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A WORDfrom the PresidentInternational tragedies such as the earthquake that devastated Haitiand, at press time, the earthquake that hit Chile elicit our inherenthuman instinct to help those who most need our assistance.Curry College and its people place a high value on citizenship, andon what it means to be an engaged and contributing member of ourcampus community and of society. Our community has rallied to doits part on behalf of the Haitian relief cause. Students, faculty and staff have been engaged in activitiesranging from a ‘Hearts for Haiti’ fundraising dance to a ‘Hope for Haiti’ live benefit programsimulcast on CC8, WMLN and our website. Laurie Lessage and Yveline Simon, members of theClass of 2010, have provided exemplary leadership to generate these campus-wide efforts and areto be commended for their advocacy on behalf of the Haitian people.In this edition of Curry Magazine, you’ll see examples of how other Curry students are engagedin meaningful experiences which make a difference in their lives, and in the lives of others. SeniorMichael Prazmark has taken advantage of internship opportunities with NBC leading him to theirLondon bureau and most recently to the Winter 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Members of theCurry Theatre troupe have taken their show on the road and gained regional recognition for theirperformances. Most importantly, day in and day out, our students and alumni are making a worldof difference close to home through the contributions they make to their families, their organizationsand their hometown communities.Communities by nature of the people which form them are ever-evolving, and so has been ourphysical campus, which serves our community. Bricks and mortar are important for what theyallow to occur within. What has occurred within the recently opened Student Center in itsinaugural year demonstrates some of the many facets of our student-centered campus, and ourcommitment to enhancing our students’ overall collegiate experience and success. Thismagnificent facility provides gathering space for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that areso important to our students, connecting the academic and co-curricular life of our College, andserving as a hub of activity for all community members. I hope you’ll take a moment to look at thephoto essay about how the Student Center has enhanced Curry’s learning and living environment.From the “living room” of campus to the Lotos Club in New York City, and places betweenand beyond, I have had the distinct privilege of meeting with alumni and parents who are deeplycommitted to our students and our College’s success. For your many contributions as citizens ofour great community, I thank you, and hope to see you on campus at an event this spring.CURRY MAGAZINEPRESIDENTKenneth K. Quigley, Jr.MEMBERS OF THE CURRY COLLEGEBOARD OF TRUSTEESCHAIRMANDr. James M. Sullivan, Hon. '05VICE CHAIRMANDr. Melvin B. Drapkin, Hon. '09TREASURERJerald S. SavageCLERKJohn W. KeithBOARD MEMBERSDr. Salvatore A. Balsamo, Hon. '97Anthony M. Campo, Esq. '79David K. Hemenway, '81Douglas A. KingVincent J. LombardoJohn T. Mahoney, Esq., P '03Dr. Joyce A. Murphy, Hon. '99Robert M. Platt, '67, P '00Joseph P. PlunkettMitchell I. Quain, P '01Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr.Curtis Rodman, '78Dr. John J. Santilli, '71, Hon. '02Kathryn M. Sardella, '67, M. Ed. '81Sincerely,Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr.President

Hope for HaitiCommunication Students Produce LiveSimulcast on CC8, WMLN and Curry WebOn February 24, 2010, in a first-of-its-kindcampus event, Curry’s three major media outletsbanded together for a live broadcast calledHope for Haiti.The student-produced program, complete witha studio audience inside Curry’s Hirsh CommunicationCenter, was simultaneously televised onCC8, broadcast on WMLN-91.5 FM radio,and video-streamed on www.curry.edu.TV and radio students worked for weeks preparingscripts, designing the set, and working outthe technical details to produce a live studioshow and get the audio synced into the radio stationand video streamed to the Curry website.Interviews included students, staff, faculty andother guests who had been directly affected bythe Haiti earthquake–some of whom were actuallyin Haiti during the quake.The broadcast featured celebrity public serviceannouncements promoting organizations likethe Red Cross and the Clinton-Bush HaitiFund, but also brought awareness to donationjars and campaigns going on locally, around theCurry campus.“This was truly an unprecedented event,” saidJerry Gibbs, director the television/digital videoconcentration and executive producer of theproduction. “We had never simulcasted onWMLN, nor had we streamed live to the world.But this cause merited this incredible effort anddedication.”“We were thrilled to be a part of this historic production,”said Prof. Alan Frank, director of theradio program at Curry. “We hope our broadcastpartnership will inspire more people to getinvolved in the Haiti effort.”Story by John EaganHope For Haiti CrewSiobhan Connolly - Associate Director, Scott Fersht - Producer, Director, Justin Grimmel -Camera Operator, Kimber Hamill - Host, Liz Hayes - Floor Direcor, Steve Ippolitio -Audio Mixer, Kristina Kuusik - Co-Host, Jonathan Lechan - Audio Assistant, Alex Lundie- Character Generator, Brad Norris - Technical Director, Ryan Pelletier - Camera Operator,John O' Meara - Camera Operator, Bridget Shannon - Telepromptor, Craig Silverman -Audience Coordinator, Tom Quinlan - HospitalityRyan Pelletier, John O’Meara, Jonathan Lechanand Liz HayesAlex Lundie, Brad Norris, Siobhan Connollyand Steve IppolitioSiobhan Connolly, Brad Norris, Alex Lundieand Scott FershtSpring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 3

Curry Theatre’s The Love NoteFeatured at Greater Boston PlayhouseFrom left to right: Justin Selig (blue shirt), Teddy Weckbacher (black shirt), Liana Sceviour (green shirt),Lesley Dysart (orange shirt), Lauren Holmes (purple shirt), Paige Turcotte (red shirt) Brendan Cawley(back row, light purple shirt), Lauren Broadbent (dark pink shirt) and Adam Barisano (leather jacket)The Curry College Theatre stage players hitthe road in early 2010 to showcase one oftheir most successful plays in recent years.In January, ten lucky members of thestudent troop got to show off their actingchops at the Turtle Lane Playhouse inNewton, MA. They performed three songsfrom the musical, The Love Note as part ofthe Young Actors’ Winter Festival,produced by James Tallach. It is the firstyear that the Curry College Theatre departmenthas taken part in the event.Written by Curry’s very own Professor GailPhaneuf, “Note” was first performed in thespring of 2009 as the Curry main stage productionand received rave reviews fromaudiences.Phaneuf wrote another short play, If a BallCould Dream, which was also performed atthe festival.In her fourth year with the college, Phaneufhas already made a profound impact on thedepartment, writing and producing severalshows already, and passing her knowledgeand energy along to her students.“It is impressive to witness the works of thestudents Gail is teaching, the ongoing commitmentshe makes to their writing, and theopportunities she opens for them in theoutside theatre world,” exclaims Debra LeeGarren, director of the Curry Theatredepartment.Curry Theatre’s next main stage productionwill be The Peanute Galleria performedApril 24-27 in the Keith Auditorium.Story by John EaganFor tickets, or more informationon the Theatre program atCurry College, please call(617) 333–2259 or visit theTheatre web site atwww.currytheatre.com.Congratulations to the followingstudent-performers, pictured above andbelow, featured in the Young Actors’Winter Festival:Jessie:Samantha CreightonPeter:Allen YannoneAiry:Brendan CawleyBrittany: Paige TurcotteNatty: Leslie DysartPatty:Liana SceviourKatty: Lauren HolmesAdam: Adam BarisanoAdam (2nd Night): Teddy WeckbacherBully Girl: Camille PriestBully Girl: Lauren BroadbentBully Boy: Justin SeligProf. Gail Phaneuf with the cast of The Love Note4 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

