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Why ChooseTMDecker ?Delgeo has been providing top quality WPC (Wood PlasticComposite) decking and cladding throughout the USA andEurope since 1997.Our range includes a large choice of natural wood colours,profiles, sizes, surface textures and finishing’s, plus all of ourproducts are designed to endure Australia’s harshest conditions.All of our woods look, smell and handlelike the real thing, but with the addeddurability that only plastic can give toguarantee long lasting enjoyment.Our entire range of composite decking& cladding products*• Require no sanding, staining, oils or varnish;saving costs• Have great UV Protection to reduce fading• Need almost no maintenance; just cleaningto save your time• Uses mostly recycled materials, so areenvironmentally friendly• Are simpler to install than normal wood deckingwith our invisi-clip system• Have a wide choice of colours, finishes and profileswhich are slip resistant• Come completely splinter free and safe for children• Are almost impenetrable to termites and insects• Designed not to warps, so every length is near perfect• Are of the highest quality and extremely competitively pricedDecker solid composites come with a 12year limited home owner warranty, andcan be used in salt water environments*If installed correctly as per our recommendations, under normal conditionsWith the globalisation of wood markets, most of the compositedecking products are imported from other countries whichhave different adaptations towards Australia’s harsh climateconditions. Some are good, but most are bad and will not last.Delgeo Group Pty is an Australian owned company whichmanufacturers its own wood plastics composite (WPC) productssupplying to Australia and around the globe. The company hasa golden rule, that is to design top quality WPC products to besuitable to meet and exceed the rigid Australian standards.Being one of Australia’s few suppliersof wood and plastic composite products,Delgeo can give our customers theadded advantage that if there is anyproblem, they will deal with it locallyunder the guidance of a home-grownprovider that stands behind its productand reputation.TMDecker& DelgeoDecker TM is a product owned by the Delgeo Group. Delgeo isa privately owned company established in 1997. The firm hasoffices in Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.The Delgeo Group is a an environmentally friendlycompany which aims to use recyclable materialswherever possible.

TMDecker &Wood ComparisonDecker WPCWood DeckingMoisture/ MouldingRottingSplittingWarpingFadingMaintenanceLongevityEnvironmental ImpactDecker Composite DeckingWater resistantTermite resistantNo cracksMinimum contraction & expansion of WPCMinimal fading with UV protectionHardly any maintenance requiredWPC can last a lifetime with correct installationMostly recycled, great for the environmentWood DeckingWater absorption & mould likely to occurSpecial treatment requiredCracking occurs during weatheringDistortion due to varying temperature & moisture levelsSubstantial fading occursRequires seasonal staining, sealing or paintingTypically less than 3-5 years unless maintainedInvolves desecration of forestsOur Decker TMWPC decking and cladding is made uppredominantly of recycled plastic and wood chip materials.Decker uses approximately 60% wood fibres and 40% highdensity polyethylene (HDPE) plastics.These components are fused together with a special mix ofadditives to enhance the boards UV protection and longevity.There is no need to add paint, oils or stains because of thechemical stabilizers; which make our products resistant to mould,weathering, termites and warping. Thus, the maintenance costswill be substantially lower since the product is durable and longlasting for years without costly annual maintenance.The most important factor of our WPC products are thewood and plastic mix we use in the production processcombined with the chemical additives to create a farstronger and more durable WPC product than most ofour competitors.Maintenance90% less than normal timbersMaintenance Factors when consideringWPC against standard wooden decks!The maintenance of wood decking can be time consuming and costly.According to Australian decking experts, timber maintenanceis required every 6-12 months to ensure the durable and longlasting quality appearance of the wood decking.Required Tools and Expenditure• Pad applicator, brushes/rollers, sand paper and turps• Drop sheets for pathway protection, plants and furniture• Drum Sander for rental (if necessary for larger areas)• Safety equipment like gloves, face masks & safety glassesThe activities required are many and include;• Cleaning and sanding• Punching loose nails and filling• Removal of the old wood finishes• Many, many hours of staining, painting & oilingwith drying time being allowedMaintenance of a non-wpc wooden deck is expensive, timeconsuming and does not typically look as good, when comparedto composite decks.Typically, Decker TM WPC decks payfor themselves within 12 months.Materials Expenditure (varies on the conditions of the deck)• Cleaner • Mould Remover • Wood Preservatives• Decking Oils • Decking Stains • Deck PaintsA typical timber deck requires on average 32% moretime to install and finish than composite decks **2009 Decking Council Report. If fitted by accredited composite installer.

