Cricket Academy - The Professional Cricketers' Association
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Cricket Academy - The Professional Cricketers' Association

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHCricket Academywww.uwacricketacademy.com1A World Class Facility forthe Professional CricketerBuilding onit’s reputationfor excellenceworldwide

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHIntroductionCricket - a passion - a way of lifeIn the course of a lifetime, almost everyone is positively affected by a transition- someone or something in a life changing way. We believe being part of TheUniversity of Western Australia Cricket Academy could be a defining transition.2QUOTE:“The best workingenvironment in the world.”Building on it’s reputation for excellence UWA is excited about what it can offerto the professional cricketer. It will inspire talented young cricketers to becomeestablished stars of the future; it will add to your enthusiasm to be the best youcan be. Your goal is to have a successful career playing cricket, the UWA CricketAcademy’s aim is to equip you with the skills necessary to enjoy the journey.Amazing things are achieved by those brave enough to change the environment,be open to new influences and take themselves out of their comfort zone.The game won’t change but you can.Sandy GordonPhD, FAPSProfessor, Sport and Exercise PsychologySport PsychologistQUOTE:“Cricket. A game made forPerth.”

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTH“The difference between great and good”3... says Ian Thacker who heads up the new UWA Cricket Academy “is simply being part of anestablished educational icon”You can not beat having quality professionals and a quality cricket environment at your finger tips and onone single site. First of all we offer a structure that makes sure we get things done but then this unique set up can alsooffer the flexibility necessary to respond to the exact needs of the individual cricketer. The fitness and cricket will behard but has to be when you want to see results. It will also be a lot of

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHMy grounding down underExcerpt from Alec Stewart’s autobiography (provided with permission). Taken from Chapter Three;advice given by Alec Stewart to a young Rob Key.“My advice was to do what I did years before which was to go to Perth, Western Australia, and playgrade cricket. It proved to be the making of Robert, as it had been for me. As a proud Englishmen Idon’t like to say this - especially after recent hammerings by Aussie cricketers - but I must admit thatwithout the finishing school provided to me out there, I would not have made the leap to becominga regular England cricketer. There is simply nowhere better in the world to spend an English winter ifyou have serious ambitions about a career in cricket.”“The Australian experience really helped to develop my hard-nosed, never say die attitude to playingcricket, something that all the best players possess.”“They simply can’t accept coming second and in terms of preparation and mental strength, they willdo everything they can to give themselves the best chance of winning. To a teenager like myself onhis first visit to Australia, that was a valuable lesson and it gave me an adavantage over others backhome who were happy just to take time out and lounge around, waiting for April and the start of anew season.”4Forget about...wet wickets, rain stops play,cold hands, bad light, on and off on and

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHMore than just cricket...UWA ExtensionThe UWA Academy offersmany Opportunities ForLearning that can beincluded as part of yourcricket experience:1. Work Skills2. Professional3. Leisure4. Hobbies5. Workshops6. Academic StudyFor full details want you to be involved in more than just cricket. There is much onoffer on campus at the UWA for the Academy cricketer. Make this a timeto develop new skills. You may chose to return to study, involve yourselfin that long awaited hobby or discover yourself in one of our outreachprogrammes. You chose... it is all here ready and waiting. Invest in Yourself.The time to prepare isn’t after you have been given theopportunity. It’s long before that opportunity arises.Once the opportunity arrives, it’s too late to prepare.UWA Academy is part of the faculty Sports Science, Exercise and HealthCoach John Wooden5www.uwacricketacademy.comThe UWA Cricket Academy promises you a positive experience that willbe with you for a lifetime.”

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHOn the OvalCricket• One on OneCoachingbatting, bowling, fielding,keeping• Net Sessions• Centre WicketPractice• Video Analysis• Bio MechanicalTesting• Batex SystemMasterclass inSprint TechniqueThe Coaching TeamA world class coaching team awaits your arrival in Perth. These coaches have been workingwith elite cricketers for many years.Daryl Foster Bob Massie Mike Rindell John

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHPlaying Club Cricket7Club Cricket in Australia is different. It is a MUST HAVE experience for any youngcounty professional that wants to progress.The UWA Cricket Academy will find you a club which you play for at weekends, trainwith during the week and be part of the clubs social

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHFitness DevelopmentThe Cricket MentalToughness Inventory iscomprised of 6 factors• Strength and conditioning training• Boxing circuits• Pilates/yoga• AFFECTIVE• SwimmingINTELLIGENCE• DESIRE TO ACHIEVE• RESILIENCE• ATTENTIONALCONTROL• SELF BELIEF• CRICKET SMARTS• Sprint training• Aerobic beach fitnessONE on ONE Mentoring with the worlds bestMental FitnessThis is a unique opportunity to work closely with Dr Sandy Gordon. For the lastdecade Sandy has become an invaluable mentor to the cricketing greats from thesub continent and Australia. Your mental fitness will be assessed, measured anddeveloped using Sandy’s own mental toughness inventory.Steve Smith has workedwith the IPL since itbegan. First as a fitnesscoach with the DecanCharges and latterlywith the Pune Warriors.Steve is legendary asthe fitness coach toAdam Gilchrist andJustin Langer plus ahost of other

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHAccommodationFOR MORE INFORMATIONCONTACT:Ian ThackerUWA Cricket AcademySports Science, Exercise andHealthM408, 35 Stirling Highway,Crawley, WA 6009E 61 8 6488237061 417185350F 61 8 64881039You may also wish to visitwww.acecricketcoaching.comOn campus accommodation is available to UWA Academy cricketers. Located at the side of the Swan RiverCurrie Hall is under 10 minutes by public transport to either the city or one of the many local beaches. Only ashort walk through the University grounds and historic gardens is James Oval where you start your day.Your accommodation includes 3 buffet style meals offering a healthy range of quality cuisine and plenty ofit. Your single room (with linen and weekly cleaning) has internet access. The college encourages Academycricketers to get involved with the social activities, events and excursions etc and forge friendships withstudents from around the world. There is satellite TV ready and waiting for you to follow the live EPL games.Staying at UWA gives you tremendous value for money as well as one of the best locations in Perth.THE UWA Academy is available fromearly October to the end of March.

SCHOOL OF SPORT SCIENCE, EXERCISE AND HEALTHCricket Academywww.uwacricketacademy.com10

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