SeniorScoresInternshipat VancouverOlympicsFresh off an internship that had him workingin the London bureau of NBC News, seniorMichael Prazmark, a Sociology major with aminor in Communication, scored anotheramazing internship to cap off his college career,working at the Vancouver Olympic Games.Prazmark interned with NBC Sports for theduration of the 2010 Winter Olympics andkept us updated on his internship dutiesthroughout.After an official orientation, Prazmark wastreated to an unofficial orientation dinner withsome big names from the TV world.“Our dinner last night allowed us the opportunityto meet with several television personalitiesand learn how they got into the business,”reported Prazmark on February 8. “Mary Carillo,Sam Flood, Peter Alexander, and LesterHolt all came and chatted with each of us personally.”Prior to the start of the games, Prazmark wasinvolved in a range of duties from setting uptalent rooms for on-air personalities like BobCostas and interview rooms for the athletes, tomounting a satellite to the roof of a productiontrailer in the late evening hours.Once the games were in play, he observed cameramen,editors, and sound personnel who hadbeen fine tuning the production facilities. Personally,he worked with producer Rob Hylandand director Drew Esocoff doing practice runsfor the upcoming events.He also quickly learned how the weather couldwreak havoc with the event locations, and inturn, production schedules and logistics.“Weather remains an issue here at CypressMountain where freestyle skiing such asMoguls, Aerials, and Ski Cross are takingplace,” described Prazmark on February 13.“Whistler is seeing the exact opposite effects ofthe storm and has a record breaking 200+inches of snow this season. Due to the lack ofsnow here at Cypress, snowboard practice hasbeen cancelled and moved to the Whistlerpipes and big air.Michael Prazmark '10 in an NBC production truck at the Winter 2010 Olympic Games“With the lack of snow being an issue, anNBC affiliate was sent to do a story on thedumping of snow from one mountain to theother via helicopter,” he noted. “The sheeramount of money the VANOC committee isspending on the operations is creating controversyamong locals. I escorted the NBC crewto the dump site via snowmobile, and I alsoattended a press conference regarding theissue.”His escort duties continued in service to a crewfrom NBC’s Today Show. He accompaniedcorrespondent Jenna Bush and crew to thefamilies of the U.S. athletes competing.“The Today Show got great interviews with[U.S. Women’s Snowboarders Hannah] Teter,[Kelly] Clark, and [Gretchen] Bleiler beforethe start of the big event,” said Prazmark.“While watching the interviews take place, Igot a great perspective on how to approach themothers and fathers that are watching theirchildren compete on such a grand stage, notknowing what the outcome may be.”The progression of the games provided progressivetechnical opportunities for Prazmarkas well during some of the most visually excitingevents that the Winter Games had to offer.He started to do more work in the productiontruck where the director, producer, and variousothers work together to coordinate what yousee at home.“On February 20, I was lucky enough to sit inthe production truck for the qualificationrounds for Aerials that knocked down thenumber of athletes to only 12,” Prazmarkrecounts. “The production truck is a veryintense high-paced place to be—especiallywhile broadcasting a live event. In the productiontruck, the director, producer, technicaldirector, assistant producer, and a recent additioncalled “stromoter” all work together to createwhat is aired. The truck is equipped with30 or more monitors that are used for varioussituations, and headsets that the cameramen,talent, and correspondents all get their cuesfrom. Variables such as timing directly affectthe airing of athletes’ actual runs, their results,replays, commercial breaks, montages, and onsiteinterviews that are used carefully to create‘The Big Show’.“The high intensity is mostly felt when on-thespotchanges occur that interfere with whatwas originally discussed in the regular meetingsheld prior to the start of each event,” heexplains. “More than just weather, athletestaking big falls in need of medical assistancecan generate the unexpected delays that productionmust quickly adapt to. Announcersneed to be ready at any moment’s notice tojump right back into discussion, as does everyoneelse involved. My short description of theway the production truck runs does not do justiceto the amount of things that need to betaken into consideration when building such alarge show.”The conclusion of the games and his return tothe US provided Prazmark an opportunity toreflect on these valuable experiences - the latestin a series of three internships he has done withNBC - and share some words of wisdom withfellow students.“From putting together production trucks, tohelping athletes and their families unite at thefinish lines, my job as a “runner” was boundless,”sums up Michael. “I was fortunateenough to work with anyone from the directorof the events, right down to the people who laythe fiber cables that reach the cameras at thevery top of the mountain. It was hard work,but a lot of fun with everyone.“My advice to anyone who may want to findwhat they are best at, or simply enjoy the most,is to take advantage of the many resources thatare available at Curry. Find interesting companiesto spend a semester with. You may learna lot and love every minute you are there, orfind out that you would never want to work inthat particularly industry for as long as youlive! These are important questions thatinternships are able to help answer. You mayeven have the answer to the question you getoh so often – ‘what do you want to do whenyou graduate from college?’ I did.Story by Fran JacksonSpring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 5

Discovering OptionsAlumni and industry leaders sharesuccess with studentsMike Ridley of SFX Sports and Universal PicturesEvent Planner Tasha Bracken ’92Jeff Rosenberg ’89 of Modulation Magic, Inc.In late February 2010, Curry College hostedits 17th Annual Career Discovery Week.Students were treated to a variety of eventswhere they heard inspiring career stories,networked with Curry alumni and discoveredpossible internship and career opportunities.Several of the academic departments oncampus hosted receptions and discussionpanels. Successful industry professionals,alumni and current students who have completedinternships in the field were featuredpresenters and panelists. Many panelistsalso took the time to meet with studentsone-on-one to discuss job searching, resumebuilding and networking.Applied Technology students listened toencouraging news about a wide range ofcareer opportunities available in the technologyfield. Panelists shared their Curry experienceswith the audience, and stressed theimportance of internships, which helpedthem to determine the area of informationtechnology they wished to pursue.The panelists also emphasized that interpersonaland good communication skills arevital in today’s technology workplace andencouraged students to enhance their publicspeaking abilities.Guests included Christopher Stout '07, currentlyemployed as a lead creative at AppleComputer in Burlington, MA teachingemployees how to do one-on-one training.Stout started out part-time while a studentat Curry, but has quickly moved up, and hasheld six different positions at Apple. ClassmateRobert Anderson '07 also attended,speaking about his role as a solutionsinstructor for Ektron, Inc. Anderson wasrecently promoted and has held four differentpositions at Ektron, the fastest growingcompany in New Hampshire. Students alsoheard from Shawn Edge '08, a softwarequality engineer at Bullhorn, Inc. who washired by the firm one month before he graduatedfrom Curry. Rounding out the panelwas Mitch Cohen, who will graduate fromCurry’s continuing education division in2010. Mitch shared his success story whichbegan 18 years ago delivering and installingcomputers at Analysis Group, where Mitchcurrently serves as vice president of informationsystems.Communication students heard from alumniabout breaking into the field and stayingcompetitive after graduation.Communication Panelists included JeffRosenberg ’89, broadcast engineering consultantand entrepreneur. Rosenberg currentlyowns and operates Modulation Magic,Inc., a broadcast engineering firm andserves as chief engineer for WMLN. One ofthe most sought after event planners in NewEngland, fellow panelist Tasha Bracken ’92,has planned events all over the world. Brackenshared insight from her experience in PRand corporate event planning. She wasjoined by another event entrepreneur, AliciaViscomi ’09, who began her own businesscalled Aliste Events.6 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

