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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityAirport AOA Security Cameras, $6,255,000. Security cameras on doors leading to the AOAto provide increased surveillance and control of the secure areas are needed. This projectwill provide for the design and installation of the surveillance system.Main Terminal Expansion Joint Replacement, $6,196,000. To eliminate water infiltration intothe Main Terminal, replacement of the horizontal and vertical expansion joints is necessary.Concourse Modifications for the Airbus A-380 Aircraft, $8,935,000. Two gates, associatedloading bridges, and other ground support equipment on Concourse B require modification toaccommodate upper-deck boarding of the A-380 aircraft. This project provides for designand construction of the necessary concourse modifications.Dulles Police Station, $2,948,000. This project will plan, design and construct an addition tothe Dulles International Police facility. The planned addition includes more office space,training areas, personnel areas, and other space as needed. The project proposes a 5,097square feet addition and a 1,800 square feet renovation effort to existing facilities.International Arrivals Building (IAB) Expansion, $194,557,000. This project involves theplanning, design and construction of an addition to the IAB. This project will provideadditional square footage to the queuing area in the immigration lobby, increase the numberof passport control booths to comply with current Customs and Border Patrol processingrequirements and regulations, and construct new claim devices with a presentation length toassure optimum baggage holding capacity. The project does not include a sterile tunnel fromConcourse B to the IAB or modifications to Concourse B.Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility – Station 304 (includes Roads and Utilities),$20,778,000. This project is for the planning, design and construction of a new fire station.The scope of work includes a facility of approximately 14,000 square feet containing vehiclebays for emergency response equipment, offices, storage, employee living quarters, trainingfacilities, and local command and control. The project includes design and construction ofapproximately 7,000 linear feet of electrical, communication, sanitary, water, natural gas andother related utilities. Also included is the design and construction of approximately 13,200linear feet of airside, facility and landside roadways, and related security fencing, pavementstriping and directional signage. The utility infrastructure and road network is in directsupport of the New Fire Station 304. This project excludes firefighting equipment.Consolidated Rental Car Facility (Design), $12,826,000. This project provides for the initialdesign of a Consolidated Rental Car Facility and associated projects to accommodate 45million annual passengers. Other associated projects include relocating parts of theEconomy Parking Lot, its exit plaza, and associated utilities.North Area Maintenance Facility, $5,238,000. This project provides infrastructure solutions toimprove and/or expand the engineering and maintenance facilities located west of theSaarinen Terminal.Historic ATCT Facilities Life Safety Preservation Phase 1, $1,108,000. This project is part of174

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authoritya phased program to preserve the historical ATCT in accordance with statutory requirementsfor historic structures. Phase 1 addresses critical issues related to fire suppression anddetections. Subsequent phases and funding needs will be identified based upon the ability toutilize the structure for alternate functions.Interim AeroTrain Fixed Facility Maintenance, $2,000,000. The AeroTrain fixed facilities(stations, tunnels and various mechanical systems) will be completed well in advance of theAeroTrain system becoming operational. These systems will require routine operation,maintenance and repair in advance of full system operation under airport staff. This projectprovides task order funding to be applied to required interim facility requirements.Main Terminal South Finger Configuration, $1,950,000. This project provides for theconstruction needed to modify the West Hold Room and complete East Hold Room minimalfinishes to accommodate passenger circulation after the opening of the AeroTrain.Main Terminal Mezzanine Security Checkpoint, $1,950,000. The project provides for therelocation and purchase of additional equipment needed to outfit the new Main TerminalSecurity Mezzanine.Restroom Renovation Program (Main Terminal), $4,531,000. This project includes themodification and upgrade of restrooms in the Airport Main Terminal.Gates A27-A31 (B27-B31) Sterile Corridor Restoration, $1,369,000. - This project consists ofdesigning and constructing an extension of the sterile corridor between gates B-27 and B31at Concourse B, including the removal of existing escalators at the entry/exit to the mobilelounge docks to allow for a new sterile corridor wall to align with the existing walls. Theproject also includes the following: new floor finishes, new access controlled doors,modifications to the HVAC, sprinkler, and lighting systems, additional departure loungeseating, removal/replacement of existing wayfinding signs, demolition of abandoned boilerbuilding, and passenger boarding bridge removal and relocation.Tenant Relocation, $7,262,000. During the course of the CCP at Dulles, costs related torelocation, construction of temporary facilities, modifications to existing facilities, or otheractions required to facilitate construction phasing will be incurred by, or imposed on, aircarriers and other Airport tenants. A portion of these costs will be reimbursed by the AirportsAuthority.Historic ATCT Exterior Preservation - Phase 1B, $6,650,000. This project includes thedesign and construction of exterior repairs on the Airport Traffic Control tower at the MainTerminal. The scope includes replacing the roofs, restoring the original system of exteriorpanels, cleaning the concrete tower shaft, and repairing or replacing the windows and metalfascia that have been destroyed or deteriorated.Main Terminal Commissioning - Phase 2, $4,980,000. This project includes; High WindowNeoprene Gasket replacement (not addressed during Phase 1), MT Loading Dock Doors,175

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