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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authority2011 Parking Operations Shuttle Busses (4), $1,600,000. This project funds the replacementof four shuttle busses in support of parking operations.Public Safety – Mobile Command Post Vehicle, $1,200,000. This vehicle will be used as aMobile Command Post and back up to the Public Safety Communications Center.Maintenance Services Agreement PSCC, $180,000. This project will fund the extension ofexpiring service contracts needed to support proprietary and licensed equipment.Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, $20,000. This project will fund the installation of ElectricVehicle Recharging Stations at Reagan National.Fire Utility Vehicle, $162,000. This project will fund the replacement of Fire/Life Safetyequipment.Baggage System & PLB Equipment Terminal A (Delta), $400,000. This project fund therepair of the Delta baggage system. Funds were provided by Delta for the repair of thesystem.Public Safety Communication Center (PSCC) Supplemental HVAC, $150,000. This projectwill fund for a dedicated 20 ton air handling unit and install the necessary duct work to supplycool air to the dispatch area in the PSCC.Dedicated Fire System/Domestic Water - Williams Hydrant, $40,000. This project will fund theinstallation of needed infrastructure to support special firefighting equipment at the airport fuelfarm. This new equipment facilitates supplemental fire suppression capability consistent withother airports.Safety Management Systems (SMS) Plan, $150,000. This project supports the plan, designand implementation of a SMS, which will be a FAA requirement by end of year 2012.Recycling Containers, $100,000. This project will fund the purchase of 25 additionalrecycling stations for pre-security terminal locations.2012 Reagan National Equipment, $1,320,000. These funds will be used to purchase criticalcapital equipment and complete facility repair projects.Public Safety – Vehicles (2), $60,000. This project will fundthe purchase of replacementpublic safety vehicles in support of Ronald Regan public safety operations.Passenger Shuttle Buses (4), $1,600,000. This project will fund for the phased replacementof the aging fleet of Van Hool shuttle buses. This first phase of will fund for the procurementof 4 CNG buses.Talking Bus Equipment Replacement, $80,000. This project will replace the "talking bus"equipment in the Van Hool Buses.130

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityTruck, One-ton pickup, 4-wheel drive, (Diesel), $57,500. This project will fund for theprocurement of a pickup truck.Minivan, $35,000. This project will fund the purchase of a pickup truck.Truck, 3/4-ton pickup, 4-wheel drive, (Diesel), $80,000.procurement of two pickup trucks.This project will fund theCurbside Signage for Taxi Dispatch Operation, $100,000. This project will fund the curbsidesignage for the taxi dispatch operation. This signage will alert passengers to prevailingconditions with taxi availability.131

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