CareerDiscoveryWeek2010Management student, Chino Angeles, listens intently as Kevin Kelly describes the internship opportunity athis company, Power Management.All three talked of the benefit of a wellroundededucation and the importance ofsecuring internships while at Curry, as wellas shared inspiring stories of starting theirown business and the personal fulfillment offollowing one’s dream.Mike Ridley of SFX Sports and UniversalPictures, who has dealt directly with a numberof celebrities including David Beckham,Orlando Bloom, and Brett Ratner dazzledthe audience with his very entertaining storiesof working in Hollywood.Three federal agencies - the FBI, HomelandSecurity and Social Security Administration- were represented at the CriminalJustice/Sociology department luncheonwhich also included local agencies like theMassachusetts State Police, Boston JuvenileCourt and Boston City Police. Nearly 40students heard advice about careers in thevarious agencies, the competitive nature ofsome and the critical role that internshipsplay in career success. Several speakers alsoaddressed the importance of professionalpresentation.The Education Department created a nightof activities for its students built around theweek’s theme of “Light the Fire Within: Gofor the Gold.” Everyone from first-yearstudents to seniors participated in the CurryEducation Olympics designed to helpstudents recognize those qualities that makethem great educators.The Fine and Applied Arts departmenthosted its annual Careers in the Arts forum,where students listened to industry expertsspeak about the opportunities and challengesin their respective fields and the needfor flexibility. Valuable information aboutwhat hiring managers look for and again,the stress on internship experience was alsoshared. Speakers included Leila LeeMitchell, Associate Principal/CreativeDirector at Neoscape, an internationalbranding and design firm using techniquesacross several media including 3D illustrations,film and web and interactive. JoiningMitchell was Matt Budelman, a graphicdesigner & pre-press professional at ClassicGraphx, a printing and publishing companyin Cambridge, MA. Students alsoheard from Tim McDonald, a painter widelyexhibited in the U.S., works with a varietyof media and processes where drawing andnature are at the heart of his practice.McDonald directs the Mazmanian Galleryand is a member of the Bromfield Gallery.Curry student, Greg Nasca, class of 2010,also told the story of his successful summer’09 internship at Trailer Park in Hollywood,CA – described as “the biggest entertainmentmarketing and content agency in theworld."Highlighting the week’s events was the Networkingand Internship Fair, where studentshad the opportunity to practice their presentationskills and network with representativesfrom a variety of industries. Theyresearched positions in the criminal justiceand technology fields, listened to advicefrom entrepreneurs and public relations specialistsand were exposed to internshipopportunities on campus as well as abroad.Story by John EaganStudents note tips and advice given by alumni and industry leaders during Career Discovery Week.Spring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 7

&FACULTY NEWS NOTESACADEMIC ENRICHMENT CENTER■ Dr. Kara Provost had a short collection ofprose poems titled "Figures of Speech" publishedas part of the Origami Poems Project,which are distributed in libraries, bookstores,and coffee shops throughout Rhode Islandand Southeastern Massachusetts.HUMANITIES■ Professor Allan Hunter’slatest book, Write YourMemoir: The Soul Work ofTelling Your Story, was publishedby Findhorn Press inlate 2009.Prof. Rob MacDougallBLUE SKIES AHEADReflection, Program Planningat Annual Faculty RetreatEach year, the Curry Faculty gather fora full-day retreat focused on importantissues and trends in teaching and learning.The focus of this year’s retreat, heldin the new Student Center in January,was academic program planning. In themorning, the 160+ faculty in attendancediscussed general education corevalues and learning outcomes as part ofa campus-wide review of the CentralLiberal Arts Curriculum.Another highlight of the day was the“Blue Sky” Program DevelopmentSession. The Blue Sky workshopfocused on creating new and innovativeprograms at Curry, basically a fun,‘What if…’ scenario for the faculty tocollaborate and brainstorm. The hourand a half session was divided into20-minute increments where facultywere encouraged to visit any of the 15tables representing the different topics,which faculty members themselveschose through a survey given prior tothe retreat.“The Blue Skies roundtable affordedthe faculty the chance to talk aboutwhat makes a great course, a great professor,a great learning environment,”said Professor Jennifer Balboni (Sociologyand Criminal Justice). “The discussiongenerated wonderful ideas abouthow to continually improve our methodsfor the benefit of our students.”COMMUNICATION■ Professor Rob MacDougall has continuedhis research in Media Ecology and heserves as a national expert on the topic. Hispaper, "McLuhan's Understanding of theBrain-Body, and Beyond," was presented tothe National Communication Association attheir national convention in Chicago inNovember 2009. At the NCA convention,he also presented "McLuhan's Extensionsand 'Extended Cognition': an inquiry intosome of the neurological, mnemonic andphenomenological functions of media use,"to the Media Ecology Association. Otherpapers were presented at the Media EcologyAssociation’s annual convention in St.Louis. His book, "Cultural Technics: makingmeaning at the interfaces of oral and electronicculture," was published in May 2009.FINE AND APPLIED ARTS■ Professor Laurie Alpert's latest work isfeatured in the “Centerfolds” section ofArtscope-New England's Culture Magazine(11/12/09). The polyester plate lithograph,handmade book is titled "Silent Sounds."■ Professor Elizabeth Strasser's ceramicswere recently featured in a Summer 2009exhibition at the Vessels Gallery in Boston.■ Professor Laurie Alpert and ElizabethStrasser exhibited work in the BromfieldGallery’s Annual Exhibition and South EndOpen Studios shows in September. Theshow featured contemporary art from twodozen Bromfield artists in a variety of media– from printmaking and sculpture to drawingand painting.■ Professors Laurie Alpert, ElizabethStrasser, Iris Kumar, and Randy Garberexhibited work at the Bromfield Gallery’s‘Body and Soul: A Benefit for Aid for CancerResearch’ in February 2009.■ Professor Karoline Szatek recently presenteda paper entitled, "A Place for FemalePower and Voice in England during JamesI's Reign" in Aberdeen, Scotland. The 12thInternational Conference on the Literatureof Region and Nation included talks byscholars from Japan, South Africa, Europe,and the United States. Dr. Szatek's speechwas on women and their influence on theatrecrowds during the reign of England'sJames I (1603-1625).LEVIN LIBRARY■ Professor David Miller is the recipient ofthis year's NETSL Award for Excellence inTechnical Services. Prof. Miller also publisheda paper on "Indeterminacy and PerformancePractice in Cage's Variations" inthe Spring 2009 edition of American Music.MANAGEMENT■ Professor Michael Bennett had his article,“Does Ownership Structure Affect CorporatePerformance? Evidence from theMarket for Asset Sales,” published in TheIcfaci Journal of Corporate Governance, Vol.9, Nos. 1 & 2, pp. 57-98, January & April2010.NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS■ Professor Abigail Hafer was featured in aJanuary radio special on “UN-intelligentDesign” with host Ken Gale, WBAI NewYork. Dr. Hafer, who teaches anatomy andphysiology and who received her doctoratein Zoology at Oxford, addresses the question,“How right was Darwin?” Dr. Haferhas also spoken on this topic at recent conferencesand events, including an invitedtalk at the American Humanist Associationannual conference in June 2009, and atTufts University as part of commemorationsof Darwin’s birthday in February 2010.8 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

