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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityGarage Seal Coat, $125,000. This project will fund for the sealing of the top deck at GaragesA, B, and C. These treatments are needed in order to prevent damage caused by snowtreatment chemicals and to prevent calcium deposits on vehicles on the lower deck.Utility SystemsElectronic Information Modification, $4,425,000. This project upgrades several electronicsystems in Terminal B/C that are no longer supported by the manufacturer or no longer underwarranty. These systems include electronics used to operate the MUFIDS, public addresssystem, and the master clock. This project will fund the purchase of 437 LCD monitors toreplace the existing CRT in the public and gate areas and Digital Data Controllers (DDC).Radio Communication Fiber Link, $175,000. This project establishes a fiber link between theAirports Authority's 800 MHz radio system and the Arlington County public safety system sothat county mutual aid responders are able to communicate within the terminal areas. Theexisting county signal does not penetrate into the terminals.Utility Meter Automation, $100,000. This project will replace manual processing with anautomated utility metering system at the Airport and tenant facilities. The project includes astudy, purchase of meter equipment and software, as well as partial implementation.Cable TV Head-End Replacement, $100,000. This project will replace existing cable TVhead-end equipment with new hardware. The new system will create increased TV channelcapacity and enhance distribution.800 MHz Licensing Support, $145,000. This funding provides licensing assistance supportservice that interprets regulatory issues between the Airports Authority and FederalCommunications Commission (FCC). Such regulatory issues include compliance totransmission frequencies from the FCC environment and the personalities within thestructure.Public Safety Command Vehicle Radio Upgrade, $65,000. This project will upgrade radioequipment in the mobile Public Safety Command Vehicle.Radio Projects & Miscellaneous Upgrades, $315,000. The radio communications systemrequires equipment upgrades, software/hardware upgrades, and system support to functionefficiently and reliably.Public Safety Replacement Radios, $75,000. Replacement radios for Police, Fire and Opswill be purchased. The existing radios have reached their useful life and/or additionalequipment is needed to meet department requirements.Tysons Corner Site Radio Capacity Expansion, $75,000. This project is required to providethe Airports Authority’s 800MHz Radio System with sufficient capacity to accommodateincreased radio usage expected along the Dulles Access Corridor.124

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityReplace Non-Public Safety Radios, $150,000. Legacy 800MHz radios(mobile/portable/desktop) need to be replaced when they no longer work properly. Theseradios are up to 12 years old and the Motorola service-maintenance will no longer supportthem after December 30, 2010. This is part of a 5-year plan to replace approximately 1,000radios.New Airports Authority Radio Requirements, $50,000. These funds will be used to purchase22 radios (portable/mobile) for the Police/Fire, and Operations and MaintenanceDepartments.Communications Facilities and Equipment System Integration, $898,000. Communicationfacilities, equipment, and system integration are needed to support the Airport’scommunication requirements. This includes construction of duct banks, purchase of switches,connectivity for data transmission, premises distribution systems, and other equipment asidentified in the comprehensive communications plan.South Sewer Pump House Rehabilitation, $250,000. This multiple year project rehabilitatesthe South Sewer Pump House (SSPH). Phase I will include a study to determine both shortand long term projects to improve reliability and efficiency of the system as well as replacepumps and motors. Failure of the SSPH could lead to the discharge of raw sewage intoTerminals A, B, & C.Data Network Intrusion Detection System, $215,000. This project enhances the security ofthe data network and is part of an IT Security Strategic Initiative that identifies vulnerabilities.This project funds for the installation and tuning of additional Intrusion Detection System(IDS) sensor devices across the Airports Authority data network. IDS monitors networkactivity for malicious activity, policy violations and stops or mitigates these activities. Thisphased program will implement 10 sensors a year for five years totaling 50 sensors systemwide.Replace End-of-Life Storage Area Networks (SANs), $250,000. SANs store most AirportsAuthority data on network and shared drives and are needed for continuity of IT operations.The new SANs ensure data safety and security. The project will procure and install twoSANs, one each at Reagan National and Dulles International, to replace the existing units.The existing units have reached their End-of-Life and will no longer be supported by themanufacturer warranty after January 2012.Radio System UPS Replacement Program, $60,000. To maintain continuity and reliability ofthe Public Safety radio system, the older Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) must bereplaced. They are no longer covered under the manufacturer's warranty. This projectreplaces approximately 3 UPS systems in strategic areas of the radio system (Tysons CornerRadio site, Dulles International Ramp Tower, Dulles International Radio NOC). These unitshave exceeded their useful life. This is part of a multi-year program to replace 15 units.Supplemental Radiation System (SRS) Upgrade, $65,000. To maintain continuity andreliability of the Public Safety radio system, end-of-life SRS components must be replaced.125

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