDENTITY3..D! Thisdisc containssome of thehottest up­and-comersaround.Performancesfrom bandslike StuckMojo,Sentenced,Morgoth,Merauder,and GraveXYSMA / LottoRelapseI've spent some major timelistening to this band Xysmaover the past week.Unfortunately, I have since lostthe bio sheet and have evenlost the CD case. (yum, I havesoo many Jelly Bellys in mymouth right now. Good damnthing I'm not on radio.)Anyway, I know the band isfrom Finlandand thatLOTTO'is thebands fourthalbum. Don'tbuy thisalbumbecause it justhappens to beon Relapse.Don't - notbuy it for thesame reason.This band isnot the usualRelapse fare. One thing Xysmahas in common with theirlabel-mates is that they are different/cutting-edge/or,justplain hard to figure out. Thisband as a whole is like nothingyou've ever heard. Though,certain things about them arefamiliar. Musically, I hear some'80's alternative rock mixedwith maybe some Danzigand/or the Cult. Somethinglike that. This is one of thosebands that will grow on you .SPECTRUM FESTRelapse RecordsIDENTITY 3...DICentury MediaSo...Do you want to checkout a veritable "boat-load" ofnew music without goingbroke? I have a way for you to 'check out 33 bands, on twoCDs, for less than you wouldpay for one CD. RelapseRecords, home to some of themost extreme bands known towill have yourunning 'round like a frigginmad-person looking for latestalbums from these bands. Thisdisc even has a song from one .of my very favorite new bands- Nevermore. Check it out.Both of these CDs will ring in ­at just under $4 a piece, andwill give you what you need tohave an intelligent conversationin the metal circles.MACHINE HEADThe More Things Change...RoadrunnerMachine Head are releasingthis CD... as a follow-up toBurn My Eyes. This is the firsttime I've really given this banda listen. All I knew about this Iband was that Rob Flynn wasin Violence - and that band...well, sucked, so I never'gavethis band a chance. I know,shame on me. The music isheavy and tight, the vocals aregood, and Dave McClain'sdrumming (ex-Sacred Reich) isright on the money.I squealed with delight whenI found the new Grip Inc. inmy mailbox. NENESIS is thehighly anticipated follow-up totheir '96 release, THE POWEROF INNER STRENGTH. It wasnice to see the line-up is thesame. For those of you thatdon't know, this band was puttogether by Dave Lombardo(Ex-Slayer drummer).WaldemarSorychta(Despair/ andproducerextrordinaire)adds hisunique mas­tery of theguitar to theband.Though,herarely doesany solos onJUDAS PRIESTA Tribute To Judas PriestCentury MediaJUDAS PRIEST!,JUDASPRIEST!,Come on, everyonejoin in! JUDAS PRIEST! A tributeto Judas Priest album ­what more do you want? Iwould have to say there is noone into heavy music that didn'tget into Priest at some pointin their lives.I watched theGrammys theother night,and knownone of thesebands wonanything.Apparently,they got ridof the "Bestnew album tokill fuzzy littieanimalsby" category. That doesn'tmatter though, being asked tobe on this album is more of anhonor. Some of the bands likeTestament, Nevermore, andStrapping Young Lad reworkcthe original material, addingtheir own trademark style tothe music. Other bands, likeHelloween, did the songsexactly as they were originallyrecorded. I hear you have to begood at that when the only gigyou can get is as a Club Medcover band. This is a funalbum. This tribute album willtake you back to to the sixthgrade again.ANETHEMA / EternityFierceLiverpool's, Anethemareleased. their latest full-length,ETERNITY at the end ofJanuary. The band continueson with their ambient, flowingstyle, moving further fromtheir more doom laden beginnings,leaning more towards a"Pink Floydish" sound.Anethema covers the RoyHarper/David Gilmour song"Hope" on track six. If yourinto this stuff, Fierce recordingswill be re-releasing the band'slast album, THE SILENTENIGMA, previously unavailablein the United States.this disc(Booo). Jason Viebrcoks is onbass (I never know what to sayabout the bass player - sorry ­uh, he's really good). Finally,Gus Chambers's "Rob Halfordlike" powerful vocals are a nicetouch. Grip Inc. is everythinggood that metal has been in thepast and what is good aboutmetal today. I do have onegripe about Grip, though.Remember about a year and1/2 ago when Grip Inc. cameinto town with Morbid Angel?The show was canceledbecause the stage at the Barand Grill wasn't big enough.(Here's my point) As far as Ican tell, their bio photo seemsto have been taken with theband standing on theBonneville Salt Flats. It's probablythe same picture they willuse for the CD so check it out.Anyway, these guys come toSalt Lake, cancel their appearance,then use our terrain fortheir bio photo. I would saythese guys owe us the performanceof their lives. We WILLbe waiting Grip Inc.!!-John Forgach