HomeOwnersDecker TM composite decking should definitely be your first choice,especially if you are looking for a building material that has bothaesthetics and longevity. While hardwood may definitely look asgood on your deck, nothing beats the durability that a good woodcomposite will afford you.As a matter of fact, there is more than one reason why homeownerswhom are looking to remodel or rebuild their decks should considerthis material.First, wood composite decking will help you save money overtime. Most people turn down using wood composite for theirbuilding chores mostly because they are typically more expensivethan natural woods. Comparing the price of the two will totallybe misleading. The initial costs of wood composite is typicallymore expensive than that of natural wood, but since it is almostmaintenance free, you don’t have to spend anything on it again.As if these are not enough reasons, wood composite decking isknown in the construction industry as one of the materials thatonly gets better with time. Believe it or not, this material canundergo even the most extreme weather changes without splittingor splintering. Because of this, you are ensured to have thesame look and feel to your deck even years after the installation.Finally, Decker TM is very user friendly. In addition to requiring verylittle maintenance, it is a low risk building material. It does notchange temperature drastically because of the plastic fibres mixedin with the wood* and will not splinter easily, but most importantly,Decker TM composites will not require the hours of maintenance thata typical wooden deck usually requires, so...This is not the case for wood, which requires at least annualcleaning and repainting. Count the durability factor in, and youwill surely have a winner with Decker TM .Next, Decker TMdecking is perhaps the building material that iseasiest to install. Because composites are specifically designed fordeck-building, very little work and conditioning will be required.Composites are also the mostenvironmentally friendly buildingmaterials used today. Decker ismade from recycled wood’s andplastic, which means no needto cut down trees.Also, wood preservatives are not used during the installation, sothis eliminates the chances that it will damage the groundwaterand the soil around the area of the house.Aesthetically, Decker TMcomposites have the most consistentappearance. There will be no more need to think about peskyknotholes that are often present in natural wood. There will be noneed to arrange your deck in such a way that the imperfections willbe hidden because, guess what, there won’t be any.Sit back, relax and enjoy yournew Decker TMbackyard paradise.*Please be aware that composites are not unlike any other surface whenthe sun hits them. Composites will heat up in the same way woods,concrete and tiles will, with darker colours being more affected thanlighter colours.Please be aware that damage and stains can still occur if not looked afterproperly.

EnvironmentallyConsciousBecoming Environmentally ResponsibleDecker TM is one of the most environmentally friendly choices youhave for a quality decking solution. Limited choices betweensoftwoods and hardwoods that require repetitive treatmentilluminates the fact that Decker is your best environmentallyfriendly choice.No Logging Or DeforestationDecker TM is a conscience-warming solution to illegal and legaldeforestation of hardwood trees currently destroying thenatural environment and animal habitats worldwide.In addition, there is a significant increasing pressure from thecommunity demanding for businesses trading timber to providean environmentally friendly product.Choose your timber composite carefully as many other brandsuse virgin plastics and a portion of reclaimed wood. This resultsin poor quality wood/plastic composite products.Eliminate The Wasteful Repair & Replace CycleDecker TM is designed not to splinter, warp or fade as traditionaldecking timbers do. This dramatically reduces the wastefulcycle of repair and replacement and eliminates the ritualisticapplication of paint, sealers and stains which are generallynasty to the environment.Packaging & Other Environmental EffortsUsing sustainable materials and green manufacturing processesis a policy that touches everything we do; even our packaging ismade from recycled plastics.Usage Of Recycled, Sustainable Raw MaterialsDecker TMis made from nearly 100% recycled materials. Thematerial is about 40% plastic, and around 60% reclaimedwood fibres. Our manufacturing process keeps thousands oftons of wood and plastic scrap out of landfills every year, whiledelivering our customers quality decking products that are notonly stylish and durable, but also environmentally responsible.No Trees are Cut DownOur wood comes from reclaimed wood waste of the woodworkingindustries. Our recycled high-density polyethylene(HDPE) comes from various plastic production factories thatwould otherwise be creating huge volumes of waste plastic.Affordable Eco-Friendly SolutionYou don’t need to pay a premium to be environmentallyresponsible. Typically eco-friendly products have beencomparatively expensive to their non-eco alternatives.Particularly in the building industry, eco-products have beenperceived to lack in function, value and quality… not anymore.By making our products affordable to most people, we makean impact by providing sustainable solutions that have a longterm impact.

Product RangeColour & FinishesD1. Mountain Ash (Sand) D2. Red Gum (Reddish Brown)Brushed Embossed Tooth Brushed Embossed ToothD3. Spotted Gum (Dark Brown) D4. Iron Bark (Dark Grey)Brushed Embossed Tooth Brushed Embossed ToothDecker’s standard colours are the result of much research withour commercial and residential customers. There are fourmain colours available across the products, and three differentfinishes as shown above. In addition some products suchas balustrades and joists for example, are also available in acompletely smooth finish.Each finish has its own benefit. For example, the brushed finishcan be repaired more easily, whereas embossed is less likely toscratch, and tooth has great slip resistance.The finishes represent different timber finishes and as such arevery realistic when installed. Unlike some other products in thismarket, Decker’s is coloured all the way through so the productcan be sawn, drilled or planed whilst still keeping naturalappearance and colourfastness.Please check the individual product descriptions foravailability of finishes.Colours shown are representative only and may vary in the final productreceived. Please be aware that if exposed to sunlight, fading will occur inthe first three months - colour change is typically up to a 20% fade and willmake the composite appear more like a natural wood.

