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Alaska Arkansas California Connecticut Florida Georgia ... - nabca

History:to person under

History:to person under 21 years of age within specified period following prior offense;provides defense. EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2009.03/20/2009 - (H) ON COMMITTEE AGENDA-- INSURANCE, BUSINESS, &FINANCIAL AFFAIRS POLICY (GGPC), 03/24/09, 8:00 AM, WEBSTERHALLFL SB 2170: Alcoholic Beverage or Drugs/Under 21 Years of AgeSummary:Alcoholic Beverage or Drugs/Under 21 Years of Age [CPSC]; Increases thepenalty imposed for a second or subsequent offense of selling, giving, or servingalcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years of age within a specified periodfollowing the prior offense. Provides that if a person violates the restrictionsrelating to open house parties where alcoholic beverages or drugs are possessed orconsumed by a minor, he or she commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, etc.EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2009.History: 03/19/2009 - (S) INTRODUCED -SENATE JOURNAL 00170GeorgiaGA SB 68: Alcoholic Beverages; counties/municipalities; prohibition against sale within 100 yardsof housing authority property; provide an exceptionTo amend Title 3 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to alcoholicbeverages, so as to regulate the sales and sampling of alcoholic beverages; toprovide that counties and municipalities with approval of the local housingauthority board of commissioners may by resolution or ordinance provide anexception from the prohibition against the sale of alcoholic beverages forconsumption on the premises within 100 yards of any housing authority property;to revise certain provisions relating to the issuance of licenses for manufacturing,distributing, and selling of alcoholic beverages and the conduct permitted by thoseSummary:holding such licenses; to authorize samplings for consumption by retail dealersand employees of retail dealers to be conducted by manufacturers and wholesalersof alcoholic beverages and specifically distilled spirits and consumed by retaildealers and retail dealers' employees under certain conditions; to establish themethod of measuring distances from existing retail package liquor stores that newretail package liquor stores are permitted to be located; to prohibit the issuance ofstate licenses to businesses to be located in certain areas; to provide for relatedmatters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.History:03/19/2009 - (H) COMMITTEE FAVORABLY REPORTEDHawaiiHI HB 981: Ignition Interlock ImplementationSummary:History:Makes amendments to Hawaii Revised Statutes and Act 171, Session Laws ofHawaii 2008, reflecting recommendations of Ignition Interlock ImplementationTask Force. (HB981 HD2)03/18/2009 - (S) THE COMMITTEE(S) ON SENATE TRANSPORTATIONAND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS RECOMMEND(S) THAT THE MEASUREBE PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. THE VOTES IN SENATETRANSPORTATION AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS WERE AS6

FOLLOWS: 5 AYE(S): SENATOR(S) ENGLISH, GABBARD, ESPERO,NISHIHARA, SLOM; AYE(S) WITH RESERVATIONS: NONE ; 0 NO(ES):NONE; AND 0 EXCUSED: NONE.HI SB 300: RELATING TO INTOXICATING LIQUORSummary:History:Requires liquor licensees with certain classes of licenses to carry liabilityinsurance as a condition of acquiring and renewing a license. Requires liquorliability insurers to notify the county liquor commissions upon a termination,rejection, or nonrenewal of a licensee's coverage. (SD2)03/17/2009 - (H) THE COMMITTEES ON EBM RECOMMEND THAT THEMEASURE BE PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. THE VOTES WERE ASFOLLOWS: 8 AYES: REPRESENTATIVE(S) MCKELVEY, CHOY, EVANS,TOKIOKA, TSUJI, WAKAI, WOOLEY, WARD; AYES WITHRESERVATIONS: NONE; NOES: NONE; AND 2 EXCUSED:REPRESENTATIVE(S) BERG, MANAHAN.HI SB 470: AmendmentsSummary:History:Makes various administrative, technical amendments to the liquor license andliquor tax laws.03/16/2009 - (H) THE COMMITTEES ON HOUSE JUDICIARYRECOMMEND THAT THE MEASURE BE PASSED, UNAMENDED. THEVOTES WERE AS FOLLOWS: 11 AYES: REPRESENTATIVE(S)KARAMATSU, ITO, CABANILLA, HERKES, LUKE, MIZUNO, B. OSHIRO,TSUJI, WAKAI, MARUMOTO, THIELEN; AYES WITH RESERVATIONS:NONE; NOES: NONE; AND 5 EXCUSED: REPRESENTATIVE(S) BELATTI,CARROLL, MCKELVEY, MORITA, SOUKI.HI SB 697: RELATING TO INTOXICATING LIQUORSummary:History:Requires money collected by the liquor commission from fines against licenseesbe used for substance abuse treatment and prevention programs, in addition toliquor educational programs. Changes sentencing for promoting intoxicatingliquor to a person under the age of twenty-one. (SB697 HD1)03/16/2009 - (H) PASSED SECOND READING AS AMENDED IN HD 1 ANDREFERRED TO THE COMMITTEE(S) ON HOUSE CONSUMERPROTECTION AND COMMERCE WITH NONE VOTING NO (0) ANDREPRESENTATIVE(S) CARROLL, TAKAI EXCUSED (2).IdahoID SB 1153: DUI PenaltiesSummary:History:DUI/restricted noncomml drvng prvlg03/18/2009 - (S) REPORTED PRT - TO JUDID HB 99: Grape/Wine Growers commission7

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