Wednesday. March 5{5TwirlTown Toys- Ashbury PubGo Figure - Barand Grill .Minus - Burt's TIkiSturgeon General - Dead Goat Saloon(I)O over/Loomer/Bill- DV8Nine SpinestickleBack/Girth - SpankysPapa Kega - ZephyrThursday. March 6Harry Lee and the BackAlleyBluesBandQ- Ashbury PubPorno Carpet - Barand GrillHouse of Cards - Burt's TIkiVolunteerKings - Dead GoatSturgeon General- Spanky's~BoogieShoes - ZephyrFriday.March 7PillBox - Ashbury Pub11Cork - Bar & GrillSturgeon General- Burt's TIkiThe GiGi Love Band - Dead GoatLug Nut/Sea of Jones- Spanky'sDisco Drippers - ZephyrSaturday. March 8Gathering Osiris - Ashbury PubWickedInnocence/Ineffect/Blood Fish ­Bar(5& GrillThese Days - Burt's TIki LoungePapa KegaEFI Connection - Dead GoatDecomposers/PCP Berserker- Spanky'sDiscoDrippers - ZephyrSunday. March 9(I)~DAcousticGoat - Dead GoatZen Guerilla- Holy CowMantegna Bosch - Spankys.Sturgeon General- ZephyrMonday. March 10Kent Thompson - Ashbury Pub ~ .LA Jones & The BluesMessenger - DeadGoat. Lord of Word/Deciples of BabsPablo Moses - ZephyrTuesday.March 11WSemi-SweetLoretta- Ashbury Pub.XU Speed - Bar & GrillRebel Bass- Holy CowRichieand the Rednecks- Spanky'sBMojoNixon/Sweetvine - ZephyrWednesday. March 12TrouserTrout - Ashbury PubSweet Loretta - Burt's TIki(I)Shoot the Mime - Dead GoatBloodHoUnd Gang/Ned Herder - DV8Fat Paw - Holy CowSugarhouse/Coronation - Spanky'sSweaty Nipples - ZephyrG1Thursday. March 13Bent- Ashbury PubDaughters of the Nile/Twist Dead Fable-Bar& GrillBlueHealer - BurtsTIkiSpittinLint- Dead GoatSolidGold - Holy CowPeg/Mr. Roper - Spanky'sJupiter Coyote - ZephyrFriday.March 14SpittinLint - Ashbury PubBlankshot- Bar& GrillGigiLoveBand - Burt'sTIkiBackwash- Dead GoatPromise/PCP Berserker- Holy CowRiverbedJed/Nebulas - Spanky'sRubberneck- ZephyrSaturday, March 15Girth - Ashbury PubSwampCooler- Burt's TIkiSun Masons - Dead GoatBootieQuake - Holy CowSickof it All/ Good Riddance - DV8DexterGrove/BillieReed - Spanky'sRubberneck- Zephyr .Sunday. March 16Mantegna Bosch - Spanky'sWLSh/Sugarhouse - ZephyrMondiJy. March 17Loose- Ashbury PubDeborah Coleman - Dead Goat. EIboFinn/We the Living- Holy CowMundie - ZephyrTuesday.March 18My Dog Vodka- Ashbury PubAgnes Gooch - Bar& GrillThe Oots - Dead GoatRebelBass- Holy COWThirstyAlley- Spanky'sHouse of Cards - ZephyrWednesday. March 19These Days - Ashbury PubSteerJacky/Decomposers/God Spine­Bar& GrillDucky Boys- Burt'sTIkiZig Zag - Dead GoatLoose/Doriella Dufontaine/DJ .- DV8Tongue and Groove - Holy CowAbstrak/Surley- Spanky'sPsychedelic Zombie - ZephyrThursday. March 20KeroseneDream - Ashbury PubGo Kart - Bar & GrillAbstrak - Burt'sTIkiHarry Lee & BackAlleyBluesBand ­Dead GoatSolidGold - Holy CowDitch Bank Oakies-Spanky'sThe Paladins - ZephyrFriday.March 21Backwash - Ashbury PubAbstrak - Bar& GrillInsatiable- Dead GoatIdiot Flesh/Ether - Holy CowSpittin Lint/Sun Masons - Spanky'sFat Paw - ZephyrSaturday. March 22BlueHealer - Ashbury PubZeke/Hate FuckTrio/Surley - Bar & GrillAtomic Delux - Burt's TIki LoungeZion Tribe- Dead GoatBootieQuake - Holy CowBlanche/ASA- Spanky'sFat Paw - ZephyrSunday. March 23Mantegna Bosch - SpankysTheJones - ZephyrMonday, March 24Andrew Jr. BoyJones Band - Dead GoatGigi Love Band - ZephyrTuesday,March 25KirstyMacDonald - Ashbury PubTenderloin/American Fuse/DuckyBoys- Bar & GrillRebel Bass - Holy CowSwamp Donkey - Spanky'sASA/The Feel- ZephyrWednesday. March 26Pepper Lake City - Ashbury PubBlack Ball/Dreamscape Unllirnited- Bar&GrillSpittin Lint - BurtsTIkiTanya & the Townsmen - Dead GoatLoose/We The Living- Holy CowHansen Brothers/Lugnut - Spanky'sDread Zeppelin - ZephyrThursday, March 27Annie Pithany - Ashbury PubPoink - Bar & Grill.House of Cards - Dead GoatSolidGold - Holy CowGigi Love Band - SpankysThe Grapes - ZephyrFriday.March 28ElboFin - Ashbury pubXII Speed - Bar & Grilll-Roots- Dead GoatLA Guns - Holy CowPCP Berserker/Reverend Willie Spanky'sDe La Sol- ZephyrSaturdcly. March 29Loose- Ashbury PubRiverbedJed/Porno Carpet- Bar& GrillSweet Loretta - BurtsTIkiBlueHealer - Dead GoatBootieQuake - Holy CowSky Cries Mary - Spanky'sSalsa Brava- ZephyrSunday. March 30Mantegna Bosch - SpankysGamma Rays- ZephyrMonday. March 31Debbie DaviesBand - Dead Goato

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