English - Rosemount TankRadar

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English - Rosemount TankRadar

Data sheetSeries 600PD621 6-Channel Digital IOSD 8708-2E01 May 2005 1

Data sheetSeries 600 PD621 6-Channel Digital IOIntroduction:The PD 621 has six generalpurposedigital channels, whichare normally all configured foreither input or output. Whenconfigured as an input device,the BM 005 Base Module isused. When configured as anoutput device, BM 006 is used.Alternatively, by configuringchannels 1-4 as inputs andchannels 5 and 6 as outputs, thelatter can use the two built inrelays in BM 004). All of thesecombinations provide easy-touseDIN-rail mounting.Features:- Individually Configurable Digital I/Os for nominal 24 volts signals and1 Amp (2 Amp) loads- Built in input and output functions- Autonomous counting to 200 Hz- Load current measurement- Input Voltage measurement and scaling- Overload/Underload protection and Alarming- Advanced internal self testing- Wide power supply range- Wide temperature range- 2 LEDs for power On and Error indication- 1 LED for each digital channelBlock schematic: The diagram shows the I/O circuits and connectionpossibilities for a PD 621.2 SD 8708-2E01 May 2005

Data sheetSeries 600 PD621 6-Channel Digital IOLED Indicators:Serie 600 slave devices areequipped with 2 LEDs, a green(On) for indication Power supply,and a red (Error) for indicatingerrors in the device.The Error LED is ON if an erroroccurs inside the device, whichcauses one of the error flagsto be set to TRUE. This is forexample watchdog error or errorin EEPROM memory.Channelstructure:The PD 621 consists of 7channels as shown in then table.ChannelNo. Name Description0 Service Device identification, adress and configuration1 Digital IO 1 General purpose Digital Input or Output2 Digital IO 2 General purpose Digital Input or Output3 Digital IO 3 General purpose Digital Input or Output4 Digital IO 4 General purpose Digital Input or Output5 Digital IO 5 General purpose Digital Input or Output6 Digital IO 6 General purpose Digital Input or OutputWiring diagrams:SD 8708-2E01 May 2005 3

Data sheetSeries 600 PD621 6-Channel Digital IO4 SD 8708-2E01 May 2005

Data sheetSeries 600 PD621 6-Channel Digital IOGeneralspecifications:Dimensions (in mm):Weight:Power supply:Ripple:Power consumption @ 24VDC:All outputs / inputs at ON:All outputs / inputs at OFF:Digital Input:Input voltage at ON (Sink only):Input voltage at OFF:Input hysteresis:Input current at ON:Short circuit cutoff delay time(Current > 2A):Digital Output:Start current (Duration max 2 sec.):Load current at ON (Sink only):Leak current at OFF:Short circuit cutoff delay time(Current > 2A):Oneshot and dutycycle resolution:Load current measurements:Accuracy:Resolution:Repeatability:Operation Temperature:Storage temperature:Interface:140 grams approx.18 to 32 VDCmax. 5%max. 45 mAmax. 30 mA< 3V> 9Vmin. 0.3 Vmax. 3.4 mAmax. 200 Hzmax. 2 A *)max. 1 Amax. 500 µAmax. 100 µsec15.625 msecmin. 2.5 %, +/- 10 mA2.4 mAmin. 1 %, +/- 10 mA–25 °C to + 70 °C–40 °C to + 85 °CLight LinkSD 8708-2E01 May 2005 5

Data sheetSeries 600 PD621 6-Channel Digital IO*) Enabled by settingMaxCurrent = 2A, andMinMaxCurPreset = 2 secounds.By default, MaxCurrent = 1.0and MinMaxCurTimer = 0.0.Maritimeapprovals:Det Norske VeritasLloyd’s Register of ShippingBureau VeritasGermanischer LloydAmerican Bureau of ShippingDamcos can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures and other printed material. Damcos reserves the right to alter its products without notice. This also applies to productsalready on order provided that such alterations can be made without subsequential changes being necessary in specifications already agreed.All trademarks in this material are property of the respective companies. Damcos and the Damcos logotype are trademarks of Damcos A/S. All rights reserved.6 SD 8708-2E01 May 2005© Damcos A/S - CCH 2-2005

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