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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityReplace Cisco IT Line Modules, $90,000. Replace all Cisco line modules that have reachedend-of-life and no longer supported by manufacturer's warranty. The line modules providenetwork connection for users to all network resources like internet, email, Ere FP, etc.Locations are in computer rooms and communication closets. Part of a two year program toreplace 45 - 50 units per year for a total of 90 - 100 units. On January 2011 these systemsreach EOL at which time they are no longer supported by the manufacturer.Replace Servers, $250,000. This multi-year project will replace 50 of 500 servers that havereached end-of-life and no longer supported by the manufacturer. These servers provideaccess to production data including email, application data, and file servers.HVAC Improvements (Shop 1 and Vehicle Body Shop), $750,000. This project will installnew air handling units with energy recovery and new chilled water piping that will tie-in to thecentral cooling plant.Roof Top Unit (RTU) Replacement Program, $250,000. This multi-phase project will replaceold or damaged RTUs at various locations around the airport. These locations includeConcourse A, Joint Police-Fire Facility, Commissary Building, Shops & Warehouse Building,West Parking Garage, Office of Valet Check-in, and Daily Garages 1 & 2.Safety Management Systems (SMS) Plan, $150,000. This project supports the plan, designand implementation of a SMS which will be a FAA requirement by end of year 2012.Security Improvements Access Control (Istar and Biometrics), $350,000. This multi-phaseproject will support the Airports transition to a new security access technology. The existingsystem is at capacity due to the increasing numbers of badge holders. This new system willprovide more capacity and provides a platform for more advanced access controlapplications.Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) Switch Replacement Program, $125,000. This multi-yearproject will replace switches that have or will shortly reach end-of-life. Funds in 2012 will beused to replace approximately seven switches. Approximately 14 additional switches willneed to be replaced through 2014.Upgrade Local Area Network (LAN) Backbone, $175,000. This project upgrades LAN systemswitches to 10Gb speed to accommodate increased data and security requirements. Thisproject will match server capacity with LAN capacity.Improvements to the Supplemental Radiating Systems (SRS), $150,000. This project fundsthe expansion of the SRS systems for both Airport campuses. This year's funding will installSRS systems in the four main office buildings on Aviation Drive.Optical Cable (OC)-48 Bandwidth Upgrade Between IAD and DCA , $35,000. This projectwill upgrade current OC-12 between DCA and IAD to an OC-48. This upgrade requireshardware/software upgrades at four locations. The existing OC-12 is reaching capacity and140

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authorityadditional bandwidth is needed to accommodate ERP, security feeds, and data and voicebetween campuses.Compliance with New FCC Mandatory Narrowband Radio Requirements, $100,000. TheFCC's narrow banding initiative requires legacy UHF/VHF radio systems to migrate tonarrowband technology (12.5kHz). This project will transition the radios used for theMWAA's shuttle bus and parking garage operations.Telecommunications Battery Back Up Replacement, $115,000. The current private branchexchange battery backup system has reached end-of-life and is no longer serviced by themanufacturer or covered under warranty. There are ten battery plants at IAD and two atDCA. This project will replace battery backup systems that are located at varioustelecommunications switches. The switches must be operational during a power outage ortelecommunications will be lost.Concourse C/D HVAC Building Automation System (BAS) Network, $300,000. This multiyearproject will include RS-232 BACnet network connections to Concourse C/D Roof-top airhandling unit’s controllers, VAV terminal boxes and energy meters. The initial phase of thisproject will network 35-40 of the 105 select RTU units serving a few of the most importanttenant areas and provide network BAS (Building Automation System) connections that willallow greater monitoring and control capability.Radio System UPS Replacement Program, $60,000. UPS systems are used to in strategicareas of the radio system to power equipment in the event of power failure from the grid.This project is part of a phased program to replace UPS systems at both airport campusesand Tyson’s Corner. The UPS's have reached end-of-life and exhibited failure symptoms.They are no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty or service agreement.Supplemental Radiation System (SRS) Major Component Replacement Program, $65,000.The SRS provides in-building radio coverage and runs throughout the interiors of buildings,terminals, and concourses at both campuses. Its components include antenna, radiatingcoax, amplifiers, and headend equipment. When these components reach their useful life,they are no longer supported by the manufacturer or warranty and need to be replaced. Thisproject is part of a multi-year program that will end in 2015 to upgrade the critical systemcomponents.OtherPlanning/Programming Studies, $1,410,000. This project provides funding for planning andprogramming related to facilities rehabilitation, reuse, or expansion anticipated to be of aCOMIP scale or content.Commercial Program Investments, $2,417,000. This project will fund commercial programinitiatives that help increase the value of Airport facilities. Some of the initiatives include:retail, food and beverage facility improvements, installation of commercial signage, purchaseof advertising dioramas, and other initiatives.141

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