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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityNew Facility Startup, $4,700,000. These funds will provide the resources necessary toaccomplish the integration of newly-constructed facilities into existing operational systems.This multi-year program will provide a contingency source of funds for critical items outsidethe scope of CCP projects. The program will also provide for critical repairs to items whichare discovered late in the turnover process or after start-up. The requested amount isapproximately two percent of the amount of construction.Transportation Security Agency (TSA) Offices, $240,000. This project relates to TSA facilityfit-out for the two side-by-side Lost and Found Offices in the Main Terminal.Fueling Station Improvements - Shop 2, $1,200,000. The existing canopy over the fuel tankswill be demolished and replaced with a new canopy and catwalks.Buy-out of Airports Authority Permitted Space-Concourse B/Z, $1,100,000. Funds therelocation of displaced airline tenants to accommodate support services at the new gateareas.Buy-out and Enhancement of Taxicab Lounge and Operations Building, $600,000. Thisproject will provide funding to buy-out the unamortized amount of the taxicab lounge andoperations building from its current operator and also fund various improvements to thisfacility.Improvements to the Supplemental Radiating Systems (SRS), $300,000. This project fundsfor the maintenance and preservation of the SRS systems for both airport campuses. Thisproject will install SRS systems in the four main office buildings on Aviation Drive to meetPublic Safety radio communications standards.ARFF Station 303 Access Improvements, $387,500. This project will address roadwayimprovements on Rudder Road and Autopilot Drive to reduce accidents and maintainresponse times at ARFF Station 303. Station 303 is currently constrained by increased trafficand accidents.Buy-out of Airports Authority Airline Permitted Space-Concourse B/D, $500,000. This projectfunds the relocation of displaced airline tenants to accommodate support services at the newgate areas.Hydrant Fuel Piping Cathodic Protection Life Extension, $100,000. This project will extendthe life of the existing cathodic protection system on the high pressure underground carbonsteel fuel piping system.New Facility Startup & Fitout, $4,000,000. This multi-year program provides a contingencysource from which funds can be drawn for critical items outside the scope of CCP projects,and for critical repairs to items that are identified in the turnover process or after start-up. In2012 projects will be in support of the International Arrivals Building and South BaggageBasement.134

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityElevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks Rehabilitation, $590,500. This multi-year projectwill fund the rehabilitation of aging conveyance system units per the Original EquipmentManufacturer (OEM) requirements.Capital Equipment and Facility Projects, $3,000,000. Includes funding various capital facilityprojects.Shop 3 Equipment Maintenance Building Expansion, $695,000. This project expands theexisting Shop 3 complex by adding a 40’ wide drive-through work bay to the east end of thebuilding. This expansion will support the additional multi-functional airfield snow removalequipment required for the 4th Runway complex.Cooling Tower Basins Rehabilitation, Utility Building, $400,000. Project will replace damagedwater proofing membrane in four cooling tower basins at the Utility Bldg.Vehicle Storage Building Conversion to Vehicle Maintenance Building Shop, $695,000.Project funds the modification of Vehicle Storage Building # 3245 to a vehicle maintenancefacility to support the maintenance of snow removal equipment in support of the 4th Runwaycomplex.Salt/Sand Facility Rehabilitation – Corrosion Issues, $400,000. This project funds forcorrosion rehabilitation within the Salt/Sand Facility. Work will entail the rehabilitation orreplacement of structural, electrical, ventilation, and safety components that have oxidizedwithin the facility.MUFIDS Installation, Main Terminal, $450,000. Project installs 2 LCD MUFIDS displayingdeparture information on the ticketing level of the terminal. These MUFID banks will be inline with the east and west escalators.Expansion Joint & Terrazzo Replacement Main Terminal, Ticketing Level, $1,560,000.Replace existing expansion joint material on the east and west ends of the Main Terminalnear the ticketing level escalators; Joints are located where original Main Terminal and MainTerminal expansion meet; cracks and depressions have developed along joints. Depressionsand compression of the joint have buckled surrounding terrazzo and caused trip hazards.Carpet Replacement, $510,000. This project replaces carpet in Temporary Mobile LoungeDocks at the Main Terminal, Mobile Lounge Docks in Concourses A & B, Jet BridgesConcourse A & B and grey wall carpet in Plane-Mates.Hourly Parking Lot Building, $250,000. This project will fund the design to replacement of theexisting Hourly Parking Lot Building. It is required that the building reside in close proximityto the exit plaza which is in the historic core at Washington Dulles International Airport (perthe Design Manual). The project also required additional utilities to service the building.135

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