■ Professor Tracy Wang attended the 20thART Forum (Advanced Research Techniques)conference in June 2009 as part ofher ongoing collaboration on quantitativemarketing techniques with Dr. Sharon Hu,associate director of marketing science atNovartis Pharmaceuticals.NURSINGDr. Susan LaRocco had an article, “AssistingNursing Students to Develop Empathy Usinga Writing Assignment,” published in NurseEducator (Jan-Feb 2010).■ Professor Elizabeth Kudzma recently coauthored"Pharmacogenomics: PersonalizingDrug Therapy,” which was published in theOctober 2009 issue of American Journal ofNursing, 109 (10), 50-58.PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION■ Professor Robert Smid’s book, Methodologiesof Comparative Philosophy: The Pragmatistand Process Traditions,was published inOctober 2009 by SUNYPress. Recently he also hadhis article "Democracy and(Western) Tradition(s):Rehabilitating F.S.C.Northrop to Face ContemporaryDemocratic Challenges"published in the American Journalof Theology and Philosophy,Vol.30 No. 3,September 2009, pp.271-287.PROGRAM FOR ADVANCEMENT OFLEARNING (PAL)■ Professor Patricia Kean, Assistant Professorand advisor to ONE Curry, and one ofthe founding members of the Curry CollegeCommittee for Human Rights Educationand Activism, is now a member of the leadershipboard for the UNESCO Chair ofComparative Human Rights in the UnitedStates and South Africa. Following an invitationby the Rwandan government to witnessthe progress of the healing and reconciliationprocess in connection with the 1994genocide, the UNESCO Chair charged theleadership board to design a program for theJanuary 2010 International Forum forYoung Adult Human Rights Leaders thatexplores the multiple causes of systemic violenceas well as the processes that interruptthe cycle and promote healing and sustainablereconciliation. Patty participated as afacilitator and rapporteur during the forumin January. She also served as chiefrapporteur and group facilitator at the InternationalLeadership Training Programme: AGlobal Intergenerational Forum of theUNESCO Chair and Institute of ComparativeHuman Rights at the University of Connecticut,Storrs, August 2009.John Abdulla ’09 and Prof. Patricia Keanin a Rwandan village■ PAL Interim Director, Professor Diane S.Webber, Ph.D. served as a panelist at theScience, Technology, Engineering, andMathematics (STEM) Summit in October2009 at the University of Massachusetts,Amherst. With a focus on "Preparing MassachusettsStudents for Careers in Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,"Professor Webber joined other distinguishedspeakers and panelists, including Lt.Governer Timothy Murray, University ofMassachusetts President Jack M. Wilson,and Department of Higher Education CommissionerRichard M. Freeland.Professor Webber also presented her researchat the National Conference on Students inTransition in November 2009 in Salt LakeCity, Utah. Her presentation topic was "Studentswith Learning Disabilities: Transitionto the College Classroom."POLITICS AND HISTORY■ Professor Robert Keighton has publisheda historical brochure entitled “Doty Tavernand the American Revolution.” The Paintingsof Robert Keighton: Landscape Paintings from1995 to 2008 was also published in 2009. Acopy is available at Levin Library.SOCIOLOGY & CRIMINAL JUSTICE■ Professor Jennifer Balboni has beenawarded a 2010 SAGE Junior Faculty ProfessionalDevelopment Teaching Award from theAcademy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Prof.Balboni used the award to attend the ACJSProfessional Development Teaching Workshopand Conference in February 2010 in SanDiego, CA, where she presented her paper on"Sexting and the Law," and will be honored ata special reception and at the ACJS AwardsCeremony during the conference.■ Professor Gia Barboza has had an articleaccepted in the Journal of Elder Abuse &Neglect titled "Physical abuse of older adultsin nursing homes: A random sample surveyof adults with an elderly family member in anursing home."■ Professor Rose Bigler recently authored achapter included in a new book by RobertBing, Race, Crime, and the Media, publishedby McGraw Hill. The book features scholarshipfocusing on the criminal justice system,the media, and race. Prof. Bigler’s chapter is"The Media and Professional Sports: TheIntersection of Race, Sports, and Media in theMichael Vick Dog Fighting Case."■ Professors Magueye Seckand Bonnie Hallisey contributedto a new book, Violenceand Abuse Issues: Crossculturalperspectives forhealth and social services,(Routledge, 2009).Prof. Hallisey also contributed to another2009 volume from Routledge, People inCrisis: Clinical and Diversity Perspectives.Members of the Curry College Faculty are leadersand active participants in their fields at theregional, national, and international scale, constantlykeeping classroom matters current withtheir scholarship and service. Faculty News &Notes include a sampling of their on-goingprofessional accomplishments. For more detailand additional notes, please visit:www.curry.edu/facultynewsSpring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 9

A Student-CenteredIt’s 7:00 a.m. Allison Couttsopens the doors to theStudent Center. NicoleSmith grabs breakfast in theDining Marketplace andheads to a seat in the sunfilledcafé area overlookingWesthaver Park. Upstairs,Health major Zach Grossstarts his shift working thefront desk at the high techFitness Center and checks in fellow student BrittanyJennings for a work out before class. As the morning moveson, Professor Laurie Alpert hangs paintings and installs artwork in a variety of media for a faculty-created art featurein the study lounge while commuter student Greg Nasca usesthe wireless network to do some homework between classes.An afternoon walk through might find Amanda Ramirezleading an SGA meeting, Jen Olejnik going to basketballpractice in the new varsity gymnasium, and Natalie Petitearning résumé experience and some pocket money in herjob as a Student Project Manager. Later that evening, JuliaPaigo shows up for the hip-hop exercise class taught byalumnus James “Kupah” Cooper '04. Professor MelissaAniywo holds a “fireside” chat. Jim Kominsky watches aPatriots game in the Sports Café, and Amber Soucy and herfriends may take in a comedy show and make last call forsmoothies at the late night food window before headingback to the residence hall at 1:00 a.m.Welcome to the new Curry College Student Center.Story by Fran JacksonOn any given day, the new Student Centerat Curry College is connecting and expandingthe academic and the social aspects ofcampus life in unprecedented fashion.Upon its full-service opening in Fall 2009,the facility quickly became a focal point forthe campus, increasing student engagement.“The new Student Center has definitely hada huge impact on this campus,” says Dean ofStudents Maryellen Kiley. “It has providedan opportunity for students, faculty, andstaff to gather outside of the classroom in acomfortable space where they can havecasual interactions with each other. There’sso much a college student learns outside ofthe classroom.”“When you come to visit Curry, it’s clearthat we have a student-centered campus andthat our students are part of a close-knit andvibrant community,” continues Kiley. “Onething that always excites me is when alumnicome back to campus and say, ‘Wow! Whata change this campus has gone through.’ Wehave built new residence halls, we have builta new Academic and Performance Center,and I believe this building is really the jewelin the crown. All of the building enhancementsthat have occurred on campus inrecent years, were part of a strategic plan thathas had a dramatic impact on the learningand living environment and experience ofour students.”10 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

CampusSpring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 11

Learning While EarningMore than food, fun and games“During a student’s college experience, agreat deal of co-curricular and other typesof learning take place outside of the classroom,”remarks Dean of StudentsMaryellen Kiley. “The opening of the newStudent Center provides additional opportunitiesfor students to interact withfaculty in both formal and informal ways,as well as the chance to gain somepractical work experience within theiracademic area or area of interest.”Academically oriented Student Centerevents and partnerships have includedEnglish department faculty-led poetryslams and Curry Reads book group, AcademicEnrichment tutoring sessions, andFine and Applied Arts displays of studentand faculty artwork. In addition to functioningas a quiet space for students tostudy, the second floor lounge has servedas an exhibition space for the entire campuscommunity. An inaugural show inSeptember 2009 showcased solely studentpaintings. The lounge displays are scheduledto rotate throughout the academicyear.“College exhibition space for art plays avery important role in the life of an activecampus,” according to Professor LaurieAlpert. “Its primary function is to educateand enlighten, however, there are manyother reasons for its existence. Not onlydoes it play an important role in everydaycampus life, it can be used as an extensionof the classroom and can become a vitaland integrated link with the community aswell."The Student Center also provides a greatlocation for a fireside chat series, led byProfessor Melissa Anyiwo of the AfricanAmerican Studies program, celebratingdiversity at Curry. The series hosted aHaiti Victims Impact Roundtable [seepage 2], and other topics including “AnEnglish Dream of America (in shades ofbrown)” and “The Italian Path in America:Assimilation and Pride.” A civil rightsfilm series is planned throughout thespring.Employment opportunities can also tie astudent’s life in the Student Center withtheir academic major or minor area ofinterest. Health majors can work in theFitness Center and Management majorscan work as project managers. From positionsin the bookstore, in the athleticoffices, in the intramural program or atthe information desk, the Student Centerhas opened up new jobs that provideopportunities for student leadership andenhance collaborations between students,faculty, and staff.Spring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 13

