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COAX products - Modulight

COAX products - Modulight

Absolute maximum

Absolute maximum RatingsParameter Symbol Rating UnitOptical output power Pop 20 mWLD reverse voltage VRLD 2 VLD forward current IFLD 200 mAPD reverse voltage VRPD 20 VPD forward current IFPD 10 mALead soldering temperature (

Value adding solutions to optical applicationsOptical Time Domain ReflectometerOptical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) isused for the characterization of optical fibers. Inan OTDR device a light pulse generated by a laserdiode is coupled into a fiber. The light pulse travelsin the fiber and experiences reflections fromdefects, splices and connectors. The reflectedlight signal is directed to a sensitive photodetector,which is suitable for detecting the light emitted bythe laser diode. As the speed at which the lightpropagates in the fiber is known as well as thetime when the light pulse is sent into the fiber,the distance that the pulse has traveled can becalculated giving the position of defects in the fiberas well as the length of fiber. The received OTDRsignal trace is plotted on a logarithmic as a functionof distance (see Figure 1 B). The slope of thecurve gives the attenuation of the fiber, while localdeviations from the linear trend indicate defects orsplices or connector positions.In addition to fiber characterization, OTDR canalso be used for sensing chemicals and gasesas certain substances cause changes to the lightguiding properties of the fiber and those can beobserved as changes in the measurement curve.OTDR lasers are Fabry-Pérot lasers that commonlyoperate at 1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1625nm wavelengths. As only a small fraction ofpropagating light is reflected back to the detectorforming a trace signal, for a good measurement asufficient amount of light needs be fiber-coupled.To meet this requirement, the laser has to achievepeak optical output power of a couple of hundredsmW. Furthermore, as OTDR devices are mainlyused for the characterization of the single modefibers, the output laser beam must also be singlemode in order to obtain good enough fiber couplingefficiency.By widening the pulse the amount of light reflectedback can also be increased. However, asthe pulse width is increased, the resolution isworsened since the pulse width sets the minimumdistance between two observable features. In anOTDR system pulse widths from 5 m to 500 m (25ns to 25 µs in time) are typically used.COAX TO-can productsAn OTDR componentsetup and B) an exampleof an OTDR measurementcurve.Examples of singlemodelight power vs.current curve andemission spectrum forModulight’s high-power1310 nm diode inpulsed mode.19

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