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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityParking Revenue Control System Replacement, $7,290,000. This project includes thereplacement of the existing parking revenue control system with a system that includesenhanced security encryption to satisfy outside financial and credit industry standards.Utility SystemsRadio Program Enhancements, $1,375,000. This project will provide enhancements to the800MHz radio system. The following are included: new tower site selection and construction,additional talk channels, purchase of elite dispatch consoles, system management terminaland software, and other improvements.Connect North Hangars to Chilled Water, $1,181,000. This project will connect Hangars 11and 12 to the chilled water cooling system provided by the Boiler/Chiller Plant. It is part of anincremental program to improve the cooling system for all hangars.Communication Facilities and Equipment System Integration, $4,290,000. Communicationfacilities, equipment, and system integration are needed to support the Airport’scommunications requirements. These include duct banks, switches, connectivity for datatransmission, premises distribution systems, and other equipment as identified by the AirportsAuthority’s comprehensive communications plan.Upgrade Airfield Storm Drainage Systems, $750,000. This project will provide designs fordrainage improvements in the southern area of the Airport.Modify DFS System to Accommodate Surge Transients / Operating Characteristics,$625,000. Project addresses the DCA Dedicated Fire Service system surge and pressureconcerns that affected two pipe failures in 2009. Scope includes new Surge Tank, piping,and other improvements.Power Distribution Upgrades – Phase 1, $11,664,000. This project will improve the reliability,efficiency and stability of electrical service distribution. It is a multi-phased project spanningseveral years. Phase 1 includes the North Substation Gear Replacement, COB Full BackupPower and Terminal A Banjo Emergency Generator. Phase 2 adds a Terminal B/Cemergency generator upgrade, a South Hangar emergency power upgrade, replaceselectrical transformers, and provides for the replacement of 20 Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) units.OtherOther Planning and Programming, $7,118,000. This project provides funding for all ranges offacility planning, project programming and other project studies as needed.Enterprise Resource Program (ERP), $30,044,000. An Airports Authority-wide EnterpriseResource Planning System will provide a comprehensive, integrated system encompassingcore administration functional areas. The project will link business processes, integrate data,and share data information across applications.168

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityGeographical Information System (GIS), $4,872,000. Design and implement the GIS for bothReagan National and Dulles International. Implementation involves refining systemrequirements; defining system interfaces with existing Airports Authority systems; procuringGIS software, hardware, and database management tools; and preparing data for conversionto the GIS system and for the upcoming Enterprise Resource Planning system.Asbestos Removal, $7,711,000. When asbestos is identified, an abatement contract isawarded for its removal, drawing on this funding allocation.Contaminated Soils Removal/Disposal and Environmental Compliance, $10,859,000. Soilssuspected of being contaminated will be sampled and analyzed. If contamination is found,remediation actions may involve disposal of the soil at a state-permitted treatment facility orthrough on-site re-processing and treatment. Testing and remediation expenses are drawnagainst this funding allocation. The project also addresses any remedial environmentalcompliance action required.Landscaping, $8,434,000. A task order landscape architect will be retained to validate thelandscaping standards, and prepare landscaping plans for areas not incorporated in otherCCP projects.Color Digital Orthophotography, $1,000,000. An orthophoto is an aerial photographplanimetrically corrected. As a result, the digital photo has spatial accuracy (uniform scaleand true geometry) that support GIS functions.Next Generation Public Safety Communications System, $15,800,000. Implementation of theNext Generation Radio Communications Systems by migrating to the P25 System from thecurrent 800 MHz radio communication. The request allocates $1,000,000 for 175 RadioReplacements.169

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