Dining Light or Late at NightMore Choices than Ever at the MarketplaceThe Dining Marketplace and adjoiningspaces provide students a vast range offood options and eating and gatheringareas.“I never eat meat, or I rarely do,” sayssophomore Zack Gross, “they have vegetarianoptions, which is cool.”Junior Donna Schlieper also enjoys themany new options in the marketplace.“Curry now offers a wider variety of foodoptions,” she says. “There’s a new pastastation and a new sandwich bar. They’llmake anything right in front of you withthe new grill menu.”Keith Meal, general manager of diningservices, reports that there has been continuouspositive feedback from studentsand the community as a whole since theopening of the new marketplace.“All the old standards that college studentslove are still available – burgers, pasta,pizza – but the new facility allows us toprepare these favorites at the next level,”exclaims Meal.“For example, the Firenzi Oven is an ‘oldworld’ style brick oven where we cookhand-tossed pizzas, calzones, individualcasseroles and baked soups. The EuroKitchen is an open concept kitchen whereentrees and sides are prepared right beforethe students’ eyes and plated restaurantstyle.We do many dishes with an internationalflair – from sautéed items to orientalstir-fry to sizzling salads.”Students with a sweet tooth also love whatcomes out of the bakery – fresh bakedmuffins and breakfast pastries, cookies,cakes, jumbo brownies and bakery styledesserts. Made-to-order smoothies havealso been very popular in the new marketplace,especially by the night owls whodelight in the late night window, openweekend nights until 1:00 a.m.New Meaning to HomThe south side of the Student Center sports anew gymnasium, athletics lounge and officesand varsity locker rooms. During home men’sand women’s varsity basketball games, it’s a seaof purple and white cheering fans.“I love playing in the new gym,” says women’sbasketball team member Jen Olejnik. “I lovethe crowd.”Athletic Director Vinnie Eruzione agrees thatgame turnout provides a lift to both theathletes and the student body at-large.“Including a new varsity athletic gymnasiumas part of the overall Student Center has really14 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

Staying in Shape in the 21st Centurye Court Advantageboosted school spirit on campus,” saysEruzione. “Students were very excited forthe opening of basketball season and theability to attend basketball games in thislarger venue. The new gymnasium has alsopaved the way for us to launch a varsity volleyballprogram. We’re excited about ourplan to add a 14th NCAA varsity sport atCurry College.” [See page 16.]In addition to the athletic program benefit,the gymnasium has provided a huge gainfor the intramural and recreational sportsprograms.The Fitness Center is a fabulous, 5,500square foot facility containing cardio andstrength training equipment and a separategroup exercise studio.“The fitness center is beautiful, it’s nicerthan my gym at home,” says AshleyMcDonald, class of 2011. “I work at thefront desk. We have free weights, cardiomachines, an abs section, we have our ownaerobics room where we have classes –Zumba, kickboxing, boot camp…thereare a bunch of different classes that reallybring in the students.”Dan Mandell, associate director of theFitness Center, is proud of the technologicallyadvanced equipment.“All of our cardio equipment is interactive,”Mandell explains, citing touchscreens and racing software. “Manystations have iPod docks so you can dockyour iPod, listen to the music throughyour machine, watch your iPod videos onthe screen, even sync your iPod so themachine picks your song based on howfast you’re going. The screens also convertinto regular TV screens, so students canwatch the campus cable system and theirfavorite TV shows while exercising. Somebikes link up with each other so memberscan actually race other people on the bikes— the handle bars actually steer throughthe course and you can see the otherbikers on the screen.”With more than 1,200 active members,the Fitness Center also includes a facultyoffice for the director of physical education,further bolstering connectionsbetween student wellness within andalongside the curriculum.Spring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 15

Stannard Takes the Reins of NewWOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL PROGRAM“Volleyball. It’s a passion.It’s a mindset.It’s at Curry!”That’s what new Women’s VolleyballCoach Roberta Stannard emphaticallystates when describing her sport.“I’m here to build a new program and generatea lot of excitement for a sport I love.I'm confident that this program will be successful,largely due to the great support ofCurry's athletic staff and college administration,as well as its facilities.”Coach Stannard is a product of Division IVolleyball powerhouse the University ofMichigan. She was a walk-on athlete hersophomore year, was awarded a full scholarship,lettered three years and was co-captainher senior year. She is also a known quantitythroughout southeastern Massachusetts,Florida and Nebraska having coached atthe high school, junior Olympic club andcollegiate levels. She also continues an activeplaying schedule herself.To date, the women’s volleyball program hashosted several campus-wide play-dates.These are organized to give young women acomfortable arena to meet fellow students,play casually and see if it’s a program theywould be willing to commit their time andenergy to.“The largest obstacle is growing a team fromscratch. I am actively recruiting. We’ve heldseveral play-dates to meet interested players.I’ve seen some very promising talent, butI'm still looking for more. I bet there’s a coupleof untapped players here at Curry whowould like to give it try. I’ve seen it before, agal who’s played another sport, or a casualplayer, gives it a go, and she’s a natural.That’s very fun to watch.Play-dates will continue throughout thespring season. Interested students shouldwatch for announcements, or on theathletics website/email the athleticdepartment or Coach Stannard directly(rstannar1009@curry.edu) for more information.“I’m looking forward to developing a strongprogram, knowing attitude is a big part ofthe picture,” said Coach Stannard. “Thegreater challenge is having the patience andperseverance to guide a team through itsgrowing pains. This is an enormous task anda great challenge, taking a team in infancy,guiding it through ups and downs, moldingit, and building a program that proudlyrepresents the values of Curry College.”Story by Ken GolnerAthletics launchesNEW WEBSITEIn December 2009, Curry Collegeproudly launched its new Athleticswebsite: www.curryathletics.com.The site offers new features such as video capability,live stats, photo galleries, a scrolling scoreboard, digitalmedia guides and individual coach and player bios.Fans of Curry Athletics can follow their favorite teamsby signing up for our free SMS text messaging serviceand RSS feeds.We invite you to take a look at the new site, enjoy thenew features and let us know what you think!www.curryathletics.com16 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

FIVE INDUCTED INTO ATHLETIC HALL OF FAMEThe 21st Curry College Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held on October 23, 2009.The Alumni Recreation Center was filled to capacity as friends, family and alumni from across thecountry joined together to induct five prominent figures in Curry Athletics.Thomas Rollins '73 FootballTom Rollins co-captained the Colonels footballteam to back-to-back conference championshipsin 1970 and 1971, and in 1972 the Colonels narrowlymissed an opportunity to three-peat. As aresult, Rollins was named as an All-ConferenceDefensive End in both of those championshipcampaigns. He was also named as the recipient ofthe John S.Hafer Award his junior and senior yearsfor his embodiment of an outstanding student athlete.Rollins, a terrific student as well, graduated cum laude in 1973 afterbeing named to the list of Who’s Who in American Colleges andUniversities and to the list of Outstanding College Athletes of America.Tom Rollins was inducted by former Head Football Coach andAthletic Director, and fellow Hall of Fame member Tom Stephens.Kevin Gingras '87 Hockey, FootballKevin Gingras excelled in both football (runningback) and hockey (defenseman) at Curry, and letteredin every single season he played here (8).Gingras made an immediate impact as a freshman,leading the football team in rushing and scoring in1983. Four years later, in his senior year, he hadfive 100-yard rushing games, was named to theAll-NEFC Second Team and was presented with the team’s John S. HaferAward as “the player who exhibited excellence in football, scholarship,leadership and citizenship.”Kevin Gingras was inducted by his former teammates ThomasAicardi and Dennis Colarusso.Joseph Savioli '02 HockeyJoe Savioli co-captained the Colonels hockeysquad his junior and senior years. During his seniorcampaign he was not only named to theECAC First Team, he won ECAC NortheastPlayer of the Year.In Curry College men’s hockey history, Savioli isranked 12th all-time in single season assists (29)and 13th all-time in single season points (47 - 18 goals, 29 assists) overthat final season.Joe Savioli was inducted by his brother Alex Savioli.Rebecca Gardner '04 Soccer, LacrosseRebecca Gardner was a two-sport athlete at CurryCollege, excelling in both soccer and lacrosse,starting all four years for both teams.A forward on the soccer team, Gardner wonRookie of the Year as a freshman and garnered aCommonwealth Coast Conference HonorableMention as a sophomore.Gardner captained the Lady Colonels lacrosse squad her junior andsenior years, sweeping team MVP honors for every one of her four yearson the squad. In 2001, 2003 and 2004 she was named to the CCC 1stTeam. In 2003, she won the Curry Team Leadership Award. In 2004,Gardner ranked 1st in the NCAA for ground balls (91).Rebecca Gardner was inducted by Head Women’s Lacrosse CoachCaitlin Roberts.Leanne Tarkanian '00 SoftballLeanne Tarkanian helped guide the softball programto back-to-back conference championshipsduring her first two seasons at Curry.Tarkanian posted a 10-3 pitching record in herfirst year and earned Second Team All Conferencerecognition along with being named as the teamRookie of the Year. Tarkanian served as a teamcaptain in her junior and senior years and garnered team Most ValuablePlayer awards in both seasons along with being recognized as a FirstTeam All Conference selection in both years.Tarkanian is currently ranked 3rd all time in Curry history in wins (42)and innings pitched (454).Leanne Tarkanian was inducted by Head Softball Coach BruceWeckworth.Hall of Fame inductees Thomas Rollins '73, Rebecca Gardner '04, LeanneTarkanian '00, Joseph Savioli '02 and Kevin Gingras '87Spring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 17

