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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityProposed Taxiways Improvement (Hangar Facility, $8,900,000). Water, gas and data trunklines will be extended to the leasehold from the nearest points of adequate capacity. Theextensions will be sized to include other, future tenants in on nearby, vacant parcels whichare proposed in the Dulles Master Plan for eventual development.Domestic Water Distribution System Integration, $750,000. The North Domestic WaterSystem (NDWS) and South Domestic Water System (SDWS) will be interconnected atseveral key points in the midfield area. As a result, there will be improved system reliability toreduce potential service interruptions. Additionally, interconnecting these two systems willimprove water pressure and quality to customers, enhance fire protection, and improvepressure surge control. Reducing pressure transients will in turn reduce strain and wear onthe water lines and valves.LandSite Development for Commercial Hangars, $106,379,000. This funding provides forclearing, grading, site utilities, and site access in undeveloped areas. These areas areremote from current development and include an allowance for property enhancements. Aportion of this project is deferred.Environmental Assessment for Western Dulles Development, $1,500,000. The AirportsAuthority will conduct environmental studies and assessments, and prepare related permitsto facilitate the first phases of development of lands west of new Runway 1L-19R.OtherOther Planning and Programming, $18,680,000. Planning studies of various kinds areconducted at a comprehensive, or system, level or are focused to an individual project. Theformer represent investigations to either complete or revisit elements of the Master Plan. Theplanning and programming phases of an individual project define the site location and othermajor elements of the scope, provide a refined project cost, provide coordination with usersand stakeholders, and summarize project concepts in sufficient detail so as to focus designefforts.Aerial Topographic Survey, $1,083,000. This project will purchase aerial topographicmapping of the entire Airport.Comprehensive Airport Security System Study, $17,208,000. This project will installhydraulic pop-up barriers on vehicle gate access and egress, reinforce/rehab existing gatesand fences, upgrade security lighting, rehab/upgrade guardhouses, reconfigure vehiclepassing and queuing lanes, miscellaneous work related to pedestrian and vehicle access andintrusion detection system.Asbestos Removal - Beyond Stages I and II, $3,017,000. Asbestos is known to existthroughout Dulles International’s facilities constructed prior to 1976. When asbestos is182

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports Authorityidentified by the asbestos consultant, an abatement contract will be awarded for its removal.Portions of this project are deferred.Contaminated Soils Removal/Disposal - Beyond Stages I & II, $8,916,000. When acontractor encounters soil suspected of being contaminated, samples will be taken andanalyzed. If contamination is found, the general procedure is to dispose of the soil at a statepermittedtreatment facility or accomplish on-site remediation. Portions of this project aredeferred.Temporary Facilities for Phasing, $9,389,000. This project makes provisions for eventswhich require that temporary facilities be provided to maintain airline and airport operations.Contractor Staging Area, $10,024,000. The CCP contains a significant number of majorconstruction projects to be accomplished in the prescribed time. Each constructioncontractor will require an area to store material necessary for the project completion as wellas the administrative support areas required for project management. A semi-permanentcontractor staging area of approximately 60 acres, partially paved, lighted and fenced isnecessary to support construction activity of contractors.Enterprise Resource Program (ERP), $30,044,000. An Airports Authority-wide ERP Systemwill provide a comprehensive, integrated system encompassing core administration functionalareas, linking business processes, integrating data, and sharing data information acrossapplications and with users.Access Control and Monitoring Systems, CCTV and Video Monitoring System Integration,$9,412,000. This two-phased project initially designs and constructs a replacement VideoManagement System. The second phase provides for the integration of the Access Controland Alarm Monitoring System (ACAM) with the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and VideoManagement (VM) System and establishes a dedicated security network. Presently thesethree systems operate independently and do not allow for 100% resolution of door alarms asdictated by the TSA. The integration of these systems and the establishment of a dedicatedsecurity network will create the “resolution” required at the Reagan National Dispatch Center(and future CCC) for the majority of the door alarms at Dulles International, and significantlyreduce the requirement to dispatch personnel to a door when a “false” breach of securityoccurs.Geographical Information System (GIS), $4,872,000. This project designs and implementsthe GIS for both Dulles International and Reagan National. Implementation in 2006 willinvolve refining system requirements, defining system interfaces with existing AirportsAuthority systems (such as CMMS, CADD archival, Propworks, Electronic DocumentManagement, and Public Safety’s Computer Aided Dispatch system); procuring GISsoftware, hardware, and database management tools; preparing data for conversion to theGIS system and for the upcoming Enterprise Resource Planning system.Environmental Mitigation (Wetlands and Stream), $7,271,000. Wetlands are a valuablefeature of the ecology as defined by State and Federal laws and regulations. Wetlands taken183

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