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Chapter 1 - Introduction.pdf - Enviro Dynamics Namibia

Chapter 1 - Introduction.pdf - Enviro Dynamics Namibia


E N V I R O N M E N T A L I M P A C T A S S E S S M E N T R E P O R TD r e d g i n g o f m a r i n e p h o s p h a t e s f r o m M L 1 7 0C h a p t e r 1 : I n t r o d u c t i o nTable 1.1:Marine Project EIA Team.Project CoordinationMr. Jeremy Midgley J Midgley and Associates Project ManagerSpecialist Environmental ConsultantsMr. Dave Japp Capricorn Fisheries Monitoring Marine faunaDr. Robin Carter Lwandle Technologies Water columnDr. Nina Steffani Steffani Environmental Benthic faunaProf. Mark GibbonsUniversity of the Western Cape. Dept. of JellyfishBiodiversity and Conservation Biology.Public Participation ProcessMrs. Stephanie van Zyl Enviro Dynamics Public ConsultationClient contributionDr. Charles Morrison NMP GeologyMr. Michael Woodborne NMP Project descriptionMr. Roger Daniel NMP Project descriptionDredging ContractorMr. Jan Fordeyn Jan De Nul Vessel and dredgingOther ConsultantsMr. Hans Smit IHC Marine & Minerals Projects Mining systemsMr. John Sinden JSA GeochemistryProf. John ComptonUniversity of Cape Town. Dept. GeologicalSciencesMineralogy andGeochemistryDr. Michael Baker Bateman Advanced Technologies Beneficiation &GeochemistryIndependent ReviewMr. Patrick Morant CSIR Independent reviewer1.7 STRUCTURE OF THE REPORTThe report is prepared as a suite of eight chapters, with three supporting appendices. Thesechapters and appendices support, describe, evaluate, and where necessary provide mitigation andmonitoring requirements in order that the proposed project may be appropriately evaluated. Thereport structure is:Cover and SummaryProvides a summary of the report.Chapter 1: IntroductionProvides detail on the project location, contextualises the scope of the marine and terrestrialcomponents of the project EIAs, details the terms of reference for the marine EIA-EMPR and liststhe contributing project team members.Chapter 2: Legislation & PolicyProvides a listing and a brief assessment of the relevant of the legislation that the project isrequired to consider. This includes national, international and corporate legal requirements.Draft ReportNamibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd.Page 1-7

E N V I R O N M E N T A L I M P A C T A S S E S S M E N T R E P O R TD r e d g i n g o f m a r i n e p h o s p h a t e s f r o m M L 1 7 0C h a p t e r 1 : I n t r o d u c t i o nChapter 3: Project DescriptionProvides details of the project including the characterisation of the deposit, the dredging process,the scale of dredging and general vessel (including support vessel) operations.Chapter 4: The Affected EnvironmentProvides an overview of the biophysical environment that may be impacted by the activities of theproject.Chapter 5: Socio-economicsProvides a brief overview of the socio-economic aspects of the project 5 .Chapter 6: Public ConsultationProvides an overview of the public consultation process that is reported in full in the marinecomponent Scoping Report, submitted to MET, 15 December 2011. 6Chapter 7: Assessment of the Environmental ImpactsProvides a description of the method used to evaluate the significance of the potential impacts,and an evaluation of these potential impacts using information from the studies conducted by theSpecialist Consultants. Recommendations for management and mitigation are also presented inthis chapter.Chapter 8: Environmental Management PlanProvides an overview of the management and mitigation measures that are to be undertaken tosupport this project.Appendix 1Provides the full reports prepared by each of the specialist consultants, who addressed; marinevertebrate fauna, fish and fisheries; water column chemistry and dynamics; benthic fauna andjellyfish.Appendix 2Provides copies of project supporting documentation.Appendix 3Provides the independent review of this EIA-EMPR by the external reviewing party.ReferencesThese are presented at the end of each of the chapters, or in some instance by footnotes. Thereference lists for the Specialists Consultants’ investigations are listed at the ends of theirrespective reports.5 A full review of the socio-economic considerations is presented in the Terrestrial Component EIA-EMPR.6 The full marine component scoping report can be viewed on the web site: https://www.envirod.comDraft ReportNamibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd.Page 1-8

chapter 1. introduction - Enviro Dynamics Namibia
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Chapter 1 - Introduction.pdf
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