2010 Spring Sports SchedulesMEN’S LACROSSE3/3 MOUNT IDA 3:303/6 UMASS BOSTON 12:003/10 M.I.T. 4:003/13 SALEM STATE 12:003/17 CLARK UNIVERSITY 4:003/20 *Regis College 12:003/24 *Western N.E. College 7:003/27 *ANNA MARIA 11:00 a.m.3/30 *Univ. of New England 4:004/3 *NICHOLS COLLEGE 1:304/7 *WENTWORTH 4:004/10 *Gordon College 7:004/13 *New England College 4:004/17 *SALVE REGINA 11:00 a.m.4/21 *ROGER WILLIAMS 6:304/24 *ENDICOTT COLLEGE 1:304/27-5/1 TCCC Tournament TBA* The Commonwealth Coast Conference GameHome games in BOLDBASEBALL3/13 #Rowan University 2:303/14 #Bowdoin College (2) 9:30 a.m.3/15 #Transylvania University (2) 9:30 a.m.3/17 #Fitchburg State (2) 1:303/18 #Wheaton College 9:30 a.m.3/20 *GORDON COLLEGE (2) 12:003/21 *Anna Maria (2) 12:003/23 *Eastern Nazarene (2) 2:003/27 *WESTERN N.E. COLLEGE (2) 12:003/28 *Salve Regina (2) 12:003/31 KEENE STATE 3:004/3 *New England College (2) 12:004/6 Johnson & Wales 3:304/9 WHEATON COLLEGE 3:004/10 *Colby-Sawyer (2) 12:004/11 *Wentworth (2) 12:004/13 Wheaton College 3:304/15 Babson College 3:004/17 *ROGER WILLIAMS (2) 12:004/18 *ENDICOTT COLLEGE (2) 12:004/20 UMASS BOSTON 3:004/22 R.I. COLLEGE 3:004/23 Bridgewater State 3:004/24 *NICHOLS COLLEGE (2) 12:004/27-5/2 TCCC Tournament TBA# Spring Break Trip – Winter Haven, Florida* The Commonwealth Coast Conference GamesHome games in BOLDWOMEN’S LACROSSE3/4 Lasell College 4:003/11 KEENE STATE 4:003/15 #Fitchburg State 7:003/17 #Univ. of Scranton 11:00 a.m.3/20 *Regis College 3:003/24 *Western N.E. College 4:003/27 *ANNA MARIA 1:303/30 *Univ. of New England 6:304/3 *NICHOLS COLLEGE 11:00 a.m.4/7 *COLBY-SAWYER 6:304/10 *Gordon College 4:304/13 *New England College 4:004/15 Southern Maine 4:004/17 *SALVE REGINA 1:304/19 R.I. COLLEGE 4:004/21 *ROGER WILLIAMS 4:004/24 *ENDICOTT COLLEGE 11:00 a.m.4/27-5/1 TCCC Tournament TBA# Spring Break Trip – West Palm Beach, Florida* The Commonwealth Coast Conference GameHome games in BOLDMEN’S TENNIS3/15 #Hardin-Simmons 12:003/16 #LeTourneau University 1:003/18 #College of Staten Island 3:003/19 #Knox College 8:00 a.m.3/22 *GORDON COLLEGE 3:003/24 *Roger Williams 4:003/27 *ANNA MARIA 11:00 a.m.3/29 JOHNSON & WALES 3:003/30 *Endicott College 3:304/7 *REGIS COLLEGE 3:004/8 R.I. COLLEGE 3:004/10 *Western N.E. College 12:004/13 *COLBY-SAWYER 3:004/15 *EASTERN NAZARENE 3:004/17 *Salve Regina 1:004/21 *WENTWORTH 3:004/22 BRIDGEWATER STATE 3:004/24 *Nichols College 11:00 a.m.4/27–5/1 TCCC Tournament TBA# Spring Break Trip – Orlando, Florida* The Commonwealth Coast Conference MatchHome matches in BOLDSOFTBALL3/15 #Wheaton College 1:003/15 #Worcester State 5:003/16 #NYU-Poly 9:00 a.m.3/16 #Hamilton College 11:00 a.m.3/18 #Univ. of Scranton 11:00 a.m.3/18 #SUNY New Paltz 1:003/19 #Amherst College 9:00 a.m.3/19 #Wisconsin-Superior 1:003/23 JOHNSON & WALES 3:003/24 *N.E. COLLEGE (2) 2:303/25 Fitchburg State (2) 3:003/27 UMass Dartmouth (2) 1:003/28 *ROGER WILLIAMS (2) 1:003/30 Salem State (2) 4:003/31 PINE MANOR 3:304/1 *GORDON COLLEGE (2) 2:304/3 *Nichols College (2) 12:004/6 *Western N.E. College (2) 3:004/10 *WENTWORTH (2) 1:004/13 *ENDICOTT COLLEGE (2) 3:004/15 *Salve Regina (2) 4:004/17 *Eastern Nazarene (2) 1:004/18 *Regis College (2) 12:004/21 *Anna Maria (2) 3:304/24 *UNIV. OF NEW ENGLAND (2) 1:004/26-5/1 TCCC Tournament TBA# Spring Break Trip – Fort Myers, Florida* The Commonwealth Coast Conference GamesHome games in BOLDFor more information on Curry Athletics,call the Assistant Athletic Directorfor CommunicationsKen Golner at (617) 333-2324Email at kgolner@curry.eduor write to:Curry Athletics1071 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton, MA 02186For up-to-date rosters and results,visit the Colonel’s web page atwww.curryathletics.com18 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

myCurry Web PortalNow Available for AlumniThe new alumni web portal - myCurry - is now LIVE! VisitmyCurry to see valuable campus information, targeted messagesposted specifically for alumni, or to become a member of a collaborativecommunity within the portal.PortalYou can access the web portal right from our home page atwww.curry.edu. You will be asked to login using your email username.Your portal password is the same as your alumni email password.If you do not know your email/portal password, please emailtechcenter@curry.edu.Got mail?Curry has migrated to G-mail for our Alumni email system. You can access your emaildirectly through the portal, using the G-mail quick link option.Visit our Website for Parentsand FamiliesWe have enhanced our website for parents and families of Curry College students!The site is a great way to find the appropriate information and resources to assistyou in supporting your student’s experience at Curry. Whether you’re the parent ofa first-year student or a senior, we hope you’ll visit to stay connected as a memberof our community of parents and families.Subscribe to ON Campus,the Monthly Email Newsletterfor Parents and Families ofCurry College Studentswww.curry.edu/parent/e+newsletterSpring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 19

Flash Back to2009Family Weekend & HomecomingCurry College proudly celebrated its annualHomecoming Weekend on October 2-4, 2009.Wet weather woes didn’t stop the festivities,declared a resounding success by alumni, parents,and students.Fans were treated to hotdrinks and comfort foodbefore watching theirColonels shut down thevisiting Salve Regina Seahawks,19-7. The Men’sand Women’s Soccer andWomen’s Tennis teamalso hosted opponents onSaturday, and by the endof the day all haddeclared victory, makingit a clean sweep for theColonel squads.Alice Begley, Carolyn Begley '12, Bill BegleyBetsy Kane LaBlanc '89, Nicole DePelma Regan '89, Dayna DeNardis Dumas'89, Jim Basler '89, Nancy Robertson Donnellan '89, Walter M. Katz '89,David Griffin '89Later in the day, theStudent Center was hostto an open house, allowingseveral different Ana Bottary '13 with parents Alice and Michael Bottarycampus groups theopportunity to holdinformal receptions. The weekend featured included severalalumni events including reunions of the Classes of 1989 and1999, which were both well represented on Saturday night atthe college’s beautiful Alumni House.You can read more about Homecoming & Family Weekend2009 as well as view the photo gallery on our website byvisiting the Alumni or Parents pages. Thank you to all ouralumni, parents and friends who made this weekend sosuccessful!Save the Dates!September 24-26, 2010Family Weekend/Homecoming20 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

