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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityContractor's liability, (2) to pay claims for work performed under any Allowances that wouldhave been covered under WMATA's standard warranty, had it been provided as part of thatcontract, and (3) to pay claims for indemnity otherwise extinguished pursuant to Section26.2.4(b) of the Design-Build Contract. The Airports Authority has agreed to create theEscrow and transfer, by one or more deposits, fifteen million dollars into the Escrow. TheAirports Authority has agreed to fully fund the Escrow within thirty six months of transfer ofthe Toll Road to the Airports Authority.212

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityDULLES CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS (other than Rail)Interchange Improvement, Bridges and Structures ProjectsDulles Corridor / I-495 Interchange Study (Flyovers), $750,000. This Capital Improvementproject will be the first step in assessing improvements to the I-495 interchange. A study willbe performed within the boundaries of the Dulles Corridor and I-495 Interchange to determinethe warrants for additional direct HOV and/or Access Highway flyover connections in additionto those being added by the I-495 HOT Lanes Public Private Partnership (PPP) project. Thiswill involve obtaining recent traffic data; performing traffic demand and usage analyses; andpreliminary alignment plans and coordination with the current PPP project underway.Dulles Corridor / I-495 Interchange (Design and Construction), $51,500,800. This CapitalImprovement Project utilizes the traffic warrants and operational analyses performed duringthe study phase and provide preliminary design development concurrent with NEPAdocumentation for additional direct HOV and/or Access Highway flyover connections inaddition to those being added by the I-495 HOT Lanes PPP project. This will involvepreliminary engineering, and NEPA documentation and project design in advance of selectinga contractor and delivery method for construction of the project(s).Dulles Corridor/I-495 Interchange Ramp 3, $50,000,000. Utilizing the preliminary engineeringdesign this project will complete the design and construction for a direct flyover connectionbetween southbound I-495 and westbound DIAAH in addition to those being added by the I-495 HOT Lanes project. This will involve negotiating a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)with the Commonwealth of Virginia for design and construction. NEPA documentation for thisproject was completed as part of the preliminary engineering effort. The Airports Authorityhas applied for TIGER II grant funding for this project seeking $40,000,000 in grant money tocomplete the project.Comprehensive Corridor Interchange Study, $500,000. This project is to perform a high-levelevaluation of all interchanges within the boundaries of the Dulles Toll Road (Rt. 267) corridor.The study will identify the deficiencies with each interchange and develop a prioritized list,allowing for improvements to be targeted on an as needed basis. Particular attention will begiven to short-term deficiencies with interchange operation and physical condition.Consideration will also be given to coordination efforts and modifications required by theDulles Metrorail Project. The issues surrounding the interchanges may show commonality;therefore, suggested improvements may apply to one or all interchanges pending trafficanalysis and conditions. Low-cost improvements will be recommended. This effort couldinvolve obtaining recent traffic data and construction plans, performing basic traffic operationsanalyses, and conducting field visits to observe localized conditions.Ultimate Interchange Configuration Study (Rte. 657, 28, 7, 674, 828, 602, and 7100),$500,000.This project is to perform an in-depth analysis of those interchanges identified as “highpriority” locations in the Comprehensive Corridor Interchange Study. Particular attention willbe given to the interchanges at Centreville Road (Rt. 657), Route 28 (Sully Road), Route 7(Leesburg Pike), Hunter Mill Road (Rt. 674), Wiehle Avenue (Rt. 828), Reston Parkway213

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