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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityAeroTrain System, of reaching Tier 2. The tunnel will contain moving walkways in eachdirection, signage, lighting, a fresh air system and fire protection within a finished tunnel. Thevertical circulation module to the concourse level of Tier 2 will contain two elevators, two setsof escalators and a stairway. Construction on this project is deferred.High-Speed Conveyor Baggage System (Main Terminal to Tier 2), $81,022,000. Anautomated baggage handling equipment system between the Main Terminal and Tier 2 willbe built. Additionally, modifications will be made to the existing baggage equipment in theMain Terminal. The equipment will include a tilt-tray outbound baggage system, a baggagemake up system, a baggage transfer system, and a terminating inbound baggage system.This project is deferred.International Arrivals Building (IAB) AeroTrain Stations, Tunnels and System, $256,433,000.Arriving international passengers at Dulles International are required to be separated fromdomestic passengers until undergoing processing to enter the United States. Passengerswith destinations terminating at Dulles International are checked and cleared at the IABadjacent to the Main Terminal. The dual-track IAB AeroTrain System will transportinternational arrivals passengers with final destinations at the Airport from Tiers 1 and 2 to theIAB. Stations will be located at the center of the Tiers. The IAB AeroTrain System willreplace the mobile lounge system as the principal means of transportation to the IAB.Construction on this project is deferred.AeroTrain – Tier 1 to Tier 2 (Stations, Tunnel and System Equipment), $292,443,000. Thedual track system will convey air passengers along the east and west alignments from Tier 1to Tier 2 for aircraft boarding and return to the Main Terminal. AeroTrain stations will belocated at the 1/4 points of the tiers to minimize walking distances to the station. Each stationis 200’ long by 160’ wide by 35’ high and will have a center platform for boarding theAeroTrain train in each direction and two side platforms for exiting the train to the concourselevel of the tier. Escalators, elevators and stairs constructed as part of the building willprovide the connection between the concourse level of the tier and the station. Each stationwill be environmentally conditioned with heating and cooling and will be well lighted. Two 16’by 18’ clear space AeroTrain tunnels will be between the stations, each containing theAeroTrain train guideway, a workman’s’ walkway and a fresh air supply and exhaust system.Adjacent to each AeroTrain train tunnel is a 24’ by 18’ clear space for emergency egress fromthe train tunnel and driveways for baggage tugs and carts to serve the tiers. Portions of thisproject are deferred.AeroTrain - Tier 3 East Increment (non-service), $122,998,000. This segment of theAeroTrain tunnel will be constructed to the future site of Tier 3 in advance of the Tier 3Concourse to allow vehicle access to the AeroTrain Maintenance Facility.New Engineering and Maintenance Facility – Phase I, $5,663,000. This project will be thefirst phase of design of a new maintenance campus. The project will begin a relocation ofexisting maintenance facilities to an area of the Airport away from the Main Terminal. Thisproject is deferred.172

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityMaintenance Equipment and Storage Warehouse, $3,499,000. This project allows for theredevelopment of the temporary bag building in the south area as a maintenance equipmentand storage warehouse. Work includes the dismantling, relocation, and site utilities. Thisproject is deferred.Baggage Conveyor Tunnels to Tier 2, $154,014,000. The baggage tunnel will provide a rightof-wayfor moving baggage from the central sorting facility in the Main Terminal to Tiers 1 and2. Baggage movement below grade will also eliminate vehicle and aircraft conflicts (tunnelsfor baggage carts are included with the AeroTrain project). Construction on this project isdeferred.Cargo Building Phase III and 7, $18,425,000. This project constructs Air Cargo Building 7north of Cargo Building 6. The building will include loading docks, a truck maneuvering areaand automobile parking. Dependent on tenant interest and ultimate building configuration, afinal, third portion of Cargo Building 6, approximately 27,000 square feet, may beconstructed. Cargo Building 6, Phase III, is finished and Cargo Building 7 is deferred.Concourse B West Expansion Basement, $20,688,000. The baggage basement will provideadditional baggage basement facilities to accommodate baggage security screeningequipment. This basement area will serve the Kiosk 1 counters in the Main Terminal.Conveyor and Building Changes for Inline Baggage Screening, $254,455,000. In order tosatisfy new security requirements at the Airports, and specifically for checking baggage, thereare significant changes to the building structure and space allocation required toaccommodate the automated baggage screening systems. This project provides for thedesign and construction of those changes to building infrastructure.Concourse C/D Rehabilitation, $62,556,000. This project involves the design andrehabilitation of Concourse C/D to effectively extend the useful operating life for an additional10 years. The project includes two phases: Phase 1 - Design and replacement of rooftop airconditioning units; and Phase 2 - Design and construction for general facility refurbishmentsincluding exterior and interior repairs and upgrades; electrical upgrades associated withPhase 1 work; plumbing upgrades and repairs; fire protection upgrades; and modifications tothe baggage conveyance system.Airline Commuter Facilities, $25,766,000. This project modifies existing infrastructure forpassenger boarding at Concourse C/D and adds infrastructure to support the development ofregional aircraft parking at Hold Apron VI. This project will construct an apron levelpassenger waiting area facility and a vertical circulation connector building at Concourse C/D.Bus operations will transport passengers from the passenger waiting area at Concourse C/Dto Aircraft Parking Apron VI for passenger boarding. Portion of this project is deferred.Tier 3 East Concourse/Automated AeroTrain Station, $577,255,000. The scope of workincludes construction of the Tier 3 facilities east of the new ATCT as well as the architectural,mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and fire protection components of the build-out ofthe Tier 3 AeroTrain Station. This project is deferred.173

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