Living Large at the Lotus ClubNew York ReceptionOn November 12, President Quigley welcomed over 60 alumni, parents andfriends to a Curry reception at the Lotos Club in Manhattan. Guests enjoyed anevening of camaraderie and networking and Dean David Potash provided insight tohis vision for future academic programs.Trustee David Hemenway '81, Marybeth Hemenway '81, PresidentKenneth K. Quigley, Jr.Hank Heck P'12, Carrie Sonne '95Eric Harvitt P'12, Patty Harvitt P'12, Henry Friedel P'13,Eve Friedel P'13View the photo gallery from this event at:www.curry.edu/alumniWarm Welcome from the NationalAlumni Council at Winter ReceptionThe National Alumni Council hostedan evening with President Quigley inthe Student Center on January 7.Alumni braved the cold weather toenjoy a night of camaraderie andnetworking in the centerpiece of theCurry Campus.Jim Fraguela '66, Chief Academic Officer David Potash,Dan Cunningham P'12For information on how you can get involved,please contactThe Office of Alumni and Parent Relations(617) 333-2121President Quigley spoke about theimportance of alumni being involved intheir alma mater - whether it is throughvolunteering, bringing fellow alumni toevents or through contributions to theCollege’s annual fund. He stressed thata stronger Curry benefits the entirecommunity. Thank you to the membersof the National Alumni Council whocontributed to the night’s successand for their work in supporting theCollege’s development efforts.Curry College President Kenneth K.Quigley, Jr. welcomes AlumniRoger Gray '65, Ken Wagner '84, Susan Richardson '76, Kevin Keating '79, Jason Weissman '99, David LaRovere '95,Kaitlyn O’Connell '05Spring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 21

CLASS NOTES'59Lucille Olsen Watts '59 marriedGlenn Watts on November1, 2008. She taught for 30 yearsin Massachusetts, and thenmoved out west to Washingtonwhere she has been volunteeringin various schools for the last 20years.'68Stephen Zanni '68 and his wife,Janice, are the proud grandparentsof Gianna and Eva Zanniand Enzo Pesce.Harvey Glasser '68 has movedto West Palm Beach for the winterand would like to hear fromhis successful Curry friends. Hewrites, "Golf needs some work,but retirement life is definitelyagreeing with [me]."'69Capt. James Jackson '69 hasreached another milestone in histeaching career. Over the past 17years he has personally taughtand certified over 1,000 100-toncaptains. During his career hehas written six textbooksapproved by the US CoastGuard, as well as a trainingguide for instructors, and he stillteaches CPR and First Aid tolicensed captains. Jim continuesto teach at Mass MaritimeAcademy. He is also developingoffsite locations to conduct the100-ton course, which is nowavailable at Green Harbor,Marshfield, Edgartown andcoming soon, Naples, FL.Lloyd Mapp, Jr. '69 has hadcareers ranging from schoolteacher to college professor tolife insurance agent to VP of amortgage firm to his currentposition as a lending consultantwith Citibank. He has beenmarried to his wife, Diane, since1973 and they have two sonsand three grandchildren.'73Tom Butler '73 just celebrated35 years with United Airlines.He’s been an operations supervisorat O'Hare Airport in Chicagofor the last 22 years and heloves his job. His two childrenare now tremendous adults andhe has welcomed two grandchildrenso far.Ron Lichtenstein '73wasrecently elevated to a three yearterm on the Board of Directorsof the North American PowerSweeping Associated (NAPSA).The organization represents 300sweeping contractors in NorthAmerica and serves as their legislative,environmental and lobbyingvoice within the Americas.Ron and his wife, Karen, haveoperated a pavement maintenancebusiness in Walpole, MAsince 1985. Ron has also beenemployed in the consumer electronicsand economic developmentbusiness since graduatingfrom Curry in 1973. He hasbeen an area manager for ConsolidatedRail Corp., handlinggovernment affairs and economicdevelopment issues in NewEngland.'76Marty Rosenkrantz '76 spent30 years in the recycling businessand is semi-retired after sellinghis company two years ago. Hehas two daughters, ages 10 and14, both born in China. Hiswife assists couples with internationaladoption.'77Ruth-Ellen (Burack) Flanagan'77 and her husband, Kevin,continue to enjoy living inRaleigh, NC. Ruth-Ellen,Christine (Andrade) Cotter'77 and Susan Meagher '79 metfor lunch in Curry's new StudentCenter this summer andtook a tour of the campus to seethe many exciting changes. Shecredits Facebook with helpingher reconnect with many Curryalumni.'80Richard "Dick" Lancaster '80has worked as sales manager ofthe local daily paper inBrunswick, ME for 23 years andhis wife, Mary, teaches secondgrade. His daughter, Jordan, is amember of the Class of 2013 atCurry. She is majoring inelementary education and livingin Mayflower. His son, Brett, is afreshman in high school andplays football, basketball andbaseball.'81Paul Turner '81 has been livingin Acton since 1995. He volunteersdoing office assistant workand being a "friendly visitor" forMinuteman Senior Services,which is the local Aging ServiceAccess Point. He has receivedtwo President’s Volunteer awardsfrom Minuteman. The groupbecame part of CommonwealthCorps. last summer and Paul isproud to volunteer with them.'86Cathi (McKeever) Petrick '86lives in Connecticut with herhusband, Tom, and their fourchildren, Kate, 18 and a freshmanat the University ofDelaware; Stephen, 16; Jack, 12;and five-year-old Will.'87Catherine (Lane) Lawson '87and her husband, Richard, celebratedtheir 20th weddinganniversary in May 2009. Theyhave two daughters, Robin, 16,and Megan, 11. Catherine hasbeen a Montessori teacher inMaryland for 20 years andRichard has been a networkadministrator at a market companyfor 21 years.'88George Williams '88 has beenmarried for 13 years and currentlyworks as a hospitality andsecurity analyst for Accenture, aglobal consulting company.'89Walter Katz '89 has been livingin Florida for 15 years and hasbeen married to his wife, Cheryl,for almost four years. They welcomedtheir daughter, HannahRose Katz, in April 2009.'92Merrill Theobald (Ecker)'94/'08 lives in Canton, MAwith husband Daniel Theobald'92/'01. Merrill works as a specialeducation teacher at DedhamHigh School.'96Ray LaPlaca '96 moved toSouth Korea three years ago andmarried his wife, Jung Eun, inMay 2008. Their daughter,Anela, was born in August 2009.Ray is loving the culture andpeople of South Korea.'97Chevalier Daniel C. Boyer '97had a pen-and-ink drawing,"The Guitar Hero," in the groupexhibition "What I Don't Like"at the Florean Museumin Baia Mare, Maramures,Romania March 4 and a drawingin the group exhibition, "AView From the Window", atthe Stadtmusen Weilheim inWeilheim, Germany from May8 - 30, 2010. His piece, "TheDiabetic Porcupine", was donewith a bingo dauber and will bepart of a group exhibition at theBantul National Museum inYogykarta, Indonesia in October2010.'98Beverly (George) Grant '98 is acorrectional nurse and is pursuingher education and a career inthe military.John Shea '98 served over 30years as a police officer, then asassistant district attorney. Heis now a democratic candidatefor Plymouth County DistrictAttorney.22 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

