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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityADMINISTRATION BUILDING/TOLL BOOTHSAdministration Building Electrical, $950,000. This project provides for the design andreplacement of the Administration Building generator and building electrical switchgear. Thisproject will also replace the electrical lighting and conduits in the Main Line Toll Plaza tunnel.Code Compliance – Electrical Room, $400,000. This project will provide for the design andupgrade of various electrical components in the main electrical room of the AdministrationBuilding to conform to existing code requirements.Administration Building HVAC, $700,000. This project will replace the heating and coolingunits on the Administration Building and in the Telecommunications Room. This project willalso rehabilitate the plumbing and sprinkler systems.Administration Building Structural and Repair Rehabilitation, $500,000. The existingAdministration Building and Toll Booths are significantly deteriorated. This project providesfor structural and aesthetic upgrades to the buildings. The Toll Booths need temporaryrepairs to keep them operational until the Toll Booth Replacement project can permanentlyreplace the existing booths.Main Plaza Revenue Collection Tunnel Assessment, $100,000. This project is to provide afull assessment of the Main Plaza tunnel and its associated systems including a structuralassessment, water intrusion assessment, and a review of the tunnel systems. The studywould identify operational, structural and safety issues and recommend improvements asneeded.UTILITIESUtility Survey and Rehabilitation, $550,000. This project provides for the site survey andreplacement of utility services that may be damaged or serving loads not related to the DullesToll Road. This includes but is not limited to studying electrical meters, water meters,sanitary sewer laterals and septic system locations. The electrical, water and sewer systemswill be located using GPS. The condition of each system will be evaluated and any neededrepairs will be made.Right of Way Mapping, $100,000. The limits of maintenance responsibility of the Dulles TollRoad have not been mapped to include VDOT easements obtained separately from theoriginal corridor right of way. This is needed to ensure proper maintenance. This projectprovides for a consolidated review of the Airports Authority’s right of way of the corridor aswell as the existing VDOT right of ways obtained during the expansion of the Dulles TollRoad.200

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityOTHERReplacement Cameras, $50,000. Cameras will be replaced at the Dulles Toll RoadAdministration Building and at the toll plazas. Pan zoom tilt cameras will enhance securityaround the Administration Building. At the toll plazas, cameras will be used to enhance theVehicle Enforcement System (VES) to capture clear images of license plates as supportingevidence when presented in court. The new VES cameras will have built-in lights and nightvision capabilities that will improve upon violation capturing abilities.Claim Reserve, $1,300,000. The Airports Authority’s risk management program includes aportion for self insurance, including a claims account. An additional $1.3 million is included inthe R&R program as a reserve fund for extraordinary claims.Emergency Snow, $1,200,000. This project provides funding for snow removal requirements,excluding personnel related costs, during extraordinary snow events.201

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