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budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

budget for aviation and dulles corridor enterprise funds

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityLighting and Roadway AppurtenancesOverhead and Guide Sign (Study), $200,000. As noted in the Dulles Toll Road and DullesConnector Road Asset Assessment Summary Report many of the current overhead signstructures have signs that were damaged, have lost reflectivity, and have overhead lightingthat is non functional. Many DOTs are currently migrating their overhead signs to a highintensity reflectorized sheeting that does not require the continued use of lighting. As theAirports Authority may be required to update a significant portion of these signs in the nearfuture, a study should be conducted as the cost benefit analysis considering the benefits ofhigh reflectorized sheeting or to upgrade the current overhead sign lighting. This study wouldprovide a recommendation to the Airports Authority on the cost of the various alternativesboth short term and long term including capital, utility cost considerations and life cycle costs.This study will further suggest an overall project design and phasing.Overhead and Guide Sign (Design and Construction), $2,000,000. As noted in the DullesToll Road and Dulles Connector Road Asset Assessment Summary Report many of thecurrent overhead sign structures have signs that were damaged, have lost reflectivity andhave overhead lighting that is non functional. This project will implement therecommendations as outlined in the Overhead Guide Sign Study regarding the upgrade andreplacement of those signs that do not meet the current reflectivity and lighting requirements.Depending on the study, this project will include the construction and implementation of newguide signs and/or lighting and traffic control. This project should be performed inconsideration with the Sign Structure Replacement project if possible.Sign Structure Replacement, $1,000,000. Appendix 7 of the Dulles Toll Road and DullesConnector Road Asset Assessment Summary Report identified a number of sign structuredeficiencies that required correction. Each sign structure on the system has information inAppendix 7 noting the work needed to repair the deficiency. This will ensure that the signstructures are sound and within safety standards.Guardrails, Barriers, and Fencing (Design and Construction), $2,000,000. This project is toimplement those recommendations as outlined in the Safety Study. Such safetyenhancements may include guardrail, terminal anchor section, and traffic and cable barrierimprovements as well as channelization improvements. Additional safety improvements notcurrently within the corridor may include adding barriers at clear zone hazards, upgradingexisting barriers to current standards, adding barriers in areas where there are highoccurrence of incidents or changing the barrier type to decrease maintenance costs. Fencingmay be added/modified to remove hazards or increase security.220

2012 BUDGETMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityOtherEngineering, NEPA Studies, $5,315,000. This project is to provide engineering supportservices to implement the Dulles Toll Road Capital Improvement Program. Support servicesinclude planning studies, design and NEPA support services, and construction services.Examples of such projects include HOV and HOT Lanes studies, as well other studies thatare conducted in joint coordination with other agencies or partners. These studies will aid indeveloping the Capital Improvement Program, with full detail of designated projects andexpenditures assigned to appropriate budget years. The studies will review all aspects of thecorridor and provide project cost estimates, scopes, and plans.Maintenance Storage Yard (Study), $50,000. This project is to assess possible locations,develop a site location plan and concept for storage facility for snow and ice removal andsanding operations.Maintenance Storage Yard (Design and Construction), $5,000,000. This project will be toconstruct the maintenance storage facility as determined in the Maintenance StorageYard/Emergency Resource Location Study. It is anticipated that this project will include astorage facility, security fencing and lighting, parking and access.Geographic Information System, $346,000. This project includes the implementation of theinterface and preparing data for conversion to the GIS system for the upcoming EnterpriseResource Planning system.Backtrack Monitoring, $450,000. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (AirportsAuthority) is responsible for the operation of the Dulles International Airport Access Highway(DIAAH), all roads on the Dulles International Airport property, and the Dulles Toll Road.Over the years the Airports Authority has experienced vehicles traveling on the DIAAH andDulles Airport roads that were not carrying persons conducting business at DullesInternational but rather individuals seeking an alternative parallel route to the Dulles TollRoad and other east-west corridors. This phenomenon has come to be known as“backtracking” and “cut-through” traffic. The Commonwealth of Virginia passed newlegislation effective July1, 2010, which allows for the photo-enforcement of unauthorized useof the DIAAH. This task is intended to develop strategies for addressing this unauthorizeduse of Airports Authority roads. This task will assess the number of illegal users of AirportsAuthority roads during the morning and evening peak periods, associated with knownbacktracking and cut-through routes. Knowing the vehicle volumes by routes will allow theproject team and stakeholders to refine the possible violator detection techniques and/ordeterrent strategies for resolving the illegal usage, develop detailed cost estimates and tollrevenue recovery potential, and to prepare a Project Definition Document (PDD) for therecommended strategy. The project will then design the recommended deterrent strategyand develop construction cost estimates.221

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