'00Melissa Stokes '00 was marriedon September 20, 2009 toMichael McComas. Thewedding was at the Tirrell Roomin Quincy, MA and theirhoneymoon included a stop inParis before embarking fromBarcelona on a Mediterraneancruise. The couple currently livesin Orlando, FL.'01Laura (Clement) Brindle '01has been married to herhusband, Brian, for seven years.They have two beautifulchildren: Jakob, 7 and Olivia, 5.Three years ago they built ahouse in Haverhill, where theylive happily. Brian is a pipefitterand Laura works as communitysupport staff.'02Lynn (Eramo) Gondelman '02and her husband, AJ, welcomeda daughter, Lena Hope, in April2009.Daria Koudriacheva '02became engaged to StuartLiljegren, III on December 7,2009.Ryan Elizabeth Searle '02 graduatedmagna cum laude fromVermont Law School in May2009 with her J.D. and passedthe July 2009 Massachusetts BarExam. She returned home to theVineyard in August to work in asmall firm where she mainlydoes criminal defense work.'03Alison (Myers) Baker '03 andher husband, Paul, welcomedtheir son, Travis Carter Baker, onSeptember 18, 2009.Kristen Daher-Ewing '03 andLaurence Ewing '05 were marriedon October 24, 2009 afterbeing together for eight years.'04Lisa Bello '04 released her firstalbum, Double Life, on iTunesin September 2009. She receiveda Boston Music Award for R&BAct of the Year 2009.Rebecca Gardner '04 and AlexJohnson '03 are engaged andplanning a July 2010 wedding.Jennifer Ward '04 recently relocatedto Newark, DE and worksas an assistant director of counselingservices.'05Matthew Bailey '05 andBrittany (Collins) Bailey '05were married on October 3,2009. The wedding was attendedby fellow Curry alums:Matt Williams '05, AndrewPagnotta '06, Katie Piskor '06,Chris Hartnett '06, MattCormier '06, Molly Bergeron'05, Angela Thibert '05, EileenStanley '05, Anthony Castagnozzi'05, Sarah Kurs '06,Jillian Murray '05, KatieSweeney '05 and Isaac Palmer'06.Lindsey Crowell '05 is workingin Princeton, NJ as a nanny andloves her job. She and herboyfriend live in Lawrenceville,NJ.Taylor Sugden '05 and BretAdams '06 are engaged andplanning to have a spring weddingin Puerto Rico.Nick Wilson '05 founded andoperates his own restaurant inCorona, CA. Twisted Gourmetserved 35,000 in its first year.Nick is currently working on hismaster's in organizational leadershipdegree.Mariela Nosal '05/'09 receivedher master's degree in educationalfoundations in August 2009from Curry. Her thesis entitled,"The Effect of Education ReformLegislation on After SchoolPrograms: A Historical Analysis1983-2008" has been adapted tobook form.'06Kerry McRae '06 graduated inMay 2009 from the Boston CollegeGraduate School of SocialWork specializing in clinicalpractice with older adults andfamilies. She became a certifiedSHINE counselor in October2009. She is now preparing forthe MA LCSW exam whileworking at Somerville-CambridgeEdler Services as an ElderCare Advisor.After a run with MTV's It's Onwith Alexa Chung and workingfor his second year on Christmasin Rockefeller 2009 for NBC,Joseph Morabito '06 hasrecently moved from New Yorkback to Los Angeles where he isliving in NoHo Arts District ofNorth Hollywood. He currentlyworks for Magical Elves Productionson the Top Chef franchise.Kate Stockwell '06 is teachingSpecial Education at TravisElementary in Houston, TX.CLASS NOTESJoe Morabito '06Matthew Bailey and Brittany Collins Bailey '05Andrew C. O’Brian '07 andLynne M. Caliguri '04'07Andrew C. O’Brian '07 andLynne M. Caliguri ’04 marriedFebruary 27, 2010.Amanda Gutterman '07working toward her master'sdegree in criminal justice atCurry and hopes to graduate thisspring.'08Yaniv Havusha '08 is workingas a resident director of a firstyearresidence hall at WesternConnecticut State University.'09Samantha Crescitelli '09 is inher second semester of graduateschool at Simmons College inBoston. She will graduate inDecember 2010 with a master'sdegree in English. On ChristmasEve 2009, Samantha and herboyfriend of two years, Brian,became engaged.Patricia O'Connell '09 recentlypassed the national exam tobecome a Certified PediatricNurse. She is currently a studentat Loyola University School ofLaw pursuing a Master ofJurisprudence in Health Law.isSpring 2010 / Curry College Magazine 23

CLASS NOTESRyan Edwards '09Ryan Edwards '09, a native of Hopedale, MA,majored in Communication and acquired a solidbackground in on-air broadcasting during his time atCurry. Recently, he surpassed hundreds ofcontestants who auditioned to guest host the localsports TV show Totally Patriots.When Edwards made the trip down to GilletteStadium to try out, he noticed right away that thecompetition was stiff, with hundreds of eager contestants showing up to theauditions.Melissa Toupin '09 and Ryan Edwards ‘09“The whole contest took place over one day, it was a whirlwind. But it wasawesome; the judges were actual Patriots players along with guests judges likeKristina Akra, host of Patriots Today and Patriots All-Access.”Edwards made it through the first round and eventually joined the group of 28finalists later that day. He then ended up capturing one of the eight spots up forgrab, and won the right to host two episodes of Totally Patriots during weeks sevenand eight of the 2009 NFL season. Fellow Curry alum, Melissa Toupin '09 alsosecured a spot.Edwards’ stand-up locations included on-field at Gillette Stadium and insidethe Patriots Hall of Fame nearby. You’d think that a young man of 21 years-oldwould be fazed by a pressure-filled environment like that, but it all came down topreparation.“During the whole process I thought to myself, ‘what’s the difference between thisand my experiences at Curry College?’ Absolutely nothing,” recalled Edwards.“I felt totally prepared, and I attribute it one hundred percent to Curry’s TVprogram.”Edwards pretty much lived at the television station (CC8) on campus, completinga TV practicum in his junior year and eventually became the supervisingproducer of the station during his senior year. He also credits one of his mentors,Communication Department acting chairperson, Professor Jerry Gibbs.“I can’t even begin to describe the impact Professor Gibbs had on me during myyears at Curry,” gushed Edwards. “He always encouraged me and never shot downany of my ideas. But what he did do was to make me own those ideas, helped meplan them out correctly, and guided me to where I needed to be. And he wasALWAYS available.“I also had the opportunity to do tons of play-by-play for Curry’s flagship radiostation, WMLN-FM (91.5). I did men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’slacrosse, hockey, and even baseball. I even did PA announcing on the side for mywork-study position.”EngagementsDaria Koudriacheva '02 & Stuart Liljegren, IIIRebecca Gardner '04 & Alex Johnson '03Betsey Anderson '05 & Patrick NiebauerTaylor Sugden '05 & Bret Adams '06Matthew Palladino '06 & Elena LarsonErin Sprague '06 & Andrew WusterbarthAshley Merriam '07 & William O’HearnMelissa Pimentel '09 & Mark MacdonaldWeddingsDennis Sullivan '95 & Melissa HurleyMelissa Stokes '00 & Michael McComasDiana Petherick '01 & Alex DrewKristen Daher-Ewing '03 & Laurence Ewing '05Brittany Collins '05 & Matthew Bailey '05Michaela Maw '05 & Derek RitchMichael Higgins '06 & Stephanie NostinLauren Brighenti '09 & Marcley DuarteMicah Jackson '09 & Jeffrey SmallIn MemoramAlumniHelen Griffin (PLUM)Marion Tacy '47 (PLUM)Priscilla Blood '50 (PLUM)Lincoln Maxim '60Paul Tierney '71Marissa Tangredi-Davis '81Nancy Merenda '84Colleen Horan O’Farrell '92Sharlene Nixon '93Matthew Bourque '03Mark Bisnette '05Faculty, Staff & AdministrationGail CirroneWilliam FlavinHelen LeBaronMosiiula TatupuWith his professional, on-air experience, Edwards is seeking a talent agent andcontinuing to pursue his dream to be an on-air personality in the Boston area, oneday hoping to do television play-by-play for the Boston Celtics.24 Curry College Magazine / Spring 2010

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