Product RangeDecker TM Solid DeckingStandard Size (mm): 140 x 25 x 2200 / 2900Standard Finish: Brushed and EmbossedStandard Colours: D1, D2, D3, D4Decker TMSolid Decking is wider and thicker than most of ourcompetitors for added durability and strength. The decking boardscan be face fixed or fixed invisibly using our invisi-clip system.Covered by our home owner 12 year limited warranty.Other profiles, finishes, colours and sizes are availablesubject to minimum orders.*Also available without clip channels.Decker TM Hollow DeckingStandard Size (mm): 145 x 25 x 2200 / 2900Standard Finish: Embossed and ToothStandard Colours: D1, D2, D3, D4Decker TM Hollow Decking uses less materials whilst maintainingthe same appearance. It has a slightly lower load bearingcapacity and has a shorter 3 year limited warranty, althoughcomes at a much more economical cost.Decker TM Decking FitmentsOur protected Decker TMinvisi-clip system allows the boards tobe fitted without screwing or nailing the actual boards. Theboards are slotted together, then fixed using the stainless steelor plastic invisi-clips.Decker TM Deck EdgingStandard Size (mm): 40 x 35 x 2900Standard Finish: BrushedStandard Colours: D1, D2, D3, D4Decker TM also manufacture and supply edging strips available inall colour finishes to perfectly finish off the edges of your decking.Decker TM Interlocking Floor TilesStandard Size: 300mm x 300mm x 29mmStandard Finish: As per tile shownStandard Colours: D1, D2, D3, D4If you’re looking for a movable flooring solution for marquees,parties or rental homes, Decker TM have the answer. Our tiles simplyclip together in seconds and have a built in joist system to allowdrainage.

Commercial GradeLoad Operating CompositesDecker TMhas been built off the back of our large commercialdecking implementations and still owns a large share of theinternational market. Decker TM has factories in Australasia, Europeand the USA that are able to deliver large scale productionglobally onsite, typically within 6 weeks.As standard Decker TM offer the following high strength commercialgrade product’s.LOC Decking BoardStandard Size (mm): 140 x 35 or 150 x 50Standard lengths: 2.9mtr, 5.4mStandard Finish: Brushed, Embossed or ToothStandard Colours: D1, D2, D3, D4* Embossed 140 x 35 shownLOC Stair TreadsStandard Size (mm): To SpecificationStandard Finish: Brushed, Embossed or ToothStandard Colours: D1, D2, D3, D4Decker TM can also create new profiles, sizes and styles foryour own project requirements. Please contact Decker TMfor details.Basic Decking Fixing SpecificationsIf you are considering natural woods or any othercomposites, please make sure you compare like for likewhen considering Decker. In particular look at the widthand thicknesses of the planks, as these dramatically affectthe longevity of the product!It is essential that you obtain and adhere to theDecker fixing instructions prior to installation for yourwarranty or any other claim to be considered.Decker recommends you try to always install decking boards ofless than 3m for handling ease and this allows you to keep the endgaps of the boards at a minimal size for expansion. In addition tothe above basic requirements that must be met for installation, itis always vital to have adequate ventilation from the ground, theminimum is always 50mm and more in certain cases. Please referto our full fitting instructions for spacing of boards, ventilation,water staining considerations, and other pertinent information.

Why Use Delgeo?• We have been providing plastic composites globally since 1997.• We pride ourselves on high levels of customer service.• Commercial clients are the most demanding, yet we haveserviced some of the largest governments and blue chipcorporations with a 92% customer retention rate for qualityand reputation.• Our logistics partners will deliver your Decker TM compositesanywhere in Australia typically within 7 days.• Our 12 year limited home warranty applies to all of oursolid products (subject to terms and conditions) and is backedby a company of good financial standing.• We have never had any claim for major warranty failure.• Decker TM composites are designed for Australia’s harshclimates with high levels of UV protection and waterabsorption protection (for rot prevention) built in.• You can rest assured, unlike with wood or other competitors,that once Decker TM is installed – it is worry free!• Delgeo cares about our customers, the environment and our staff.• You can buy direct from us, or through our appointed agents.• We will send you samples to test colours and qualityin your own visit online for further fitting,installation and care instructions as well as information on the 12year limited home owner’s warranty.Our price promise - We will aim to beat any comparablecomposite product, should you ever find we are notcompetitive!Decker TM is trademark of Delgeo Pty ltd.C Delgeo Pty ltd. All rights reservedNote. All claims made in this brochure refer only to Decker TM productsmentioned in the brochure. Warranty will only apply to boards fixed as perthe appropriate Decker TM Installation and care instructions.Our DeckerComposites;• Require no sanding, staining, oils or varnish• Have great UV Protection to reduce fading• Need almost no maintenance• Uses nearly 100% recycled materials• Are simpler to install than normal wood timbers• Have a wide choice of colours, finishes and profiles• Come completely splinter free and safe for children• Are almost impenetrable to termites and insects• Are designed not to warps, so every length is near perfect• Are of the highest quality and extremely competitively priced• Solids can be used in wet and saltwater environmentsColours in brochure may vary to actual product. Sizes of each board mayvary slightly in length & width and may have non-square ends due to manualcutting processes. All trading is completed in Australia through DelgeoGroup Pty Ltd, ABN 52 143 940 612


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