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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthoritySnow Removal Program, $14,095,000. This project provides funding for snow removalrequirements, excluding personnel related costs, during extraordinary snow events.Environmental Compliance Program, $2,445,000. These funds will be used to continue anongoing environmental management program. The statutory requirements, which areregulated by federal and state agencies, stipulate that the Airports Authority permit, update,monitor and assess environmental impacts. The following compliance programs areincluded: water quality, deicing/anti-icing runoff, pollution prevention,underground/aboveground storage tanks, energy initiatives and air quality.Automated Vehicle ID - System Development, $400,000. This project will provide the systemdevelopment, hardware and software for AVI to be implemented with CCP projects on ArianeWay and the commercial curb.Airports Authority Network Security System Upgrade, $435,000. This project will study,acquire, and implement network security upgrades to protect the Airports Authority's systemsand data to ensure system availability and integrity. The upgrades include systemmanagement tools, technical monitoring, and detection and control tools. The securitycapabilities include internal firewalls, log and internet access monitoring.2006 Equipment, and Facility Repair and Maintenance Projects, $2,750,000. This fundingsupports the airport's capital and operating programs. The program includes the purchase ofrequired maintenance equipment, and completion of major and minor facility repairs.2006 Consolidated Functions (CF) Capital Equipment, $99,000. This funding will pay forreplacement of capital equipment located at the Consolidated Offices.Energy Assistance Program, $600,000. The impact of unforeseen natural disasters resultedin higher utility and fuel costs. This funding will provide contingency in the event theOperation and Maintenance Budget is not sufficient.Gate 317 Security Improvements $900,000. After the security improvement evaluation studyat Gate 317, various physical security enhancements such as bollards, pop-up barriers, andarrestor cables in the adjacent perimeter fence will be installed.Airport Access Control Systems (Lock/Key Replacement), $190,000. All keys at the Airportwill be replaced in compliance with TSA Part 49 CFR 152.207 (Airport Security-AccessControl Systems) regulation.Operation Command Center Modifications $530,000. The existing space in the OperationsCommand Center located in Concourse B will be reconfigured to accommodate new systemsand equipment.2007 Public Safety Capital Equipment, $323,000. The funds will purchase replacementcapital equipment including police vehicles and medical units in support of DullesInternational’s Public Safety operation.142

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityInformation Technology Systems Enhancements, $600,000. Funding supports the variousinformation systems and technology equipment purchases to maintain and develop a safe,secure, and efficient information technology infrastructure.Card Reader Installation, $300,000. This multi-year project will install 140 card readers on allmechanical, electrical and communication rooms. The completion of this project will controlthe access to the rooms for safety and security reasons by eliminating the issuance of keys,eliminating code violations due to materials left by contractors blocking electric and servicepanels, and eliminating unauthorized use of these spaces as break rooms.Security, $250,000. This project funds operational security systems.2008 Capital Equipment and Facility Repair Projects, $3,011,500. These funds will be usedto fund critical facility projects and equipment.Arts Program, $425,000. This project will establish the Arts Master Plan and ArchivalProgram for Dulles International.ARFF Vehicle, $900,000. This equipment will replace the 1989 ARFF vehicle, Foam 356.AeroTrain Support, $9,400,000. These funds will be used for operating costs of theAeroTrain.Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Study, $100,000. This project will fund the study and theidentification of the Flash Protection Boundaries and the establishment of the maximumhazard/risk categories for Dulles International’s electrical power distribution system. Thestudy will also specify personal protective equipment needed at each location in accordancewith National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA).2009 Public Safety Capital Equipment & Facility Projects, $2,000,000. Funding for thisproject will support the Airport's capital and operating programs. The program includes thepurchase of required maintenance equipment, and the completion of major and minor facilityrepairs.Collateral Land Support, $500,000. This project provides funding for consultant services forthe collateral land effort.Equal Opportunity Program Business Diversity Program, $194,500. The Equal OpportunityProgram (EOP) contracts for a broad range of on-site business diversity support servicessuch as: DBE/LDBE pre and post award compliance/monitoring; certification and applicationreview; data management; business research; planning; and outreach.Air Service Incentive Program, $5,000,000. The Air Service Incentive Program will bedeveloped to encourage new non-stop air service at Dulles International for qualifying aircarriers.143

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